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Monday, November 28, 2011

Discussing Booster Gold, The Best Joker, Farrelly Bros & More Tues @7pm on The Comic Shoppe-Also Check Daryll B's Latest Blog Post!

We implore our listenership to check out our previous broadcast in which we started a new segment entitled, "Versus." And just like clockwork, this week the Versus portion will be revisited. AGAIN! Welcome to The Comic Shoppe show, airing tomorrow at 7pm eastern standard. The topics up for grabs this week are: in accordance with our festive new Versus segement, we posit to the class which actor portrayed the Joker the best? Nicholson, Romero, Ledger or in animated form, Mark Hamill; And speaking of the world of Gotham, where does the Bat franchise go after Bale leaves?; our thoughts on the proposed Booster Gold Syfy series; The Farrelly Brothers are putting out a compilation of superhero inspired comedy shorts to be released as Movie 43 in 2012; DC sets up an exclusive (and some say controversial) store on Amazon's website for print and digital distribution and does the concept of Death really mean anything as a dramatic premise in comics with the return of the Human Torch in the latest Fantastic Four? Excelsior, folks and do give us a buzz live at 646-915-9620...

And for an appetizer pending our upcoming broadcast, take a gander at the latest blog posting from The Shoppe's own Daryll B:

Hiya once again readers. I hope my fellow Americans enjoyed their Thanksgiving or as I call it "National Family Day". I got 10 quick points for you this week and then I'm out of your hair:

1) It is funny all these company "experts" who said they were "shocked" to see Breaking Dawn hold off The Muppets for the box office lead over the weekend. Haven't they realized that it is tween girls who control the majority of the box office? You know, the demographic that was not even born yet when the Muppets were last majorly relevant?

2) For a rational, yet funny review of Breaking Dawn, check out Chris Sims' one over at Comics Alliance.


3) The other article at Comics Alliance that caught my eye was one by Laura Hudson about a comment Kieron Gillian made about writing under the trappings of continuity and making it accessible to new readers.


If you read the article, you'll see my comment but for everyone here who don't have time to click over here it is:

"Well I have to humbly counter Mr. Gillen with some books of recent vintage that while catering to new readers, have a great appeal to longtime fans:

Commenters already brought up Landridge's Thor the Mighty Avenger and Waid's Daredevil but what about Simone's Secret Six? Appeals to the new fan's grey sensabilities about right and wrong while soothing old time fans of Suicide Squad with great portrayals of characters like Deadshot and legacy characters like Ragdoll and Scandal Savage.

Johns' JSA was like this too with the old WWII guard teaching their ideals to the descendants and mantle takers of their fallen comades.

As known here and other comic sites, I'm a sucker for teen books like New Mutants, Teen Titans, Avengers Academy, and Legion of Super Heroes while you can get the culture clash with the nostalgia. What isn't known about me is that I think books like the Johnny DC and Marvel Adventures lines do this excellently.

Think about it: the major appeal of Batman Brave and Bold on TV for the older fans was seeing old favorites being shown in a fun light and for new audiences was the action and banter. It a natural crossover into the comics medium and nice to see DC finally trying to capitalize on this with their "new" DC Nation block on CN. (Although I will say that they had this for YEARS since they've been putting those CN cartoons in print since the late 90's. About damn time they've opened their eyes to this.)

Outside of the big two, the list of books with major appeal to both new and old fans are numerous. Love and Capes, Gladstone School For World Conquerors, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Usagi Yojimbo, the Green Hornet series, the John Carter/Mars series, Conan/Red Sonja, Planet of the Apes, and more contain recognizable themes for classic fans with modern sensibilities for new fans. In short (or long as it were) I really think there's something for everyone out there and writers just need to stop trying to include EVERYTHING in their stories to appease everyone. Just tell quality stories and get your company to do promotions that'll get people to read them.

I'm just sick of seeing quality books get canned for crap that sheep buy out of loyalty."
4) iFanboy once again had a thought provoking article about one particular book and its quality:


Journey Into Mystery...Thumbs Up!

5) I didn't really love the Ben 10 / Generator Rex Crossover. I mean it was decent but it didn't grab me. Felt more like an episode of Generator Rex with Ben 10 dropping in than a true crossover.

6) Give Batman: The Brave and the Bold credit. The Series Finale with Ambush Bug, Bat-Mite and Ted McGinley (?) might have been the most appropriate end to a cartoon of all time. My favorite moment: we actually saw a moment when the series "jumped the shark" and when I read the credits and saw who voiced Ambush Bug. Brilliant!

