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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Our Year End Blowout Sale! Comic Shoppe@6pm & Afronerd @7pm! Avengers; Dark Knight; Aurora & Sandy Hook shootings & More! OH and Daryll B.'s Link Suggestions!

Well we made it to another year, people! From the crew at Afronerd, we wish you a prosperous, informative and especially SAFE New Year! To make things immensely easy and digestible, listen to The Comic Shoppe's "Podcast Avengers" tonight at 6pm as they summarize the highlights of 2012 in pop and pulp culture. A discussion of expectations for 2013 (i.e. new comics, video games, movies, TV shows, etc) will also be integral to this year end broadcast. Call the hosts live at: 646-915-9620!

And what kind of show would we have without a year end colloquium on Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk, starting at 7pm. Join Dburt and Captain this evening as they encapsulate the year's top stories (i.e. the death of Whitney Houston, the re-election of President Barack Obama, the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings, Hurricane Sandy, etc) and Dburt will discuss briefly America's slave legacy in the wake of last week's highly successful slave themed film, Django: Unchained.

Our Year End Blowout Sale! Comic Shoppe@6pm & Afronerd @7pm!

And now some linkage from The Shoppe's Daryll B:

I hope everyone has enjoyed their holidays and even though I am not around for this upcoming Sunday, you just knew that Daryll B. would have a bunch of articles for an AfroNerd LinkBlog!

-It is the season:


What comic nerd with a heart could resist that? And on that note...


..even the Prez can't break Wee Spidey's webbing!

-Sometimes I really love devoted fans:


Welcome back Gail!

-3 weeks left and I'm not doing fine:


Ok I still think that this kid Michael is Peter and FauxOlivia's that was "erased" and eventually will grow up to be September. The great thing is, I used to say stuff like this and 97% of you would be confused. Now it probably only 75%.. I'd say that's progress...

-I can't believe that I'm going to say this but this news is bittersweet....


I got to admit without Glen Mazzara going forward, i am worried that Robert Kirkman by himself won't have the clout to keep "studio suits" from implementing "suggestions" to "improve" the show...

-Combine childlike love with soulcrushing adulthood and you'll get:


I hope Charles Schultz got a laugh out of this whereever he is now...

-Chris Sims gives his best Christmas Movie ever:


Yippie-Ki-Yea to all...and to all....*BOOM!*.... was that an explosion?

-Maybe times are changing...?


Can we talk Tibet now?

-Season Premiere Announcements!



DC Nation January 5th! Ultimate Spidey January 21th! Daryll Being pissed on how both channels have handled their cartoon properties? Never-ending!

-Finally, Free Comic Book Day falls on May 4th and Comics Alliance has a complete listing of the "gold" and "silver" line books that you can pick up for you and the little ones around you:



You have heard the show. You already might know which books I'll be positioning/fighting for.....

Again, I'll see you folks after the New Year begins with my typical venom and sass (SyFy's scheduling/handling of Haven in recent weeks and Dan Slott's Spidey fan death threat reception get a pass because I being "nice" *grits teeth*) but you know while I'm gone, SOMEONE's going to mess up badly to earn my ire. I will guarantee you reviews of The Hobbit and Django Unchained by then also. So Until Next Time AfroNerd Readers of all ages: Keep Fantasizing!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Time 4 a Post Xmas Exhale! Afronerd's Mid Week Show @7pm!-Dburt's Django Review; NYT on Guns and Video Games & More!

Well folks....Xmas is over but we're still very much in the holiday season and spirit! As New Years approaches, let's bring in the upcoming year with even more good cheer, edutainment and scholarly analysis. Listen to Dburt and Captain Kirk's this Wednesday at 7pm eastern vaunted Mid Week in Review broadcast as they utilize their conservative (and oftentimes independent) microscopes to peer into the following topical stories: FINALLY, Django: Unchained gets released on Christmas Day and Dburt gives his review (hint: Spike Lee might be off the mark on this one); picking up on some of the issues left on the proverbial floor from prior broadcasts (CNN's last Black in America special, Arsenio Hall's return to late night TV and new South Carolina senator, Tim Scott) and lastly, a recent NY Times piece highlights the surreptitious marketing relationship between gun manufacturers and video game companies. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

Time 4 a Post Xmas Exhale! Afronerd's Mid Week Show @7pm!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Last Call 4 Egg Nog! Comic Shoppe@6pm & Afronerd@7pm! Spike's Oldboy; 80s Video Gaming; Tim Scott; Django film, Arsenio Returns & More!

In keeping with the Yuletide festivities, the Grindhouse Sundays broadcasts of The Comic Shoppe and Afronerd Radio promise to add additional flavor and edutainment for the holidays. Starting at 6pm, listen to Captain Kirk, Daryll B. and Dburt wax on the following: our holiday gift must haves (or wish we could haves) for the season (i.e. comics, games, DVDs, electronics, hobbies, etc); picking up what we couldn't get to during last week's show-80s video gaming VERSUS current VG standards; if you thought 2012 was a comic geek's heaven, what are we to expect in '13; the Transporter TV series; more on Django: Unchained; Don't call it a comeback! But will Spike Lee's American redux of the South Korean thriller, Oldboy bring the controversial director back to top form? and lastly, is Marvel's Now comic line buy or bust? Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

And then there's Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk airing at 7pm. Join Dburt and The Captain as they unravel the following current event laden mysteries (if it wasn't for those meddling hosts!): miscellaneous musings by Dburt on Greenwich Village, soulless music; the CT Sandy Hook shooting, the homeless, etc; Katt Williams latest performance relating to Jamie Foxx and the Django film; and speaking of Django-director Spike Lee has some words to say about the film and could it become a trilogy?; famed HBCU, Morehouse introduces an LGBT course and with reports of an evolving LGBT student body, what does it even mean to be a Morehouse man in the 21st century?; the NY Times calls newly elected S. Carolina senator, Tim Scott a "token" and lastly, guess who's back? Arsenio Hall's new late night TV show trailer makes it to the net. See you all at 6pm and then 7:00 sharp!

Last Call 4 Egg Nog! Comic Shoppe@6pm & Afronerd@7pm!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

It's The Mid Week in Review Show..AGAIN! Wed @7pm sharp! More on the Sandy hook Massacre; TX Thai Restaurant Owner under Fire; CNN Specials & More!

Happy Holidays to our ever loyal listenership! Welcome to the Mid Week in Review edition of Afronerd Radio. Keeping you honest and straight to the point, Dburt and Captain Kirk (AT 7PM est) will unravel the following topics for your aural edification: more discourse relating to the Sandy Hook/CT school shooting (i.e. President Obama, NRA-future gun legislation, potential cultural shift, etc); the owner of a Texas Thai restaurant gets heavy criticism for his anti-White Facebook rant regarding the CT school massacre; and in even more racist news-a college football player gets dropped from his team for a racist tweet levied against the President DURING HIS PUBLIC EULOGY OF THE CT VICTIMS (whoa!) and if time constraints permit, we will revisit issues that were left on the table from the previous broadcast. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620!

It's The Mid Week in Review Show..AGAIN! Wed @7pm sharp!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Double Your Pleasure! Comic Shoppe@6pm & Afronerd Radio@7pm! Topics-More Man of Steel, Pacific Rim; Sandy Hook Tragedy, RG3 vs Espn's Rob Parker and The Shoppe's Daryll B.'s Latest Musings!

Let's just get to the point, shall we folks? Welcome to Sunday's special Double feature/Grindhouse/Duality broadcast with The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm and Afronerd Radio batting second at 7pm eastern standard. Listen to your "Podcast Avengers"-Daryll B., Captain Kirk and Dburt discuss the following pop cultural topics: our take on the recently released full trailer for next year's Man of Steel film; directors Joseph Kosinski and Len Wiseman are going back to familiar celluloid territory with another Tron and Mummy, respectively; an IGN.com entry provides us with 10 reasons why video gaming was better in the 80s (or 80s gaming vs the new millennium) and if the new Superman trailer wasn't enough to satiate the senses, Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim trailer makes its debut and if time constraints permit, more JLA movie news with Darkseid and Joseph Gordon Levitt (maybe..). Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

And as custom, Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk rounds out the second half of the festivities starting at 7pm. The Capitan and Dburt will unravel the following topical mysteries: a discussion of the unavoidable and horrific-gun violence strikes a Connecticut grade school; ESPN sports analyst, Rob Parker gets suspended for disparaging remarks toward Redskins QB, RG3; rap artist, The Game appears on The Howard Stern Show confirming Dburt's belief that lower tier behavior defies all logic; a new study shows that the chasm between conservatives and liberals is narrower than once believed and lastly, our impressions of Soledad O'Brien's latest CNN Black in America series-"Who is Black in America?" Join us in the fun starting at 6pm!

