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Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Links, Some Musings & Afronerd Does NPR on Wed.

Just keeping my readers abreast of the goings on with Afronerd-check out NPR's News & Notes this Wednesday (approx. 1:15pm eastern) as I'm scheduled to appear on Farai Chideya's Bloggers Roundtable. I'm pretty sure that this will be a festive broadcast as Debra Dickerson of The End of Blackness and Mother Jones blog fame and Terrence Health of the Republic of T blog are also scheduled to participate. The topics to be discussed have not been hashed out yet, but I suspect that we may revisit the "ghetto" name versus researched African nomenclature debate stemming from my last Roundtable appearance. We may also discuss whether the Senator Obama-Rev. Wright controversy is actually an indictment on the radical progressive belief system of the institution of the Black Church. We will of course flesh this out during the show but I suspect that many will answer the aforementioned in the affirmative. I would also surmise that many people of color didn't even flinch at Rev. Wright's comments, much less condemn the minister for anti-patriotism. And there lies the conundrum-can African Americans be fairly critiqued by the media without being perceived as not being anti-American? Conversely, can Black folk (as Obama's speech intimated) move beyond victimization while acknowledging (not compartmentalizing) historical inequities? We'll see if we can come up with some cogent responses this Wednesday. And lastly, we may even discuss Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's recent remarks centering around American slavery being a "birth defect." And you thought she wasn't a sista-don't sleep on my fellow conservatives. It's time to listen to both sides of the political aisle.

Click on the link below to hear today's Bloggers Roundtable-think of it as a preview!

Bloggers Roundtable: 'L.A. Times' Apologizes for False Tupac Story

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stay Tuned for Comic Shoppe Radio-Discussing the Next Big Events in Comicdom, Last Week's Graphic Reads-7pm eastern

Don't forget that tomorrow is another episode of the Comic Shoppe featuring yours truly, Max and Daryll discussing the latest news in the comic/sci-fi fantasy world. During this broadcast we plan to analyze the upcoming event series (Final Crisis, Secret Invasion) from Marvel and DC as well as reviewing the stand out graphic novel reads of the previous week. So stop by with your questions and/or comments Monday at 7pm eastern via our call-in number-646-200-0104 or email-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.

The Comic Shoppe's Week in Review

And check out another comic show broadcast from Planet Brooklyn-Pete's Basement:

Pete's Basement Episode 11 - 03.25.08 from Petes Basement on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Fay Wray is rolling in her grave! The Vogue Controversy, Hillary under Bosnian Fire & Media Scrutiny & Is Osama Dead? Next Afronerd Radio

Well, I had planned to write a short opinion piece on the latest Vogue/Lebron James/alleged simian debacle but I decided that it might be better for a discussion on air. In addition, let's wax on the latest Hillary Clinton blunder as well as the lack of media coverage centering around the late Benzir Bhutto's revelation of Osama Bin Ladin's murder. So join me tomorrow at 9pm eastern to discuss these issues and others, courtesy of Blog Talk Radio. Feel free to join in with your thoughts and opinions at-646-915-9620 or email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo. Be there, Be square and Be aware (of shady Vogue photographers).

Afronerd Radio's Week in Review

For footage of the Vogue photo shoot in question, click on the link below:

Vogue photo shoot

And a full length clip that is also rather controversial, but let's keep quiet
about it......shhhh!

Perhaps I'm late on this......but why also the MSM-Bhutto Said that Bin Ladin is Dead!

I was listening to the Coz Carson show on Air America (yeah, I listen to the other side every once in awhile) this morning when a listener made reference to the above clip, which was perhaps one of the last interviews of former Pakistani Prime minister, Benazir Bhutto. What makes this interview fascinating was the rather nonchalant, matter-of-fact fashion in which Bhutto intimated that the Islamic terrorist Osama Bin Ladin was killed. The question remains-why didn't the famed host, David Frost question her about this at the time of the interview and more importantly why hasn't our mainstream media confirmed this story? Unfortunately, Bhutto cannot be vetted as she was killed just a few weeks after this appearance. So, I'm putting this out there for the class-why no noise about this matter from our media? Bhutto was not only an ally of the US but also a well respected (despite prior money laundering charges) and western educated world leader. If Henry Kissinger made similar assertions, would the world just ignore it? What say you?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Comic Shoppe Radio-this evening at 7pm eastern, last week reads, comic news & reviews

Well it's Monday and you know what that means-time for the Comic Shoppe! Stop by http://www.thecomicshoppe.com at 7pm eastern while Max, Daryll and yours truly discuss the latest in comic/sci-fi news as well as our favorite graphic novel reads (i.e. Batman/Superman Annual #2, Ironman,JLA, Captain Marvel, Captain America, etc). I'm sure you guys know how this works-drop by with your thoughts, questions and opinions at: 646-200-0104 or via email/IM at thecomicshoppe@yahoo.