7) Can someone at Marvel make up their mind whether Brilliant is an ongoing or a limited series?

8) Thanks to Donna at my LCS Superhero Comics, I now have Darkwing Duck Vols 1 & 3 from BOOM! Comics. Memo to Disney and Marvel Comics: get Ian Brill and to continue doing this great book like NOW! I know it's business that the licenses moved over but these stories are damn good for all ages.

9) For the Firefly/Serenity Fans in our audience: Look up the Browncoats Mixtape by Adam WarRock and Mikal K Hill. You will not be disappointed. Also MAJOR props to Donald Glover for his Childish Gambino Hip-Hop projects. Found out about him through David Brothers' articles at 4thLetter and have downloaded most of his mixtapes. He's got quite the flow to him and is not afraid to branch his lyrical style out.

10) I'm sorry. Musical episodes do not work for you Sanctuary. For the Love of God, no more... and thanks to the crazy college football season, I have like 4 episodes of Primeval to catch up on. That's why you haven't seen much of a review about the latest season from me. Sorry...

That's all for me this week AfroNerd Readers. I don't know what I'll have for you all next week but until then: Keep Fantasizing!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Put Down Your Leftover Turkey Leg & Cut Off Your New LCD-TV 4 Afronerd Radio @7pm EST 2nite! Topics-Blk Friday, David Frum & More!

We , here at our Afronerd Radio studios hope that you had your fill of turkey, dressing and cheap electronics during this holiday season-if you did, stop by for our Sunday broadcast at 7pm EST. The topics up for discussion during our cyber colloquium are: as expected, Black Friday mayhem occurred with violent acts being reported all over the U.S.; a young NY/Long Island man is suing a former flame for stealing his sperm without his knowledge for the purposes of artificial insemination; another young NYC man of color commits suicide on his wedding day; what came first-the script or the toy, a HuffPost article discusses Hollywood in Recession; Dburt discusses some of his recent book downloads that might be of interest to the Afronerd listener base; Conservative pundit/author, David Frum's recent NY Magazine piece questions the sanity of the Republican Party (and Fox News by extension) and speaking of Fox News, a new poll from Fairleigh Dickinson U affirms that viewers of Fox know less than folks that do not watch any news (whoa!) and lastly, in Dark Knight Rises news-Christian Bale vows that this third iteration of the series will be his last. AGAIN...check us out at 7pm and feel free to call us live at 646-915-9620.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

More Pre Turkey Day-Holiday Goodness @7pm Afronerd's Mid Week Show 2nite: Mitt Romney's Humor Gene; The Roots vs Bachmann & More!

Join Captain Kirk and Dburt this Pre Thanksgiving Wednesday for an undoubtedly fearsome (or is that fiery?) edition of Afronerd Radio. Pull up a chair tonight at 7pm (EST) and listen (or participate-call in # is 646-915-9620) to our heroes discuss the following pop/pulp/political and newsworthy issues: in keeping with holiday traditions, our thoughts about Black Friday and Cyber Monday; a question from our loyal audience-do you get frustated about the accolades given to today's musicians when they're compared to other artists of a different time period (i.e. Nicki Minaj vs Madonna, etc) ; In political humor (or lack thereof) Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney cracks a joke that goes flat and legendary hip hop band, The Roots play a song that was a sly dig at Romney's Republican rival, Michele Bachmann; scientists at Washington University are hard at work developing contact lenses that display information to the wearer and lastly, as if Presdient Obama didn't have enough worries, Russian president, Dmitry Medvedev's tough talk brings us back to the good old fashioned Cold War era....hmm. Check us out at 7pm

Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Pre-Thanksgiving Shows Start Now! Listen 2 the Comic Shoppe Tues @7pm EST-Topics: New Comic Shop Doc; Young Justice; Our New VS Segment & More

Unfortunately, we had a preemption last week for both our Comic Shoppe and Afronerd Radio airings but we're back for our pre-Thanksgiving shows, Tuesday and Wednesday @7pm, respectively. Join Daryll B., Captain Kirk and Dburt as they pontificate on the following "pulp" cultural fare: the team engage in a battle royale for a new regular segment entitled Versus-this week, Kevin Conroy/Batman vs Christian Bale/Batman; the Misfits Nazi time bending episode; more Dark Knight Rises news including an ominious picture of Bane on the cover of Empire magazine; Young Justice continues to impress; Newsarama highlights a young law student's documentary on his local comic shop entitled, My Comic Shop DocumentARy and lastly, if time permits, our top comic picks from the past week. And remember....you can call in live with your thoughts, questions and protestations at-646-915-9620. Imperius Rex, people!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

We Really Are Back! Check us Out 2nite @7pm EST-The Topics? 8 yr old Brit's Marble Empire, Chess Masters of Color; More on OWS, Seagrams & Do Rags?