Double Your Pleasure! Comic Shoppe@6pm & Afronerd Radio@7pm!

And now let's check out the latest meanderings from The Shoppe's Daryll B.:

Hello Once Again AfroNerd Readers! As promised on last week's ComicShoppe, I Daryll B. will now lead you in a trip down SyFy's 20th Anniversary Special in a style that only I can skewer...

We begin with the early days of the Sci-Fi Channel's formation with clips of the early "pay for play" shows like Twilight Zone and Outer Limits. Then we get into the policies of the network and the early rivalry with sister network USA.. HOLY SNAP! Was that a Welcome to Paradox shout out? Good Gravy! I haven't thought about that show in years. The first segment essentially turns into a retrospective on Sci-Fi's first breakout hit: Stargate SG-1 and its enduring history linked to the network as the show and its spinoffs kept going.

***One downer was no Richard Dean Anderson here. However, we got most of the cast and creators giving us the insider peek on life on the set.***

*Commercial Break* which means I can throw you a quick link here. Fans once again taking the initiative:


You just know DC and Warner Bros are not going to let this one go far...

*Commercial Break Over*

The second segment is dedicated to the show FarScape and its growing popularity back then on the network. I will say that I posted a status on Facebook during this that had stated in part: "God I miss FarScape and really need to do a marathon of that show." Quality Sci-Fi show that I always overlook! C'mon it was like Buck Rogers meets The Muppets in Space during Bablyon 5. Now that's cool... and I have been slacking.... Also it was the first show of the multimedia age where the fans really made a movement to save it for another season...

*Commercial Break* Next link... Ron Marz gives the Part 2 of his CrossGen Retrospective:


I still think the company idea would work with the right push...

*Commercial Break Over*

The third segment focused on the Sci-Fi Channel's many miniseries like Taken and The Lost Room. The things I got out of this was that I somehow totally missed Children of Dune and that a lot of the miniseries had a lot of "steampunk" type of technology and imagery. The other half of this segment deals with their "most dangerous night of the week" creature feature/Sci-Fi original movies. Also the other half of my Facebook message is dealt with here: "Roger Corman looks healthier in his old age than I do now!"

*Commercial Break*

No link... I just need to stretch....lol because fourth segment deals with Battlestar Galactica. WooHoo!

*Commercial Break Over*

Battlestar....whew! All you need to know here is that a) Jamie Bamber's English accent is always oft-putting to me after his great "American" type accent during the show was so great. b) Holy Cow! All those beautiful actresses... and what steals the segment for me? A scene from 30 Rock where Salma Hayek pulls off her shirt to reveal a "What The FRAK?" t-shirt. Yummy! c) The theory the creators gave as to why Caprica didn't work. So simple that it makes sense....

*Commercial Break* Next Up: Maybe, just maybe, there's hope for comics' future.....


*Commercial Break Over*

The fifth segment focuses on the Sci-Fi Channel's long history with reality programming. I forgot that John Edwards had his Crossing Over shows on Sci-Fi. *YAWN* And I am sorry Jaleel, Total BlackOut looks like Fear Factor in tha Dark although I won't lie; seeing some of these people freak out in this show and Scare Tactics is a heck of a good time for my funnybone....

*Commercial Break* Man I am hankering for a Twinkie or 2....:


Great tribute by Brian Cronin and his talented cadre of artists.... Side Note: A very happy 8th anniversary to the Comics Should Be Good Folks....

*Commercial Break Over*

Segment Six... finally we get to the rebranding of Sci-Fi into SyFy.... and believe it or not, the reasoning and discussion by the stars and critics makes for interesting listening. They dovetail the discussion into Warehouse 13's success as the flagship symbol of the new channel direction. Transitioning into a tribute of Eureka (can you believe that the network originally didn't want it to be humorous?) and its legacy. The segment ends with an analysis/overlook of the Haven series. Did not know that women, more than Stephen King fans, are the major demographic for the show...

*Commercial Break* Switching over to Monday Night Football for a sec.... and it's 35-7 Patriots over the Texans... Ok I won't switching back there now. I flip over to Monday Night Raw in time to see Kofi Kingston leap across the ring. I always look in awe at his ability to leap across the ring. Unfortunately, this breaking news also just came across my newsfeed...


First, Karen Berger, visionary of Vertigo leaves, now Gail Simone? O-oh...

*Commercial Break Over*

Heading into part seven, now we get into the new generation of shows starting off the US version of Being Human as a metaphor for dealing with destructive addictions. This followed by an analysis of Lost Girl as a symbol of female empowerment and sexual freedom. Sanctuary comes in next as the pioneer of the webseries/tv series hybrid. Ending off with a review of Alphas and the unique physics/psychology behind the show. I didn't really learn anything new here to tell you the truth because we at The ComicShoppe have already explored these topics with each show in depth and we'll probably explore them in the future with their (knocks on wood) continued success.

*Commercial Break* Finally because I like the way that David Brothers makes EVERYONE think:


Interesting viewpoints about Marvel Comics in the 70's. Then he follows up with this gem which includes a retrospective look at one of my favorite movies growing up, The Mack!


*Commercial Break Over*

Last up in the final segment, an analysis of shows coming in the near future from the network: Continuum looks to be a mix of Alcatraz and Timecop as a cop (Rachael Nichols) from 2077 gets sent back in time along with a LOT of convicts to 2017 Vancouver... Blood and Chrome we have discussed about on the 'net show but the visuals given in the preview are absolutely stunning. Finally, Defiance, the web/tv/video game combo is given its due and damn.. this really does look like District 9 meets Halo on the Earth of Mass Effect. I got to see how the gaming interface meshes with weekly show. Consider my interest piqued....

I'll end this blog with news about the return of Captain Carrot:



Until Next Time Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hey! It's The Mid Week Edition of Afronerd Radio! Wed@6:30pm: Discussing Man of steel trailer; Univ. of TX Professor Charged with Racism; Wozniacki vs Serena Williams & More!

We're back once AGAIN, for Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review broadcast-this Wednesday at 6:30pm eastern standard. Listen to Dburt and Captain Kirk unravel the following current event laden topics: a University of Texas professor is accused of racism for affirming that the root cause for underperforming Black students is tied to culture and single parenting; the latest Man of Steel trailer makes it to the net; Dburt calls The Rob Redding Show to break down the latest Jamie Foxx as Django "nontroversy" and lastly, tennis player, Caroline Wozniacki is in hot water for what some have deemed racially insensitive for her on court Serena Williams impersonation. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

Hey! It's The Mid Week Edition of Afronerd Radio! Wed@6:30pm

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Further Evidence That Truth is Stranger Than Fiction! Listen to Afronerd's Double Feature Shows @6 & 7pm; Interview w/Filmmaker, Hilton Ariel Ruiz and his Ironic Story w/The Real Life Walking Dead Shooting!

Never let it be said that here at Afronerd Radio, we are not familiar with the term "irony." But first, let's give you a rundown relating to the show, shall we? Welcome to the Double-feature/Grindhouse edition of Afronerd starting with The Comic Shoppe at 6pm and ending with Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk at 7pm. For The Comic Shoppe, join Daryll B., Captain Kirk and Dburt as they discuss the following "pulp" culture topics: the crew's initial impressions of the new Star Trek into the Darkness teaser trailer which was released on the net a few days ago; our take on the latest Arrow episode including an appearance by the Huntress; more on 2014's X-Men sequel, Days of Future Past; UK's Misfits gets greenlighted for a movie, including the return of the original cast; legendary Neo-Soul songstress/actress makes an appearance on Fox's Fringe and lastly, a synopsis of David Brother's 4th Letter blog entry on race, comics and the evolution of Marvel's Luke Cage. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

Next up, we have to address the aforementioned concept of irony as it relates to this week's Afronerd Radio broadcast.

Listen to Dburt and Captain Kirk at 7pm eastern as they wax on the following weekly events, happenings, tragedies (and mishaps): the crew welcomes back colleague and friend of the show, filmmaker Hilton Ariel Ruiz (Zombie with a Shotgun; AIR: The True Memoirs of Gil C. Alicea; The Forty-Deuce) to discuss his ironic (there goes that word again) connection to a real life horror centered around the Walking Dead TV series (and by extension, Zombie with a Shotgun, above); a UK teacher decides to give her class an assignment involving the development of a business plan for the transatlantic slave trade; for our Blue Area segment, Nigerian businesswoman Folorunsho Alakija surpasses media mogul, Oprah Winfrey as the wealthiest Black woman in the world and picking up from last week's episode-our thoughts on a recent Daily News op ed by Dr. John McWhorter affirming that racism appears to be waning in the U.S. Folks, we assure you that this Sunday's broadcast will be one for the ages! See you all at starting at 6pm sharp!

