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Thursday, June 29, 2006

I'm only human....at least ONE of us is...

Is'nt Afronerd involved with this show?
911 | 06.27.06 - 12:47 pm | #

He's the creator of the show. HAHAHAHA!

Ah Seriously, you're in The Bus! I have several friends there. I used to
visit all the time.
Julia_Claudine_Deveraux | 06.27.06 - 1:03 pm | #

he looks rather crusty....like somebody done dug him up in a hole
somewhere....looking more like a creature than a human. but for real tho i
couldve sworn that was babs when i first looked at the page. such a shame
how babs impersonator looks more feminine than the real thing.
doinitwell | 06.27.06 - 1:09 pm | #

<<...OLE_Obj...>> *creeping in*

I hate that show and that guy looks foolish.

The show is garbage, just like that guys sense of style. Wheres the class?

oh, no class. Because in the black gay world African American : nigger as
Black Gay Man : Fagg

So all you niggas keep exhaulting that fagg

(no afronerd)

Im out
DexStarG | Homepage
| 06.27.06 - 1:55
pm | #


funny DexstarG (no afronerd)
I wonder which actor he is anyway!
911 | 06.27.06 - 2:06 pm | #



Bryanboy | Homepage | 06.27.06 - 2:28 pm | #

Bryanboy aka Afronerd aka Dburt
911 | 06.27.06 - 2:31 pm | #

The above discourse(pardon the profanity) is an excerpt from the infamous Crunk & Disorderly blog. And I know that I promised that I would not consider what the blog represents(it is what it is...)but my campaign against minstrelsy knows no bounds. The reason I am highlighting this diatribe is not only to shed light on how goofy certain C & D supporters act towards yours truly but also to raise awareness of the burning of Rome complex that is prevalent amongst some in the African American community. I'm sure many of you are aware of the fable whereby Nero, the last Roman Emperor of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, allegedly played his lyre and sang on top of Quirinal Hill, while the city of Rome burned. The above highlighted idle banter is indicative of this phenomenon. The city of Newark (not quite Nero's Rome) experienced fifty murders since the beginning of 06'. Bill Cosby just made an appearance yesterday in the city to meet with its residents to talk about this murder pandemic.

Rome is burning folks....but hey some of us can joke and throw stones at my blog and what it represents. I'm not going to go into the details as to what the joking entailed with the C & D crowd but suffice it to say, it made me appreciate Charleton Heston's character in the above Planet of the Apes clip. Heston is the only human and the voice of reason amongst a village of ignorant speaking simians who berate and pelt him with stones while he tries to invoke his humanity. But like Heston, I will not allow the simians to disrupt my goals or the mantra of this site. Hey....I'd even suggest that you grap a bottle of crunk juice while you look at the clip. Enjoy and remember don't let the simians touch ya!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cory Booker, Black Authenticity and a smidge of Gang Violence=Madness!

This story has been slowly making the rounds in the local tri-state media relating to Newark's new mayor, Cory Booker. Booker, a Yale Law school graduate and Rhodes scholar, reached our consciousness in his first mayoral bid in 2002. This brutal political "battle" between Booker and the incumbant, Sharpe James was showcased in the Academy-Award-nominated documentary by Filmmaker Marshall Curry, entitled Street Fight.

In the film it should be noted that James' supporters(and conversely, Booker detractors) publicly questioned Booker's blackness(I know the feeling bruh) because of his level of education, youth and professional demeanor. This, of course was done by other Black people. Never mind his commitment to public service or that he went as far as setting up a tent in a notorious public housing project on purpose, living there for a few weeks to demonstrate his desire to aid the city's poor.

Well, fast forward 4 years later, Booker is the mayor and before he can pratically sit down in his mayoral position he has allegedly received recent death threats from the Bloods street gang. The validity of the threats are still being determined. Nevermind that a vocal segment of the Black community attempted to lend credence to another rival street gang by attempting to stay the eventual execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams last year. Booker appears to be a young man that is sincerely trying to make honest and beneficial changes for Newark's African-American community and in no time flat his life is threatened. No Jesse. And not a peep from Sharpton or other Black leaders coming to his defense. Maybe Cory should have joined a gang. For more details check out the link below:

  • Newark P.D.: Bloods Threaten To Kill Booker
  • Sunday, June 25, 2006

    Cooning Goes International

    I know many of you have probably seen this clip a million times as it is an extremely popular skit. And I suspect that the actors are Americans of Japanese descent.....but it goes to show you what happens when African-Americans allow their complicity in stereotypical imagery to go unchecked. I really hate to drum this subject into the ground but just mildly surfing the internet, one can come across this stuff so easily. I have the addresses....maybe when it stops being funny we will actually do something. Maybe.