The Comic Shoppe's Week in Review

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mike Huckabee Gets It.....But Will Middle America?.......The Speech, Urban Crime Stuff-Afronerd Radio-Thursday at 9pm

Check out what Governor Huckabee has to say about the Obama-Rev. Wright dust-up. More evidence that if Black folk get thrown on a George Foreman barbecue grill come Democratic convention time this summer-you may want to throw your vote towards the right side of the aisle-I'm just sayin.' So let's mash it up-as my Caribbean brethren often say. Join me tomorrow at 9pm eastern to talk about Obama, his speech and urban crime (the UNC student deaths). The call-in number is 646-915-9620 or contact us via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.

The Fallacy of mentoring the lower tier......

More to follow..

And I'm back. Never let it be said that work and blogging are easy endeavors. I actually found out about the above exchange while listening to Sirius' Howard 100 this morning. The fallacy that I'm alluding to regarding mentorship is that it is an easy exercise (or is that exorcise?). I am definitely not a fan of so-called reality television-perhaps it's adherence to staid racial/ethnic stereotypes is the main reason for my disdain. But whether this clip was staged or not, it still serves as an example of the difficulty of trying to bring civility to those who many would deem to be dysfunctional. As the above clip demonstrates, Dr. Ian Smith's attempt to convey the importance of composure to the young woman ("Toccara") fell on death ears. Unfortunately this behavior is nothing new as we have seen it played out before on many of our crime ravaged urban streets. I have great admiration for the Nation of Islam as they are one of the few organizations that have been successful in rooting out the blind anger that many other Toccaras (both male and female) have one time or another exhibited. Unfortunately, it's kind of "hot on the block" to be a Muslim in America. My wish, in the same vein as Obama's brilliant oration yesterday, is that we move beyond such anger so that we can actually address our internal issues. Anger without focus and direction can leave one alone without progress-just ask Toccara Jones.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Speech....A Much Needed Discussion to stop the Bleeding

I must say that I was moved by Senator Obama's speech yesterday. I have always stated that I am not a fan of Obama's boilerplate progressive politics but that his historic campaign transcends the political for someone like myself whose is coming from a more conservative stance. I have also stated in previous entries that at the very least, for the sake of political survival, Obama needed to move to the center to really bring it home to the average American voter. Unfortunately, he has been backed into the very racial corner that his campaign was so desperately trying to avoid. Being tied to a church that espouses the same 60s radicalism and victimization standard that we have heard countless times before, hopefully will not be the death knell to his otherwise masterful campaign-at least I hope that it isn't. This is not to say that Rev. Wright's words did not bear a glimmer of truth. His reference to the government creating AIDS can be scoffed at by media pundits (as it is conjecture for the sake of histrionics) but no one is discussing that in the minds of many Black folk who remember the infamous Tuskegee Experiment, such a notion is not without precedent. The refreshing thing about Senator Obama was that we thought that his ascendancy in the public sphere would usher in a new age of secular Black politics. This latest controversy proves that he is still mired in fire and brimstone. I pray that he can see himself clear of this political quicksand. We will continue to address this issue on Thursday's Afronerd Radio broadcast.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Reminder.....Interview time Tonight at Afronerd Radio & a Discussion about Obama's Rev. Wright Problem

Don't forget foks that we will be interviewing Carletta Lindsay of ON Network's I Am Blackness film series at 8pm eastern. The second half of the show we will be analyzing the media dust-up regarding Senator Obama's minister, Jeremiah Wright. The call-in number is 646-915-9620-so you know our old adage, Be there and Be square!

Oh and a side note, the new pan-blogging project, Keep It Honest in '08 is up and running, ready for contributers. There's work to be done folks! Let's start by not only visiting the blog but also visiting and writing letters to the organizations/links below:

Pennsylvania Media Outlets-TV & Print

PA Governor Rendell's Contact Info

Hillary Clinton

John McCain

Barack Obama

DNC Contact Info

RNC Contact Info

Friday, March 14, 2008

2 More great shows scheduled.......Interview time on Afronerd Radio(Sun, 8pm eastern) & The Comic Shoppe-Mon. 7pm

We were able to muddle through last night's Afronerd Radio broadcast despite tech difficulties but hopefully we can leave such hurdles in the past with two terrific upcoming shows. First on the list, we implore our audience to check out Sunday's interview with Carletta Lindsay the producer of an ongoing internet TV series entitled I am Blackness, courtesy of ON Networks. I originally highlighted this wholly imperative and prescient series last year on our blog as it intentionally focuses on the positive aspects of Black movers/shakers-no stereotypes included. Drop by with your opinions and/or questions at-646-915-9620 or via IM/email-afronerdradio@yahoo.