Grindhouse Sundays @ 6pm-Interview w/Hilton Ariel Ruiz

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Afronerd-Tune in 2 Our Mid Week in Review show! @7pm EST

Now's the time to keep our show description cultured, informative and brief. Join Captain Kirk and Dburt Wednesday at 7pm to discuss the following topics: picking up where we left off regarding past shows (2.5 men and Angus Jones' meltdown, and our Powerball fantasies); the trials and tribulations of Susan Rice; more on the Javon Belcher tragedy; what happens when a mother puts her child up for adoption without telling her husband; love him or hate him, Bill O'Reilly is right when it comes to Gangnam Style and lastly, is Manhattan Institute fellow, author and columnist, Dr. John McWhorter correct with his recent NY Daily News positing that racism is waning? Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

Afronerd-Tune in 2 Our Mid Week in Review show! @7pm EST

Oh and then there's The Young Turk's view of Mr. O'Reilly's opinion of the Gangnam Style phenomenon:

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Tis The Holiday Season! Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm! New Batman?; Rise of the Black Nerd?; Death of Jordan Davis & More-Latest Daryll B Blog Entry!

Please accept our apologies for Wednesday's preempted broadcast but we promise to make up for lost time with tonight's double feature show! Let's keep it terse and to the point, folks! Join Dburt, Daryll B. and Captain Kirk for The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm. The topics on the table this time are: the crew extrapolates the true meaning behind a recent Washington Post blog entry that examines the rise of the Black nerd; DC comics has announced the 2013 release of an event comic series centered on the exchange of hero match ups with (other heroes') different villains; and with the news of this forthcoming series. the team ponders on other changes or storylines that would be would considered if they were in control of their favorite comic companies; the truth behind Joseph Gordon Levitt taking the mantle of the bat for the next Dark Knight/JLA proposition as well as additional pulp/pop related issues that are bound to come up during this Yuletide airing. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

And would you believe that after the Comic Shoppe colloquium, there's still more show! At 7pm continue listening to Afronerd Radio with your hosts, Dburt and Captain Kirk. The topics-Does the untimely and tragic death of Florida teen, Jordan Davis smell like Trayvon Martin 2.0?; what's up with pop culture youth? singer, Chris Brown and Two and a Half Men actor, Angus T. Jones have respective public meltdowns; our Powerball fantasies; why the jellyfish might hold the key to biological immortality and if time permits, we will pick up on any stories left on the proverbial table from our last broadcast.

Tis The Holiday Season! Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm!

And without further adieu, feel free to peruse the latest musings from The Shoppe's own Daryll B:

Hi AfroNerd Readers. Once again in a growing effort to curb Daryll B.'s growing negativity, we at the AfroNerd Mothership have "enlisted" him into doing a set of mini reviews of his Black Friday reviews....

*muffled sounds coming from the back*

... wow. That wind outside is really howling outside today huh? Without further adieu...

Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil by Jeff Smith is everything I could want in a DC series about a boy magically transforming into an adult hero by the award winning creator of Bone. Endearing, humorous, with a tinge of dramatic horror, Shazam really was made for both kids and adults and is the perfect gateway drug into comics.

Similar in nature, Power Girl: A New Beginning by Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, and Amanda Conner may be more adult but has the same gateway properties. This is the book to give as an example of a fresh start for a well known character but not ignoring the previous history. Karen Starr's JSA ties and her mentor relationship with newish hero iteration of Terra were well represented here. I wish that this book was continued into the Nu-52

I feel the same about Michael Jon Carter and felt the need to pick up two of his adventures: Booster Gold: Blue & Gold by Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz, Dan Jurgens, and Norm Rapmund and Booster Gold: Day of Death by Dan Jurgens, and Norm Rapmund. Hijinks through the DC Universe timeline with him and various superheroes are just the right medicine for a story continuity junkie like me. The way the creative teams handled the burden was almost note perfect.

I wanted to complete some of my book runs and saw Blue Beetle: Reach For The Stars by John Rogers and Rafael Albuquerque and couldn't resist picking it up. Jaime Reyes' is a major, yet minor character in his own book as his family and supporting cast of friends continued to steal the show out from under him. As a bonus, you see his first interactions with the Teen Titans, echoing what is now being shown in the Young Justice cartoon.

Going a little astray from the cartoon, Space Ghost by Joe Kelly and Ariel Olivetti is a VERY adult origin story for the 60's superhero turned 90's talk show host. Olivetti's realistic painted style captures a "Training Day" type story of betrayal, loss, revenge, and redemption. I don't think his original creators ever thought about going this in-depth with his story. However, it was well developed and that was probably the scariest Zorak I have ever seen....

Speaking of in-depth, Batman: The Black Mirror by Scott Snyder, Jock, and Francesco Francavilla is right up there with Prodigal as my favorite "Dick Grayson as Batman" stories. Two different but interconnected stories made up this hardcover colored by the themes of "would our heroes have to become monsters themselves to stop monsters?" and "are we born evil or is evil thrust upon us by circumstances?". Hell, the story involving Commissioner Gordon's son will have you needing to take a shower immediately afterwards.

On the other end of the spectrum, SuperZombies by Marc Guggenheim, Vince Gonzales, and Mel Rubi wasn't really that scary to me but did succeed in combining political intrigue, and superhero tropes. This was a "Supreme Power meets Rising Stars in the world of Dead Rising" attempt and although very ambitious, I think it missed the mark when trying to be scary.

*muffled sounds in background getting louder*

The movie might not have made as big of a splash like some intended but WhiteOut by Greg Rucka and Steve Lieber is a great example of a Frank Miller influenced book that takes place far outside conventional noir surroundings. The very idea of a murder happening in a place like an Arctic Station and you being confined with an unknown killer with no escape is a great premise. Rucka and Lieber truly made this whodunit into a thriller in the vein of any Agatha Christie or Sherlock Holmes novel.

Ka-Zar by Mark Waid and Andy Kubert is an example of one of Mark Waid's strengths. He takes a familar hero and provides a new angle that hooks readers' attention. The corrupting influence of technology is a theme we explore today and Waid was doing that with Ka-Zar in the mid-90's. Granted we don't live in the Savage Land but the family and social issues raised are the axis in which this book is anchored.

While I loved the facelift to that classic character, sometimes the classic tales are best and as a immediate follow up to Under Siege, Avengers: Assault On Olympus by Roger Stern, John Buscema, Tom Palmer, Bob Harras, Bob Hall, and Kyle Baker falls right into that category. Hercules took a horrific, near death beating by The Masters of Evil and the ramifications of healing him are the foundation for the adventure here. I really don't know why Marvel didn't collect this tale sooner but I'm glad they finally did cause it rocked from the start.

From there, I went back to the future with Amazing Spider-Man: Spider Island by Dan Slott, Rick Remender, Humberto Ramos, Stefano Caselli, and Tom Fowler. I have to say that I underestimated the foundations that Dan Slott laid and how well Remender followed his lead with the Venom tie-ins. Still it is hard for me to believe that NO ONE got out of Manhattan possessing spidey powers when it was essentially only security "road blocks" keeping the populace in. But this is nothing new for me because I did read Planet of the Symbiotes from the Spideyverse during the late '90s. Logistics have never been one of this universe's strengths.

*Loud audible bangs heard from door*

Finally, I picked up Franklin Richards Son of a Genius Ultimate Collection 1 and 2 by Chris Eliopoulos and Marc Sumerak to complete my shop-a-thon. With all the serious stories, it was nice to grab these 2 collections of the youngster's misadventures in the Marvel Universe. These books are perfect in tone for kids/younger readers and for everyone that has a lil kid within their personality....

*Door crashes in*

***You MOTHERLESS SON OF A..... Jump me and steal my blog time will u? I'm going to...is that my blog??? I'm going to throttle you!!!!***

Ok Folks! Seems my acidic personality has woken up. So I better run. Until next time...

***I'm going to kill you***

...Keep Fantasizing!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sorry, Folks! Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review 11.28.12 Broadcast Cancelled-Returns in Full Effect This Sunday @6pm!