    My Favorite Elixir.....Animation & Politics

    Check out a funny trailer for Al Gore's new movie, An Inconvenient Truth, now playing in theaters...Enjoy.

    Thursday, June 22, 2006

    When adding a Dash of Bleach Doesn't Always Clean.....

    I have been a careful observer of the bleaching controversy which entails Whites moving back to the communities of color they once abandoned. I always wondered where the Whites moved to once they found out that there is almost no way to run away from a growing populace.....of non-Whites. Actually, my discovery of the Washington Post bleaching article reminded me of a fascinating book I read a decade earlier entitled, Two Nations: Black and White, Separate, Hostile, Unequal. Two Nations, written by Queens College professor Andrew Hacker, made the argument that many White folk viewed the moving of Blacks to the suburbs as a sort of infestation. So imagine my surprise when due to our current economic climate, upwardly mobile Whites are considering Black and minority neighborhoods to reside in simply because housing costs are deeming it financially expedient. Another interesting thing to note relating to this article, was my discovery of a site that may provide a glimpse as to how some Whites feel about the notion of bleaching. Check out the link below:

  • American Renaissance

  • Scroll down to the comments section of this article(excerpt of the Post's bleaching article) and the statements are truly disturbing.....the painting of all Blacks with a racial brush. Upon further investigation(and a tour of the site), Amren obviously has a racist agenda. Check out wikipedia's analysis of Amren:

  • American Renaissance(magazine)

  • Of course I'm not going to hold all Whites accountable to Amren's bleaching philosophies, but I do not know what to think about the phenomenon. I have no qualms with a person, irrespective of his/her race wanting to reside in a minority based neighborhood. And I am not sure if the complaints of the Black residents in the Post's article are valid either. What I am sure of is that many minority based communities should be allowed to retain their cultural presence minus crime and economic depression. It should not be prefaced that a White presence equals lower crime rates, higher property values and a Starbucks on every corner. I guess what I am saying is.....why not a Black Starbucks that all races can enjoy. I may have to revisit this subject in a few days. Ultimately, Rodney King said it best...."can't we all get along(in nice clean neighborhoods)?"

    Wednesday, June 21, 2006

    Something for the Class........

    Unfortunately, I do not have enough time to really elaborate on a controversy or phenomenon that has been brewing but I wanted to at least provide the article that is reporting on "bleaching." Think White flight in reverse. I have noticed it when many once predominantly Black cities or towns slowly become reinhabited by Whites. I will give my take on this tomorrow but meanwhile check out the link below:

  • White gentrification hits Northwest cities
  • Tuesday, June 20, 2006

    .......The More Things Stay the Same

    I wasn't joking about new millenium minstrelsy. The previous Stepin Fetchit film was circa 1930. It's 76 years later and the above Camron video honors the time honored blackface tradition. Truly Sad....it appears he is giving a shout out to Jigga in this one. Wow. The next entry will be on to more serious matters(if it can get any more serious).

    The More Things Change.......

    I came across this film, A Tough Winter a few weeks ago. Consider this an addendum to my previous Stepin Fetchit entry. The reason why I am posting this, is simply to acknowledge the history of stereotyping. Take a gander and then turn to 106 and Park later this afternoon.....the more things change...Damn.

    Monday, June 19, 2006

    A Little Bit of Summer Fun(k)

    Prince at Bryant Park, NYC(Good Morning America Broadcast-6.16.06)

    Sunday, June 18, 2006

    Jigga what!.....No Cristal?

    Just a quick comment. Quick. Cristal company exec makes comments about his product being bought and admired by hiphoppers. Same Company exec does not necessarily like hiphoppers' business. President Carter(not the peanut guy) cries racism and vows boycott. President Carter fails to mention that same beverage is poured on the naked girating butts of women in videos for the world(and said Cristal exec) to see. President Carter also fails to mention that his drink is too expensive for his fans anyway. Afronerd sighs in frustration as the masses of Black folk believe Carter's racism argument and join the boycott. The masses fail to boycott the naked butts in the videos .....again. Damn.

