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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Looks Like The Beatles Were On To Something......Me'Shell My Belle Gives Us Some Jazz Funk! .....Taking A Break Before The Next Serious Entry

And for more Me'Shell Ndegeocello, click here! I have been grooving to some classic Blondie for some reason. Whether you like this song or not, you have to admit that it did a lot in not only melding hip hop, new wave and punk sensibilities but also introduced rap to a larger audience (Eminem was in grade school at this time!).....again, this is before the current lack of creativity and violence. Where's Michael J. Fox's DeLorean when you need it?

If You Thought The Crabs in The Barrel Syndrome Wasn't Real.....Think Again! Tavis Talks To West & Malveaux

You know what? Scratch the the title of this entry. My knee jerk reaction to this clip was....here we go again, another display of the "crab in the barrel" model. But on second thought, a capitulation is in order-these folks and their opinions may actually be necessary. Perhaps the naysayers must be on display to see the contrast between vintage grievance style politics and the futurist global governance paradigm that Senator Obama is propagating. The reality is-Obama must compromise on some level as that is the nature of political science and more importantly, it is what is required if he wants to get elected. Unfortunately, the Malveauxs and Wests will continue to press delete on the "get elected" email. What do you guys think? A quarter (adjusted for inflation) for your thoughts.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reminder-Jeremiah Camara Stops By to Chat.........Afronerd Radio Tonight, 7pm eastern

The video above is just a glimpse of Mr. Camara's handiwork in which he interviews Public Enemy's former Minister of Information, Professor Griff. Griff gives us his take on the Church's influence on the African-American community. This interview coincides with Camara's contentions which can be found in his book, Holy Lockdown: Does the Church Limit Black Progress?. We will also converse with Mr. Camara about his film efforts-i.e. the companion Holy Lockdown documentary and his response to CNN's Black in America series. So stop by with your opinions, comments and questions this Sunday at 7pm eastern. To call in "live" dial 646-915-9620 or reach us via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo. See you there and remember.....Be Square.

Afronerd Radio Interview with Jeremiah Camara

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Isn't It About Time We Took Out The (Black) Trash? First to be Discarded? DJ Chuck T!

I really grow weary of calling out lower tier African-Americans and the accompanying culture. Oftentimes, what comes out of the mouths of the heralds of current Black popular culture appears to substantiate the metaphor for the "crabs in the barrel syndrome." And why (as it relates to Black issues) must the proverbial soapbox be consistently given to the latest hip hop artist? A person who will invariably make embarrassing comments akin to the stereotypically crazed "man on the street." Well take a look at what the latest rap vagrant has to say about Senator Obama and conversely analyze director, Spike Lee's rebuttal. Society, White supremacists, the police......all these entities seem to know how to identify who is "Black" enough-but not the lower-tier and their cultural heroes. Here we go again with more pablum being spewed about Black authenticity:

Courtesy of the New York Daily News:

Don't tell Spike Lee that Barack Obama isn't black enough.

The "When the Levees Broke" director says criticisms like those DJ Chuck T made last week on MTV are "crazy."

The rap producer, who calls himself "the Malcolm X of hip hop," said, "[Obama] has proven he's willing to turn on anyone just to be President. He's not black, he's biracial! And he wasn't even raised by black people ... Barack doesn't embody the values and characteristics we as black people are raised with."

Lee begs to differ. "First, I go by the ‘one-drop rule,'" he said in Denver, where he has come to see firsthand his man accept the Democratic nomination for President. "One drop [of black blood], and you're black. The truth is, every African-American is biracial. Go back far enough, and you'll find the massah was in the slave quarters."

What's more, Lee countered, "You can't be black and go to Harvard Law School? You can't be black and be articulate?"

For more of the Lee/Chuck T piece, click on the link below:

Convention Confidential: Spike Lee has sharp words in Denver

Possible Obama assassination plot foiled in Denver

Political affiliation aside, we MUST make sure nothing happens to this brother...

Four arrested in possible plot to assassinate Barack Obama


Four people with links to white supremacist groups are under arrest in connection with a possible plot to kill Barack Obama at his Thursday night acceptance speech, a U.S. counterterror official confirmed last night.

Secret Service investigators don't consider the suspects, one of them a woman, as serious threats to the Democratic presidential candidate, they said. All are being held on either drug or weapons charges.

The FBI is investigating, but officials said they don't believe the plot was real.

"We're absolutely confident there is no credible threat to the candidate, the Democratic National Convention or the people of Colorado," U.S. Attorney Troy Eid said in a statement.

"It could also turn out that these were nothing but a bunch of knuckleheads, meth heads," a U.S. government official told The Associated Press.

A Denver law enforcement official told the Daily News, "These are not the smartest guys in the world."

Once in custody, one of the suspects turned on the others, telling investigators there was a plot to kill Obama.

Denver's CBS4 reported the suspect told authorities the thugs were "going to shoot Obama from a high vantage point using a rifle sighted at 750 yards."

The threat of an assassination plot began emerging Sunday morning when police arrested 28-year-old Tharin Gartrell, who was driving a rented pickup truck erratically, according to the television report. Sources told CBS4 that cops found two high-powered, scoped rifles in the vehicle, along with camouflage clothing, walkie-talkies, a bulletproof vest, a spotting scope, licenses in the names of other people and the speed drug methamphetamine.

Authorities went to a hotel to contact Shawn Robert Adolf, an associate of Gartrell's, but Adolf, wanted on numerous warrants, jumped out of a sixth-floor window.

Adolf, 33, broke his ankle in the fall and was captured moments later. He was wearing a ring with a swastika.

A third man, 32-year-old Nathan Johnson, and an unidentified woman were arrested at an area motel.

Federal authorities have scheduled a press conference on the case for Tuesday.

Mr. Starks

The Definition of Class: Michelle Obama's Address to the DNC

Courtesy of Afronerdic-Webster Dictionary:


1. a group of people sharing a similar social and economic position
2. the system of dividing society into such groups
3. a group of people or things sharing a common characteristic
4. a standard of quality or attainment: second class
5. Informal excellence or elegance, esp. in dress, design, or behaviour: a full-bodied red wine with real class
6. Michelle Obama stumping for her husband during last night's Democratic Convention

Say what you will about the Obamas' progressive politics, their imagery is sorely needed for communities of color. One can still decipher a conservative message in their ability to move forward, especially if the ultimate glass ceiling is breached. Again, kudos to Michelle Obama!

