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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review-2nite at 7pm-Call Dburt & Capt Kirk Live at 646-915-9620

Hump day has finally arrived so let's keep it simple, shall we? Join Captain Kirk and Dburt, this Wednesday at 7pm eastern as they discuss the follwoing topics: it appears that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain may have to be taken more seriously than what ws once believed based on recent polling; an L-Word actress gets kicked off a flight for publicly kissing her same sex partner; the tragic rise and fall of Funk legend, Sly Stone; Does Google have a chance against Facebook in the social networking wars: famed actor, Morgan Freeman has some interesting thoughts about President Obama and the tea party and lastly, have app makers gone too far with certain controversial themes (i.e. Jew or Not A Jew," virtual dogfighting, sexual orientation ID apps, etc).

Monday, September 26, 2011

At 7pm 2Morrow The Comic Shoppe Re-Opens-Call us Live-Topics: More DC-52 Talk; Catwoman's Costume; Return of JLA Animated? & More!

Once again, the water is a balmy 73 degrees and since Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk isn't scheduled to air until Wednesday, the cost is clear to dip in on tomorrow's airing of The Comic Shoppe! Call us live at 646-915-9620 or drop us a line via email/instant message at afronerdradio@yahoo.com. The pulp flavored discussion will encompass the following: our thoughts on the new TV season (i.e. Fringe, Fox's animation Domination, Big Bang Theory, etc); word has it that most of the original voice cast from the Timmverse (referencing animation producer, Bruce Timm for Justice League Unlimited) are returning for Justice League: Doom; photos hit the net of Anne Hathaway in the full Catwoman costume for Dark Knight Rises; our further impressions of DC's new books as more were released last week and of course, our favorite reading suggestions stemming from recent graphic novel releases. Unfortunately, last week's Comic shoppe broadcast was preempted but we still have words of wisdom from The Shoppe's Daryll B:

Ok. Hello once again AfroNerd Readers and without further delay, let's get into the Comic/Sci-Fi news from my side of the street:

1) Well the first main issue of Miles Morales' new life is out and as expected we had a lot of reaction from reviewers:


I can see where most of these reviews are coming from except... I said it before and it sounds like a broken record but to one reviewer on the page I'll state it one more time: This. Is. The. Ultimate. Universe. Not. The. 616 Universe. Peter Parker is DEAD here. Let it go...

2) Going back to a point from our show 2 weeks ago. This article lays out my point about Justice League #1 better than I conveyed on air:


I mean, when STORMWATCH of all books does a better job introducing their characters than the "flagship" book....?

3) And to think I got mad at Batgirl and Harley Quinn being retconned:


A slim, sexy Waller? Seems to be a crime against nature.... Now I am pissed that they patterned Amanda Waller after Angela Bassett in Green Lantern instead of after Pam Grier in Smallville (One of the few things the final 2 seasons actually got RIGHT!)

5) Speaking of developments with the new DC:


So John Rozum is off Static Shock and Mister Terrific has got 3 different artists for the first 4 books. Sheesh.... and our first 2 books to be cancelled are...

6) On our main topic last week, Robot 6 provides interesting opinions:


I STILL hate spoilers though. I am a mystery, story development type and to know what happens BEFORE it actually happens, screws up my pleasure immensely.

7) I... I just have no words for this:


I mean I know this is coming from a good place but I also know segments of my fellow comic book fans. This seems like sensationalism on the surface and I truly hope J.T. Krul gives this new hero "Bunker" depth. Or else get ready for criticism not only from the Gay Community but the Mexican Community as well.

8) Here's a little fun with video:


Clark Gregg is certainly having fun with his 15 minutes of fame from the movies isn't he?

9) About time DC:


I can see this series being in the vein of Tales From The Crypt if done right or Dresden Files in the least. C'mon DC make this work.....

10) More fun with video as a reviewer considers how Thor could have been 'changed' with the inclusions of its deleted scenes:


I'm a glutton for punishment but if ALL were included, I don't think the movie would have suffered. And how sweet was that Warriors Three cut scene?

11) Finally Scott Beatty does some self analysis on his writing comic inspirations:


I've read some of these and I think after seeing that New Teen Titans scene between Wally and Vic, you folks can better understand my rage at having their backstories changed so that this story is now irrelevant.

*Sigh* It's that time Folks. Tonight is the season finale for both Eureka and Warehouse 13. Next Week it is Alphas' turn. (By the way, how great was that Brett Spiner episode last week?) My Sci-Fi Television gets moved out of the way for ....damn I wonder what's next for SyFy? In that vein, major props to Chiller Network for doing Sanctuary Mini-Marathons to get my engines primed for its return in October. Hopefully the show returns to previous form.

Thanks for reading once again AfroNerd Readers and until next time: Keep Fantasizing!!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ok....As An Aside...Tonight's American Dad Featuring Cee Lo was Hilarious!