    Victimization, Black Conservatism and Cosby Par Deux

    For the past year I have been in a bit of a quandry. I have been giving serious thought to changing my political party affiliation from liberal to conservative. In some African-American circles this would be tantamount to treason. But believe me, there is a method to my madness. Why not be strategic for once as a people? I would not suggest that everyone take up this mantle, but in this day and age, it seems foolish for Black folk not to have a recognizable presence in the Republican Party. In the same breath, do not mistake my change of heart as giving approval to the Bush administration. This inept bunch a.k.a. neo-cons are in essence a bastardization of true conservatives. Perhaps one major selling point of conservatism, more specifically Black conservatism, is the removal of the shackles of victimization; the mainstay of liberalism as it applies to people of color. One gentlemen that has written at length about this victimization phenomenon is noted author, social critic and Black conservative, Shelby Steele.

    I have been re-reading his book, The Content of Our Character : A New Vision of Race In America , which delves feet first into the subject of Black victimization and the power that African Americans derive from it. Yes...the power of victimization. The only problem with this alleged power is that it is self limiting. You never have to be held accountable for your own complicity for certain pathologies if you're a victim. And therein lies the conundrum. How does one move forward if a person rarely takes some responsibility for the social ills that can effect a community?

    Now back to Cosby. I have heard many arguments for and against Cosby's current stand on some of the negatives that are afflicting the African American community. One bone of contention that the naysayers have with Cosby is his own personal missteps. The whole stone and glass house rebuttal. But does this negate the truth of Cosby's statements? If we always follow this train of reasoning, no one will ever have to address the problems and guess what?.......we're back to being victims. I do not profess to have all the answers but it's time to rise, people. Try dipping into the non-victim pool....I hear the water is warmer.

    Wednesday, June 14, 2006

    To Blog or Not to Blog......That is the Question(the Government is Asking)

    Unfortunately due to time constraints I am unable to do a proper entry. I definitely plan to submit some of my thoughts on African-American victimology, the need for a Black Conservative movement and of course more of the Coz. In the interim, I have to give a shout out to the poster, "One," who sent me an email regarding the Net Neutrality Bill that many in Congress are considering, to limit our internet free speech rights. Translation.....our right to blog may be on its way out. I am going to post the email for your viewing pleasure. Please excuse the profanity but the message is clear...again folks, writing(to your congressman)is fundamental. Click on the link below for the email in question:

  • An Open Letter to Hip Hop About Some Real Important Shyt
  • Monday, June 12, 2006

    A Second Posting?.......Because It's Necessary

    I am submitting two postings that I entered previously because there is a definite urgency for it. I have received responses in Afronerd from individuals that I suspect are from Crunk & Disorderly that just defy description. Many think that no one visits this blog or that I actually post under pseudonyms. First off, all are welcome here. There will be no censorship or banning, unless it is of a pornographic and/or criminal nature. I commend one visitor, "Krunch" who provided a tight argument that although we disagreed, his delivery and thoughts were respectful and cogent.

    This is not a gossip blog....there will be no pictures of ashen appendages, dental malocclusion or hair growing above the lip of female celebrities. What you will see in this blog (as an example)are the phone numbers, addresses(brick & mortar as well as internet)and company heads that the posters should be contacting to put on notice that our imagery is being defiled and disrespected. I am posting this twice.

    No pimp juice, kool-aid or crunk beverages are served in this blog. For those who are content to carry watermelons under your arms and tap dance....go forward. For those who want to fight ignorance and have intelligent discourse....this is one of many blogs that may be up your alley. Please write to fight...or don't, the choice is yours. The only reason why I am addressing this is because of some of the foolish posters and their refusal to deal with an entry as opposed to a personal attack. The site owner, "Fresh," is allowed to promote her site just as I am but if visitors from her site come here, get your facts straight regarding the previous disagreement and be prepared to discuss issues. This is the last time I will address this. Excelsior!

    Tuesday, April 18, 2006
    Well Maybe I was Late.....But Illness Will Do That Sometimes
    Sorry for the late posting folks. I was deathly ill and am almost inclined to think that I might have had what some are calling the "Katrina Cough." Nevertheless, during my convalescence, I was able to retrieve the contact information as promised relating to notifying record companies and media outlets of your dissatisfaction (and hopefully you are) with low expectation Black imagery and entertainment.