Michelle Obama Speech At The 2008 DNC Convention Part 2 8/25/08

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Preview for Next Sunday's Afronerd Radio-Interviewing Mr. Jeremiah Camara of Holy Lockdown & CNN's "White" in America!

I just want to give our readers a heads up regarding next Sunday's Afronerd Radio broadcast. Check us out at the same Afronerd station, channel and time when we interview Jeremiah Camara regarding his book, Holy Lockdown: Does the Church Limit Black Progress?. We will also converse with Mr. Camara about his film efforts-i.e. the companion Holy Lockdown documentary and his response to CNN's Black in America series. I think this interview will be one to check for as we will undoubtedly agree on the Black Church's influence (to the detriment of the African-American community) and disagree on the airing of dirty laundry in communities (you can't clean your laundry unless it's aired, last I checked) of color. So mark your calendars folks!

I Know Afronerd Radio Airs This Evening But Let's Not Forget The Comic Shoppe, Mon at 7pm eastern!

Afronerd may not be for everyone but we do try to appeal to a myriad of interests-hence Comic Shoppe Radio. Join Max, Daryll and I as we discuss the following: 1) the new Wonder Woman animation effort (trailer, above); 2) Wall Street Journal's take on the More from HBO's "Marvelization" of DC Superhero Films; 3) dovetailing off the WSJ article....Is Superman to become more like the Dark Knight? and; 4) this Marvel teaser-what does it all mean? And lest we forget-we will take our continuity honed scalpels and dissect the latest graphic novel reads from this past week. You know what to do-call us Monday, 7pm eastern "live" at 646-200-0104 or reach us via email/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.

Comic Shoppe Radio takes on the Marvelizing of DC

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Well It's No Secret-Biden is Senator Obama's VP!- So What's Next? Listen to Afronerd Radio on Sun at 7pm to Find Out!

We had a great show on Thursday so let's see if we can replicate the endeavor for this Sunday at 7pm eastern. As half the universe probably already knows, Senator Obama has chosen the ever clean and articulate Senator Joe Biden as his running mate. And as expected, the naysayers are speaking their piece on Obama's decision. So let's chop it up about Biden as VP-the good and the bad as well as the following: 1) the NY Times has an interesting preview piece pertaining to an upcoming HBO documentary entitled, The Black List: Volume 1; 2) discussing more lower-tier African-American antics, courtesy of this site; 3) differing takes on Obama's performance during the Rick Warren faith forum; and lastly, 4) a scoshe more on Tropic Thunder. So jump in......the water's warm-speak with us "live" at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.

Afronerd Radio's Week in Review...on Sunday!

And let's take a look at a Youtube snippet of The Black List-check your local listings for this Monday:

And here's even more video clips by Black List notables:

More from HBO's Black List

Wow........This Brother Could Teach Marvel Comics' Ant-Man a Thing or Two-Check Out Mr. Wigan's Micro Sculptures!

Another Afronerd Comics' (I'll send Marvel a check) "No-prize" and hat tip goes to our resident commenter, Sergio for emailing us information on this extremely talented gentleman-Afro-Brit, Mr. Willard Wigan. It appears that Wigan has honed an amazing ability (since childhood) to create sculptures that can fit in the head of a pin. As the above Youtube clip denotes, Wigan's art is insured in the millions. What an unusual and amazing talent, check below for some examples:

Thursday, August 21, 2008

More Fodder For Afronerd Radio......Children of Color Get Paddled More

Isn't corporal punishment so 19th century? Well apparently not, as Black, Brown and handicapped kids are receiving the majority of hits...literally. This issue serves as an excellent segue topic for tonight's Afronerd Radio show since we will also bring analysis to Freakonomics' data affirming behavioral problems with Bi-racial children. Check out the AP's take on Black paddling:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Paddlings, swats, licks. A quarter of a million schoolchildren got them last year — and blacks, American Indians and kids with disabilities got a disproportionate share of the punishment, according to a study by a human rights group.

Even little kids can be paddled. Heather Porter, who lives in Crockett, Texas, was startled to hear her little boy, then 3, say he'd been spanked at school. Porter was never told, despite a policy at the public preschool that parents be notified.

"We were pretty ticked off, to say the least. The reason he got paddled was because he was untying his shoes and playing with the air conditioner thermostat," Porter said. "He was being a 3-year-old."

For the study, which was being released Wednesday, Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union used Education Department data to show that, while paddling has been declining, racial disparity persists. Researchers also interviewed students, parents and school personnel in Texas and Mississippi, states that account for 40 percent of the 223,190 kids who were paddled at least once in the 2006-2007 school year.

Porter could have filled out a form telling the school not to paddle her son, if only she had realized he might be paddled.

Yet many parents find that such forms are ignored, the study said.

Widespread paddling can make it unlikely that forms will be checked. A teacher interviewed by Human Rights Watch, Tiffany Bartlett, said that when she taught in the Mississippi Delta, the policy was to lock the classroom doors when the bell rang, leaving stragglers to be paddled by an administrator patrolling the hallways. Bartlett now is a school teacher in Austin, Texas.

And even if schools make a mistake, they are unlikely to face lawsuits. In places where corporal punishment is allowed, teachers and principals generally have legal immunity from assault laws, the study said.

For more from the Associated Press article, click on the link below:

Study finds minorities more likely to be paddled

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Next On Afronerd Radio-Obama is Down by 5 points, Freakonomics Looks at the Behavior of Bi-Racial Kids, Is it The End of Black Politics & More!

We're back and in fighting shape, so let's get to it. Check out the Afronerd Radio's broadcast tomorrow as we delve into a few interesting issues for our Week in Review segment. We will be discussing the following: 1) a recent NY Times piece that questions if the ascendancy of Senator Obama means the the end of Black Politics; 2) another NY Times favorite, the Freakonomics blog and their take on Bi-Racial children-attractive and out of control? and 3) McCain has overtaken Obama according to a recent Reuters poll-is this just a brief set back or the harbinger of things to come? So stop by and call in "live" at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo tomorrow at 8pm eastern. You know our steez....Be there, Be Square and Be Aware(hey...something new)!