And then there's the Comic Shoppe show, this Monday at 7pm eastern. Join Max, Daryll and yours truly on our weekly trek through last week's graphic novels (Fantastic Four, Mighty Avengers, Avengers Initiative, Gotham Underground, etc), the latest in fantasy/sci-fi movie news and our thoughts on the expense of comic collecting as a hobby. You can join in on our conversation at: 646-200-0104 or via email/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo. Make mine the Comic Shoppe!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Let's Try it One Mo' Gin-The Bloggers Summit, Part 2 this Thurs. at 9pm eastern

Well we had such an excellent and insightful Afronerd Radio broadcast yesterday that we decided to do it one more time. We will reconvene for another Bloggers Summit this Thursday at 9pm eastern. One of the few things to note from last night’s show is that a consensus was developed to put either campaign on notice if they are out of line or inappropriate. The rallying cry for this new blogger initiative is-Keep it Honest! Case in point-former Vice presidential candidate Geraldine Ferraro’s untoward and racist comments about Senator Obama. One can surmise that these statements are not only calculated but are also coming just in time for the Pennsylvania primary-a state that according to their governor will not vote for a man of color. So what should the members of Afrospear (and blogosphere in general) do in this election? We should continue to provide information for our readers and demand that both campaigns (but Hillary in this case) maintain fairness and accuracy in this election. Perhaps the campaigners should do something completely novel by talking about the issues and sticking to policy concerns. I would suggest that our readers contact Ferraro directly (her email address- gferraro@hfgcg.com) to let her know that her unconscionable behavior is not welcome. And for bloggers please use bloggerssummit@yahoo.com for contact purposes. For tomorrow’s show we expect more bloggers and more ideas-feel free to stop by. The call-in number is 646-915-9620 and our IM/email address is afronerdradio@yahoo.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Well May be it IS the year of the Black Man.....thanks to Eliot Spitzer....I'm just sayin'

No one can ever claim that this political season is not without drama, excitement or intrigue. At first glance, Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s current fall from grace may be a local story but his super delegate status (for Senator Clinton) will undoubtedly resonate on the national scene during this election cycle. Why does this level of stupidity continue to occur? The old adage-“power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely” appears to be the best explanation. If you are not sure as to what I’m talking about-Spitzer was outed for being “client no.9” in a sting of an illegal prostitution operation. Prior to governing New York State, Spitzer’s role as attorney general enabled him to prosecute not only escort services but also White collar criminals under the guise of bringing back a high moral standard to the law and society. The irony is obvious but one man’s loss is another’s gain-enter Lt. Governor David Paterson. If Spitzer resigns, which cannot be confirmed at this juncture, Paterson would be next in-line, becoming New York’s first (as much as I detest Black “firsts” in the 21st century) African-American governor. Let’s take a look at an excerpt of the National Review’s take on this latest scandal:

Much of the public reaction to Empire State governor Eliot Spitzer’s alleged involvement with Emperors Club prostitutes has focused on rich irony. After all, in his previous role as New York’s attorney general, Spitzer had prosecuted upscale escort services, in addition to his higher-profile campaigns against Wall Street fraud and corruption. Spitzer cultivated an image of himself as a White Knight — a champion against vices both fiscal and physical. But a close look at his public record reveals a man who has become used to the abuse of power — comfortable with the idea of being a law unto himself. Those whom Eliot Spitzer has sought to ruin publicly to serve his political ends — and there are more than a few — doubtless see no irony, no incongruity, in his having allegedly broken the laws he swore to uphold.

As New York attorney general, Elliot Spitzer charted a course unprecedented in American history — stretching the bounds of ancient laws and the state-federal prosecutorial divide in his crusade against Wall Street. Spitzer flaunted the federal regulatory scheme vested in the Securities and Exchange Commission to prosecute investment firms and corporate executives after the dot-com stock-market bubble burst. Spitzer’s weapon of choice was New York’s 1921 Martin Act, which (under 1955 amendments) gave broad power to prosecute “any device, scheme, or artifice to defraud or for obtaining money or property by means of any false pretense, representation, or promise.”

The Martin Act was one of several state “Blue Sky” laws intended to prevent hucksters from selling fraudulent securities of phantom enterprises that consisted of nothing more than “the blue sky above.” The laws were passed before the federal government started regulating securities markets during the Great Depression, but often remained on the books. New York’s Martin Act largely lay dormant; before Spitzer, it was used mainly to go after Ponzi schemes and “boiler room” stock fraud operations.