    Here are a few folks you need to converse with:

    Island Def Jam
    Worldwide Plaza
    825 8th Avenue, 28th Floor
    New York, NY 10019

    or email them via-


    1900 "W" Place, NE
    Washington, DC 20018

    If you plan to write to BET (someone has to put 106 & Park out of its Coon misery) I would suggest you address letters to either Debra L. Lee (the current CEO) or Reginald Hudlin (of the Hudlin Brothers, recently named President of Entertainment and also a comic book dude, damn).

    Reginald can also be contacted through his website:


    Interscope Records
    2220 Colorado Ave
    Santa Monica, CA 90404

    And if you have been living under a rock for the last 15 years, the man to contact at Interscope is the infamous, Jimmy Iovine. More contacts to come.

    Second Entry:

    It has been a long time since I left an entry but sickness will do that to you sometimes. I just haven't been feeling in the greatest of spirits in the last month...perhaps a change in the season and allergies make for a nasty elixir. Anyway, my health appears to be returning and so are my entries. I wanted to continue with my last entry by posting more companies that I believe are contributors (enablers) to the negative imagery that hiphop currently embodies:

    1515 Broadway
    New York, NY 10036

    Viacom purchased BET from Robert Johnson for a gazillion dollars a few years ago and the programming has gone from bad to worse. Send letters addressed to Sumner Redstone, Viacom's Chairman and founder. Don't forget to carbon copy Tom Freston the President and CEO of the company.

    MTV Networks

    Same address as Viacom. Their phone number is (212)258-8000. Coincidentally, Viacom owns MTV and BET. Both are equally adept at insulting our intelligence and corrupting our youth.

    I had an idea recently. One would believe since African Americans are not rioting in the streets about poor media representation and the buffoonery that is gangsta hiphop is thriving, no one can come to our aid. Think again. It is my belief that the Christian Coalition can and should help. This buffoonery is corrupting everyone, not just people of color. Below are a few groups that should be contacted. Heaven knows that these folks have an excellent success rate when it comes to shutting down undesireable entertainment.

  • http://www.americandecency.org

  • American Family Association

  • Concerned Women of America

  • http://www.parentstv.org
  • Sunday, June 11, 2006

    Is Cosby Right?.........Oh Yeah!

    I have never formally conveyed my thoughts concerning Bill Cosby and his personal tirade against questionable behavior exhibited by some within the Black underclass. My need to talk about this stems from recent comments in Afronerd in which certain individuals have likened my beliefs to those espoused by the Coz. I suspect that these remarks were meant to insult yours truly, but I will take them as a compliment. As many of you are probably aware, Dr. Cosby made some statements during a NAACP gala in 04'(commemorating the 50th anniversary of The Brown school desegregation case) that many in the media perceived as being out of character.

    Essentially, Cosby stated that many in the Black underclass are not upholding their end of the bargain when it came to the sacrifices that were endured during the Civil Rights struggle. The countless out of wedlock births, criminal behavior and low moral character that has been attributed to some of the African-American poor were the focal points in Cosby's infamous speech. This incident not only caused a divide amongst many in the African-American community but also gave birth to a US tour that Cosby has promulgated, entitled A Call Out With Cosby. I must commend Cosby for taking such a stand simply because he has a enough fame and wealth to remove himself from such concerns.

    In addition, he appears to be the only African-American notable that is not afraid to speak truth to power without fear of reprisal. For those who disagree with Cosby, one question I would ask is....how else would one address the statistics and abberant behavior affecting the African-American poor? One can discredit Cosby and call him senile(which many of have unfairly characterized him)but the pathologies remain. I have intimated in prior entries that many of our problems stem from the seductive power of victimization. This must stop as it is literally killing a community and a generation. Perhaps in the next few entries I will discuss what the power of Black victimization entails as well as my personal thoughts on how to combat it. I envision a Cosby Part Two entry as well. Meanwhile, below are an article and radio interview featuring Cosby. Preach on Coz. Preach!