Afronerd Radio's Week in Review

And as an added treat, while you wait for Afronerd Radio-check out NPR's Bloggers Roundtable:

From NPR's Bloggers Roundtable-Roundtable: Mixed Race, Pretty Face?

Oops....there's still more to chew on in the interim. Hat tip to Shay of the Booker Rising blog for denoting these two things: 1) Ice Cube speaks and says something profound (and I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell due to foreclosure) and 2) this hot Black/African Rock group that deserves airplay and notice, D-Fe-

Race.........The Final Frontier? Museum Exhibit Tackles the Race Conundrum

While perusing the net, as I often do, I came across a curious piece that highlights what we have always known and espoused here at Afronerd-the concept of race is a fallacy. We all know that race is real as a socio-political construct, but any notion that it is biological in nature is absurd. Further, implications that there is such a thing as a pure race are also equally questionable. But what will it take to disseminate a new belief system to the masses regarding a new racial rendering? Perhaps the Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center will be the first step in the propagation of such a racial paradigm. Take a look at this excerpt, courtesy of Courant.com:

A large photo in an exhibit about race at Mashantucket Pequot Museum and Research Center shows a group of people dressed in white T-shirts.

On those shirts are written the races as they historically were defined by the Census Bureau. The older white man's shirt says "1790 — Free White; 1880 — White; 1970 — White"; a darker-skinned young woman's shirt says: "1900 — Indian; 1980 — Eskimo; 2000 — Alaska Native."

Just as the government has flailed about trying to decide how to categorize its citizens, so, too, have its citizens tried to figure out race.

Or not.

Ask CC Stinson, a Texas filmmaker, how many times she's almost missed meeting potential backers. After setting up a meeting on the phone, she sits at the agreed-upon coffee shop, waiting, and the person arrives and looks right past her because she doesn't sound black on the phone.

And precisely what does that mean?

Add to that weirdness, this: A notoriously racist website — emblazoned with slogans such as "White Pride, Worldwide" — includes in its rules for posting comments: "Avoid racial epithets."

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has said "We can't afford to ignore race, not in our political campaigns, our media, our neighborhoods."

Oddly, the idea of dividing people into race is entirely human-made, and it's a rather recent construct. Scholars say race first emerged in the 14th or 15th century as European explorers stumbled upon riches they'd only dreamed of, presided over by fully formed cultures of people who were predominantly darker than themselves.

To justify taking the resources of the people — and the people, themselves — the ruling power created an entire body of (false) theories that suggested darker-skinned people were inferior, and thus should be assigned to do the heavy lifting, says Joe R. Feagin, sociology professor at Texas A&M University.

Over time, race became (falsely) the main predictor of attitudes, behaviors and potential. Such notions were bolstered by early biologists — such as Charles Darwin — who argued that race was biological, said Feagin. That began to change in the 20th century with groundbreaking anthropologists such as Franz Boas, a German immigrant who applied objectivity and scientific method to the study of cultures and people and found that predicting behaviors was far more complicated.

For more of the Courant article on Race, click on the link below:

New Museum Exhibit Questions How We Define Race

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is a Quagmire Folks......Roseanne Lashes Out Against Brangelina Over Obama?

I try to steer clear from celebrified gossipy fare but this next story is an interesting one, as actress/comedienne Roseanne Barr who rarely shies away from controversy, has recently put Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on her hit list. It is pretty well documented that I am a contrarian on a number of issues (that are unfairly ascribed to persons of color) but one’s ethnicity or vocation (acting in this case) notwithstanding, should said person be required to vote for Obama solely because they are a part of the liberal entertainment elite? Well Ms. Barr seems to think so. And the conundrum for this writer is.....Barr makes some salient points.

Here are the comments that Barr made from her blog that have caused such a stir:

"Evil spawn Angelina Jolie and her vacuous hubby Brad Pitt make about forty million dollars a year in violent psychopathic movies and give away three of it to starving children trying to look as if they give a crap about humanity as they spit out more dunces that will consume more than their fair share and wreck the earth even more," Roseanne writes.
"Also Miss Jolie says she likes McCain too and hasn't decided who to endorse....huh? Aren't you supposed to be somewhat enlightened, or do you not know that the African daughter you hold in every picture had parents who suffered and died because of the Republican party's worldwide economic assault on Africa over the last few decades since Reagan?" she adds.
"Or that matter, the Thai and Vietnamese sons you are photo'd with weekly too!!!? Who's pictures you sell to raise money to help the poor? Their families are victims of America' s right wing military incursions too," she continues.
"It might be good for your Asian and African children's self esteem to know you support [Barack Obama] for the leader of the free world," the comedienne finishes.

I believe her thoughts on holding the Republicans accountable for some of the ills taking place in African countries are not sophisticated or accurate. No one can discount the poor performance of the Bush administration but perhaps our current president’s saving grace may be the promulgation of his rather extensive humanitarian efforts as it relates to the Dark Continent. And the last time I checked, the U.S. Embassy bombings of 98’ in which hundreds of people were killed in explosions at the East African capital cities of Nairobi, Kenya and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania took place under President Clinton’s watch. But I must say that Barr’s assertions concerning celebrity culture (of which she is a part of) and why the Jolie-Pitts family should be supporting a man of color for POTUS in deference to their children bares a ring of truth. What say you? Does she have a point or is she just another notable windbag?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Don't Worry Afronerd Radio Returns This Thurs & The Comic Shoppe is Tues! Meanwhile......Back To The End Of Civilization-Click on the Link!

Hat tip and a vintage Marvel No-prize goes to resident commenter, "Al from Bayshore" for emailing us this disturbing clip of precocious children imitating BET Uncut. Unfortunately, I was unable to embed this video, but you can take a look at the dysfunction here. We really are at the end of days.

Edit: I was going to post this but Al beat me to it. Anyway, here's the embedded video. We are really in trouble, damn the lower tier.
Mr. Starks

Another Edit: (Sorry Mr. Starks)-it appears that the this controversial video has been taken off from a number of sites due to the legal implications involving the minors in question. It is currently being investigated by the state's child welfare authorities.