Laugh, Dammit! Oh, and do whatever you like!

It's That Time, Folks! 7pm ET-Our Week in Review Show-Topics: E=MC2 Might Be Wrong; Troy Davis Executed; UC Berkeley's Racist Bake Sale & More!

Good Evening, loyal readers/listeners, it's time for Afronerd Radio, broadcasting tonight at 7pm eastern. Feel free to call in with your thoughts and/or questions "live" at afronerdradio.com by dialing 646-915-9620 or you can participate via email/instant message at afronerdradio@yahoo.com. OK, the topics up for discussion this evening are as follows: Euro scientists appear to have discovered that particles can travel beyond the speed of light, therefore debunking Einstein's belief that light speed was maximum unit an object can travel; our thoughts on the Troy Davis execution; a recent bake sale by U.C. Berkeley College Republicans may or may not be racist; blogging may not be the healthiest pastime due to recent mass killings occurring in Mexico for those who choose to "out" drug cartel info and lastly, President Obama speaks to the Black Caucus asking for their help if he is to succeed with his jobs bill (and by extension a seek a second term)...whew! Don't be "scurrred" folks, the conservative (and oftentimes independent) water is warm! And speaking of the POTUS...here's a clip of President Obama's speech to the National Black Caucus:

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Water is Tepid But We're Not! Call Up our Mid week Show Wed at 7pm! Topics: More Sarah Palin, Leo as J Edgar, Is College Overvalued? & More!

Salutations to our faithful Afronerd Radio listeners! It's that time AGAIN...time for our Mid Week in Review edition of Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk. Let's just dive in to the topics this time, folks....this Wednesday we will be discussing recent reports that online sales company giant, Amazon.com is treating some of its employees like 19th century laborers ; finance professor, Boyce Watkins and cultural critic, Toure debate about the virtues (or lack there of) of Tyler Perry's success; revisiting some of our topics from Sunday's show to get Captain Kirk's take (I.e. expose book on Sarah Palin, French "Black to the Future" film, Case Depart, etc); A Daily Beast article posits whether a college education is overvalued, Jay-z and Kanye West's latest song elicits a twitter apology/explanation from actor, Alec Baldwin and his daughter and lastly, having seen Leonardo DiCaprio's take on J. Edgar Hoover in the latest trailer for J. Edgar, an Oscar being within his grasp has to be a cinch.... Oh and if time permits...our thoughts on some self appointed (or is that anointed) Black leaders that critique President Obama for neglecting the Black community. Call us live at 646-915-9620 or via email/instant message-afronerdradio@yahoo.com....

Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Come On In, The H2O is Warm at Afronerd Radio Studios 2nite at 7pm; Expose Book on Sarah Palin; French Case Depart film; Mark Zuckerberg & More!

Good evening, folks and welcome to the Sunday edition of Afronerd sans Captain Kirk (don't worry the El Capitan returns on Tuesday & Wednesday). Join us tonight at 7pm eastern as we discuss the following current event laden topics: author (and Alaskan "neighbor"), Joe McGuiniss' new book takes pot shots at former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin-alleging extramarital liasions, drug use and interracial sex fetishism; Dburt briefly waxes on the culture's lack of interest in hygiene and haberdashery; Ebony/Jet scribe and film critic, Sergio Mims hipped Afronerd about a French film hit, entitled Case Depart and the star of the movie's controversial remarks toward African-American culture; why young folks of color should be following Mark Zuckerberg instead of Carmelo Anthony and if time permits, a young man is holding on to dear life in Texas for fear of execution due to allegations of racism haven taken place during his trial....whew. Call in live at 646-915-9620...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

We're Back in Full Effect 4 Wed's Mid Week Edition! 7pm ET-Discussing Black Patriotism w/911; Stanley Crouch Kicks it HARD!!; Plaxico's Eli Problem

Our apologies to our audience but we didn't want to submit a substandard broadcast on the anniversary of the September 11th NYC attacks, so we decided to take a "chill pill." But not to further disappoint, join Captain Kirk and Dburt tomorrow at 7pm for Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review broadcast when they discuss these following current event laced issues: former NY Giant and recent parolee, Plaxico Burress speaks out about not getting a prison visit from teammate Eli Manning; jazz critic and NY Daily News columnist, Stanley Crouch writes a scathing (but extremely accurate) piece on who he perceives has taken the place of the Klan pertaining to the terrorizing of POC; Dburt and The Captain briefly analyze the concept of Black patriotism in the Americas and how this might affect how some in African-American community view the anniversary of 911; after 50 years, the White House archives have released some intimate interview tapes made by the late Jackie Kennedy-tapes that have some rather disparaging words toward Dr. Martin Luther King; the US poverty rate skyrockets with people of color stuck in the the thick of it and if time permits, were the GOP debates too harsh toward a hypothetical uninsured American...case in point:

Again, join our team Wednesday evening and call us live at 646-915-9620....Don't be scared, the conservative (and sometimes independent) water is warm..