  • What Bill Cosby should have told graduating black women

  • http://www.onpointradio.org/shows/2005/05/20050518_b_main.asp
  • Saturday, June 10, 2006

    A Serving of.......Hot Ghetto Mess

    Maybe I'm late on this.....but I just happened to catch a segment of Judge Judy in which the litigants were squaring off over an internet site entitled:
  • hotghettomess.com
  • The defendant was the owner of the site who was being sued by a young man who felt wronged and perhaps defamed because his photograph was featured on this site without his permission. I suspect that plaintiff also felt that the photograph in question was serving as an object of ridicule. The sister that ran the site gave an eloquent description of the premise of Ghetto Mess (which was of course a thinly veiled commercial) which essentially puts a mirror to the African-American community showcasing tacky aka ghetto versus appropriate acceptable behavior. The case ended with Ghetto Mess' owner removing the young man's picture along with a verbal tongue lashing to the plaintiff for being a bit sensitive for a photograph that he made available for public consumption. Part of me understands what Ghetto Mess is trying to do but I also feel there is a bit of exploitation on the part of the site owners. Some of the photos are the creme de la creme of poor taste. I'm just not sure that the bearers of poor taste know or care that there appearance and actions are questionable. You decide. Next up...my thoughts on my uncle (in spirit and philosophy), Dr. William H. Cosby.

    Thursday, June 08, 2006

    It's Not Just Entertainment......

    I am amazed at how people come to conclusions based on empirical evidence that is definitely to the contrary. It's akin to 2+2 equaling four and someone insisting that they see five. I have spoken to people of late that insist that certain media outlets(i.e. BET, popular music, gossip blogs, radio shows, etc) are just innocuous fun and not to be taken seriously. "It's just entertainment" is the operative phrase. Perhaps this statement rings true for the majority culture but does it really hold for people of color? When it comes to minorities or better yet, a stigmatized group(in this case, Black folk)entertainment has always been and is currently a form of propaganda. When Sylvester Stallone or Bruce Willis take off their make-up and put down the prop guns, they are never the worse for wear. There is no confusion between fantasy and reality for these gentlemen and there is no "bleed over" to Whites as a race.

    What passes for entertainment in the Black world does unfortunately seep into reality for many African-Americans. Case in point, allegedly while attending a Memorial Day barbecue in St. Albans, NY(once known as Black Hollywood in the 40s, more on St. ALbans' history in a later entry)G-Unit member, Lloyd Banks, found himself in the middle of a gun battle. Banks' mere presence at this outing caused over 150 fans(and perhaps enemies, who can tell the difference)to appear at this modest residence. Motorcyclists, bikini clad women, you name it showed up and suddenly gunfire erupted(approx. 35 shots) resulting in a 18-year-old innocent bystander getting shot in the neck and subsequently paralyzed from the chest downward. But hey...it's just entertainment. Oh and I have more. Another Case in point. Media Queen and billionaire, Oprah Winfrey recently told this story while visiting the Ed Lover radio show(Power 105.1, NY). Oprah recounted that upon visiting Nelson Mandela in South Africa she received a greeting she will never forget. Mind you this is in Africa...a world a way. After getting off her plane, someone from Mandela's staff greeted her and her entourage by exclaiming, "what's up my niggas?" I repeat...Oprah was told "what's up my niggas?" Folks, this imagery is killing a generation. But hey I was told I need to lighten up. Get the stick out of my uppity well-educated buttock and so forth. But hey....it's just entertainment. Really.

    Tuesday, June 06, 2006

    Get Rich or Die Trying.....or New Millennium Minstrelsy

    There is a mentality that has been running rampant in the African American community for perhaps a hundred years. It is the archetypal minstrel mindset which is often displayed by actors, hip hop artists, media personalities and even bloggers. Statements such as "I'll be ghettocentric all the way to the bank" or the G-Unit mantra of "get rich or die trying" are indicators of what some people of color will do to achieve success regardless of desecrating the Black image. There is one historical gentleman of note that perhaps provided the template for today's minstrels, Stepin Fetchit. A new biographical work that was recently reviewed in the New York Times, entitled, Stepin Fetchit : The Life and Times of Lincoln Perry, written by Mel Watkins denotes numerous stories of Fetchit's rise to fame at the expense of the Black community. In deference to Fetchit, he did become a millionaire with an ostentatious Pink cadillac, neon license plate and an Asian house staff in tow. The reprehensible part is that in 70 years, this type of foolhardy Negro still exists. Whether it's a pink caddy, Hummer on 26" rims or phillyblunt-centric blog it is easy to see that some things never change. But don't worry....I will continue to showcase an alternate view of Black life and NEVER don the minstrel make-up. We don't serve crunk juice here at Afronerd.

    Karma karma karma karma karma chameleon.......

