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Friday, August 31, 2012

Time To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth (And Consciousness) Is! Pledge Your Support For the Yefon The Movie Kickstarter Campaign!

Now this is a Kickstarter campaign that I would implore our listenership (and readership) to get behind and support. We just received notice of an excellent film currently in development that is the brainchild of the young, beauteous actress/filmmaker, Sahndra Fon Dufe. According to this email correspondence, I was immediately intrigued:

A young African woman with dreams of becoming a teacher takes reading and writing lessons from a visiting American. But when the male village elders find out, she is sentenced to death for breaking from tradition.

“Yefon” is a film that continues in the proud tradition of socially conscious, Africa-based cinema like “Hotel Rwanda,” “Beat the Drum” and “Sarafina”—but unlike those movies, its producers will come from the ranks of generous Kickstarter supporters:

Yefon the Movie-Kickstarter campaign

It has already attracted the attention of Hollywood stars like Jimmy Jean-Louise (“Tears of the Sun” “Heroes”), Adriana Barraza (Best Supporting Actress Oscar nominee, “Babel”) and Hakeem Kae-Kazim (“Hotel Rwanda”). The film is being co-produced by Justin Massion, the director of the Kickstarter campaign for “Space Command,” which brought in $75,000 in just three days, and ended with over $200,000.

“Yefon” is the brainchild of 22-year-old actress and filmmaker Sahndra Fon Dufe, who got her inspiration from too many similar, true stories from Africa. Broken-hearted by this sad reality, she and the production team have pledged to use a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the film, a companion documentary, books and related merchandise to build an all-girls school in Nso, the Cameroon village where “Yefon” is set.

The campaign goal has been set for a $50,000 goal, with approx. 20 days remaining. Let's try our best to see this young woman reach her goal and conversely, the folks at Afronerd Radio will try our best to have her as a guest so that we can get even more insight into the making of this cinematic piece.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Check Out The Film Short "Zombie with a Shotgun," Courtesy of filmmaker, Hilton Ruiz; Also Daryll B.'s Latest Comix Blog Entryy

Zombie with a Shotgun ~ Episode: 1 from Zombie with a Shotgun on Vimeo.

Please take a gander at the latest film short from Afronerd Radio friend and colleague, Hilton Ruiz entitled, Zombie with a Shotgun. We were fortunate enough to interview, Mr. Ruiz regarding his best selling book, The Forty-Deuce: The Times Square Photographs of Bill Butterworth, 1983-1984, so feel free to support, comment and spread the word relating to this burgeoning filmmaker's latest project.


Next up, check out the latest blog entry from The Shoppe's own Daryll B.:

Morning/Afternoon/Evening Afronerd Readers! Due to work and my vested interest in the Little League World Series, this link-blog will be brief but I know I have a couple of things here that will interest you....

-I usually like to end with Comics Alliance / 4th Letter's blogger / writer David Brothers but this pair of articles were too good not to pass along as my lead off. First, he analyses the growth of Peter Parker in the first 50 issues of Amazing Spider-Man....


Then he ties that article to Luke Cage and Dave Chappelle over at 4thLetter....


You have heard me me being quite critical of Spider-Man's direction across media in our Comic Shoppe's history. It is only because that I read most of this run and like Mr. Brothers, I have been shaped by it. Matter of fact, the only 2 creator runs that I love dealing with these times in Parker's like are Kurt Busiek's Untold Tales and Brian Michael Bendis' Ultimate run.

(Also, if you are one of the few that has not seen that Inside The Actors Studio with Dave Chappelle.... WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU???? Go. Stop reading this blog RIGHT NOW and watch it off itunes, netflix, youtube, whatever... You can always come back to me later....)

-Speaking of Luke Cage (and by proxy, Black Panther), one of the actors that I favored to play him has found himself in another Marvel movie....


Agbaje's voice out of a CGI'd Kurse body... Whoa! Ponder that for a moment....

-This never gets old....


We can literally do entire shows based on creating lineups of fictionary charaters for an "Extraordinary" movie. It never gets old and Alan Moore didn't know it at the time but he essentially created comics' fantasy football here.

