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Monday, December 27, 2010

Check For A Special Thurs Afronerd Radio Show-5pm ET-The Passing of Iconic Soul Songstress Teena Marie; Are Placebos Real? Our Year End Wrap Up!

Once again, it appears that the culture and in this case Black culture will be at a loss with the passing of Mary Christine Brockert aka Teena Marie aka Lady T. One of our deepest regrets is that we didn't get an opportunity to interview Ms. Marie. If you pay close attention to what has been touted as her last interview (above), she definitely had a keen awareness as it relates to the current music scene and how muscianship has been degraded. Teena Marie once described herself as a Black artist with White skin and no one could describe her any less accurately. We are losing are greats, folks....and I don't see anyone on the horizon or an upcoming cultural shift that will realign this current musical malaise. We will delve into "Lady T's" history and musical legacy this Thursday at 5pm in addition to to discussing new evidence that placebos work (even when the person knows they're taking a fake drug) and our estimation of this year's biggest stories. Feel free to join Capt. Kirk and yours truly "live" by calling in at 646-915-9620, the chat room located at afronerdradio.com or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. In the interim, let's take a look at Teena Marie (along with the incomparable Rick James) doing what she did best:

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Join Us at 7pm for Our Post Xmas Broadcast! Discussing The Demise of Urban & Music Mags; A Serial Killer in NYC; Miley's Salvia; & More!

Join us, AGAIN....this Sunday at 7pm eastern as Dburt and Capt. Kirk bring their analytical scalpels in order to dissect the following topics: a continuation of our inner city crime discourse stemming from this morning's 98.7 KISS-NYC radio show concerning the surge of violence in Newark, NJ; the decline and/or demise of urban culture and music magazines; is there a NYC-Long Island serial killer on the loose? Has the Son of Sam returned?; after the Miley Cyrus salvia debacle, should the drug be banned?; and if time permits-a discussion on the state of the African-American fashion standard. Feel free to call us "live" at 646-915-9620 or contact us via our chat room at afronerdradio.com or by email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. And in the immortal words of Prince Namor....Imperius Rex!

Afronerd Radio's Week in Review

And although we are in the throws of the Holiday Season, check out this macabre blaxploitation gift to our loyal listeners-Scream Blacula Scream, courtesy of Afronerd Cinemas:

Monday, December 20, 2010

Maybe It's A Flashback! A Giants vs Packers Discussion With NEFL/Chippewa Valley Predator Coach, Martin Adams! And Our Mid-Week in Review!

Never let it be said that there not enough Afronerd Radio programming! Stop by for our "Pre-Xmas" and numero dos interview with NEFL/Chippewa Valley Predator coach, Martin Adams. Yes...even on a self avowed hobby-based, sci-fi, political, graphic novel, urban alternative music show, we can make room for the sport geeks! We will pick Mr. Adams' brain regarding the football season thus far (including the upcoming Packers vs Giants battle). And for the second half of the broadcast, we will have our regularly scheduled Mid-Week in Review (a continuation of the Google Ngram men vs women dilemma, NY Governor Paterson's 62K fine for copping World Series tickets and the reality of Net Neutrality..hey that rhymes!). This time stop by for a mid-week tete a tete by calling us "live" at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. Don't miss it!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tune in 2nite at 7pm (ET) for Afronerd featuring Capt. Kirk! Discussing the Heidi Jones scandal, Racists vs Thor Movie. Martial Law in NJ? & More!

Happy Holidays, folks! We have yet another fiery, fun flavored and fully packed show for all our listeners to enjoy. Set your timers for 7pm this evening as Captain Kirk and yours truly use our conservative (and sometimes, independent) microscopes to analyze the following issues: WABC's weather anchor gets suspended for filing a false rape accusation; White supremacist group boycotts the upcoming Thor Movie over actor, Idris Elba's portrayal of the "white god," Heimdall (and they have a problem with the African superhero, Black Panther .....go figure); a Harlem inventor creates an anti-pants sagging device ; according to the new Google Ngram app , the term "men" is losing ground in usage while "women" is on an uptick and lastly, has martial law finally come to New Jersey due to the surge of crime in "Joisey" locales such as Newark, Orange, East Orange and Irvington? Again, whew! Feel free to give us a buzz "live" at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. Nuff' said!

Afronerd Radio's Week in Review

And to keep up with the upcoming Holiday season, take a look at this cover version of Wham's Last Christmas, courtesy of Mar:

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Listen Up! New Broadcast-Afronerd Featuring Capt. Kirk! 2nite at 7pm-More Pop Culture talk, Blade Goes To Jail & More in Current Events!

Salutations, crumpets & Happy Holidays to all our listeners, readers and supporters! Join Team Afronerd tonight at 7pm as we discuss the following topics: a continued (or addendum) conversation highlighting the latest in pop culture (sci-fi, comic/fantasy centered) news as 2011 approaches; Blade actor, Wesley Snipes starts his 3 year incarceration for failing to stake those darned government tax vamps; fallout over President Obama's extension of the Bush tax cuts; more audio tapes are released from the Nixon Archives and if time permits, a discussion regarding the bleak outlook for a more balanced depiction of minorities in the world of media and entertainment (and the deleterious toll this has taken on the American citizenry and beyond). Whew! Don't forget to give us a call "live" at-646-915-962o or contact us via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. See you all at 7pm sharp! Imperius Rex!

Afronerd Radio's Week in Review

And while you wait for the show, check out this performance by the inimitable Janelle Monae, singing "Tightrope":

Monday, December 06, 2010

Hey We're Opening Shop on Wednesday's As A Regular Gig! Join Us at 5pm Wed to Discuss New Pop Culture Info, NYC Cabbie Shot & Dorian Gray Mice?

Well, first off, The Comic Shoppe will be returning in less than 2 weeks...however, in the interim, we will be shoring up our Afronerd show this Wednesday with a brief discussion centered on current pop/pulp cultural trends. Secondly, we will be discussing yet another tragic narrative pertaining to a hard working taxi driver who is on the mend after being horrifically shot 4 times by a skell who managed to get away with $100!! And lastly, perhaps in uptempo news, Harvard scientists appear to be one step closer in really being able to turn the aging clock backwards. Join Capt. Kirk and yours truly, Wednesday at 5pm-the call in number is: 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com.

And for a music interlude.....check out these musical giants, doing what they do best, from July of this year (Paris)-Stevie Wonder and Prince, performing Mr. Wonder's classic, Superstition:

Oh yeah...we implore you to expand this clip....par excellence-

And then there's the talented freshmen class, Andreya Triana:

Afronerd Radio's MID-Week in Review

Sunday, December 05, 2010

A Truly Crucial Lesson to Be Learned....."Bring Your 'A' Game"

Watch more free documentaries

First off, the message from this Mario Van Peebles produced project is one that we tout here at Afronerd ad infinitum. The message is on point, I'm just not sure about some of the folks displayed in this piece actually being in a position of authority to propogate it! Case in point-Ice Cube, P. Diddy, Russell Simmons and Kevin Liles, just to name a few, are some of the individuals (again, some not all) who are the image makers responsible for the minstrel aesthetic that is infecting the Hip Hop industry that this doc seeks to critique. But what say you? Are we off base? Can we ignore some of the messengers in this one?

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Stop by Sunday's Afronerd Radio Show at 7pm As We Discuss: WikiLeaks 2.0; NYC Well Dressed Cabbie & Stern Goes 2 Itunes? & More!