Monday, September 12, 2011

Took A 911 Remembrance Break For Sun's Afronerd Radio But The Comic Shoppe's Open Tues at 7pm! PrinceLess, Mr. Terrific, Do Spoilers Ruin Films?

Time to get to the bare facts! Join Captain Kirk, Daryll B and Dburt tomorrow at 7pm for a new Comic Shoppe broadcast. The team will discuss the following: expectations for Hugh Jackman's upcoming sci-fi/fantasy flick, Real Steel (or Rockem Sockem Robots-The IMAX Edition); more comics featuring POC as main protagonists hit the news stands or more accurately comic shop and online retailers-i.e. PrinceLess and the Mr. Teriffic solo effort; And if Mr. Terrific is the 3rd smartest person in the DC Universe, who occupy the 1st and 2nd positions? ; are the internet media spoiling present day cinema with....well..spoilers? ; Dburt waxes on about a recent Game Informer magazine piece that examines the lack of diversity in video game characterization (as well as on the development side) and lastly, our graphic novel suggestions from the previous week. Feel free to join in on the conversation, the call in number is 646-915-9620 or you can reach us via email/instant message at afronerdradio@yahoo.com. Imperius rex, brethren!

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

The Mid Week Broadcast is Wed at 7pm! "Kandahar" Comes to NYC with 47 shot during Holiday; Is The Skyride The Future?; More Working Poor Since '60s

Let's keep it sparse and precise, shall we? Join Captain Kirk and Dburt tomorrow at 7pm eastern for their Mid-Week in Review show in which they will attempt to shed some light on the following newsworthy items: new stats indicate that there has been an increase in the amount of US citizens that could be classified as the working poor (adults aged between 18-64)an increase not scene since the 1960s; inventor Scott Olsen, who rose to fame for creating the Rollerblade, hopes that lightning will strike twice with his new Skyride (video, above); a record 47 people were shot in NYC over the labor Day Holiday, culminating to a violent crescendo during Brooklyn's legendary West Indian Day parade; Johnny Depp's 200 million dollar Lone Ranger film may still see the light of day and lastly, (as usual) an annotation of the topics left over from this past Sunday's broadcast. Call us live at 646-915-9620 or via email or instant message at afronerdradio@yahoo.com.

Monday, September 05, 2011

The Comic Shoppe Opens Post Irene at 7pm Tues-Review of DCnu JLA #1; Expectations for NY Comic Con; A Moment in History-A Marvel Owned Supes & More!

Just as was the case with Hurricane Irene and Afronerd Radio, The Comic Shoppe was preempted due to the infamous storm last week. But we have passed the storm (at least this particular one) and we'll be open for broadcasting, tomorrow at 7pm eastern. Join Dburt, Daryll B. and Captain Kirk live at thecomicshoppe.com (call in# is 646-915-9620) as they discuss this week's comic book and/or sci-fi themed topics: our thoughts on the first DCnu release last week-Justice League #1; NYC's Comic Con is coming up next month and the team will discuss their expectations; according to controversial former Marvel editor-in-chief, Jim Shooter, there was a serious chance that in 1984, Marvel was on the verge of buying DC comics; and speaking of the DCnu what is the chance of Marvel opting for a widespread reboot?; more media coverage regarding the filming of Avengers in NYC; our review of the DC's Flashpoint ending as well as Marvel's current Fear Itself story line and lastly our favorite picks from last week's graphic novel releases. As always, we look forward toward the pulp flavored discourse!

And here's the latest blog entry from The Comic Shoppe's Daryll B:

Howdy AfroNerd Readers... before I get to a serious (for me) set of quick links, let me try to explain to you all what the announcement of Eureka's coming cancellation in 2012-13 feels like. Imagine that you have this ice cream shop that's just awesome. You been telling your friends for years to come and try these blends. You FINALLY convinced them to go with you to the shop and in your glee when you get there, you see that it's going out of business in a month AND they are going to demolish the building. Yeahhhhh THAT'S what Eureka's news did to me 3 weeks ago after I did that article in happiness about the joint SyFy Universe...

Quick Links:

1) I made DBurt a happy man with this link (hoax or not, this just sounds cool!):


Then I tortured him with the fact that this took place under his nose in New York 2 weeks ago:


(Do those Gamer Gals look hot or what? Manga cats..wooooo)

2) I don't know whether to laugh at the irony of this or not?:


"Fight the power...while lining the power's pockets with our money!"

3) David Brothers once again takes an article and comes at it in a way that forces his readers to respond. This time it is an article from Rolling Stone about Grant Morrison:


You'll see my response in the comments section and I stand by it. Fans of other writers / artists can admit when their favs have strayed a bit... Some of Morrison's followers are like brainwashed into thinking every effort of his is gold...