In the immortal words of any Scooby Doo villain, "And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn't for those meddling time constraints!" See you all this Sunday!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our Post Holiday Shows-Comic Shoppe & Afronerd, 6-7pm! And the Latest Pulp Musings from The Shoppe's Daryll B!

We're gambling that our faithful listeners have had their fill of turkey, stuffing and Black Friday avarice and are ready for some entertaining and informative straight talk from their "Podcast Avengers!" Check out the Grindhouse Sundays edition of our broadcast with The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm and Afronerd Radio batting second at 7pm. On The Shoppe-Daryll B., Captain Kirk and Dburt discuss the following: director, Peter Ramsey is being touted as the "Obama" of animation with the upcoming release of his CGI Rise of the Guardians film; our thoughts on the new BSG: Blood and Chrome web series; the Avengers encounter Ultron in a special 10 part comic series; Dburt finally sees Skyfall and actor/comedian Patton Oswalt talks about his time with Wesley Snipes on the set of Blade: Trinity.

And then there's Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk at 7pm! Listen to The Captain and Dburt wax about the following topics: there appears to be even more post re-election racism tales (AZ gun shop owner, the police and college campus nonsense); Dburt checks out Eddie Murphy: One Night Only and was disappointed with its display of minstrelsy; the rise in street gangs on Native American reservations; more Black Friday shenanigans and any issues that were left on the table from Wednesday's show. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

Our Post Holiday Shows-Comic Shoppe & Afronerd, 6-7pm!

And then there's the pop cultured infused meanderings of The Shoppe's Daryll B.:

As I type this AfroNerd Readers, I'm watching my Jets have 3 consecutive turnovers to go down to the Patriots 28-0 in the 2nd Quarter of Thanksgiving Night. My anger reaching uncontrollable levels would be a serious understatement. However, I will not focus on the negative for this blog... so Bendis once again crapping on DnA's cosmic foundations (Age of Ultron? Really? After the Annihilation Conquest run?) and the Red Dawn trailer (I didn't know that there's only 2 black people in a spunky American town in 2012?) will get a pass.... for now... Instead I am am going to focus on the positive:

  -Mark Waid keeps on trucking! Think about his work over the last year: the return of Ruse; critically and fan lauded runs on Daredevil and The Rocketeer. Now he gets his hands on Bruce Banner and The Hulk! Awesome!

  -I may have problems with some of their characterizations, but Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison continue to keep their fanbases happy with their DC projects. And I can't lie, the latest Aquaman arc and Morrison's Multiversity project has peaked my interest. I am just hoping in 12 months I can still remain positive...

  -Cullen Bunn, Chris Yost, and Brian Wood getting more writing responsibilities at Marvel. Bunn with Fearless Defenders and Wolverine; Yost with Avenging Spider-Man to go along with his handling of their animated properties; and Wood with a foothold in the X-Men, 616 and the Ultimate Universe variety. Here's hoping they have the creative latitude to explore new ideas and concepts.

  -The Internet... for as much as I hate on some of the moronic acts on this invention that I have seen, there is no denying that the 'net has given me a cornucopia of differing ideas when looking at my beloved artform. Heck, it even provides the ability for you fans to get back at me on The ComicShoppe on Sun 6pm EST. I learn as much from you folks as you all hate my big mouth.

  -Also thanks to the internet for giving me the ability to skip bad TV and watch my favorite shows at anytime...anyplace!

  -Fringe and The Walking Dead.... not everything these shows do is golden but they certainly continue to make me think week after week. I don't need reality TV when I have Alternative Reality TV!

  -Simpsons and South Park.... just for how they continue to lampoon major headline news and trends, forcing the viewer to think about their roles in them. I'd include Daily Show in here too if it was Sci-fi or Fantasy....

  -Marvel Movie Studios for having a plan and carrying it out. This opens up nerds of a cinematic nature to an infinite universe of ideas to be capitalized on.

  -Image and Dark Horse, for being everything the Big Two aren't..i.e. places of creativity for the next generation of writers and artists to express their visions and get noticed.


  -Tis the season...


  I totally didn't see that Tarzan meeting Conan and Red Sonja pic going that way... Nice curveball!

  -A Chris Sims doubleheader as he looks at classic Thanksgiving balloons from Nedroid's mind:


  ..then he actually LIKES the latest Twilight Movie:


  I think I would need to be heavily medicated to watch it, but believe or not he isn't the first that I heard liked the film. Meaning I am now around Pod People..lol

  -I have never hidden my Patton Oswalt love but this article might have put him in a whole new nerd stratosphere for me:


  Dudes I knew Wesley Snipes was scary but...wow....

  -The power is in your hands fans!


  Why wait for the studios to do what you like? Get creative people! The technology is out there folks! However, it does raise questions as to the mental effects of the subject matter on kids and I like the way the comments section handled the debate.

  -David Brothers checks in with this ode to Hip-Hop:


  Seriously, if you are a hip-hop head and you never listened to Lyricist Lounge or Soundbombing songs/CDs... why are you still reading this? Go and sample these to see why some of us lament the loss of lyricists as we know it!

Finally, I want to give thanks to you fans for without your passion about our subjects as fuel, the ComicShoppe and AfroNerd would not exist. Until Next Time: Keep Fantasizing!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pre Turkey Day Special-Mid Week in Review Show @7pm!

Happy Pre Turkey Day, folks! We figure that you might want to get a "slice" of wisdom to accompany your cranberry sauce as you listen to Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review tonight at 7pm eastern. Listen to Dburt and Captain Kirk elucidate on the following topics this (mid) week: the crew picks up on a few issues that were left unexplored from the last airing (Bill Maher believes that President Obama should now invoke the "angry Black man" stance and video gamers vs medical residents); for our "Blue Area" segment. we highlight the achievements of a budding 15 year old engineer from Sierra Leone who paid a visit to M.I.T.; more on the Hamas vs Israel conflict and if time permits, a discussion of the fiery conservative musings of Mr. Carroll Michael via is ever popular Youtube videos. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

Afronerd Radio's Pre Turkey Day Special-Mid Week in Review Show @7pm!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Afronerd Radio's Pre-Black Friday Double Feature on Sunday!

Let's just get straight to the point, folks! Check for our special double feature-Grindhouse Sundays broadcast with The Comic Shoppe and Afronerd Radio airing at 6pm and 7pm, respectively. For the Comic Shoppe, Daryll B., Captain Kirk and Dburt discuss the following: picking up from last week's show, how and why do comic fans of color support a hobby that is so White super heroic centric; our thoughts about the future of Fringe now that its fifth and final season is coming to a close; a recent Comics Beat blog piece compares fake female geekdom to blackface minstrelsy (huh?) and lastly, more thoughts on Star Wars VII with talks of many of the original cast making appearances almost 40 years post the first movie...whoa!

Next up, we have Afronerd Radio at 7pm with Dburt and Captain Kirk discussing the following current event centered topics: more on the Petraeus/Emo sex scandals; former CNN news anchor and now BET Don't Sleep host, TJ Holmes appears to be having trouble garnering an audience at the famed neo-minstrel network; high school and college video gamers outperformed medical residents in a virtual surgery game and why is Bill Maher wrong when he exclaims that it is time (a plea asked ever since Obama took office) for President Obama to become "an angry Black Man." Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

Afronerd Radio's Pre-Black Friday Double Feature on Sunday!

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Afronerd Cinema Presents! Filmmaker, Hilton Ruiz Returns With Pt 2 of "Zombie With a Shotgun" Film Short Series

Zombie With a Shotgun, Episode ~ 2 from Zombie with a Shotgun on Vimeo.

Friend of the Afronerd Radio show and budding filmmaker, Hilton Ruiz returns with the second installment of his viral horror series, Zombie With a Shotgun. Check it out while you wait for our upcoming Grindhouse Sundays edition of Afronerd Radio. Enjoy!

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Wednesday is Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review @7pm! Topics-Gen. Betray-us' Shenanigans; Elmo Madness; Civil War-2012 Edition & More!

Our variety of topics runneth over folks! Welcome to Wednesday's Mid Week in Reviewbroadcast, courtesy of Afronerd Radio. Pull up a seat and listen to Dburt and Captain Kirk (at 7pm-EST) unpack the following issues: yet MORE Obama post re-election fodder-citizens (for now) from 20 states have petitioned to secede from the Union; a distraught AZ wife fearing of an Obama win, mows down her husband because he refused to vote; in Blue Area news, four Nigerian girls invent a generator that can produce power for up to 6 hours on urine (whoa!); from General Patraeus to Elmo's Kevin Clash, sexual improprieties know no bounds and if time permits, a brief discussion on Microsoft getting closer to creating a Star Trek inspired universal (language) translator. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620!