Let's keep it concise, simple and plain! Join Captain Kirk and yours truly tomorrow evening at 7pm to shed some light on the following issues: how does anyone verify facts in today's media-case in point: Did a gay male actually have a "weird accident" wile being patted down during TSA search? Probably not....but it went through a brief news cycle anyway!; our opinion on the latest "secrets" being exposed, courtesy of Wikileaks; a NYC cabbie gets noticed because of his professional style of dress and lastly, is the King of All Media going to Itunes or is it pure speculation? Feel free to call in at-646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com.

Afronerd Radio's Week in Review

And here's more music while you wait for tomorrow's broadcast.....Cerebral Ballzy:

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Boys Are Back 4 Another Wed Show! CNN Journalist Soledad O'brien Stops By Afronerd Radio at 5pm & Another MID-Week in Review!

It appears that our podcast supporters will be in for a treat this Wednesday at 5pm eastern. Noted CNN Correspondent and journalist/author, Soledad O'brien stops by to discuss her new memoir, The Next Big Story: My Journey Through the Land of Possibilities. The Next Big Story is a candid look at Ms. Obrien's trek-starting from her Long Island roots, through her time as a Harvard student as well as her struggle and perseverance in gaining respect in the media industry. If time permits, we may be able to squeeze our current events segment for the second half-The (Mid) Week in Review (i.e. a Harvard/Yale alumni function that was cut short for fear of it attracting a gang presence; the second act for WikiLeaks, etc). So don't be scuurred-call us live at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. And remember-Be there and Be square-it might just save your life!

Afronerd Radio Interviews CNN Journalist and Author, Soledad O'brien

Friday, November 26, 2010

Check Out Afronerd Radio's "Armageddon" Broadcast-Sun at 7pm-Issues w/Facebook, The Pope & Angry Vets!

Don't let the title of this entry/show promotion fool you....Armageddon might be the word that's appropriate to describe this week's latest stories. Stop by this Sunday at 7pm (eastern) as Captain Kirk and yours truly use our unique brand of conservative (and sometimes independent) analysis to the following issues: Pope Benedict's recent capitulation toward condom use for male prostitutes (and then a subsequent retraction); our qualms with Facebook as well as a New Jersey's minister's recent decree to his congregation to delete their accounts from the social networking service (oh..but there's more to this story...); a 78 year old White veteran was recently arrested for making threats against President Obama claiming that the POTUS wasn't doing enough to help Black people and if there's time, perhaps a discussion rebuking the madness called Black Friday. Feel free to call us "live" at: 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. Meanwhile check out this killer performance by Alecia Chakour and the Osrah interpolating Burt Bacharach (although late Isaac Hayes' version can't be forgotten) classic, "Walk on by":

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

An SNL Skit That Was Actually Funny! Special Hump Day-Pre Turkey Day Show, Wed at 7pm-TSA Shenanigans, Racial Profiling & Obama Critic Loses Job!

Some topics are so hot, we just couldn't wait for the Sunday broadcast to discuss them! Join Captain Kirk and yours truly tomorrow evening (at 7pm) to pick up on an issue that we failed to cover due to time constraints on Sunday's broadcast-racial profiling. But let's go one step further....what happens when the specific profile is that there isn't a profile? Hence, the present controversy revolving around alleged probative tactics employed by the TSA toward prospective airplane passengers-irrespective of race. Does this put the issue of profiling in a different context? Maybe. Maybe not. And if there's enough room on our conservative table, our thoughts on the firing of Obama supporter, Velma Hart, who you might remember confronted the President in a rather personal and provocative manner during a town hall meeting a few months back. So let's dip our feet into the fire and chop it up in a Mid-Week in Review broadcast. Feel free to give us a buzz at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM at-afronerdradio@yahoo.com!

Oh, and least we forget...mark your calendars (coincidentally) for December 1st (special 5pm airing) as CNN journalist/author, Soledad O'brien joins us to discuss her latest literary endeavor, The Next Big Story: My Journey Through the Land of Possibilities. Treat this clip of Ms. O'brien as a teaser...

Afronerd radio Mid-Week in Review broadcast

Sunday, November 21, 2010

We Interrupt This Broadcast......For a 2hr Show! Jay-z on Stern Show for the 1st Part & The Week in Review for the 2nd! 7pm 2nite!

Our listeners should be in store for a special 2 part/2hr treat! Afronerd Radio airs 1hr earlier to highlight special airing of a November 15th Jay-Z interview with Howard Stern; For the second hour the usual "Afronerd featuring Capt. Kirk" broadcast will resume its regularly scheduled programming. We will analyze the Jay-z interview as well as discuss racial profiling and the concept of perception vs. reality. So stop by at 6pm for the "Jay Z tapes" and feel free to converse with Dburt and the Captain at 7pm....call us live at: 646-915-9620. In the interim, check out this local NY (Channel 9) special on Long Island police and racial profiling. Can anyone say "politically incorrect set up?" Judge for yourselves....

Driving While Black News Report

The Jay Z tapes & Afronerd Radio's Week in Review

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Discussing George Bush's New Book, The Concept of Adaptability in America & Tyler Perry on Afronerd Radio-2nite at 7pm ET!

It's Sunday, Folks and that means that it's time for another fiery and informative broadcast from Afronerd Radio. Stop by this evening and join Capt. Kirk and Dburt as they bring their own brand of analysis to the following issues: a discussion regarding former President Bush's incredible revelations stemming from his latest literary effort, Decision Points; how Americans are adapting (or not) in a "post-racial" and diminished economic landscape and if time permits, thoughts on Tyler Perry's new film, For Colored Girls. See you all at 7pm ET. Don't forget to call us live at: 646-915-9620 or via IM/email-afronerdradio@yahoo.com

Afronerd Radio's Week in Review: The George Bush Media Tour

And while you're waiting for this week's show, consider this our prologue. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Even Afronerd Radio Isn't Immune to the New Football Season! Interviewing The NEFL Predators' Head Coach, Martin Adams & Our Week in Review!

The ensuing days weeks just keep rollng and rolling along! Join Dburt and Captain Kirk as they discuss the latest in the world of Adult Amateur football with the NEFL Chippewa Predators coach, Martin Adams. I'm sure the discussion will address the latest rule changes in professional football as it pertains to player safety. The remaining portion of the broadcast, The Week in Review segment will try to highlight this past week's midterm elections (including more inane is Pres. Obama Black enough talk), blackface Halloween costumes and if time permits-a conversation centered on an initiative currently being promoted by Dburt's alma mater, Hampton University. Hampton's launch of the Center on African American Marriages and Parenting seeks to promote the importance of marriage while discouraging out of wedlock births in the Black community. Feel free to call in live at: 646-915-9620 or via IM/email-afronerdradio@yahoo.com

Afronerd radio Interviews Chippewa Valley Predators' coach, Martin Adams

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another Show Not 2 Miss! Afronerd Radio Welcomes Multi Media Journalist, Farai Chideya For a Tete a Tete & If There's Time Our Week in Review!

Hey Folks, it's that time again and we implore you to pull up a chair and listen to yet another fun & informative Afronerd Radio broadcast. Journalist and multi media "polymath" Farai Chideya stops by to discuss her latest endeavor, "Pop + Politics with Farai Chideya: A Look at Race, Rage and Reconciliation In the 2010 Midterm Elections." You may remember Ms. Chideya from her NPR News & Notes show (where yours truly was a frequent guest) and we look forward to conversing with her regarding her new haunting grounds at WNYC Radio. And for the second act, perhaps we can address some matters that were left on the table from the previous show. See you this Sunday at 7pm eastern!

Afronerd radio Welcomes Journalist & Author, Farai Chideya to the Sunday broadcast!