-Speaking of never getting old, I love the commentators at Comics Should Be Good so much right now:


Sure you can see the movie taken apart on any comics site or blog on the net. However, the intelligence and respect for each other shown here is what I appreciate. We may not always agree but should respect each other's opinions without derision.

(As I type this, a kid from Tennessee has just hit his THIRD 3-run home run in the game to lead 15-5. Damn I wish I could do that younger but while other batters have a swing that have a hole in them... mine had a fissure the size of the Armegeddon meteor!)

-Robot 6 tries to get me to appreciate Sinister's actions in AvX....


...sorry still not buying it. The main thing that AvX has done in my eyes is highlight how much Marvel has devalued the super-villain in recent years. Heroes were meant to fight villains ESPECIALLY in comic books. Sorry New Age thinkers....

-I love Mark Waid.


True... and check out in the comments how he handles a commentator who tries to show he's a hypocrite. Awesome... and I think this will be a topic on the show very soon....

-I have to respect Rob Liefield...


He gave it a shot... but to all that are going to criticize him on this.. didn't I show you guys an article/interview with George Perez that touched on many of the same points?

-What the...?


I never thought I would say this... but I kind of want to see a Captain Planet movie now....

(Update 2: Callfornia just had a 10 run Bottom of the 6th to tie the game up at 15. Holy Power Displays Batman!)

-One of my favorite actors in science fiction or in acting genre had his day up at Canada's Fan Expo:


Ah Sliders... it was like a "what if?" movie every week for the first 2 seasons then became a weird hybrid of the worst traits in "Star Trek", "Heroes", "Doctor Who", and "Smallville".

(Tennessee just got 9 runs in the Top of the 7th to make the game 24-15.... The may be the greatest Little League offensive game I have ever seen!)

-Finally, one more "What The..?" to take us home


Ok I am going to get all berserker on my buddy AND my mom... yeah... comic fans didn't need to get this 'good' attention... AGAIN.

Whew! I guess I had more interesting news than I thought. Tennessee just won 24-16 over California and I got through this link blog. I hope you guys & gals found stuff in here to make you think. Until next time readers, Keep Fantasizing!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

It's The Yin & Yang! Check For The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd Radio@7pm

Yes, our legendary Sunday broadcasts represent the very best in the natural order of duality-the yin and the yang or in this case, The Comic Shoppe Show which airs at 6pm, followed by Afronerd Radio at 7pm eastern. Pull up a seat and listen to the "Podcast Avengers" wax on and about the following pop cultural concerns: dovetailing off of DC's new 52 line of comics, an upcoming issue of Superman has our hero coupling up with Wonder Woman and not Lois Lane; revisiting the late great Dwayne McDuffie, whose likeness appeared in a recent episode of Disney XD's Ultimate Spider Man-additionally, the team will discuss McDuffie's infamous proposal to Marvel regarding an interesting Black themed comic; picking up from last week's listed topic, in homage of Spiderman's 50th anniversary, the character gets his own sidekick named Alpha; Bendis' latest Brilliant comic; DC introduces Baz, an Arab American Green Lantern and if time permits, our recommendations for favorite graphic novel reads from the previous week.

Batting second is the Afronerd Radio show at 7pm eastern. Join Dburt and Captain Kirk as they use their well-honed analytical abilities to shed light on the following topics: a deranged ex executive kills a former colleague in front of the Empire State Building; State Senator, Malcolm King has a problem with Lil Wayne's low opinion of New York; Nike may be rethinking its release of the new (and expensive-$300 plus) Lebron James sneaker; famed HBCU, Morris Brown College may be facing eminent foreclosure and lastly, tech giant, Apple wins big (with a capital "B" as in billion) in its patent lawsuit against Samsung. Call the hosts live at 646-915-9620. And in the immortal words of Marvel Comics' Fin Fang Foom-It is as inevitable as the sun rising in the east, little one. This planet is ours now.

The Yin & The Yang and Fin Fang Foom! The Comic Shoppe @6pm and Afronerd Radio @7pm

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Listen to the Latest Afronerd Radio Mid Week in Review Broadcast! Ryan's Black Ex Girlfriend; Akins' Comments & Skip Bayliss Roots For the "White Guy" & Much More!