Wednesday is Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review @7pm!

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Our Pre X-mas List 4 A Grindhouse Sunday! Check Last Week's Show; Check THIS Week's Show (Discussing Reboots, James Bond, Racist Twits & Tweets, Universal Translator) & Daryll B.'s Latest Entry!

Thank Odin all that election stuff has finally dissipated so that we can get back to more important matters like comic books, sci-fi and video gaming! Welcome to Grindhouse Sundays, folks! Double Fun and Double broadcasts! Join Dburt, Daryll B. and Captain Kirk, this Sunday at 6pm (EST) at The Comic Shoppe show to hear them opine on the following topics: the team's thoughts on the best (and worst) movie/TV reboots or re-imaginings; a query for the crew and audience-why exactly do Black fanboys collect comics that highlight White super-heroism?; with DC announcing that their comic line is going "full digital" isn't it time to officially proclaim that the "Modern Age" has transitioned into the "Digital Age" of comicdom and lastly, if time permits, a discussion concerning the new Bond film, Skyfall (including more Idris Elba/007 replacement talk).

An if gooey comic goodness discourse wasn't enough-enter Afronerd Radio at 7pm. Captain Kirk and Dburt will discuss the following newsworthy issues: more (and expected) racist twitter/social media backlash in the aftermath of President Obama's second election win; in vaunted "Blue Area" news-formerly illiterate Ethiopian village kids hack PC tablets without prompting or assistance; and speaking of the election, are the media being a bit premature with their notion of the "erosion of Whiteness?" and lastly, in Star Trek to reality news, Microsoft might be on track to creating a universal translator...whoa! Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

BTW, here's last week's Mid Week in review broadcast:

Our Mid Week in Review Show-POTUS Edition 2nite @7pm!

And then there's THIS week's upcoming broadcast:

Yin & Yang All Day! The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm!

And now, a few words of wisdom from the Shoppe's Daryll B:

Howdy AfroNerd Readers once again, I, Daryll B., am back to dish out more enlightenment and punishment to the worlds of Science Fiction, Fantasy, And yes Comic Books! However, we shall begin with this political message: "YES!!! The Futurama Political Clone LOST! There's hope for the country yet.... Now can BOTH sides listen to the AfroNerd in office and try to work to cure the country's ills. By the way.... this is the message I left on Facebook moments after the victory:

  "Sure...nice concession speech...but...you still haven't answered this question Milt... Who was this "them" that you said you were trying to get the country back from? THAT type of thinking is what fractures us... NOW can we come together and start the country's healing from within? You old folks seperating the country like gang warfare has worked SOOOO well for us middle/lower class types..*rolls eyes*"

  So as you can see, I not giving either party a break... and neither do I forget stuff said... and it appears neither does the Latino Population either! hehehehe

  LinkBlogging Time

  We start with David Brothers of 4thLetter who found himself in an interesting quandry with MC Grimm


This was totally silly on MC Grimm's part. These days you need to get your project name out there by whatever means is necessary. However was trying to burn this bridge really an effective way of doing that?

This is a long time coming at Marvel:


..and to those afraid of some sort of exploitation here... Cullen Bunn wrote the best thing to come out of that stupid Fear Itself event: The Fearless. This series spins right out of that and if it is even half as good, Marvel with have its own "Birds of Prey" title here....

Speaking of long time coming, here's Tom Bondurant at Robot 6:


Interesting analysis and breakdown of the new team and the wild lineups of DC's premier team. Makes you wonder about the future movie's lineup and how Johns will treat the ethnic members of the team. After all Geoff has had successes with characterization in the JSA and Teen Titans but flubbed them in Green Lantern and Flash.....

Victory is hers!


Let us rejoice with flagons of mead and roasted meat!!!!

They can keep trying.....


...but when you get PETER PARKER'S characterization wrong... then your whole series is in trouble... No need for me to go over what they messed up on because you have heard the show and me rip this movie apart.... but good luck with #2.....

You think someone heard last week's ComicShoppe with this move...?


...but the fact that this a total 180 from the opening announcement after the rights purchase is NOT a good sign for the franchise. Michael Arndt, please save Star Wars from these dumb executives... or better yet consult Brian Cronin who had his The Line It Is Drawn lineup do this:


Disney Princesses as Slaves to Jabba The Hut.... Inspired...and soon to be all over the 'net...

OK that's it for me this week. Until Next Time Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

Sunday, November 04, 2012

Double Shows incl. Interview w/Filmmaker, Nelson George; Also Take A Gander @ Daryll B.'s Latest Blog Entry

Boy, do we have a show for you! Mark your calendars for this Sunday, November 4th, when Afronerd Radio interviews noted author/filmmaker, Nelson George and legendary music producer, Arthur Baker regarding their latest project-a Kickstarter campaign seeking funding for a documentary entitled, Finding the Funk. And remember folks, this is our Grindhouse Sundays show! At 6pm, tune in to The Comic Shoppe segment to listen to Dburt, Daryll B. and Captain Kirk discuss the current "goings on" in the world of comics, sci-fi, video gaming, fantasy and generalized "nerd/geek" culture. And if that wasn't enough to satiate your palate, check out the aforementioned interview with Messrs. George and Baker for the second half at 7pm. Call our hosts live at 646-915-9620. AGAIN folks, this is certainly NOT the show to miss!

Double Shows incl. Interview w/Filmmaker, Nelson George

And an example of what is not least and certainly not forgotten, here's the latest blog entry from The Shoppe's Daryll B.-

You know, as I type this on Wednesday Night from Queens NY after listening to the news stations about Hurricane Sandy. Then after watching people at work and around my neighborhood and how "prepared" they were, I have come to one unavoidable conclusion: All those disaster movies that I laughed at; all of those end of the world "sci-fi fantasies" that I thought were lacking in common sense; all those monster/horror movies where I thought people would be more rationale... I APOLOGIZE TO YOU ALL. Mind you, where I live wasn't hit a tenth as hard as places in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland, or even have the horrific blow that Katrina did, but how humans here are reacting well....

  The Walking Dead happens, no one gets out of the massively infected boroughs while the government is insisting all is well and people should go about their normal activities...

  Independence Day happens, this city are those idiots on top of the Empire State Building with the welcome signs getting blasted away in an eyeblink....

  If this was a slasher movie, this city is that pretty, screaming blonde who trips in the forest in high heels wearing a SUPERtight mini skirt/jeans as the maniac looms closer....

  2012 happens.... wait a minute.. IT IS 2012! *cues Twilight Zone Theme* Oh we are so screwed....

  In lighter fare, this happened during Hurricane Sandy:


  So Disney picks up LucasArts and the whole Star Wars Franchise, announces definite plans for a 7th movie and another Trilogy.... but throws some cold water on it by saying it won't be based on any prior works.... Are they copying the J.J. Abrams "Star Trek" playbook here without actually reading it? I was really hoping for the "next generation" i.e. the kids of Han and Leia or from Luke's Jedi Academy here.... Plus, in real terms, Disney is looking to monopolize the Sci-Fi market... who's their next target? Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? Doctor Who? Alien/Predator? DC Comics? First Marvel, then Star Wars, next THE WORLD!!!*Insert evil Mr. Burns Laughter here*

  Many props to Brian Cronin for doing this:


  Comics for every taste are included and also props to the CSBG Readers who voted....



  Thank You Matt Groening....

  Hmm Jamie Foxx as ..who?   http://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/2012/11/01/jamie-foxx-in-talks-to-play-electro-in-the-amazing-spider-man-2/


  -What the...?


  I think commenter Michael Deeley said it for me with this response: "My reaction is less, "Wow! The guy who made those great X-Men movies is back", and more, "Damn! The guy who ****** up Superman is back!"

  Well said Mike!

  - This is just too cool....


You lucky son of a... Oswalt...

- Are people serious?


OK... I mean are these the same people that tried pushing that hate on Sesame Street and its "hidden gay agenda" a couple of years ago? Must these folks taint everything I loved in childhood?

- David Brothers vs Dan Slott.... 12 rounds...dingDingDING!


If you can get what Mr. Brothers is saying here about the promotion for the new "Superior" Spider-Man book, then you haven't been listening to The ComicShoppe and how we have destroyed The Big Two in how they promote their books.

- Tis the season... for great lists! First up, Top 8 Horror TV Shows:


Now Jeremy Thomas set up his requirements at the beginning of the article... but a lot of the commenters had the same thought as I.. no Forever Knight?