And while you wait for tomorrow's show, let's take a walk down memory lane-Afronerd on NPR's News & Notes with Ms. Chideya, circa June 2008:

Roundtable: What's Next for Obama?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Comic Shoppe Show! More on the NY Comic Con, Smallville X & Lex returning?, Back 2 The Future Blu ray & More!

Hello Comic Shoppe listeners & prospective "no prize" winners! The Comic Shoppe returns for season 3, episode 2 to discuss the following pulp culture issues: Is Michael Rosenbaum aka Lex Luther returning to Smallville or what; Has it really been 25 years since Back to the Future I?; left over NY Comic Con observations, Daryll B's blog blast, new comics and much much more....Stop by and call us live with your concerns, questions and/or contributions at-646-200-0104 or via IM/email-afronerdradio@yahoo.com tonight at 7pm eastern!

And now for Daryll B's blog blast......

We'll call this blog "Daryll B, the Fall TV edition"....

Inspired casting on last night's Chuck. No not Linda Hamilton as his mother, but Robert Englund as the Scarecrow like scientist with a fear toxin. 6 days before Halloween and Chuck already gave me something better than candy.

Thank You Newsarama and iFanboy for this news: Jane Badler is going to be in this season's V. YESYESYESYESYES...*ahem* I mean inspired casting for us oldtime fans....


...and look in their video "tv" section for their interview with immortal "Diana" along with Laura Vandervoort and Morena Baccarin

Walking Dead is going to be big folks. I have people who usually frown at my comics addiction coming up to me asking about the show because of the buzz. Halloween Night 10pm EST...

Stargate Universe and Sanctuary both started this season running with the tension up high while Caprica was blah to tell the truth... (although I really liked the "cyber-life" daughter confrontation...) But according to Spinoff Online, SyFy is greenlighting ANOTHER BSG prequel. Talk about killing the property with information overload!


I know South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker stole lines from collegehumor.com for their Inception parody "Insheeption", but it was still funny and on point... and I loved Inception.


Finally, the five reasons I am totally loving Avengers on Disney XD so far....

1) The Past is Prologue: Did you see those mini episodes? Connections to no less than 8 important Marvel Storylines set up AND that was before episode 1!

2) We are all family: In addition connection were made not only to Avengers history but to the recently departed Black Panther and Wolverine & the X-Men cartoons... Also with tangents to the Spider-Man and Fantastic Four Universes....

3) No G.I. Joe/Transformers lasers: There were actual off screen (and two on screen) deaths. Bloodless of course but it reminds you characters are playing for keeps.

4) Hank Pym is likable.... come on...outside of Mighty Avengers, how many books in the last 5 years have done this? The cartoon does it in 2 episodes!!!

5) Hulk cracks jokes AND uses his brain when fighting: Dudes! Who needs Spidey on the Avengers when you have that?

Link Dump Time!!!!

Once again AfroNerd Readers, you are going to have to read this one yourselves. I speak on this, I'll be banned somewhere...


But on a lighter note AND in time for Halloween, check out this analysis from Chris Sims at Comics Alliance about the Tomb of Dracula Cartoon...


Here is an old article by Rich Johnson about Mark Waid's comments about High Rollers. What is significant about this are the different reactions from retailers. This indicates there isn't just one cause to the problem.... (which I am not going to let you in on so you'll have to READ the article. See? I can be sneaky too!)


OKIES, that it for me this week folks.... Until next time, Keep Fantasizing!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Don't Miss Afronerd Radio This Sunday As We Interview NY Village Voice Columnist, Steven Thrasher! And If Time Permits NPR's Firing of Juan Williams

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

My, how quickly the days and weeks progress! Since we are still getting our "footing" back in the online broadcasting game, we are stepping up the pace with stellar interviews, which were an Afronerd Radio routine, pre-hiatus. Anyway, we would implore our readers/listeners/detractors to join Captain Kirk and yours truly as we interview NY Village Voice journalist, Steven Thrasher regarding a timely yet provocative article entitled, White America Has Lost Its Mind. I discovered Mr. Thrasher's piece stemming from his recent appearance on NY's Open Line program which airs every Sunday on 98.7 Kiss-FM...so, we're happy that he decided to do our show as well. Time constraints, notwithstanding-we will also attempt to shed some light on NPR's firing of long time journalist (and Afronerd spiritual mentor...in my head), Juan Williams. Again, this is not the show to miss...we're broadcasting "live" this Sunday-give us a call at 646-915-9620 with your thoughts or concerns or leave a message in our chat room located at afronerdradio.com. Bring your fire extinguisher because this show promises to be a fiery one!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

And Finally (Not To Be Outdone)....The Comic Shoppe is Back in Full Effect! NYC Comic Con Talk & A Daryll B Blog Blast 4U!

Well the The Comic Shoppe is back from hiatus just in time to talk "shop" relating to a variety of pulp inspired issues, including NY's recent Comic Con, the latest in graphic novel /film news and reviews. Feel free to call in live at: 646-200-0104 with questions, concerns and comments or via email-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com.

And Now.....Here's Daryll B's blog blast:

Hiya AfroNerd Blog readers! After a long hiatus and seeing my Yankees go down 7-0 in this game 3 vs the Rangers, I had to blog about my likes and dislikes at New York Comic Con this year.

LIKE & DISLIKE: New York's has turned into EXACTLY a carbon copy of San Diego's. Meaning, the press coverage and the Hollywood/TV/Movies stuff was all over... however for a "comic con", there was little big news about actual comics. This is cool for the mass media applications but for guys like me who are still more interested in the printed page, it sucks and is a harbinger of things to come.

LIKE: The reemergence of $2.99 as a price point for comics at both DC and Marvel. But I do fear it is too little too late for most comics.

DISLIKE: The ruining of Shadowland and The Return of Bruce Wayne by teaser posters and shipping schedules. What is worst than that, creators on these books getting pissed at fans who got pissed at the companies for this. Talk about a disconnect....

LIKE: The Cos-players stepped their game up this year with amazing costumes with few missteps. Several sites have awesome picture galleries and recaps, including my usual vices at Comics Alliance, CBR, and 4th Letter. Speaking of which....

One of the fun moments I had at NYCC was getting to the end of this funny/awesome moment:


DISLIKE: I not even going to waste my breath on this one and just why this idea is stupid because David Brothers over at 4th Letter beat me to it AND did it in a much better fashion... (plus he has cool GIFs!!!)


Speaking of 4th Letter, Esther Inglis-Ankell gives good reason just why The Return of Bruce Wayne has gone into the realm of the stupid. This prompted commentators to give even more reasons:


We all wondered when Disney would make their power play and well...


LIKE: This mashup is simply awesome:


DISLIKE: I have a challenge for all of the AfroNerd readers. Go to


...and when reading the parts involving JMS' Superman: Grounded, tell me how a black comic fan ISN'T supposed to be pissed off about our race's description.

Wow I so negative in my return back....so I'll leave on 2 good notes:

Picked up the G-Man Cape Crisis trade and Chris Giarusso knocked the ball out of the "fun" park again. I am waiting for the G-Man/MiniMarvels crossover now in the same vein as Tiny Titans/Lil' Archie that Art Balthazar is handling.

RED was very good and for Bruce Willis, almost makes up for The Surrogates. If your liked Losers and The A-Team remake, this will definitely have you entertained.