It's time for our Mid Week in Review broadcast, folks! Join Dburt and Captain Kirk this Wednesday as they bring their special brand (conservative/independent) of analysis to the following topical concerns: ESPN sports analyst, Skip Bayliss' alleged controversial remarks regarding White fans rooting for a Caucasian backup QB versus African-American RGIII due to tribalism; a recent article from The Root posits whether or not VP Republican candidate, Paul Ryan is racist due to him having a Black girlfriend in his past; Dburt took a peek at BBC America's latest cinematic TV effort, Copper and he liked it; just what is the deal with Missouri congressman, Todd Akin's rape/abortion comments and lastly, if time permits, the team will address some leftover topics that were left on the virtual "dinner table" from this past Sunday's show. See you all at 7pm sharp! Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review broadcast starts at 7pm! Don't Miss It!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Double Your Pleasure, Double the Fun! The Comic Shoppe Begins @6pm & Afronerd Radio Airs @7pm: The Shoppe Will Discuss All Things Pulp & Afronerd Interviews Author, Norman Kelley (Pt.2)

Stay tuned for our ever popular (and consistent) Sunday Double Feature broadcast with The Comic Shoppe airing at 6pm and Afronerd Radio batting relief at 7pm. Of course, The Shoppe will continue to focus on the weekly goings on in the world of pulp, pop and sci fi but don't forget to check out Afronerd for the second half when we bring back noted author, journalist and former WBAI radio producer, Norman Kelley to discuss some of his past literary efforts (Head Negro in Charge Syndrome and Rhythm and Business) as well as his thoughts on today's current event topics. Again, folks...this is not the show to miss. Mark your calendars!

Afronerd Radio's "Doublemint" Week in Review broadcast w/Author, Norman Kelley Airs starts at 6pm! Don't Miss It!

And last but not least, let's take a gander at Daryll B.'s latest blog entry:

Good Day Readers of Fantasy and Science Fiction! Once again I am back with the interesting news in and around my side of the internet that will be sure to get you all thinking. First up is a moment of silence for a great legend and personal hero of mine: Joe Kubert  


  There is no denying the influence and lasting legacy that Mr. Kubert has had on the industry. Chances are if you have read a 'new' comic book or graphic novel in the past 25 years, someone who put that book together was influenced by this awesome man. For further proof of his awesomeness, look at this video that Comics Alliance put up with him and the late, great Moebius both doing their thing:  


  Damn. Both gone waaaaaaaaay too soon for my liking this year....

  -Yes it is time for the insanity to begin again.....


  After the whole "Real World: Metropolis" skit a few seasons back, Seth Green gets a whole show to skewer the DC Universe. O-oh....

-I seem to remember us at The Comic Shoppe telling you this possibility:  


  It refreshing to see that JGL is hyped to take on the role again although I still don't know why he couldn't be Richard Grayson or Tim Drake... If it was ok for Frank Miller and various "hardcore" Bat-writers, why not Christopher Nolan? Ah egos... always frustrating...

  -Two stories are up next with examine our loyalty/devotion as fans. First up, Graeme McMilian examines how much he reads when craving for a universe like Star Wars or Star Trek...  


  Personally, I read a lot of novels affliated with fictional universes from other sections of the genre. For stuff like Star Wars, the novels actually become more engrossing than the movies with their complexity to an uber geek like me. But it is definitely a double edged sword because when eventually the powers than be release movies based on the books, I can't help to compare and criticize material that is left out/changed to accomodate the movie. (See the "episodes 1-3" and Jar Jar Binks for that...)

  -Next up, Sonia Harris over at CSBG examines the eternal question of why we read what we read...  


  I won't lie to you all. With all the stupidity (my opinion of course..) happening over at Marvel and DC I have dropped a lot of books from my purchase list. I still read a lot of them so I can be informative for the show but my passion for a lot of the characters has waned. Will it return? Who knows.... but this is why I have always told folks to buy out of what will make you happy after multiple readings and not to "support" the company. After all, when was the last time a comic company supported you?