- Next list and one near and dear to this blogger's heart...


I can't tell you how much I LOVE The Simpsons and let's put it this way: during Sandy hitting NYC on Monday, I had everything off except the laptop. I was doing a Simpsons Treehouse Marathon on it, eating microwave popcorn and drinking Pepsi, and laughing hard!

- Mike Gorman checks in with The Worst Horror Movie Endings:


Count me in the "Jason-Fighting-A-Telekinetic-Girl.... uh... what the hell just happened?" camp..

- Speaking of which, Shawn S. Lealos has my final list to share:


Nightmare on Elm Street 3 Folks! You got superpowers and want to take on Freddy Krueger thinking you are going to win? Good luck! Poked holes in many a geek's thought that they could take out Freddy if they had _________ power....

*Bonus* He lists out his picks to fill out the JLA Movie AND gives a nice future movies that are comic book related timeline here:


Finally to leave on a happier note...

ttp://spinoff.comicbookresources.com/2012/10/31/seth-green-and-clare-grant-talk-robot-chicken-and-a-marvel-idea/ h

Oh for the love of God Marvel, give Robot Chicken the go ahead here!!!! And if you don't know Clare Grant, here are her and her luscious teammates of Team Unicorn in action:


...also check out their Zombie Prevention PSA:


For everyone caught up in the storm, Stay Strong! For them and everyone else, Keep Fantasizing!

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Double Shows-Interview w/ "13" Comic Creator, David Walker! And The latest blog entry from The Shoppe's Daryll B!

Salutations, Crumpets and Cornbread, citizens! Our double matinee/Grindhouse Sundays broadcast starts with The Comic Shoppe Show at 6pm featuring our special guest, Mr. David Walker, writer/co-creator of the upcoming sci-fi graphic novel entitled, Number 13. We will be interviewing Mr. Walker regarding his latest '13" project as well as his work with Dark Horse Comics. And in addition, the "Podcast Avengers" (Daryll B., Capt. Kirk and Dburt) will be unpacking the latest news in the world of sci-fi, comics, fantasy and film. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620!

And if the Comic Shoppe wasn't enough "edutainment" for your senses, Afronerd Radio bats second at 7pm with your hosts, Dburt and Captain Kirk. The issues at hand are: picking up from the Mid Week broadcast, The University of Mississippi chooses its first Black Homecoming queen; recent polling suggests that racism toward minorities is at a fever pitch in the wake of the current presidential campaign season; Cloud Atlas, the latest sci-fi tour de force from the Wachowskis is receiving charges of racial insensitivity from the Asian community regarding "Yellowface" minstrelsy; and something straight from comic books, Star Trek and Fringe-a recent Talk Nerdy to Me blog interview posits the serious notion that doppleganger dimensions (or "multiverses") might actually exist...whew! AGAIN, check us out at 6pm and 7pm!

Double Shows-Interview w/ "13" Comic Creator, David Walker!

And then there's the latest (actually, belated..sorry Daryll B.) blog entry from The Shoppe's Daryll B.

Hello Afronerd and Comic Book Movie Readers. A lot to hit you folks with this week, starting with a humorous quote that CA Chief Editor Joseph Hughes found by the main cinemaographer of The Dark Knight Rises:


  Wow... jealous and on your high horse much? I mean with Avengers you had to look hard for mistakes and filmed irregularities. Watching The Dark Knight Rises, my friends and I were actually pointing them out on the FIRST showing. Pardon me if i didn't take your ADVANCED schooling but I think a chase doesn't go from bright sunlight to dark night (pun intended) in just 10 minutes....

  The more I hear about Jeph Loeb's Nova take the more I want to throttle something... 


  Seriously, would it have been so hard for these writers to confer with DnA about where they left the Marvel Cosmic Universe (2nd pun intended), and see if they had any outs for the major characters that wouldn't have their loyal fans pissed off?

  However in better Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning news......


  DnA on Battlestar Galactica? Mark Waid on The Green Hornet? The return of The Dresden Files? Yeahhhhh Big Two, you might not be seeing a lot of my money from this point on... Dap Me Some Dynamite!

  Then Marvel goes and does this....


  The Master of the zombie story... doing a zombie story for Marvel? Who cares if the zombies are powered or not? This is a coup!

  Speaking of Masters...


  Well, The Doctor's Wife was awesome... if Gaiman's second venture into who is even half as good as that was, it is still better than 85% of television out there...

  I have to give it up to Marc Guggenheim and the folks at Arrow...


  They aren't shying away from the fans' desires and the first two episodes were good... even if they do show Smallville tendencies combined with a "Batman Inner Monologue" type thing....

  Two views of the New York Comic Convention from more articulate people than myself: Augie DeBlieck Jr and Sonia Harris of Comic Book Resources:



  As I stated before, even as the convention grows and gets insanely hectic, the experiences are amazing. Conventions like this one or the San Diego one or Philly, Chicago etc. are the ultimate melting pots for persons with geek tendencies. As you heard on last week's show, even if you hadn't the best time, there were still images and interactions that last with you for awhile. Such as this one from Brett White who ran across a cosplayer who totally changed his view of them as a whole:


As always, I expect you all to respect these fine ladies and gents who go the extra mile to look the part of our favorite heroes and villains. Finally, Gavok from 4thLetter does one of my favorite bits over the last couple of years and challenges artists from the Artist Alley potion of the convention to draw a character with a prop:


OH YEAHHHHHHHHH! *Twirls finger in the air* This was a brief fly by since I am still on convention recovery. Thanks for reading and until next week readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review Ed. Airs Wed @7pm EST!

And yet another show unfolds in record time! Don't forget to set your clocks for this Wednesday at 7pm when your Podcast Avengers, Dburt and Captain Kirk unpack the following current event laden topics: a brief synopsis of the third and final presidential debate; continuing last show discussion regarding new polling that asserts that minorities are joining the LGBT comminity in greater numbers than Whites; Dburt calls the Rob Redding Show which segues into a discussion into: 1) interracial vs INTRAracial violence and 2) a local crime that disturbs the hosts on a personal level and lastly, if time permits, a University of Mississippi student makes history (and Dburt disapproves). Call the hosts live at-646-915-9620.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday's Mid Week in Review Show! @Afronerd Radio-7pm! Topics?-The Hofstra U Debates; Dinesh's Tomcatting Ways; Cardboard Bike?; Rihanna/Chris Brown Blackface skit & More!

Power to the citizens and all that jazz! Welcome to Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review broadcast airing this evening at 7pm (EST) sharp! Join Dburt and Captain Kirk as they utilize their conservative (and oftentimes independent) stethoscopes to "diagnose" the following current event topics: last night's 2nd presidential debate appears to point to Mr. Obama rising from the ashes not unlike the mythical phoenix; noted conservative pundit/college president/author and recent filmmaker, Dinesh D'souza appears to have been caught in a rather embarrassing (if not hypocritical) predicament relating to infidelity; in tech or new invention news-stay tuned for the cable TV killer called, "Boxee" and a bike that was constructed out of cardboard; an upstate NY High School performs a blackface routine mocking Chris Brown and Rihanna and if time permits, the Bachelor tv show receives a surprise court decision regarding its racial conundrum. Call the hosts love at 646-915-9620.

Wednesday's Mid Week in Review Show! @Afronerd Radio-7pm!

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Doublemint Sundays! Comic Shoppe Airs @6pm & Afronerd @7pm!

It's that time once AGAIN, folks! Just like a set of twins in those legendary doublemint gum commercials, check out our back to back broadcasts of The Comic Shoppe and Afronerd Radio at 6pm and 7pm, respectively. Join Captain Kirk, Daryll B. and Dburt at 6pm for the Comic Shoppe when they discuss the following sci-fi, comic book, fantasy and video gaming topics: Dburt talks about his Saturday visit to the NY Comic-Con; Cartoon Network viewers caught a surprise when Saturday's regularly scheduled Young Justice and Green Lantern shows were unceremoniously pulled off the air to be re-shown in 2013; and speaking of Comic-Con, Marvel CCO, Joe Quesada gave hints of another forthcoming movie announcement (Black Panther; West Coast Avengers?) ; Agent Coulson appears to have been resurrected for the upcoming SHIELD TV seriesand lastly, Mark Millar might be responsible for gluing the Marvel/Fox comic book movie universes together afterall. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

And then there's Afronerd Radio airing at 7pm! Join Captain Kirk and Dburt ast they discuss the following: last week's VP debates (Biden vs Ryan or The Joker vs The Riddler); the Florida Board of Ed sets up achievement goals based on race; the Racialicious blog comments on Marvel Comics' diversity initiative and lastly, what does Lil Wayne have to do with old Hollyweird culture?....clues available at tonight!