4) Robot 6 does an article / interview round-up about the "52 Re-Whatever" invasion by DC which kicks off Wednesday with Flashpoint #5 and Justice League #1:


I still maintain that there are only 2 books I am sure to get: Legion of SuperHeroes and Legion Lost.... 3 that I will definitely keep an eye on: Static, Fury of Firestorm, and Nightwing.... Everything else, I am going to have to be bowled over by friends' responses to look into...

5) That being said, here's a moment that I'll miss in the new DC courtesy of Weekly Crisis:


Bye-Bye Super-Marriage....

6) The awesome artists at The Line is Drawn at CSBG did their own send off to the 'old' DC Universe:


Tell me those weren't awesome....

7) Want to know what I am like without the show keeping me in check? Check out Josh in this Comic Critics strip...


Yeah... DBurt has been present for a couple of these rants of mine.... You think I'm out of control on the radio? If we ever put a camcorder in Superhero Comics for one of my rants... I'd definitely be banned...

8) Finally Brian Cronin at CSBG has been tallying up his commenters top 10 Marvel and top 10 DC Characters lists:


So for giggles, here are the characters I sent in:

Ok it took me long enough to try and narrow these down to just 10 for both families.... Being a child of the 80's my list is heavily scewed in that direction with the DC character first....Marvel character 2nd for that place

1 Nightwing - The ultimate kid dream of learning under a superhero then becoming a strong one in your own right

Spider-Man - The ultimate reality of having that kid dream without the guidance and learning the hard way about the cost

2 Cyborg - Purely personal as he was the first true "brother" that was written well I saw in comics

Captain America - The Living Legend who didn't sound like a hypocrite

3 Legion of SuperHeroes - Teenage Super Heroes in the future....Writes itself....

Nightcrawler - One of the easiest characters to fall in love with because of his faith, honor, and attitude

4 Changeling - (I HATE the Beast Boy b.s) Gar Logan is simply fun and the Terra storyline for me was heartbreaking

Magneto - Overuse aside, still one of the most compelling HYPOCRITES in comics

5 Deathstroke The Terminator - Bad A$$

Taskmaster - Bad A$$ pt 2

6 Wally West - The same thing I said about Dick above, Wally just took a longer time to get there

Cannonball - Always been my touchstone character within the X-Family since his introduction

7 John Henry Irons - The PREMIERE example of a honorable character in comics since he was introduced

Firestar - Other folks *love* Jean Grey in the X Universe, my crush has always been Angelica... Blame Spidey and his Amazing Friends

8 Deadshot - Always been cool to me and Secret Six only made today's fans realize what I already knew in the 80s-90s

Iceman - Loads of potential...loads of misuse by creators but Bobby ALWAYS has fun......

9 Static - Virgil Hawkins is an endearing character with a street edge..the 'realistic' Spider-Man

Falcon - The conscience of the Marvel Universe in my eyes...WWFD Proof? Look at the Death of Captain America storyline

10 Donna Troy - Others may hate but Donna was mom, sis, friend, and un-requieted love of the Titans at the time my insane mind was being formed

Quasar - Wendall Vaughn went from a nobody in my eyes to a kicka$$, fun loving adventurer through his book and time in the Avengers. And this was BEFORE DnA's cosmic run....

That's it for me this week AfroNerd Readers. Until next time, Keep Fantasizing!

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Braving the Storm! Afronerd Radio Returns Fully Packed 2nite at 7pm! Topics- NY deals with Irene; Slavery the Video Game?; IN Rep vs the Tea Party

Well folks...we survived the wrath of Hurricane Irene in one piece and we're back and fully packed for this evening's Afronerd Radio broadcast! Our apologies for the delayed airing but we, not unlike many on the east coast were without power (the internet, notwithstanding) and unable to proceed with last week's show. So it's definitely catch-up time-join us tonight at 7pm live as we pontificate on the following topics: Dburt will attempt to give us an annotated of last week's preempted show (the "White" Michael Vick hubbub; former NBAer accused of murder; Paypal founder paying young folk NOT to go to college, etc); hopefully makers of a video game entitled, Slavery the Game are not serious but a Youtube trailer hits the net anyway; Hurricane Irene and the aftermath; Indiana congressman, Andre Carson apologizes for proclaiming that the Tea Party wants Blacks "hanging on a tree"; after having seen a significant portion of Hollywood's latest hit, The Help, Dburt gives his thoughts and if time permits, a young man who lost his eye has a mini cam implanted to record what he cannot see. Call us live at 646-915-9620 or via email/IM at afronerdradio@yahoo.com. And speaking of Rob Spence (the filmmaker with the missing eye) here is the youtube clip detailing his experience (and that of other "cyborgs) in a documentary called Deus Ex-