Next up-The Comic Shoppe returns "live" tomorrow (just this week-and back to Mondays next week) at 7pm eastern. Join Daryll, Max and I as we discuss the Kick Ass graphic novel series being turned into a movie, news that The Punisher-War Zone movie is now slated for a PG-13 rating, our favorite comic reads from the last few weeks and of course even more comic/fantasy news tidbits. So in accordance to our regular drill-feel free to contact the Shoppe at 646-200-0104 or via email/IM at thecomicshoppe@yahoo. And while you're waiting for the show, check out the latest snippet from our friends at Pulp Secret:

Friday, August 15, 2008

P. Miller, formally known as Master P, launches the Better Black Television Network.

I was never really a fan of the music of Master P, but I do appreciate his latest efforts at presenting a positive image. I really do hope this latest endeavor works, we need this. And to the current crop of young and corny rappers: THIS is what a power move looks like.

By Ismael AbduSalaam
Entrepreneur P. Miller today confirmed the launch of Better Black Television, a family-oriented cable network set to debut in 2009.

Dubbed BBTV, the network promises to cover the diverse experience of African-American culture by offering a myriad of genres: politics, movies, teen and children’s educational programming, animation, sports, and news.

In response to the criticism leveled at BET’s music video choices, the network has guaranteed to deliver “responsible Hip-Hop music and videos.”

P. Miller will oversee the channel as its chairman and CEO.

The advisory board team includes Oscar winner Denzel Washington, NAACP executive director Vicangelo Bullock, Hip-Hop founder Kool Herc, cable industry veteran Professor Sal Martino, and real estate mogul Curtis Oakes.

While seen as a risky business endeavor, Miller states he’s planned this venture for several years and feels he has gathered a strong team to uphold his vision.

“I believe that there is a market in our community for a new diverse network,” he explains. “(A network) that provides superior programming that caters to all aspects of television, from reality to original programming. We believe TV content can be positive and responsible and still have good ratings with great content.”

Aware that his network will be seen as a direct challenge to Viacom and its BET and MTV brands, Miller remained diplomatic on his competition.

“I have a great relationship with BET and MTV and will continue to work with them and support their networks,” he states.

Miller also had kind words for controversial BET founder Bob Johnson, who he credits as a mentor to his cable network plans.

“I remember him telling me back in the day that if you wanted to know real estate, you’ve got to hang out with real estate investors,” Miller explicates. “If you wanted to know sports, you’ve got to hang out with athletes. I wanted to know TV, so I hung out with Bob and learned the TV game from one of the best in the business.”

BBTV’s news programs have begun airing in Florida, Louisiana, California, and New York.

At press time, the network is purchasing local cable channel affiliates in preparation for its 2009 debut.

Mr. Starks

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bigfoot Found?.....I'll Believe It When I see It!

The internet is buzzing like a cell phone on "vibrate" with this latest revelation. This has to be the longest running hoax in world history but if it's true-then we can see a Black man as POTUS. Here's more from the UK Times:

Two American hunters say they have a bit of a surprise in their freezer: a Bigfoot, or Sasquatch.

The pair, Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, say that they discovered the body of the mythical apeman in a remote forest in northern Georgia - USA not Eastern Europe - about two weeks ago.

They plan to present "DNA evidence and photo evidence of the creature" at a press conference in Palo Alto, California, tomorrow and an associate said that the body would be on show as well.

Mr Whitton is a Georgia police officer currently on leave after being shot in the line of duty while Mr Dyer is a former prison warden. The two men also run a Bigfoot tracking business.

Photos already posted on the web show a large ape-like creature crammed into a domestic chest freezer.

And for the article in its entirety, click on the link below:

US hunters claim to have found Bigfoot

I still think this is BS (I wouldn't be surprised if there is a mall opening to coincide with the discovery), but here's also Fox News' take on the alleged big foot find:

I guess It Never Really Stops..........Spain, Olympic Basketball & Racism

Does anyone really have to explain to these fools (Spain's Olympic basketball team, pictured above) why what they did was incomprehensibly racist? What do our readers think? Is this karma for the alleged banning of Blacks and Mongolians from Beijing bars during the Olympics? Click on the link for more about the controversy/photo in question, courtesy of USAToday.com:

Spanish player defends racially controversial photo.

And is Mr. T homophobic? Well some gay rights groups seem to think so; god forbid that someone make fun of Olympic speed walking without equating sexuality. Is this the gay version of niggardly and last month's black hole remark? I just think the ad is funny:

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

And While Were On Washed Out Negroes........Let's Reminisce With A Jackson 5 Cartoon!

The Jackson 5 cartoons were already in syndication by the time I was old enough to look at them, but they were definitely shown during the time when we could still expect a certain degree of innocence from our youth. Anyway, the above toon serves as my excuse to highlight two things: 1) MJ before he was "whitewashed" (culturally and literally) and; 2) the UK is still talking about Beyonce.

Oh and Serg-thanks for the Pryor reminder. We miss the Mac Man (along with Truck Turner) but Richard was unadulterated genius.

Sometimes When One Does "Geek" Research, You Learn About Something Else-More On L'Oreal!

I'm not a fan of rehashing prior disagreements but I think on this one issue, it may be of interest to our readers and Afronerd Radio listeners. You might have noticed that I engaged in a rather lengthy discourse with a commenter in the Beyonce/L'Oreal entry (scroll downward) centered on the racially insidious nature of the Knowles' ad in question. The commenter took me to task for believing that L'Oreal and not Beyonce was ultimately responsible for an ad that appears to have "whitewashed" the singer to the point of being unrecognizable. Further, I was told that L'Oreal's denial of any wrongdoing should suffice in this matter. I mean why would a corporation as upstanding as L'Oreal do such a thing? Well, I am still a contrarian on this issue, in part due to my recent purchase (of all things) of the DVD series, DC Super Heroes: The Filmation Adventures. This DVD series is of the typical Silver Age Comic fare but the special feature entitled, The Lou Scheimer Story is what really piqued my interest. Scheimer's rag to riches journey is interesting on a number of different levels.