  -David Brothers once again ventures into the waters of Kickstarter and previous debates he has had with creators over its function/viability:  

http://4thletter.net/2012/08/on-kickstarter-suffering-for-art-and-helping-out/   No matter what you think of system, there is no denying that it is yet another avenue for creators to get their stuff out there. Think you have a quality and profitable idea? Well no longer can you say "I can't do it because THEY shut me out.." The days of sitting on the outside looking in sulking are over my friends....



You think someone would have gone to the creator BEFORE releasing the promotion right? Idiots!

  -Last up, Chris Sims gives an insightful query/theory as to .... well the title says it all here...


I can see his point about the interactivity and feel of video games and how they clash with his entertainment experience in total....

One last thing, I think I have found my Chappelle Show / Chocolate News / Chris Rock Show replacement in Totally Biased on FX. The host, W. Kamau Bell, is a Chris Rock protege' but has his own unique approach to skewering the news. I recommend it because it will make you think.

Next week Marvel Movie News but until then Faithful Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review Show Airs Tonight @7pm sharp; Sunday's Show Continued; HuffPost TV Goes Live & More!

Pull up your favorite chair (preferably a comfortable one) and listen to the (mid) weekly musings of Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk, airing tonight at 7pm eastern. The team will unpack the following topics for your edification: The HuffPost's new online TV news service went live earlier this week; continuing with issues left "on the table" from Sunday's show (Dr. John Mcwhorter's recent New Republic piece likens White supremacist music to current commercial Hip Hop, the scientific plausibility of human immortality, Quincy Jones' daughters on their racial experiences) ; the fallout from Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney's choice of Wisconsin congressman, Paul Ryan for the VP spot and if time permits, the madnes that is footballer, Chad Ochocinco Johnson.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Comic Shoppe Airs at 6pm & Afronerd Radio at 7pm-A Double Feature! Spiderman gets a sidekick; The return of Marvel's Illuminati; Racist Music

Hear ye, Hear ye, and come one, come all to another fun fact finding mission, courtesy of The Comic Shoppe and Afronerd Radio! Join Daryll B, Captain Kirk and Dburt as they unravel the following topics for this Sunday's (at 6pm) broadcast: the Illuminati (ahem, the Marvel Comics version) returns thanks to Brian Michael Bendis; actor/director, Ben Affleck may or may not have been offered the chance to star and direct in the proposed Justice League film; our impressions of the new Bourne Legacy film with Jeremy Renner in the titular role; the truth of Marvel and Fox Studios bartering over intellectual properties (i.e. "I'll trade you Silver Surfer and Galactus for Daredevil") and lastly, the crew opines on Marvel's latest experiment-Spiderman gets a sidekick named Alpha.......uh oh.

And now for part two....Afronerd Radio airs after the Shoppe at 7pm! Pull up a chair and listen to the musings of Dburt and Captain Kirk pertaining the following newsworthy stories: a brief continuation of the issues from Thursday's show (Serena Williams' Crip walk Olympic win, the scientific plausibility of human immortality, Quincy Jones' daughters on their racial experiences); legendary actor/activist, Harry Belafonte thinks that current entertainers like Beyonce and her husband, Jay-Z have abandoned notions of social responsibility and author/Manhattan institute fellow, Dr. John Mcwhorter's recent New Republic piece likens White supremacist music to current commercial Hip Hop......whew. Feel free to contact the hosts live at: 646-915-9620 or via IM/email-afronerdradio@yahoo.com. Imperius rex, brethren!

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review Airs Thurs nite @ 7pm (EST)- A Special Guest is Scheduled; Serena's Crip Walk; Q's Daughters Talk About Race; D.L. Hughley on Obama; Immortality Might Be Possible & No More Black Firsts?

Well, folks I think three times really might be a charm as we are expecting a hip hop icon to come through....but we'll reveal who when it occurs.....and that's just the first segment! Stop by this Wednesday at 7pm to hear the very best in urban alternative music , thought and discussion. Your hosts, Dburt aka The Afronerd and Captain Kirk will also be waxing about the following (mid week) related issues: a recent HuffPost piece posits that human immortality might be a reality and there might be a person living today that could one day be the 21st century Methuselah; comedian, D.L. Hughley likens President Obama to being a "White kid"; recent gossip sites have revisited an '05 Glamour magazine article on Quincy Jones' daughters, Rashida and Kidada on their racial experiences and lastly, should Black "firsts" still be acknowledged? AGAIN, not the show to miss....seee you all at 7pm!

Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review w/Special Guest Airs at 7pm! Don't Miss It!

And while you wait for what will undoubtedly be a stellar broadcast, check out this classic hip hop track by legendary Hip Hop lyricist, MC Lyte:

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Don't Miss the Comic Shoppe Airing at 6pm (Check Daryll B.'s Blog Post, Below) & Author/Journalist, Norman Kelley Stops By Afronerd @ 7pm EST!

This Sunday's Afronerd Radio broadcast promises to be equally provocative and informative when we welcome noted author, journalist and former Pacifica radio producer, Norman Kelley to the show. Mr. Kelley has written a number of books covering a myriad of subjects (music, politics, the american workforce) and genres (fiction, non-fiction, etc) and on Sunday, August 5th at 7pm, he will share his thoughts on the current state of Black popular music, politics and culture. AGAIN folks, don't forget to mark your calendars as this is not the show to miss! Oh and as a caveat, The Comic Shoppe show featuring Captain Kirk, Daryll B and Dburt airs as a "prologue" at 6pm, covering the latest in fantasy, comics, video gaming and sci-fi news.

The Comic Shoppe Airs at 6pm EST & Afronerd Radio Interview with Author/Journalist, Norman Kelley at 7pm! Don't Miss It!

And speaking of Daryll B, check out his latest blog entry:

Howdy once again readers, I'm back with another blog of links and fantasy / science fiction thoughts. Hopefully I don't lose you all with this along the way: -OK I have avoided blogging about "Marvel NOW" because of quite a few reasons, foremost of which is that if I really told you how I felt, I would be banned from the internet for indecency. However, how do you think Iron Man diehard fans reacted when they saw:


That's right metalheads. You get rising star Kieron Gillen as your "reboot" writer but you are now saddled with GREG LAND as your artist. We'll see soon enough if it is the writing or the art that will keep people on a book....

-Why do I love Kelly Thompson articles for CSBG? Well they often lead to interesting places of thinking. Like:


Now, I had the original article link highlighted in my blog prior about this unnamed artist and the situation. However I never thought to go with the Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page comparisons along with how we view modern beauty. It certainly makes one think.... Saying this, I can't wait for Zephyr to make her reappearance in Harbinger....



Even if you disagree with what his quote's theme is, you cannot deny that comics are guilty of this time and time again....

-Following my "feminist" theme, Women Write About Comics have a great interview with former DC editor Janelle Asselin:


The interview may be brief, but it is certainly provides a counter to a lot of uninformed thoughts out there about women in and out of the industry....

-Chris Sims forces us to think back to when times were good:


Yeah, we all hate Liefield now but I know that at the time, his books were flying off the shelves.

-Ok Marvel.... W?T?F?


So far Disney/Marvel, I have seen a lot of talk in terms of TV but nothing to show for it. And now you seriously want to dilute the movie franchise here? What kind of clown is handling this for the company? I thought the one sure thing that was going to come out of Disney buying Marvel was a better presence / product on television?

-Finally, 4th Letter's Gavok comes to you with a thought/theory about Dark Knight Rises that is truly unique:


Do I agree with this? Nope, but there is no denying that Gavok really put his mind to work here. Which leads to the one question that this article sparked in my mind: "What makes the definitive "superhero villain" in a movie?" We all have traits we look for in our villains. Some want them to be the exact opposite of the hero... others want the villain to be exactly like the hero, with one defining moment that separates them from the hero.

This is one of the many reasons that it is hard to put all of these movies in one genre box. Villains, like heroes, should be diverse in their reasoning, actions, and intelligence. The one thing we at the Comic Shoppe have always encouraged in our listeners is to think for themselves and I guess that's the defining trait I want in my villains: intelligence. That's why I always valued Doctor Octopus over a Norman Osborn; a Brainiac over Lex Luthor; Doctor Doom over well, pretty much most of the Marvel Villains. Anyone can rely on their brawn but the ability to keep aa hero on his toes by brainpower alone? I can watch that all day....

I guess that's it for me this week. Until next week faithful readers, I'll be addicted to watching the Olympics and you Keep Fantasizing!