In closing, it is good to be back and I'll try to keep myself from wandering again.... well after the playoffs and my writing campaign to get that Wolverine and the X-Men: Age of Apocalypse movie finale made! This is Daryll B. and until next time readers, Keep Fantasizing!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Season 4, Episode 6-Afronerd Featuring Capt. Kirk-Is Eminem The Truth?, Michelle Rhee's Resignation & Obama's Ipod Selection

My, how quickly the week progresses! It's that time again, so pull up a chair and check out S4/E6 (Season 4, Episode 6-for the uninitiated) of Afronerd Radio's Week in Review broadcast tomorrow at 7pm eastern. Join Captain Kirk and your truly as we shed light on the following topics: Is Eminem the Truth? Is he the Savior of Hip Hop or the 21st century Elvis or both; our thoughts concerning the resignation of the chancellor of the Washington, D.C public school system, Michelle Rhee and lastly, does President Obama really have Lil' Weezy and Hova on his ipod playlist? (noted jazz critic and Daily News columnist, Stanley Crouch seems to think Obama's playlist is a bit much). So call us live with your thoughts, concerns, questions and/or protestations at 646-915-9620.

Afronerd Featuring Captain Kirk-Afronerd Radio's Week in Review

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Afronerd radioThis Sunday at 7pm-Live Call in Show! Check Out Our Week in Review!

Keeping it simple and succinct-Join Afronerd & Captain Kirk tonight at 7pm to discuss this week's latest issues: Recent polls show that President Obama's support appears to be split along racial lines (91% of Blacks approve of the Prez versus 36% for Whites); Is an Obama/Clinton ticket possible for 2012?; Urban/Street fashion standards culminate in a 45 yr old male shooting a Black teen in the buttocks because of sagging jeans and misleading gossip blog entries. Call in with your opinions at 646-915-9620!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Afronerd Radio-7pm Tonight! Capt Kirk & Dburt Discuss-Rutgers' Student suicide & Cyberbullying, Demise Of Urban Radio & An Ex Whore Teaching Kids?

The above clip may be jarring to your senses but it is certainly pretty typical as to what Black (or "Urban") looks and sounds like in our present day. Perhaps Afronerd Radio is the counter balance that the public needs in order to offset such aberrant minstrelsy-I'm just sayin'. Anyway...What's up folks! Tune in tonight at 7pm as Capt Kirk & yours truly attempt to use their acute discernment skills in order to discuss the following issues: the tragic death of a Rutgers University student who committed suicide as a result of alleged cyber-bullying; a Bronx HS art teacher's job may be in question due to her previous life as a stripper/sex worker and lastly, the sorrowful state of Urban Radio and how Afronerd Radio may be its cure! Feel free to call us live at 646-915-9620 or via email/Im at-afronerdradio.com. See You at 7!

And here's a cool quote to occupy your time pre-broadcast:

A fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees. William Blake "Proverbs of Hell" (1790)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Discussing Immigration, Pres. Obama's Townhall Confrontation & Braylon Edwards DUI arrest-Next Afronerd Radio-Sun. at 7pm!

Time to Rock & Roll folks! Join Dburt and Capt. Kirk as they the dissect the following issues currently encircling the media universe: was the woman (Velma Hart) that confronted Pres. Obama during last week's townhall a plant?; our take on the many angles of the immigration debate and lastly, Jets' wide receiver Braylon Edwards DUI-is it indicative of a larger issue with athletes of color? Stop by with your calls (our call in#-646-915-9620) and questions-Sun at 7pm sharp!

Afronerd Featuring Captain Kirk-Season 4, Episode 3

Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Show 2Nite at 7pm! Mosque at Ground Zero? NY Jets Harassment Case? Waka Flocka is the New Stepin Fetchit! Next on Afronerd Radio!

Good Afternoon Folks! We're gearing up fo another round of frank podcasting talk courtesy of the new Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk brand. Kick up your heels and listen (or call in live-646-915-9620) at 7pm (ET) this evening as the truthsayers discuss the following subjects: a long overdue discussion regarding the erecting of a mosque near 911's Ground Zero in downtown NYC; the sexual harassment controversy surrounding TV Azteca's Ines Sainz and the NY Jets and lastly, revisiting a common Afronerd Radio theme pertaining to the new minstrels-case in point, rap artist, Waka Flocka (the astrophysicist, above).

Afronerd Featuring Captain Kirk-Afronerd Radio's Week in Review

Friday, September 03, 2010

Ok Folks We're Back & Ready To Bring Fire to The Web! Afronerd Radio Returns With a New Member to the Team-Capt. Kirk!

Hello Folks! We're back from a summer hiatus (which I will explain more succunictly during this Sunday's 7pm broadcast) and it's time to dig our heels in the dirt and get back into the internet broadcasting game. I have definitely missed contributing to our lttle blog and I promise that my future endeavor will be to get things back on track. Part of the Afronerd.com conservative recalibration entails a new addition to our podcasting team...Captain Kirk! I want our readers and supporters (and heck, our detractors) to welcome him in to the fold with honor and respect. I have received a number of emails inquring about not only the status of Afronerd Radio but also our opinions of some of the more prurient issues that occurred during these summer months. So upon request, we will have a brief discourse on last week's Glenn Beck-Restoring Honor rally; radio personality, Dr. Laura Schlessinger's infamous on air n-word rant; NJ Jets' cornerback, Antonio Cromartie and his family issues (multiple kids by multiple women) and lastly, if time permits, the ongoing phenomenon pertaining to internet celebrity masquerading as neo-minstrelsy....case in point, Antoine Dodson.

And..ahem, then there's the remix (we really need divine intervention)

Antoine's Bed Intruder Song

So folks, feel free to call us live at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM at afronerdradio@yahoo.com. See you guys (and gals) this Sunday.....

Afronerd Featuring Captain Kirk....new show, new direction and fresh topics

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shoppe 2nite at 7pm ET! Discussing All Things Pulp & Daryll B's Words of Wisdom!

Please accept our apologies for last week’s preemption but just chalk it up to having even more to discuss for tonight’s episode. Check out tonight’s Comic Shoppe show as our own podcast superheroes discuss a variety of pulp flavored topics, including the latest in graphic novel /film news and reviews. Feel free to call us live at: 646-200-0104 with questions, concerns and comments or via email-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com. And now for our next act…..check out Daryll B’s latest blog post:

Hi AfroNerd Readers! I hope you all are enjoying your day. And now 10 bits of wisdom I have picked up from around the net dealing with my #2 obsession:

1) Longtime followers of Chris Rock's stand-up may remember his skit about clear heels and how that morphed into what a father's #1 job is with daughters. Laurence Fishburne has seemingly/unfortunately failed this task http://www.411mania.com/movies/columns/148610/Movies-TV%5C%5Cs-3Rs-08.10.10:-Eva-Mendes,-Bret-Michaels,-Montana-Fishburne,-Justin-Bieber,-More-.htm but bonus is Eva Mendes' "sex tape"...lol

2) In every walk of life, there are people who are better than you that you look up to and hope some day to craft your style to achieve a semblance of their success. For me doing this it is David Brothers who writes for 4th Letter and Comics Alliance. Just last week, check out these articles about Hip-Hop http://www.4thletter.net/2010/08/the-cipher-080310/ and Akira http://www.4thletter.net/2010/08/3-formative-works-akira/

3) Staying with 4th Letter, check out Gavok's thought provoking proposal to help out the recent Ultimate Red Skull storyline http://www.4thletter.net/2010/08/how-ultimate-red-skull-could-have-worked/

4) Speaking of thought provoking, check out the Factual Opinion and Tucker Stone great "Geoff Johns/Diane Nelson" phone call skit revolving around Green Lantern http://www.factualopinion.com/the_factual_opinion/2010/08/comics-of-the-weak-our-parents-used-to-take-care-of-us.html

5) DBurt will be happy as Nemesis has found its director in Tony Scott http://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/2010/08/09/tony-scott-finds-his-nemesis/

6) Laura Hudson does a great interview with rising star Jonathan Hickman over at Comics Alliance http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/08/05/jonathan-hickman-interview/ while Greg Burgas at Comic Book Resources forces us to think about what we value in comic books http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2010/08/08/comics-the-most-versatile-art-form/

7) Creator Ryan Sohmer, known for his hilarious Least I Could Do and Looking For Group webcomics, has a new rotating artist webcomic called The Gutters which parodies elements of the comic book industry http://www.the-gutters.com/ 25 "issues" in and I totally recommend it.