    Would you believe that the two above photos are of the same person? Keven Federline or Mr. Britney Spears no less. The reason why I highlighted this gentleman is simply to showcase what I like to call the "art of the deal." Unfortunately, it is a lesson that many people of color fail to learn but what Mr. Federline appears to have grasped quite quickly. In Federline's case, the photograph showing his "makeover" appears to be a tongue in cheek publicity stunt for a magazine article. Despite this alleged humorous outtake, it does show what someone like Kevin can look like with just some tweeking. Have some African-American and Latinos missed the memo on playing the appearance game to pursue success? One blaring example is young Mr. Glenn Moore, the latest victim in the 2005 alleged racial attack in Howard Beach, N.Y. Moore, 23, provided his testimony of events recently as this case is in the midst of trial. Moore was wearing an ill-fitted sport coat, sans tie with braids. Whether Moore is the perfect victim (he allegedly was in the Howard Beach area to steal a car) or not is speculative at best, but could he at least look the part in order to legitimize his case. Obviously not. God forbid, that it takes Kevin Federline's chameleon act to show others that changing one's appearance and subsequent perception may just be what the doctor ordered.

    Monday, June 05, 2006

    Duke was Tops......and maybe a metrosexual? Not!!

    I have been noticing a disturbing trend on and offline-the innappropriate and inaccurate usage of the term "metrosexual." This Madison avenue invention has slowly become a pseudonym for gayness just by virtue of any man that has a concern for his appearance or has a fashion sense. I remember during the 80s through the early 90s, having a precision haircut and proper attire was just an expected custom and not something that was read into or misperceived. The funny thing is.....that many of our earliest and most respected entertainers would probably be classified as metro. Case in point, Duke Ellington. Ellington, America's premier composer was equally known for his musical prowess as he was for being dapper. I remember reading an article in which the writer described his first meeting with the Duke. He stated that it took place a few hours before his show and Ellington looked like a shadow of himself, somewhat haggard in appearance. The writer noted that in Duke's dressing room he had hundreds of bottles, conditioners and emollients.

    After a quick cleansing regimen and sprucing up, Duke looked like brand new money. Paying attention to grooming details used to be a mainstay in the African-American community. The picture below Ellington's, famed music mogul(and former frontman of the legendary rap group, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)Andre Harrell(right) was retrieved from the infamous ghettocentric blog, Crunk and Disorderly. Crunk's owner and commentator, "Fresh" regularly lampoons metrosexual men and even went as far as stating that she has refrained from dating such men. Maybe she is doing these brothers a favor. I learned to be a clotheshorse from my father and I will continue to uphold the tradition. Hopefully, women will buck the desire for thug attire in their prospective dates and scrutinize men beyond how well they dress. One can only hope.

    Sunday, June 04, 2006

    More on the state of Black Men

    I recently came across an article from MSNBC's website that provided yet another synopsis of the current condition of America'a Black male population. It appears that ever since the infamous New York Times piece, other news outlets have followed suit and reported their own "State of the Black Male" address. Actually, the MSNBC article (by way of the Washington Post) reminds me of the PBS television special produced by Dr. Henry Louis Gates entitled, America Beyond the Color Line. Both the article and Gates' special provide a glimpse into the totality of Black life by focusing on the various class structures within African-American society. Click on the link below to check out the article in question:

  • At the corner of progress and peril
  • Thursday, June 01, 2006

    Bad Boys 2

    More on the bad boys issue. I can only come up with two reasons as to why many women are attracted to nondescript characters-enculturation and propaganda. Enculturation or socialization entails a aggressive peer setting whereby some women have friends that promote a mindset of pursuing these type of men. I also think that fatherlessness is rarely analyzed from the female perspective. It is common knowledge that sons suffer from a type of pathology when a father is absent from the home, but what happens to daughters? If a father is not available, many women just do not have a productive template for future relationships and hence the bad boy (or thug in hiphop vernacular) syndrome develops. Propaganda also plays an insidious role in these matters. Simply put, the dark roguish character has always been positioned as an attractive consort for women in mass media. Anyone faimiliar with the Kate, Sawyer and Jack love triangle in Lost can attest to this. What can be done to turn this phenomenon around? I'm not completely confident this problem can be corrected. Heck, I have witnessed online dating sites where women are actively requesting pretty thugs as if being a thug were a vocational pursuit. Perhaps if it became trendy for fathers to resume the strong patriarchal role in these households, things may change in that regard. Of course more headlines showcasing the results of what happens when dating a thug turns deadly can hopefully prove to be educational as well as empathic. One can only hope.