Doublemint Sundays! Comic Shoppe Airs @6pm & Afronerd Radio @7pm!

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It's Wednesday! Check Our Mid Week in Review Show @7pm! Topics? Stacey Dash Puts Up her Mitts; Black Superheroes; Nobel Prize Winner, John Gurdon & More!

What's going on, people! SHOCKER! We have another show filled with fire and brimstone! (we hope!) set for this Wednesday at 7pm eastern. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620. For this broadcast's Mid Week in Review segment, Dburt and Captain Kirk discuss the following current event topics: 2012 Nobel Prize winning scientist, John Gurdon was actually discouraged from pursuing a science career by a teacher in 1949; picking up from a missed issue from last week-Dburt's rediscovery of the Pan-African flag; per a Comicbookmovie.com op-ed, Black superhero films have difficulty getting greenlighted due to sub par villains; actress, Stacey Dash gets death threats for being "non-tribal" by supporting Mitt Romney for president and pending those pesky time constraints, we might be able to discuss a disturbing video that sheds more light and critique on NYPD's controversial stop and frisk initiative.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Grindhouse Sundays! Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm! Oh and There's The Latest Blog Entry from Daryll B!

Howdy, crumpets, power to the people and all that jazz......it's finally Grindhouse Sundays, folks! Welcome to our double feature shows with The Comic Shoppe batting first at 6pm and Afronerd Radio batting second at 7pm eastern standard. Pull up a cozy seat and listen to Daryll B., Captain Kirk and Dburt the Afronerd as the unpack the following comic book, fantasy, sci fi and video gaming related topics: although Daryll discussed the new Looper film last show, the Captain and Dburt finally got around to viewing it and an extended review is needed; the Prometheus DVD will be released in a few days and the Easter eggs just provide further speculation (was the Charlize Theron character transgendered?....and is there a hint of a Blade Runner connection?); more DC52 retconning (or is it "pro-conning") implications with the latest Flash regarding his origin and whether Wally West makes an appearance; and speaking of "pro-conning," the Joker returns and lastly, if time permits, the crew's thoughts about new Fall animation (Green Lantern, Ben 10 and Young Justice). Call in live at 646-915-9620.

And for the listener that prefers his "nerdic" radio to have a bit more "edge," check out Afronerd Radio airing at 7pm. Join Dburt and Captain Kirk as they shed light on the following issues: author/journalist and now Afronerd contributor, Norman Kelley stops by to assist with our impression of last week's presidential debates; is the Black community abandoning President Obama? and Dburt has some anecdotal musings on the origins of the Pan-African flag. Check us out and Don't be scared!

Grindhouse Sundays! Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm!

And while you wait for our stellar broadcasts, read the latest blog posting from The Shoppe's own Daryll B.:

Ah another week off from blogging while I prepped my questions for NY Comic Con Next Week and I feel refreshed while the worlds of science fiction, comics, television and movies rolled on. Shall we jump into the fray?

  -Great mid season/fall finale to Warehouse 13 with one character's apparent death and another's apparent "evil" turn. Artie's twist and more Brent Spiner! What isn't there for this geek to love?  

-Meanwhile, it is once again time for this critic to eat some crow...again. Although I still hate the animation style with a passion, I have to admit that the animated Green Lantern still is one of the best written animated fare for someone like me. Given missteps in things I thought I would love (Ultimate Spider-Man) and others not getting off the ground (Hulk Gamma Corps), GL remains a constant along with the OUTSTANDING Young Justice series....

-South Park has started again and taken dead aim in its first two shows at the NFL and its sarcastic stand on concussions and the whole Honey Boo Boo phenomenom and how society might have just lowered the bar on itself... Yeahhhhh

  -I liked but didn't love the Amy and Rory Doctor Who finale. I was never Amy's biggest fan, but come on, as soon as the writers came up with THAT plot device ending using the Weeping Angels, every hardcore Doctor Who fan has found at least 10 different loopholes to have the couple return... New shows start again next year...  

-Meanwhile, one of my surprising finds last year returns in Bedlam, which runs circles around American Horror Story. And following that, for all you Michael Fassbender fans, is the good Buffy meets Harry Potter-like series Hex.

  -Please Revolution writers and fans... how can you have an apocalyptic event like the "death" of all electricity and power, then have PERFECTLY clean and primped lead actors? Say what you will about Falling Skies and The Walking Dead, at least the actors look like they've suffered a bit....

  -Finally, leave it to Alphas and Fringe to use two concepts sci-fi fans said that they NEVER wanted to see again on television with limited budgets, a Taskmaster character and an extreme jump ahead in time, and pull it off successfully. Can I go back in time to Heroes and Terra Nova for some extreme fixes? Sigh....


  Augie DeBlieck Jr and Brett White both give their opinions on the Avengers DvD upon its release last Tuesday


   http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=41204   I think they both liked it....lol At this point is there anyone in the world from our genre that hated it?

  A Brett White two-fer as he then explains why Avengers vs X-Men worked for him:  


Yeahhhh.... a convincing argument for a lot of people... just not for me. I still say that in de-valuing the super-villain / deconstructing the superhero, Marvel has done their universe more harm then good....

  MorrisonCon happened while I was away and I haven't heard a lot of horror stories coming from the gathering of his fans and those lovers of Brit affiliated Sci-Fi but these two things stood out. First, news on his long awaited/anticipated Multiversity project...


  -Then proving that his friends are all spirited personalities, check out this debate on the state of comics as it relates to just about everything....


  Damn. If these guys every pooled their resources, we at the ComicShoppe might be in tremendous trouble of losing our spot....  

-Many props to David Brothers at 4thLetter for this..  


  -If you can't chuckle at this, you just don't like having fun:


  Who knew Yvonne kicked so much booty?!?!?!

  -I love when Grantland does "behind the scenes/hidden history" articles like this:


  I'd also recommend the ones they have done on The National and WFAN Radio. Besides, Gerry Conway REALLY didn't like Gwen Stacy huh?

  -Something to make the AfroNerd smile:


  ....but I just don't know yet... I'll see it of course but I'm a little indifferent right now....

  -Only in the world of comics....


Only Todd McFarlane.....

  -Something for Captain Kirk...  


  Well we did say we wanted Batman to display his detective skills... Sheesh...

  -Finally DC gets something right in their cross promotion:


  I mean this will give characters like Cyborg a higher profile. No way could they mess this one up...


  um...I stand corrected... ouch.....

  Finally, Don McPherson gives a little warning to those of us that like buying pieces of original art.


  As with everything, BUYER BEWARE!

So I guess that does it for me this week. Next week I will be canvassing NY Comic Con to as fans, creators, and the person on the street hard-hitting questions in the Daryll B. style. Meaning I might need bail money by Sat. Afternoon.... Until next time readers, Keep Fantasizing!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Last Night's Show is Available 4 Listening & Mark Your Calendar for This Sun @7pm.-Legendary Bassist/Producer, Andre Cymone Stops By!

Welcome to Afronerdradio.com's Grindhouse Sundays! We're giving you the very best in your double feature aural experience with The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm and Afronerd Radio batting clean up at 7pm eastern. As custom, the "Podcast Avengers"-Daryll B., Dburt and Captain Kirk cover the latest news in the world of fantasy, sci-fi, graphic novels and video gaming.

And then there's Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk aka Afronerd Radio broadcasting at 7pm! Folks, we ALWAYS exclaim that each show is not to be missed but THIS particular episode will be one for the historical archives! Set your clocks and mark your calendars as Afronerd welcomes iconic bassist and one of the architects of the Minneapolis Sound, Andre Cymone to our studios. We will, of course discuss Mr. Cymone's latest endeavors including a new song entitled, America as well as his musical legacy. And this time, we actually mean it when we emphatically state that THIS IS REALLY NOT THE SHOW TO MISS! Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620!

Afronerd Radio Interviews Iconic Musician, Andre Cymone!

Oh and while you wait for Sunday's epic double whopper programming, we actually aired a new Mid Week in Review show last night:

To the point: Join Dburt and Captain Kirk this Wednesday for their Mid Week in Review broadcast starting at 7pm sharp! The topics to be discussed are: the controversial Packers v. Seahawks game and the NFL referee lockout; with friends like this who needs enemies-in a show of support, Obama supporter,Madonna, sports a POTUS inspired tattoo and says that she's thankful that a "Black Muslim" is in the White House (?); Conservative author/pundit exclaims that the Dems have abandoned "the Blacks" and the military might have actually created goggles that can read minds!