8) Back at Comics Alliance, Chris Sims got me hankering to play NES again http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/08/05/8-bit-comics-super-heroes-reimagined-for-the-nes/

9) The former CrossGen creators speak out about Marvel's plans at Newsarama, along with giving a brief history http://www.newsarama.com/comics/former-crossgen-creators-100806.html

10) Finally, the Guys and Gal at The Weekly Crisis are celebrating 3 years of fun chaos and they are looking to share the fun with a comprehensive Walking Dead guide by Ryan Lindsay for the uninitiated in plenty of time for the TV series http://www.weeklycrisis.com/2010/08/robert-kirkmans-calling-card-walking.html Also check out Matt Duarte's theories about comics and the passage of time http://www.weeklycrisis.com/2010/08/comic-events-and-passage-of-time.html

Whew I think that's enough reading for those of you who aren't seeing The Expendables or Scott Pilgrim this weekend. Until next time, this is Daryll B. and I hope you all Keep Fantasizing!!!

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's All About The San Diego Comic Con Folks! Next on The Comic Shoppe-Tues at 7pm ET!

San Diego Comic-Con Anthology Part One - iFanboy
Uploaded by ifanboy. - Discover more college videos.

Hey...it's pretty simple folks, join Daryll, Max and Dburt tomorrow at 7pm to discuss the goings-on in the world of pulp fiction, sci-fi and fantasy (and maybe video gaming). Feel free to give us a buzz "live" to ask questions, pontificate or exclaim concerns at 646-200-0104 or via email/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com. Of course, the San Diego Comic Con which came to a close this past weekend will be front and center during our discourse but we'll try to touch on our favorite graphic novel reads from the previous week as well. Meanwhile...take a gander at the latest post on comic related fare, courtesy of the Comic Shoppe's own Daryll B!

All About San Diego Comic Con News....

Day 1

Rocket Raccoon/Groot team-up book....DUDE! YES!

Ultimate Thor by Jonathan Hickman....if anything could get me picking up Ultimate books again, this could....

Young Justice episodes being written by Peter David...Just when I was ready to hate all over this cartoon, they make a move that makes perfect sense...


Grant Morrison's Batman Inc...I may have fallen on the side of his haters in recent years but I'd be a fool not to admit Morrison + Batman = money for DC

Welcome back Wally West and friends in Speed Force... about damn time someone remembered you exist.

Paul Cornell & Gail Simone partnership on a Secret Six/Action Comics crossover ....YES!!!!

Super-Skrull as a playable character in Marvel/Capcom 3? SIGN ME UP!

More Walking Dead Video....this gonna be big people!

Thor Movie news...and if you didn't see the pics of Stan Lee sitting on Odin's Throne, The Weekly Crisis has it up http://www.weeklycrisis.com/2010/07/comic-con-day-2-news-round-up.html/ and the Infinity Gauntlet???? Holy ^$&(^%!!!!


Avengers Cast now official.... Captain America movie snippets.... Green Lantern movie news.... All-Star Superman animated movie.... These stories are all good but they pale in comparison to this:

CrossGen is FREAKING coming back! O for the love of God Marvel, do not DC/Milestone this. Give us CrossGen fans some closure.... and on this subject, I still waiting for Marvelman/Miracleman news...

Quickly, here is the link I promised about Chris Hemsworth:


Morrison on Batman Inc:


Doctor Who season ender kicked my booty and call me crazy but I am thinking that River Song could be a female aspect of The Master. Meanwhile, Being Human was good and makes me wonder why American TV will taint this by trying to make another version....?

When did San Diego ComicCon become the hood? Seriously, stabbing someone in the eye with a pen...? Next time on OZ, Geek Version....

Make of this what you will folks:


The four: Iron Man, X-Men, Wolverine, and Blade.. The lure: Warren Ellis is writing them and Madhouse (the ones behind the GI Joe Animated) is animating....

Ok AfroNerd readers....I out for now, but until the next time, Keep Fantasizing!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just Today, The Comic Shoppe Airs at 7pm ET-Discussing the GL & WW Costumes, More on the Thor Movie & Daryll B's Latest Post!

Hello supporters and true believers. Unfortunately, The Comic Shoppe was preempted from our regularly scheduled Tuesday broadcast date, so we decided to push it up 24 hours to tonight at 7pm eastern. Join Max, Daryll and yours truly as we discuss the latest in comic book, sci-fi and fantasy news. We will discuss our thoughts concerning the recent pictures of Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern as well as photos from the Thor movie set; how scribe, Mark Millar feels about the President’s depiction in comics according to a recent Wizard magazine article; the new take on the Wonder Woman mythos (as well as her costume retooling) and of course our reviews pertaining to last week’s comic book releases. Don’t be afraid! Call us live at 646-200-0104 with your questions, concerns or protestations. See you guys at the shoppe!

Back into the AfroNerd breach for me readers, and all I can say is "Hi" once again. Between the World Cup and schoolwork, I have been very occupied but let me get back on the horse for 10 quick hits:

1) I have been quite surprised at how minimal the advertising has been outside of comic book circles for the Scott Pilgrim movie. However, I FINALLY saw a commercial during last night's Boondocks episode. I am of 2 minds about the movie though...sure his fans are getting what they wanted, but to have him fight ALL 7 exs in one movie? Isn't that the type of over-saturization that Indie comic fans complained about in Spidey, X-Men, and Batman movies?

2) Yes I have been watching the new season of Futurama and yes I like it...Seems some fans have nothing better to do but to complain.

3) Nice to see DC step up to the plate with some of their new creative teams. Even though the JMS direction for Superman has me scratching my head, I appreciate the fact that they realize the direction needed less stunts and better storytelling. (Although DC having Felicia Henderson doing the new Static ongoing doesn't exactly fill me with joy either...) http://blog.newsarama.com/2010/07/16/even-more-dc-news-static-ongoing-dc-comics-presents/

4) AW YEAH! This will be full of win: http://www.newsarama.com/comics/tiny-titans-archie-team-up-100716.html

5) Hands up if you DIDN'T think Matt Murdock leading The Hand would end up going bad?

6) BTW Everything Siege and Second Coming were lacking as events, DoomWar and Thanos Imperative have more than made up in spades. I dunno about Shadowland just yet...

7) I have no comment on the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern costume...I just can't get my "Comic Book Guy" rage built up today for some reason.... and it is very interesting to hear former creators comment on it. http://www.ifanboy.com/content/articles/Ryan_Reynolds_as_Hal_Jordan_on_the_Cover_of_Entertainment_Weekly and http://blog.newsarama.com/2010/07/15/green-lantern-creators-past-and-present-shed-some-light-on-their-opinion-of-the-gl-movie-costume/

8) Marvel & Disney doing a Runaways movie...cool..until I read that they are going to make it live action... Don't get me wrong, Disney does a decent job with things like Aaron Stone for example, but I had my heart set for a animated feature. http://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/2010/07/18/who-are-runaways/

9) I have to admit I was getting frustrated with the latest Doctor Who episode on BBC America until the last 20 minutes. In the Pandorica Opens, that has to be one of the most surprising cliffhangers in Who history.