Our apologies for our cancelled Comic Shoppe and Mid Week in Review broadcasts, however we are back in full effect tonight for Sunday's show @7pm eastern standard time. The topics up for discussion on Afronerd Radio Featuring Captain Kirk are as follows: we unpack yet another story of minstrelsy and stereotypes-the latest Seagram's Gin ad campaign entails customers receiving "do rags" to accompany their purchase of the popular liquor brand (is this targeted "lower tier" marketing....ya think?); Dburt and "The Capitan" discuss the deleterious effect the minstrel business machine (Maury Povich, Dr. Drew, various court shows, etc ) is having the Black imagery; a recent Onion News piece attempts to parody the concept of the Black nerd....but was the joke really more truthful than they had a intended?; a NY Times article highlights the achievements of three young men of color who have attained "master" status in the world of chess; Bill Maher vs Elizabeth Hasselbeck on the view; more Occupy Wall Street news and lastly, an 8 year old Afro-Brit has developed a successful internet business centered around his love for playing marbles....whew! Stop by and give us a call at 646-915-9620.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jump in the Intellectual Pool...it's Warm! Afronerd Radio Airs Sun @7pm: Penn State Fiasco; Jay-Z OWS t-shirts; Modern Warfare 3 & More!

Salutations to our stalwart listenership! Stop by to groove and get informed tonight at 7pm (EST) at AfronerdRadio.com. The topics on the dinner table this evening are: a continuation (no surprise) from last week's broadcast on Herman Cain's woes, Penn State's molesation scandal and Dburt's book download recommendations; Dburt waxes on the state of African American fashion standards and how the adherence to designer labels is "tacky"; Jay-Z latest Occupy Wall Street t-shirt venture is not that altruistic; in the world of video gaming, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 sells approx. 6.5 million units in 24 hours!!! and lastly, more evidence comes in affirming that thinking outside the "black" box seems to be occurring more in Europe-discussing a new film short about a cyborg of color entitled, "Rosa." Call us live at 646-915-9620.

And speaking of the Rosa film short....check out below:

ROSA from Jesús Orellana on Vimeo.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Hey Hey Hey Hey! It's Afronerd Radio @7pm EST-More On Herman Cain; MJ's Guilty Doc; Stories of Societal Decay; Dburt's Book Download Recs & More!

Is it the Mid Week in Review show, already? Well, it looks like it is and let's just jump into the issues up for grabs, shall we? Join Captain Kirk and Dburt this Wednesday at 7pm eastern as they utilize their conservative (and independent) analytical microscopes to shed light on the following: it appears that an actual person (the 4th) has come out against Republican presidential hopeful, Herman Cain on sexual groping allegations; a guilty verdict (but who didn't think this was going to happen) comes in against Dr. Conrad Murray for the death of Michael Jackson; if it's not a shopping cart crashing down on an innocent woman or child molestation charges being levied against a former Penn State football coach or a toddler's foot being found in a trash can-is there any doubt our society is in decay and lastly Dburt discusses some of the books he has downloaded over the last few months that he would recommend for our listening audience. Call us live with your thoughts, questions or protestations at 646-915-9620. Excelsior, ladies and gents!

Remember...It's Comic Shoppe Tuesday @7pm EST-Issues: The JLA Movie That Never Was; Problems With Movie Based Video Games, DCnu on Top & More!

Time to look for the keys and open The Comic Shoppe this Tuesday at 7pm for a special evening colloquium devoted to comic book/sci-fi/fantasy subject matter. Our topics will include: DC52 or DCnu's current sales dominance over Marvel....how long will it last; a recent ComingSoon.com interview with director, George Miller unravels some details about his scrapped JLA motion capture film; why is the failure rate for movie based video games so high?; thoughts about Friday's upcoming Green Lantern animated series premiere; Avengers director, Joss Whedon pontificates on his vision of his defunct Wonder Woman project and our favorite comic books/graphic novel reads from last week. Don't be scurred people! Call us live at 646-915-9620 and make yours The Comic Shoppe!