The viewer gets a behind the scenes look at the inner workings/machinations of the comic and animation business as well as the foreshadowing of the loss of an industry. Scheimer, along with the late radio business legend, Norm Prescott built Filmation Studios from obscurity to one of the premiere (and last remaining) US domestic animation houses before it was purchased by......you guessed it...L'Oreal in 1989. L'Oreal's acquisition, unto itself was not controversial-it's what occurred in the aftermath of the purchase that is. When you look at the Scheimer featurette, one quickly realizes the close knit and somewhat familial bonds that the animation/comic creating community engenders.

Scheimer was under the impression that L'Oreal's purchase was not going to affect any of the hundreds of animators and industry workers that were employed by him. This was not the case-L'Oreal demanded that these animators be terminated immediately a day before California legislators instituted a new law which would have required a company to give its workers 60 day notice. Funny what one finds out on a "geek" run. But then a fine company like L'Oreal would never have fired so many people with out good reason. I'm sure if asked, they would deny absolutely any wrongdoing-just ask Beyonce. For more on the Filmation story and Lou Scheimer, click on the links below. And as an added treat, check out the above vintage 70s Filmation cartoon (a testament to early multi-culturalism), Space Sentinels.

Wiki's take on Filmation Studios


And as an aside, Mr. Scheimer (in the DVD documentary) had some pretty fascinating and prideful things to say about his work on Dr. Cosby's Fat Albert series and why he thought Albert never won an Emmy-and that's one to grow on.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

If They Started a Draft for This Conflict.......I Would Enlist-A Blogger's Declaration of The Black Civil War!

A hearty and much deserved hat tip goes to Shay Riley of the Booker Rising blog for highlighting yet another blogger's recent entry entitled, My Declaration to Fight: Forging a Black Civil War from the Did She Say That? site. I am so elated that more bloggers of color are becoming less reticent in discussing our community's internal self-defeatist struggles. Here's a sample of the entry (please pardon the grammar and expletives) in question:

As Conservative Black Folks, we don’t fight like we should. We look at those on top complain just as much as the one’s on the bottom, and we’re stuck in the middle trying to navigate through hate, bias, intolerance, and a constant need to explain we are not all alike.
So I Make My Declaration of War
On our “So Called Black Leaders”, your services are no longer needed.

We have a duty to wipe out mass ignorance and not help support it, by supporting you. I will say it one more time; How in the hell did you make it? And why in the hell do you then turn around and tell me I can’t? And I’ll even answer it for you. You need me to broke and ignorant so you can succeed. Ain’t gonna happen. Your final check is in the mail.
On the FTW”S of our race, Fuck You too.

You get no more sympathy from me. If you think you have the right to sell drugs, rob, steal, beat, rape, or harass, and still be safe in our neighborhoods, you are wrong. You are a product of your environment, no you are a product of choice. You could choose to suffer a little now; go to school, maybe get picked on a little for not having the best clothes, or not get any play from the girls. But you choose to want it now, and Fuck The World. Not working anymore.

The choices you make forge that environment you blame so much. You sell more drugs-> there are more addicts-> the more addicts->the more kids grow up without the ability to have the bare necessities. You know all those things you use as a crutch. My father wasn’t there, my mother was an addict, I didn’t have food, and nobody gave a damn about me. You selling that crack to that mother causes the environment that holds you down. Seriously. Blame placed at your door step.

(Don’t send me any excuses. I got a million. But you will never hear me use one.)
On the ignorant for the sake of being ignorant of our race; What’s up?

Once black people risked their lives trying to learn to read and now you risk yours trying to stay away from a book. O.K. I had to pause right there. This should have been my first declaration. Why do we set a goal to be stupid?

When I was in high school, (gotta get personal for a moment), I was a nerd. I didn’t need a Training Bra until I was 16. I almost got into a fist fight with one of my Math Teachers’ for correcting her. I had a hard time maintaining friendships with females, so I was alone a lot. In that time, I taught myself to type, learn the math for next year, and write all kinds of poetry. I grew, even though I had to do it alone.

While you are so eager for that guy or girl to look at you, colleges are eager to give you money for an education. While you beat down those that study, you turn away assistance in helping you succeed. (Be their friend and let them help you learn) While you tell a teacher what your not going to do, you miss a chance for a flame to be sparked inside yourself. It wasn’t until I was handed an essay in middle school did I learn to appreciate Hip hop.
On black women having babies to keep a man; you know he ain’t no good.

My sistas, I know we don’t always get along, but you deserve so much more. And on top of that, You make our Men weak. I don’t want to hear you complain about Niggas’ being dogs, when you let them dog you. If you can play a dude to get yourself some bling, use that same influence to make him better himself. If he refuses, the answer is not to have a baby, it’s to move on. Do you and do it better because you don’t have some one bringing you down.

Perhaps Dr. Cosby planted the seed but we are definitely witnessing more folks of color breaking rank and speaking up on the inner city violence that is causing immeasurable harm to the African-American community. It appears the war has already commenced, we just didn't realize it.......yet.

For more of this important diatribe, click on the link below:

My Declaration to Fight: Forging a Black Civil War

And surprise....here is another article that suggests that an Obama presidency may spell the end of the Black victimology standard:

The last gasps of black victimology?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sam Jackson Better Avoid Anyone in a Black Robe & Scythe.........Bernie & Isaac's Last Film-Soul Men

Hat tip to Sergio of the Bloodsport blog for hipping me to this latest twist. Check for Malcolm Lee's (Spike's cousin) road trip comedy, Soul Men starring Issac Hayes, Bernie Mac and Samuel Jackson. The movie is expected to be released in November....Sam, watch yourself!

Double Damn!! And Now The Chef?........Music Great Isaac Hayes Passes!

We really are losing are greats folks! But then there's Li'l Wayne....(hack...excuse me, the phlegm). RIP. More from the Associated Press:

MEMPHIS, Tenn. - Isaac Hayes, the pioneering singer, songwriter and musician whose relentless "Theme From Shaft" won Academy and Grammy awards, died Sunday afternoon, the Shelby County Sheriff's Office said. He was 65.

A family member found him unresponsive near a treadmill and he was pronounced dead an hour later at Baptist East Hospital in Memphis, according to the sheriff's office. The cause of death was not immediately known.

In the early 1970s, Hayes laid the groundwork for disco, for what became known as urban-contemporary music and for romantic crooners like Barry White. And he was rapping before there was rap.

His career hit another high in 1997 when he became the voice of Chef, the sensible school cook and devoted ladies man on the animated TV show "South Park."