10) The closer I get to the big sci-fi theater in the sky, the more I am surprised by some of the things that I end up liking. This week, I stumbled onto The Gates out of curiosity and what can I say? It isn't bad....as a primer for Being Human, who returns this week with a major marathon and a brand new episode on BBC America. Check your local listings....

Thx for reading once again AfroNerd readers. Until next time, Keep Fantasizing!

Monday, July 12, 2010

What About Lebron and The Heat? If He's Not A Knick Who Cares......Anyway, The Comic Shoppe Returns Tues at 7pm eastern!

We're back people and in full effect! Why not beat the summer heat, pull up a chair (with your AC unit hopefully in working order) and listen to guys from the Comic Shoppe chew the fat on all things pulp? Join Max, Daryll and yours truly tomorrow at 7pm as we discuss the following: our impressions of The Last Airbender and Twilight:Eclipse; Wonder Woman gets a costume (and storyline upgrade); Ed Norton and his Hulk appear to be on the outs with Marvel for the upcoming Avengers film; Is Damian Wayne the best Robin to date?; American Splendor's Harvey Pekar passes at 70; our thoughts on Andrew Garfield being the next Spiderman and lastly, if time permits, we will provide a synopsis of our favorite comic books from the last few weeks. Feel free to call us "live" with your questions or comments at 646-200-0104 or via email/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com! See you guys at the Shoppe!

And here's a preempted (my bad!!) blog post from The Comic Shoppe's own Daryll B!

This blog is inspired by http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2010/06/25/wonder-of-wonders-star-spangled-panties-whats-in-a-name/

Personal confession time for my blog readers: I am a sucker for Greek Mythology stories. I loved the Harry Hamlin 'Clash of the Titans'. I loved the episode in the original Star Trek where the crew finds the Gods "planet". One of my favorite arcs in The New Teen Titans was when the team had to journey to Olympus to save Lilith from the Titans of Myth. I loved the War of the Gods crossover. I liked the Percy Jackson novels and found the Herc/Amadeus Cho pairing at Marvel to be pure adventure gold.

So when I read about how these stories are inaccessible to newer readers I have to wonder what has happened to our ability to use our imaginations? Yes, you have heard me rip comic companies for what I perceive to be inane directions for their characters but that is only because of how the writers ha previously set up their stories. Greek myths are supposed to be larger than life for the average man and where ANYTHING is possible. Wonderful and vibrant, these tales are supposed to inspire. However, when it comes to Princess Diana, she always gets hated on by readers.

So why does Wonder Woman bear the brunt of these stigmas? Well, there are a myriad of reasons ranging from her appearance to as referenced in the article above, the "weird" names used. However, I tend to think that the modern reader just cannot relate to the mythical tales anymore and most new writers can't be bothered with making them relate to modern times. One book that does this well is Peter Milligan's Greek Street from DC's Vertigo imprint. Milligan takes Greek tales and translates them into the life and times of a quaint London town. So if that can work why can't it be done for Diana?

Byrne tried, Perez tried, Jimenez tried, Messener-Loebs and Deodato tried, Rucka tried, Heinberg tr.....um forget that, Simone tried, and now it is JMS' turn. The little myth fan in me wishes JMS luck but knows comic fans these days need the stories to be dumbed down and that's a shame.

So in closing, we'll hit stories like Tommy Lee Jones in Captain America, the return of Futurama, Tom's jail fear revisited, and the new Emma Frost on the show coming up, but I just thought it was time to let you into my mind for this once.

I will let this quote from John Byrne's excellent Amazon (the Storm/Wonder Woman mashup) take me out:

" My Amazon sisters and I still worship the gods of Olympus, but for the rest of the world your time has passed! Humankind has moved away from you. It is not for me to judge if that move was wise but if this is how you treat those last few who have any respect for you at all..."

Keep Fantasizing Afronerd readers!

Oh..here's last night's Boondocks...check it out!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh and Least We Forget.........As An Intermission Before The Shoppe Starts...Check Out Daryll B's Latest Blog Entry!

You know there comes a time when our thoughts in the Comic Shoppe fall in sync with each other despite our differences. So when I get to my links for hot stories after my mini-rant that follows you will see that in action, but before I do let me re-post here a portion of the response I put into the comments section of Chad Nevett's June 8, 2010 edition of Random Thoughts at Comic Book Resources:


"Again, I would have liked to see Glover have a chance for the role....but what I am tired of is the whole "White Luke Cage", "White Shaft" or "White Black Panther" defense.... Guess what haters who use this? You ALREADY freaking have this... what was "Walking Tall" or "Death Wish" or "Rambo" or any of the freaking John Wayne movies then??? So then I hear the "make your own heroes defense"...um Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, and a host of others did that....remind me how DC handled that? This is where part of me wished Blankman was made more seriously...but then it would have been ShadowHawk instead of a loving parody...... "

Now if you have read the blogs and listened to the show you all know that I am very passionate about this subject and it took another article for me to realize why. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give to you this article from Spinoff Online:


Now the author is Graeme McMillian and he puts forth an innocent enough question: "If Mr. Glover can not play Spider-Man, what hero is he suited to play?" This is a speculative question which is intended to stir up debate and hopefully, intelligent responses about a myriad of heroes that Donald's personality type can fit from prior roles. Instead what do we get? Comments that range from intelligent to ignorant to just pure hate...on both sides of the issue. So I get it..I can't change minds about this but I have now realized something inherent about myself and the comic community:

I am a part of a group of ignorant people who, on the whole, have the imagination range of the head of a pin. In a medium where one's imagination is supposed to have no boundaries, when did we get pigeon-holed into these outdated thoughts? I realize some may consider me a hypocrite considering my stance regarding M. Night Shaymalan and the true Avatar movie but again let me state the difference:

Avatar is an animated series steeped heavily in Asian and Eastern Indian mythology and customs. So when the initial prospective cast comes out and it is 90% white with the only ethnic roles going to "bad guys" how the hell did you think Asians and Indians were going to react?

By contrast, Spider-Man has nothing to his character that says he should only be played by white males. The nature of the character is MEANT to be universal in tone. So in theory, ANY MALE could be under the mask and all Donald Glover was asking was for a chance to audition. Isn't the very denial of that the opposite of the American Dream? Also given the unique perspective that I am a black male living in Queens, NY, I often hear from fellow comic fans two words: "Why Not?"

This isn't supposed to be a backwards society anymore. This is supposed to be one in which if you work hard for something, you can have the chance to get it. Comic books and movies are supposed to be the epitome of this thinking. So once again, and for the final time since Mr.Glover was so gracious about this, I have to ask: "Why Not?"

Quick Links:

Dburt and I were on the same page with this story: http://blog.newsarama.com/2010/06/08/johns-and-fraction-want-a-green-lanterniron-man-crossover/ Now can someone get on the same page with Max and I and get that RageCat / Rocket Raccoon crossover in the works? I am sure we can get Art Baltazar and Chris Giarusso to do us a solid here.

http://blog.newsarama.com/2010/06/08/young-justice-vs-teen-titans/ I find this article by J. Caleb Mozzocco at Newsarama (connected to one by Ben Morse at the Cool Kids Table) fascinating. Only because of how quickly a symbol of fun at DC became a stigma for all that started to go wrong.

If Max sounds ultra-chipper on Tuesday, I bet I know why: http://blog.newsarama.com/2010/06/13/jaime-reyes-blue-beetle-coming-to-the-small-screen/

Ok I am totally loving Starz Network right now: http://www.spinoffonline.com/2010/06/07/torchwood-returns-next-summer/

9 Days until Futurama returns so here two bits of goodness. First a primer on the first 5 seasons for the uninitiated: http://www.spinoffonline.com/2010/06/14/missed-futurama-for-five-seasons-heres-your-chance-to-cram/ and check out this piece of awesome "mash-up" fan art by "GottaBeCarl" at deviant art: http://gottabecarl.deviantart.com/#/d2bmqaf How many can YOU get?