Afronerd's Mid Week in Review Edition Airs Wed @7pm EST!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Comic Shoppe Airs @6pm & Afronerd Radio Starts @7pm-Check Our Interview with Author/Music Journalist, Laina Dawes! Don't Miss It!

When one thinks of our Sunday podcast, the Yin and Yang philosophy indelibly springs to mind. It's all about balance and duality, hence The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm and Afronerd Radio batting follow-up at 7pm eastern standard. Of course to hear the latest in graphic novels, video gaming, sci-fi, fantasy and superhero films, check for the "Podcast Avengers".....The Comic Shoppe is officially open!

Next up, Afronerd Radio airs at 7pm. Join Captain Kirk and Dburt for a very special interview with author and music journalist, Laina Dawes. Ms. Dawes stops by Afronerd Studios to discuss her new book, What Are You Doing Here?: A Black Woman's Life and Liberation In Heavy Metal. This discussion will be one for the record books as both the Afronerd team and Ms. Dawes are kindred spirits-deconstructing stereotypes. And guess what? There's still more to the show! Journalist/Author, Norman Kelley (Rhythm and Business; The Head Negro in Charge Syndrome) will be sitting in to provide his analysis of this week's current events. Again, not the show to miss! Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

2 Shows Back 2 Back & Interview w/Author, Laina Dawes starting at 7pm!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Let It Be Said That We Don't Give Our Readers/Listeners Enough Info! Wed & Sunday's Afronerd Radio & Daryll B's Latest Entry!

Salutations with crumpets and cornbread, people! This Wednesday (at 7pm EST) pull up a seat and listen to Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review show! Dburt and Captain Kirk will be shedding some conservative (and oftentimes independent) light on the following "mid week" current event topics: picking up from last week, famed author, Philip Roth's (Human Stain) correction of Wikipedia infers a lot of other implications; a HuffPost article posits what if social media existed during 911 NYC/Pentagon attacks; Chief Keef vs. Lupe Fiasco-what does it all mean?; and in Keef and Fiasco's hometown, the Chicago school strikes continue and if time permits, Dburt reminds the listeners of America's Black caste system (the birth of the term "lower tier"). Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620.

Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review Broadcast starting at 7pm!

And then there's this upcoming Sunday's show (9.16.2012) featuring our interview with budding actress/filmmaker Sahndra Fon Dufe. As our Sunday "Double Feature" broadcasts of The Comic Shoppe and Afronerd Radio grow in popularity, we feel compelled to up the ante with superior programming. At 6pm join Dburt, Daryll and Captain Kirk as they discuss current issues occurring in the world of geek/nerd culture, comics, video gaming, sci-fi and fantasy from a sepia toned perspective. And then at 7pm, we have yet another outstanding another interview scheduled with filmmaker/actress, Sahndra Fon Dufe, who is appearing on Afronerd to discuss her latest film project, Yefon.

Dufe, who is seeking funding via a Kickstarter campaign, will discuss the importance of her crowdfunding venture,the socially conscious resolve of Yefon and its importance to African cinema. Per the above number you can call our hosts live and once again, this is not the show to miss!

Afronerd Radio's Double Duty Broadcast w/The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd Radio's Interview with "Yefon" actress/filmmaker, Sahndra Fon Dufe at 7pm!

And least and last in this case, our the latest pulp inspired meandering of The Shoppe's Daryll B.:

So I am going to head in a different direction with my blog today and review my Saturday Night out at the No Friends Tour performance in Brooklyn. In the shadow of hard rain and tornadoes, these brainy hip hop thespians rocked the house at Grand Victory in an energetic 4 hour performance. And in true Daryll B. style, I am going to equate them to another famous group of non-friend heroes: The Defenders.

  First up was Tribe-One a.k.a The Hulk. His flow has a sweet tinge to it but the melodies will impact on you hard. Like Bruce Banner and his alter-ego, you never knew what to expect from his rhymes, good or bad... yet didn't want him to stop flowing. If there was a rapper that I could compare him to it would be Ghostface for the unpredictability and power. His set truly left me on edge for the next act....  

  Next up was Jesse Dangerously a.k.a. The Silver Surfer. This dude's style can only be characterized as being "far out there" and totally cosmic. Like a latter day Biz Markie, Dangerously kept everyone light and involved. I'm actually surprised that there weren't noise complaints from the chanting and laughter to this point of the performance. It is obvious from his range and topics that Jesse has always loved to entertain others. So I was in a good yet weird place for......

    .....Mikel kHill a.k.a The Sub-Mariner. There is an anger in his rhymes that he really wants to totally unleash but somehow he manages to rein it in to keep the audience calm and bouncing. The passion is right there for all to see along with the creativity. He is this group's Nas in terms of phase innovation and when the breakout happens, no one will be safe & secure with the hip-hop they've always known.  

  Coming up with the bases loaded and the crowd pumped was Adam WarRock a.k.a Doctor Strange. The glue that keeps these spirits all together on stage and a Daryll B. favorite for a long time now (my eternal thanks to Comics Alliance for putting my onto him 18+ months ago!), he simply blazed the stage. WarRock's their RZA, constantly interweaving through the acts with an infectious energy, then hitting the crowd upside the head during his set with rhymes about life, comics, and science fiction.

    But for every reaction there must be a counter.... and for this group of "No Friends", it was the headliner for the evening, Schaffer The Darklord a.k.a STD a.k.a The Dread Dormanuu. His style is neurotic, sarcastic, mean, yet disturbingly enthralling. I'm big on energy during performances from musicians (as if you folks haven't realized THAT by now...), and STD had it in spades. Outside of Eminem at times, I don't know of too many mainstream rappers with a constantly self deprecating style that goes over with the audience but this was truly unique and that fits STD to a tee.

  A lot to plug with little time to do it:

  Mikal kHill and No Friends artists can be found at

thethoughtcriminals.net and thethoughtcriminals.bandcamp.com in various collabs...

  Adam WarRock is found at adamwarrock.com

  Tribe-One can be found at tribeone.net

  Jesse Dangerously can be found at http://dangerously.bandcamp.com/

  Schaffer The Darklord can be found at http://schafferthedarklord.com/

  Guys, I LOVED THIS. Try them out folks on their sites/youtube and you'll see right away why.

  Link-Blog time!

  -Ron Marz tells his side of the recent "Operation Troll Trap" and once again it has led to heavy debate on the CBR forum side about how far is too far...  


  Again, criticism..cool. Personal threats/derision/attacks... not cool.

  -Ok I have praised Hannibal Tatu of Komplicated.com and his Buy Pile review column here in the past but the last 2 weeks, he has been on fire. Two weeks ago, here was his take on the Storm/Black Panther fight in AvX:

  Skip past Hawkeye vs. Angel in "AvX: Vs." #5. Doesn't matter. You wanna skip to the part where the Black guy takes a swing at his wife and she tells him he was always a "terrible husband" and she just noticed. Yeah, that's where you wanna go ... if by "go" you mean "drop this comic book and run as rapidly as you can away from it." For all the high profile work done to make the Black Panther/Storm relationship, from hiring a high profile romance novelist to make their "love story" work for the civilians to the honeymoon tour around the 616, this issue instead decides to piss on all of that based on an argument that neither one of these people will actually be affected in any remote way whatsoever. Should we mention that Marvel has not had a Black writer on staff in ... what's August 2009? Three years without an incident of Black writers! Yay! Let's just move on…

  and here was his one last week on Green Lantern #0:

  "Green Lantern" #0 was, essentially, a negative mark on our beloved art form, a collection of cliches and half-hearted overtures that will forever be characterized as a clerical error. The creators seem to be oblivious to the fact that this paints an underrepresented people in a bad light, a community that doesn't have lots of chances to be on panel and when they do, their pull quote is "I'm a car thief, not a terrorist." We are all diminished by this.

  Bravo Mr. Tatu... Bravo!

  -Oh AfroNerd is going to love this:


  Gina Torres! Line One... Boy do I have a doozy of a role for you.....

  -Finally, David Brothers opens my eyes to new talent:


  The article's first sentence says it all: "What do Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet, Ronald Reagan's '80s, city life, and black culture have in common?" Ok I am sold and have to find this book now....

Thanks for reading all and I'm going right back to jamming these guys on my ipod. Amazing talent and music. Until next week, "Keep Fantasizing".