Steve Shular, a spokesman for the sheriff's office, said authorities received a 911 call after Hayes' wife and young son and his wife's cousin returned home from the grocery store and found him collapsed in a downstairs bedroom. A sheriff's deputy administered CPR until paramedics arrived.

"The treadmill was running but he was unresponsive lying on the floor," Shular said.

The album "Hot Buttered Soul" made Hayes a star in 1969. His shaven head, gold chains and sunglasses gave him a compelling visual image.

"Hot Buttered Soul" was groundbreaking in several ways: He sang in a "cool" style unlike the usual histrionics of big-time soul singers. He prefaced the song with "raps," and the numbers ran longer than three minutes with lush arrangements.

"Jocks would play it at night," Hayes recalled in a 1999 Associated Press interview. "They could go to the bathroom, they could get a sandwich, or whatever."

Next came "Theme From Shaft," a No. 1 hit in 1971 from the film "Shaft" starring Richard Roundtree.

"That was like the shot heard round the world," Hayes said in the 1999 interview.

At the Oscar ceremony in 1972, Hayes performed the song wearing an eye-popping amount of gold and received a standing ovation. TV Guide later chose it as No. 18 in its list of television's 25 most memorable moments. He won an Academy Award for the song and was nominated for another one for the score. The song and score also won him two Grammys.

"The rappers have gone in and created a lot of hit music based upon my influence," he said. "And they'll tell you if you ask."

Singer, songwriter Isaac Hayes dies at age 65

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Afronerd Radio Returns-Sun. at 7pm eastern-Talking About Bernie, Beyonce, Obama-isms & Death-Join the Party!

Well after taking a break from a few shows to decompress, let's get back at it shall we? Check us out tomorrow at 7pm eastern for another live broadcast of Afronerd Radio. This time we plan to utilize our conservative periscope to discuss the following: the Beyonce Lo'real skin lightening controversy, the latest Obama news filled with death threats and high fives from David Duke, the untimely passing of comedian Bernie Mac and a whole lot more-if time permits. So you guys (and gals) know which batpole to use for live conversation-646-915-9620 or via email/IM at afronerdradio@yahoo. And as we always say-Be There & Square.....and use standard English!

Afronerd Radio's Week in Review.....on Sunday!

Damn.....Bernie Mac Passes at 50.....

Our brothers are passing way too soon....whether it's health issues or violence-

Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune:

Comedian and Chicago native Bernie Mac died early Saturday morning from complications due to pneumonia, his publicist confirmed.

Mac, 50, had been hospitalized for about a week at Northwestern Hospital, according to his spokeswoman. A few years ago, Mac disclosed that he suffered from sarcoidosis, a rare autoimmune disease that causes inflammation in tissue, most often in the lungs.

The comic born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough could cut an imposing figure. He stood 6-foot-3, was built like a fullback and carried himself with a bouncer's reticence. But perhaps the strongest weapon in the Chicago comedian's arsenal was that voice, that amalgam of thought and a delivery that could rise like a tidal wave, outpace a Gatling gun and remained, to his last days, loud and unapologetic.

He wasn't scared, he told us time and again, to tell anyone what he thought, to say what others were afraid to say. That fearlessness wasn't always welcome, considering Mac didn't get his big break until his 30s. But when he did, the comic skyrocketed to success in stand-up, television and the big screen.

Mac shared screen time with some of Hollywood's larger-than-life leading men, co-starring with Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Matt Damon in the "Oceans 11" remake and subsequent sequels.

Most recently, Mac garnered attention for making unsavory comments at a Barack Obama benefit that the presumptive Democratic candidate had to distance himself from.

For more on Mr. Mac's passing, click on the link below:

Bernie Mac dies at 50

Here's Mr. Mac at work:

Friday, August 08, 2008

Wow A "Hip Hop Mayor" Goes to Jail.......Who Would Have Guessed? Yeah, Right!-Detroit's Kwame Kilpatrick Pulls a Go To Jail Card

I'll get back to this in a few, but check what the Washington Post has to say about this. But I would expect no less from "Kwame" with the hip hop mayor moniker. We have to stop this folks. Stay tuned.

An excerpt from the Washington Post:

Detroit Mayor Jailed for Violating Bail Conditions

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, indicted in an obstruction-of-justice case, was jailed yesterday for violating his bail conditions by taking a business trip to Canada.

Kilpatrick, who faces eight felony counts including perjury and misconduct in office, was ordered to the Wayne County Jail by District Judge Ronald Giles.

Kilpatrick admitted the trip to Windsor and apologized in court, but he insisted that the journey over the border was an emergency to promote the sale of the city's half of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel. He is to appear in court at 9 a.m. today to appeal the decision.

On Tuesday, his mother, Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (D-Mich.), scraped out a win in the party primary. The six-term incumbent's campaign was dominated by the media frenzy surrounding her son.

Since Kilpatrick was elected in 2001, at the age of 31, his administration has been punctuated by scandal. Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy says that during a whistle-blower lawsuit, Kilpatrick lied to a jury about an affair with his former chief of staff, Christine Beatty. The case was brought by two police officers, who said they were fired after investigating the mayor's behavior.

For the article in its entirety, click below:

Detroit Mayor Jailed for Violating Bail Conditions

Would you elect this guy as mayor? I kid....I kid.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Country singer Toby Keith seems to know what ALL Black people think. Oh, and he has lynching on his mind too...

Lynching Advocate Toby Keith: Obama Acts White To Win

posted by Max Blumenthal

Last week, I reported for the Huffington Post that country singer Toby Keith had performed a pro-lynching anthem on the Colbert Report, and would be playing the same song soon on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and a slew of nationally televised talk shows.

The lyrics of Keith's song, "Beer For My Horses," which I transcribed, could hardly be less explicit -- "Hang 'em high, for all the people to see." In my piece, I also noted the racially tinged nature of the song's video and the forthcoming movie that Keith's song inspired.

Toby Keith's latest: Obama "talks, acts, and carries himself as a Caucausian."

The response from right-wing blogs was swift and strident. Townhall.com whined that "The Liberal Lynching of Toby Keith" had taken place; Lonewacko claimed that Keith was actually "promoting lawful executions." And Keith found an avid defender in Robert Stacy McCain, the disgraced former Washington Times reporter and avowed neo-Confederate who once allegedly ranted in the middle of the Times newsroom that slavery was "good for the blacks and good for property owners."