Finally, Robert Rodriguez and Deadpool Movie? Where do I sign up? http://www.spinoffonline.com/2010/06/14/robert-rodriguez-offered-deadpool/

Ok I out because I have to get more schoolwork done before World Cup action in the morning. Until next time Afronerd Readers, keep fantasizing!

The Comic Shoppe is Open For Discussion Tues at 7pm ET! A Black Aqualad?, Green Lantern/Iron Man Crossover?, True Blood & More!

Stay tuned for yet another passionate and pulp centered discussion this Tuesday courtesy of the Comic Shoppe team! Join Max, Daryll and Dburt tomorrow at 7pm as we bring our unique perspectives on the following fantasy/sci-fi and comic related topics: with the upcoming Green Lantern film being touted as Warner's Iron Man, is a possible graphic novel crossover in the works?; internet chatter appears to lobbying for Wonder Woman's Lynda Carter to be considered for the role of Chuck's mom; our thoughts about the Sunday's third season premiere episode of True Blood; Could Blue Beetle be the next franchise to get the TV treatment after Smallville departs?; one blogger's look at DC's Trinity (Batman, Wonder Woman & Superman) paradigm and of course a review of our favorite comic books from the previous week. So...stop by our show in the next 24 hours and feel free to contact our team live at 646-200-0104 or via email/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com! See you guys at the Shoppe!

Monday, June 07, 2010

And Now A Pulp Cultural Update Courtesy of The Comic Shoppe's Daryll B! And Stay Tuned For Tuesday's Show at 7pm ET!

Hello Folks! Well for tomorrow's Comic Shoppe broadcast, we plan to keep it simple. We will, of course, touch on some of the topics listed in Daryll B's discourse (below) as well as discuss our favorite comic reads from last week but we will discourse general comic/sci-fi news: daily Captain America and Thor movie news, why the Boondocks third season (and possibly last) is the best so far, a possible Tim Kring pitch for a Heroes miniseries, the likelihood of comic prices being raised to $5 and lastly, what does the digital release of Invincible Iron Man Annual #1 (for the Ipad) mean for its paper counterpart? So again, join Max, Daryll and Dburt tomorrow at 7pm eastern to discus the aforementioned issues and feel free to call us live at 646-200-0104 or via email/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com. Make yours the Comic Shoppe!

1) You think Lost fans have recovered yet?

2) Interesting thought about the Green Lantern live action over at Spinoff Online. Have they crammed too much into movie one? http://www.spinoffonline.com/2010/06/06/is-green-lantern-already-in-his-second-movie/

3) As a fanatical sports fan and a sci-fi fan this "Star Wars" related World Cup spot is just full of win: http://www.spinoffonline.com/2010/06/04/watch-snoop-dogg-jedi-master-in-this-star-wars-world-cup-spot/ I know now who fired first..I can't believe I missed it the first time!

4) Ok who is the genius that canned Star Wars: Legacy? I loved the adventures of Cade Skywalker, descendant of Luke and if I had my way, his adventures would be the next set of stories for the next trilogy.... well his or Luke's first class at his Jedi Academy. http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=26537

5) Inspired by the crazy gals at Fantastic Fangirls and by my own stir craziness in waiting for SHIELD #2, I have to ask which historical time period would be made more awesome with superheroes? http://fantasticfangirls.org/?p=2240

6) Hollywood screws comic-related fun business again! Thanks to the folks at Comics Alliance for this: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/06/04/superhero-panhandlers-outlawed-in-hollywood/

7) Speaking of Comics Alliance, check out some of these renditions of Luke Cage: http://www.comicsalliance.com/2010/06/05/luke-cage-comic-twart/ Wicked!

8) Movie watching: I liked Prince of Persia, I couldn't get into Splice, and yes I got my tickets to both A-Team and Karate Kid all ready to go.

9) The Boondocks has the best cleanly detailed fight scenes of any animated show on American Television today. Don't agree with me? Watch the episodes "Red Ball" and "Stinkmeaner III: The Hateocracy" and get back to me...

10) Quick animated moment: I have recently been watching Codename: Kids Next Door in chunks and I must say I woefully underrated the show. My only wish is that someone on Cartoon Network finally re-shows the finale "Operation: I.N.T.E.R.V.I.E.W.S" sometime over the Summer. I can't find that ANYWHERE.

11) OK it season finale time for Stargate Universe and if you haven't been checking it out, SyFy will be doing an all day season marathon on Friday so set your DVR's.

12) I still pissed that we are not going to have anymore Wolverine and the X-Men...who do I have to blackmail to get another season???

13) I still rocking the 24 and Chuck finales on my DVR.... Both series have their share of detractors but God...they both like visual crack to me. And hell, the Chuck vs Shaw fight I can watch over and over and over....

14) Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye? Where do I sign up for this???

Ok I spent...My thanks to Surfer for having DBurt and myself on his show Sunday at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/what-are-you-reading/2010/06/07/what-are-you-reading-comic-book-show-vol-3-issue-14

Until next time, Afronerd Readers, keep fantasizing!

Monday, May 31, 2010

New Comic Shoppe Show Tomorrow! The Kirby Family vs Marvel, A Flash Movie Gets Closer to the Screen, X-Men News & More!

Let's keep it simple, shall we? Join Max, Dburt and Daryll for another fun fact/pulp fiction filled broadcast of the Comic Shoppe show, tomorrow at 7pm eastern. We will be using our well honed graphic novel based knowledge to discuss the following: a SpinoffOnline.com article posits what would happen to Marvel (and by extension Disney) if the Kirby estate were to win its intellectual property lawsuit against the vaunted House of Ideas; more info concerning DC/Warner movie release dates for proposed characters (inc. The Flash); Wanted's James McAvoy is slated to play a young Professor Xavier in the next X-Men reboot; more discussion of cross racial casting thanks to Community's Donald Glover (what if Spidey were Black?) and lastly, a synopsis of our favorite comic book reads from the preceding week. Feel free to give us a call live at 646-200-0104 or via email/Im-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com. See you guys at the Shoppe! Imperius Rex!

Oh and if time permits, we may have to give a few minutes to discuss The Boondocks season 3 has been progressing thus far:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Hey! It's Interview Time......Here's A Preview For Next Sunday (5.23.10) on Afronerd Radio-Thomas Chatterton Williams' Loses His Cool!

I'm sure our readers and supporters (even our detractors) have been wondering about our interview schedule, so make sure to stop by this upcoming Sunday as we welcome author, Thomas Chatterton Williams, to discuss his latest literary effort, Losing My Cool: How a Father's Love and 15,000 Books Beat Hip-hop Culture. You may be familiar with Mr. Chatterton for an earlier critique of modern hip hop culture in a Washington Post op-ed entitled, Black Culture Beyond Hip Hop. Now fast forward three years and the minstrelsy continues with unfettered verve. Here's an excerpt from a ExpressNightOut.com piece, highlighting Chatterton's new treatise:

THOMAS CHATTERTON WILLIAMS' father, "Pappy," pretty much solidified his son's fate when he named him after the 18th century English poet. And Williams has never wavered in his dedication to the craft — or second-guessed his father's wisdom.

"Ever since I was old enough to speak, he always told me that I was a writer and that I could write," Williams said. "There were books all over the house, and I was always told that I could write and that it was something good to do. So when I finally did it, it wasn't so strange or bizarre."