Oh and I would be remiss if I didn't highlight the latest words of pulp wisdom from The Shoppe's own Daryll B:

1) Damn I starting to really hate Marvel's planning for their sales line:

For the record, I was picking up Alpha Flight, and would have picked up the Destroyers limited series. I think I know a few people that would have grabbed the "Young Doom" mini. These Alt. titles getting axed only highlights how stupid Marvel's "flooding the market" policy is when it comes to their big events and favorite characters. I realize that not a lot of people outside of comics will care and those inside will probably pick up "Avenging Spider-Man" or the umpteenth Avengers/X-Men book....

2) Meanwhile, here's DnA working their magic on the forgotten X-book with the whole "who's side are you on B.S. going on:

As you all can see, I left my view in the comments section and I have been a bigger fan of the younger X-Men in their various incarnations rather than the old guards.

3) Let me get inclusive for a moment as Robot 6 has yet another great article about critics and reviews:

To me, a part of being human is having opinions about anything and everything. Now the problem nowadays is that there are too many folks who will venomously rail on a topic and about how really, really wrong they think it is but have no ideas when they get asked about improving / bettering the situation. I would like to think that for every rant you have heard me go on through the blog and on the show, that I tried to give viable alternates for everyone....

Then again I can see myself more often like this:

Just imagine instead of Marissa on the other end of the line, it's DBurt or Captain Kirk and voila!

4) Wondering what the SmallVillains would review now that Smallville is over and they have gotten through all the live action Batman movies? Well....

Yep...Blade 2 is next... Pray for Ron Perlman now..lol

5) Yeah, now we get a movie executive to speak....

Nice to see some candor though..... and I actually liked BOTH movies but to get executives to speak frankly about their properties is like getting blood from a stone sometimes.

6) I think I know what is on DBurt's wish list now:

BRAAAAAAINS!... As I do a lay-up through the hole.....

7) Over at 4th Letter, once again David Brothers manages to hit his readers with not just one but THREE landmine articles over the last week:

Marketing when it comes to secondary books and their heroes:


A look at the issues involved with TinTin and a link to the previous Heidi MacDonald blog about the subject is included in the text:


...and finally interesting look at some familiar images through Nas' eyes:


Landmines each and every one of these but it would foolish not to read and consider the opinions / ideas brought up by Brothers and the related commenters.

That's it for me this week... Next week I'll finally be ready with the reasons why I am quitting the X-Men.... Yep you read that right I am giving up my favorite Marvel team books....

Until then AfroNerd Readers: Keep Fantasizing!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Topics Up For Grabs 2 Nite: Herman Cain's Sex Harassment Problem; Google TV (& Apple TV); CNN's Black in Silicon Valley Special & More, 7pm ET

Team Afronerd returns once AGAIN, for a fully packed show tonight at 7pm eastern standard time. The topics up for discussion are: revisiting issues that were left on the table from last week's Mid Week in Review broadcast ("blaccents"; what is authentically Black and Herman Cain's sexual harassment problems); speaking of Black authentication-a recent article from The Root takes aim at author, Toure's Post Black paradigm; internet/tech giants, Google & Apple vs Cable and commercial TV; classic Atari game app attained a recent 3.5 milion download milestone and speaking of even more tech, CNN's Soledad O'brien tackles the African American presence in Silicon Valley in her 4th Black in America special. Call in with your thoughts and/or questions at 646-915-9620!

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Another Fiery Show is Forthcoming! We Promise! Afronerd Radio Airs Wed @7pm EST-Ann Coulter's Footinmouth Disease; Herman Cain, Kardashians & More!

Once in awhile one has to stray away from verbosity and just get to the point! This Wednesday pull up a seat and listen to Capt. Kirk and Dburt pontificate on the following issues: believe not Dburt does have an opinion on the innocuous...the Kardashian divorce (hint-it's all about her ASSets); sexual harrassment allegations are levied against Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain (is this the ghost of Clarence Thomas); Conservative provocateur, Ann Coulter is at it again-"our Blacks are better than your Blacks"...wow; why didn't the Afronerd team think of "Unthink" the anti-Facebook social networking site; politically incorrect Halloween costumes and lastly, is Amber Cole a real person? See you at 7pm.