The comments section of my post was immediately swarmed by right-wing trolls twisting themselves into contortions to defend the indefensible. A typical comment read: "I can't believe that this Max can't find something real to complain about in this crazy world... I think Max is the bigot - he obviously hates country music, country singers and Southerners."

Describing Keith's over-produced truck commercial schmaltz as "country music" besmirches the dignified tradition established by Bill Monroe, Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton, while insulting the innovative artists propelling the genre into the future, from Neko Case to Son Volt to my good friend Dave Bryan (hear his music here). At his best, Keith is Merle Haggard with a lobotomy. But that's beside the point.

The comments by the literally hundreds of trolls who leapt to Keith's defense are significant for only one reason: they reveal the extent to which the radical right has anointed Keith as a leading movement icon. Keith's schlock rock is the soundtrack of the culturally deprived australopithicenes who populate the cyber-caves of freeperland and comprise the movement's most fervent activists. He is a faux working class chickenhawk who clamors for English-only laws but can hardly speak his own language; he is "White Trash With Money," and like them, he's proud of it. He is one of them.

Now, Keith has trained his sights on Barack Obama, attacking him in racially tinged language that startled even the notoriously reactionary radio jock Glenn Beck. During Keith's appearance on the July 30 broadcast of Beck's show, he remarked, "I think the black people would say he [Obama] don't talk, act or carry himself as a black person."

"What does that even mean?" the audibly shocked Beck replied.

"Well, I don't know what that means," Keith drawled, "but I think that that's what they would say. Even though the black society would pull for him I still think that they think in the back of their mind that the only reason he is in [the general election] is because he talks, acts and carries himself as a Caucasian."

And for more on the lynching song:

Toby Keith's Pro-Lynching Publicity Tour Hits Colbert, CBS and More

Mr. Starks

Say What You Want......I'm Getting This T-Shirt......Alex Ross' Interpretation of Obama

This is the definite fusion of Afronerd.com-comics, culture and politics.

Stylin' Online

More Craziness-Lo'real Lightens Beyonce.......Black Imagery Loses Again & Yes We Can Blame the Man On This One..

I'll get to this in a minute, but let's hear from our readers/radio listeners in the interim.

Thinking About Victimology........Again.......or What a 9yr old & An Obama Presidency Have in Common!

I have been reading many articles as of late that are endlessly theorizing that an Obama presidency will be the death knell for the Black victimization paradigm. This paradigm is a political and social belief system that has had a stranglehold on the Black community for 40 plus years. I'll believe such a supposition when I see it with my own eyes. Nevertheless, many Black folks (and I have said this countless times, so this entry will be no different) are victims, only a racial construct is not the sole perpetrator in those instances-it's the internal subcultural component. Sure, poverty and poor educational access cannot (and should not) be obfuscated, however those impediments existed decades ago (especially the racial factor) without the same level of accompanying pathology.

One could say the aforementioned hurdles were exponentially greater in years past but the pathology in comparison was far less than it is today. Fast forward to 2008 and we have an unfortunately common occurrence in which a young Shamshawan Kelly of Crown Heights, Brooklyn (pictured, above) was shot in the head by a stray bullet simply because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The progressive ideologues that visit this blog (and they are welcome....as long as they are respectful) seem to either chalk up scenarios like this as being statistically negligible or structural in origin, requiring government intervention. It's never something that requires a community's personal responsibility.

I just know that perhaps an Obama win, despite his uber-liberal bent (which might be debatable as he tries to garner more votes in this election season), might be the first step in the long arduous road to Black self-determination and responsibility. I just hope that we reach the end of that road in time for young master Kelly to recover as he clings to life. We can't afford to lose more young Black and Brown lives while the excuses continue to mount.

First, check out the Obama presidency is an end to victimology argument, courtesy of the Christian Science Monitor:

Could Obama's rise signal the end of black victimology?

And then click on the link below for the NY Times piece on the young boy shot in Crown Heights:

After a Boy’s Shooting, ‘Why?’ Is on Everyone’s Lips

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

This video makes me wish the military had the authority to swoop down on the "hood"

I was enraged when I first saw the following video clip. This is complete madness, and to our detractors, do you still want to blame the white man for what you see here? The government? The schools? And I guess the police are still the enemy too right?
You may want to put that position on pause because this insanity may come to a hood near you next...
(video at 4:54...WTF???)

Mr. Starks

And So IT Begins........Paris Hilton's Ad Spoofing John McCain

I can't even begin to comment. Okay, well just one thing-McCain was unfair in having a recent ad compare the Ivy League educated and erudite Senator Obama with a vapid undereducated Ms. Hilton. But this new rebuttal ad was only created to assuage Hilton's bruised ego-the truth is her image is that of a know nothing and do nothing bimbo. Only in America.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Is McCain's mind starting to Reaganize? The Maverick May Be Losing It!

You be the judge of this video clip which is starting to make the rounds in cyberspace. Although I detest gossip blogs, I did happen to pick this up from MediaTakeOut.com of all places. For the sake of full disclosure, I'm not an ageist and even beyond that, if I didn't think that Senator Obama's candidacy was the shot in the arm that Black imagery needed, I would be in full support of McCain. What do you think about this clip? Is this much to do about nothing or something more ominous?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Curious......Do You Agree with Black Voices' 10 Things Holding Black People Back?

Let's hear from our readers-do you agree with BV's assertions? Are they accurate regarding the areas that people of color should be focusing on in order to move forward?

Black Steps Backward In America

And as an aside, are presidential comics on the rise? Perhaps more folks are taking cues from Afronerd.com than one would think. Check this out:

A McCain, Obama Comic Book?

Damn.....Actor Morgan Freeman in Serious Condition from Auto Collision

This just in, courtesy of CBS News:

(CBS) Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman was injured in car accident in Mississippi and is in a Memphis, Tenn., hospital.

Regional Medical Center spokeswoman Kathy Stringer says Freeman is in serious condition.

The hospital, commonly known as The Med, is an acute-care teaching facility that serves patients within 150 miles of Memphis.