But Williams, who left Fanwood, N.J., to attend Georgetown University for a degree in philosophy and then graduated from New York University with a master's in journalism, spent his teenage years immersed in a hip-hop culture that tried to undermine everything his father had taught him. That struggle, and Williams' eventual decision to fully break away from a life of baggy jeans and being "real," is documented in his first book, "Losing My Cool: How a Father's Love and 15,000 Books Beat Hip-Hop Culture."

"I still listen to some hip-hop and I still have black friends, but once my freshman year of college came around, I never had the same relationship [with hip-hop]," Williams said. "It didn't define me or hold me the way it had before."

For the ExpressNightOut article in its entirety, click on the link below:

It Does Stop: Thomas Chatterton Williams, 'Losing My Cool: How a Father's Love and 15,000 Books Beat Hip-Hop Culture'

And in the interim, let's breath a sigh of relief for positive Black imagery, The Family Smith on Oprah:

Stop By The Comic Shoppe Tues at 7pm (ET)-Discussing Ethnicity (or the Lack thereof) in DC's Return to Legacy Heroes, Red Hulk Reveal & Siege!

Stay tuned for another passionate comic/fantasy discourse, courtesy of the Comic Shoppe radio show, tomorrow at 7pm eastern. Join Daryll, Max and myself as we shed some light on the following pulp related topics: more discussion centered on a Comics Alliance article entitled, The Racial Politics of Regressive Storytelling; our thoughts on the Red Hulk (and by extension the Red She-Hulk) identity finally being revealed; Marvel's Siege storyline also has its own dramatic climax; theories pertaining to some TV season finales (i.e. Smallville, Fringe, Chuck) as well as some cancellations (hint...Heroes) and lastly, our top graphic novel reads from the previous week. Feel free to drop in for a chat "live" via phone-646-200-0104 or email/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com. And remember...Make yours the Comic Shoppe!

And now, what you've all been waiting for.....some words of wisdom, thanks to The Comic Shoppe's own Daryll B:

1) Bye Bye Heroes: http://www.spinoffonline.com/2010/05/14/its-official-nbc-cancels-heroes/ in other similar news I was shocked to hear Law and Order get the boot also.

2) Wish I could say I was shocked at the latest turn in the DC vs Siegels case, but I not: http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2010/05/superman-attorney-accuses-warner-bros-of-a-smear-campaign/

3) Props to Greg Burgas at CBR on his article I'm a Marvel....and I'm a DC: http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2010/05/16/im-a-marvel-and-im-a-dc/ SO comic fans, do you favor one company over another? And why?

4) You folks know the love I have for the webcomic Comic Critics and this past week's one about the recent comics piracy site shut down nailed the story on the head http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/2010/05/14/comic-critics-117/

5) Rest in peace Ryan Choi...I won't paste any of the articles dealing with his "passing" last week but safe to say if you are a comic fan and you heard Dburt's and my arguments about this type of thing on previous shows, it WILL get brought up again.

6) Here is the detailed list of deleted scenes/differences from the adaptations, trailers and commercials of Iron Man 2: http://www.4thletter.net/2010/05/iron-man-2-the-deleted-scenes/ courtesy of Gavok at the 4th Letter.

7) Personal geek out moment: I am TOTALLY getting Legion of SuperHeroes this week. Two words: Paul Levitz.

8) Less said about the Sentry and Siege 4 the better.....

9) Maxim does a hottest 100 women in the world list and DOESN'T include Beyonce or Halle Berry??? What the....? http://espn.go.com/espn/page2/index?id=5180775

10) Smallville and Fringe both had me scratching my head for different reasons this week but the Supernatural season ender...what the HELL was that???? They better get another season to explain this latest mind-frak!!!!

In case you haven't heard:

Smallville: Absolute Justice featuring Checkmate and the JSA re-airs this week on the CW

Batman: Under The Red Hood Animated Movie will be released on July 27

Iron Man 2 won this weekend again....it intake worldwide totals $318.4 million dollars for 2 weeks....

Ok fantasy fans...this is Daryll B. signing out..until next time...Keep Fantasizing!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Don't Forget To Stop By Our Local Comic Shoppe Tues at 7pm ET-Talking Iron Man the Sequel & Comic Book Weekly Faves...But Now Words From Daryll B!

Let's jump in...the water's warm! Join The Comic Shoppe team tomorrow at 7pm eastern as we discuss all things pulp! The obvious issue will be our impressions of the Iron Man sequel but we will also cover the following: the future of 3D film making; more talk (again) of a Luke cage film being developed; more on the return of The Boondocks; some of Daryll B's links (below) and lastly, our favorite comic/graphic novel reads from the preceding week. Don't forget to drop us a line as the broadcast is LIVE! Dial 646-200-0104 or contact us vis email/im-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com! And remember....Imperius Rex!

Hiya Party People... I must say I am glad not to be in the Iron Man 2 universe..I would have been blown up on the last day of the "Stark Expo"....but I digress...here are my quick hits for you:

Speaking of IM2

1) Jill Pantozzi has an interesting viewpoint on the comic movie "other woman" syndrome as it relates to Iron Man 2 http://splashpage.mtv.com/2010/05/05/iron-man-2-and-the-other-woman-scenario/

2) Loved the movie and although there are obvious plot holes (Cap's Shield or was that U.S. Agent's?!?!?!?) it seems I wasn't the only one....133 million+ domestic gross giving it a 290+ million first week combined worldwide.

3) Men In Black III or Bad Boys III? Looks like Will Smith has got a choice to make... and scan this article lower for the RZA/Eli Roth Kung Fu picture news... http://www.411mania.com/movies/columns/138519

4) As far as the trailers before the film goes, I loved the look of Inception. Despicable Me I think I will pass on. Super 8 looks like Cloverfield meets The Thing and I had the pleasure of seeing the latest The Last Airbender trailer... yeah I am SO seeing that...although I am wary of them fast forwarding through 20+ chapters of the anime in one movie....

5) Tired of a fanboy-ish view of comic news and craving something more intellectual? My latest blog recommendation to you all is "Too Busy Thinking About My Comics". This is the blog for you deep thinkers. Two great examples of this is last Friday's one comparing and contrasting the Lee/Ditko Peter Parker vs Bendis' Ultimate version:


and a very interesting dissection of "The Last Days of Animal Man":


6) I watched Meet Dave again over the weekend followed by GalaxyQuest and I have to wonder this: why all the hate for M.D. and why all the love for GQ? They had essentially the same joke structure and dramedy elements. So why the difference in reviews?

7) If you have not seen it yet, Comic Book Resources writer has been running a "readers vote for the greatest stories ever told" series of columns: http://goodcomics.comicbookresources.com/category/the-greatest-stories-ever-told/ Up this week are George Perez, Magneto, Chuck Dixon, Ed Brubaker and Changeling

8) Um I still in a little shock from what I read here: http://www.spinoffonline.com/2010/05/07/liam-gallagher-producing-a-beatles-movie-oh-dear/ Yep you read that right... Liam Gallagher doing a last days of the Beatles movie... I think the British section of internet just crashed...

9) I'm sorry to all who don't know this by now but the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who are probably the scariest villains created for any science fiction, TV or movie, in the last 10 years.

10) I will close up the blog with this one question cribbed from the fine lads at The Weekly Crisis: Which "b-list" hero would you like to see get the movie treatment next? http://www.weeklycrisis.com/2010/05/top-10-tuesdays-ten-marvel-b-movies.html They stopped at Marvel but I opening it up to all books. Personally I would mark out for Runaways, Booster Gold, and a Dynamo 5 or Noble Causes movie...

This has been Daryll B. faithful Afronerd readers and until next time, Keep Fantasizing!!