Initial reports said Freeman was air-lifted to the Med in critical condition.

Ashley Norris, manager of the Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale that is owned by Freeman, confirmed the actor was in a wreck. Norris said she had no other details.

The Mississippi Highway Patrol reports Freeman's car went off Highway 32 near in Tallahatchie County and flipped several times.

A woman who was in the car was also taken to the Med.

The WREG-TV Web site reports Freeman may have fallen asleep at the wheel.

The popular actor, 71, with an authoritative voice and calm demeanor, has grown into one of the most respected figures in modern cinema. He is currently appearing in the blockbuster Batman film "The Dark Knight."

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Another Story About Nothing, Only That Outward Displays of Racism Are on the Rise-Nikki Blonsky's Airplane Melee!

It has been reported in a number of media outlets that outward displays of racism are on the rise, but who would have thought that a star from the Hairspray reboot would be be a part of this growing trend. Allegedly while departing from Turks and Caicos, Blonsky's family got into a racially tinged physical altercation with another dubious celebrity's family-the Golden clan. Bianca Golden's claim to fame is that she was a contestant on Tyra Banks'America's Next Top Model show. I'm not sure as to who started this situation but I'm sure, lack of class and the acceptance of crude behavior were at the root of this melee. Here's more on the issue, courtesy of Efluxmedia.com:

Nikki Blonsky Arrested after Airport Brawl with Wannabe “Top Model”
By Ona Zachary
21:45, August 3rd 2008 1 vote
Vote this story

Nikki Blonsky Arrested after Airport Brawl with Wannabe “Top Model”

Nikki Blonsky, the young actress who had her breakthrough in last year’s “Hairspray” alongside John Travolta, was involved in one very interesting incident on Thursday, which led to injuries, hospitalization and arrests for those implicated.

Here’s one you don’t hear everyday: “Hairspray” star Nikki Blonsky, her father, former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant Bianca Golden, and the latter’s mother participated in what appears to be a violent fight in a Caribbean airport.

The conflict reportedly originated over saved seats in the departure lounge at Providenciales International Airport, in the Turks and Caicos Island. Nikki Blonsky tried to save several seats for family members, a gesture which Bianca Golden apparently did not appreciate.

Golden attempted to take one of the seats for herself, after which things escalated. The Caribbean Net News reports racial insults were allegedly proffered.

Nikki Blonsky, 19, her father Carl Blonsky and Bianca Golden, 19, were all arrested. The young women were charged with assault with actual bodily harm, while Carl Blonsky was charged assault with grievous bodily harm.

Nikki Blonsky and Bianca Golden were released on bail. They have been ordered to appear back in court later this month.

Carl Blonsky remains in custody until August 8.

All three appeared in court Friday.

The condition of the fourth party involved remains unknown. Elaine Golden, who may be a TCIslander according to the Caribbean Net News, suffered serious injuries during the physical conflict and required emergency hospitalization. She was airlifted to Florida for emergency medical treatment.

Nikki Blonsky’s portrayal of Tracy Turnblad, in 2007’s “Hairspray,” won her a Critics’ Choice Award for best young actress. The young artist had a stellar debut, playing alongside John Travolta, Christopher Walken, Michelle Pfeiffer, Queen Latifah, Allison Janney and a younger generation of stars, Amanda Bynes, Zac Efron and Brittany Snow.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Time to Lighten the Mood........Guess Who's Bad! Sammy Channels Michael......Gotta Love It

All I have to say is thank God for Youtube. Sammy Davis, Jr. really could do anything.

That's It, Friday is Officially Holy Sh%$ Day! Celebrated With Tragic Canadian Beheadings & Insolent Negroes From FL!

Man..talk about Jason Vorhees coming to life. If you haven't heard a young 22 year old male was decapitated by a deranged assailant on a Greyhound traveling in Canada. The two parties appeared not to have known each other. A complete senseless and unprovoked violent act. I have no words. Check out the video of a witness relaying what occurred. Again, in the immortal words of Prince Rogers Nelson-Mommy, why does everybody have a bomb? Here's more, courtesy of the BBC:

Bus beheading suspect in court
Suspect Vince Weiguang Li in custody
Vince Weiguang Li has been charged with second-degree murder

A man suspected of beheading a fellow passenger on a Greyhound bus in Canada has appeared in court in Manitoba charged with the killing.

Vince Weiguang Li, 40, is accused of second-degree murder. The motive for the attack is not known.

Mr Li said nothing in court but nodded when asked if he was exercising his right to remain silent.

Police have not yet formally identified the victim but friends have named him as 22-year old Tim McLean.

Mr Li, of Edmonton, Alberta, remained silent throughout the hearing in Portage la Prairie.

Police have offered no motive for the attack and prosecutors have requested a psychiatric assessment.

Mr Li will appear in court again on Tuesday after having an opportunity to speak to a lawyer.


Eyewitnesses on board the bus, which was travelling through a desolate stretch of Canada's vast prairies, said the attacker stabbed the person sitting next to him 50 or 60 times.

He then severed his head with a large knife, reportedly brandishing the head to terrified passengers.

Friends of Mr McLean have paid tribute to him.

William Caron, whose brother was due to meet Mr McLean from the bus, told the Canadian Press that he had always tried to avoid trouble.

For more from the BBC and CNN as it pertains to this horror, click on the respective links below:

Bus beheading suspect in court

Decapitation suspect appears in court

Another story that has been brewing and is more insipid than tragic, revolves around a recent appearance by Senator Obama in Florida. During a townhall gathering in the "sunshine state," Obama was heckled by three young brothers who may or may not have had some affiliation with a site entitled, UhuruNews.com. The badgering encompassed holding up a banner reading, “What about the black community, Obama?” and chanting unintelligible comments. What the hell is it with some Black folk? As a Republican of color, I still know how to play my position to see that history is made. And talk about being disingenuous-why not take such a stance during the Republican and Democratic debates months ago? Why not pose such a question to the other candidates that are (and were) in the running. Incredible. And lastly, can't these knuckleheads fathom that Obama has to represent a myriad of interests including those that pertain to people of color? Can he get the keys to the White House first? I suggest that our readers bombard these idiots with STFU emails-just a suggestion. Here's the exchange in question:

And click here for more regarding Obama's brethren.