Spitzer saw a ladder for his ambition in the open-ended law, which is particularly susceptible to prosecutorial abuse. Unlike the federal securities laws, the Martin Act has no requirement of an intent to defraud, no requirement that anyone relied on the alleged fraud, no requirement that anyone was injured by the fraud, and indeed no requirement that any securities transaction took place. The law affords the attorney general broad subpoena power and the capacity to apply enormous pressure on potential witnesses to “cooperate” while waiving their Fifth Amendment rights against self-incrimination.

For more of the client no. 9 scandal, courtesy of the National Review, click on the link below:

Spitzer's Sins in the Spotlight

And then there's the New York Times:

Aides Say They Expect Spitzer to Resign

Sunday, March 09, 2008

2 Important Broadcasts......The Comic Shoppe on Monday & A Special Bloggers Summit on Tues!

Hat tip to Undercover Black Man for this SNL cartoon:

Well, if you haven't guessed by now we did not have any Afronerd Radio broadcasts this past Thursday or Sunday in preparation for a special Tuesday show which will be our version of NPR's Bloggers Roundtable. I had been thinking of doing such a show previously but I have to give credit to Dave Mills of the Undercover Black Man blog for pulling the trigger. Due to the misdirection and "kitchen sink" tactics of the Clinton campaign, Mills contacted yours truly and other bloggers of color to see if we can brainstorm and pool our resources in order to steer this campaign back towards a discussion of policy and issues-not dirty poli-tricks. So join Undercover Blackman, myself, Invisible Woman and others this Tuesday at 9pm eastern to hash out ideas and strategies to refocus this election on the issues. Give us a call at 646-915-9620 or drop a line via email/IM-afronerdradio@yahoo.

And don't forget the ever popular Comic Shoppe show for Monday at 7pm eastern. As always Daryll, Max and I will discuss last week's graphic novel reads, the latest in comic related sci-fi/fantasy news as well comic book memorabilia. Give us a call to share your opinions with the crew at 646-200-0104 or via email/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo. For both shows, you know the deal-Be there, Be Square and memo to Hillary....Be fair!

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Just When I was Starting to Like Robert Downey.....Stay Tuned for Tropic Thunder..

Just when I was becoming more and more enthused at the prospect of Robert Downey portraying Tony Stark in this spring’s upcoming Iron Man flick, I’m finding out that he is simultaneously fanning the flames of minstrelsy. Once again, kudos to frequent commenter Sergio, for his email concerning another Downey celluloid piece entitled Tropic Thunder, in which he will be donning make-up to play a Black person. As I have stated in countless entries, once the minstrel door has been opened everyone feels entitled to enter it and share in the “fun.” Here’s more on the Downey film, courtesy of Cinema Blend:

In a surprisingly effective move, it appears that Robert Downey Jr. will play a black man in Ben Stiller’s upcoming comedy Tropic Thunder. I say surprisingly effective, because if the article on Entertainment Weekly hadn’t told me that picture to your right was of a white guy in makeup, I’d have never figured it out myself.

Yes, that is a picture of Robert Downey Jr. in Tropic Thunder, and yes he’s in blackface. In the movie, Downey plays an Oscar-winning actor named Kirk Lazarus whose character in the war movie they’re making was written as black. So Lazarus decides to play the character, er, as written. As EW rather wisely points out, this could either prove to be pretty funny… or wildly offensive. Of the role Robert Downey says, “If it's done right, it could be the type of role you called Peter Sellers to do 35 years ago. If you don't do it right, we're going to hell.” At least he’s going into this with his eyes open.

The movie marks Ben Stiller’s first directorial effort since Zoolander, and if Downey’s makeup is any indication perhaps he’s also returning to being the edgy comedic force he used to be known as, before he became known as that guy from all those family friendly romantic comedies. Remember that Ben Stiller? I used to like that Ben Stiller. Maybe he can be funny again. Or maybe he’s going to get picketed.

As if the Terrorists, Gangs and General Malcontents Need More Encouragement

Check out this snippet from the UK's Daily Mail:

Meet the pistol that fits in your pocket - and packs a hell of a punch.

The SwissMiniGun is the size of a key fob but fires tiny 270mph bullets powerful enough to kill at close range.

Officially the world's smallest working revolver, the gun is being marketed as a collector's item and measures just 2.16 inches long (5.5cm). It can fire real 4.53 bullets up to a range of 367ft (112m).

The stainless steel gun costs £3,000 although the manufacturers also produce extravagant, made-to-order versions made out of 18-carat gold with customised diamond studs which sell for up to £30,000.

It cannot be imported into the UK, and buyers in Switzerland and Europe must produce an import permit from police to obtain one.

The gun is banned from being imported into the US - because it's barrel is less than three inches, meaning it is deemed too small to qualify for sporting purposes.

Jonathan Spencer, consultant forensic scientist and firearms expert, said that although the gun, which fires bullets at a speed of 399 feet a second, was tiny, it could still prove fatal and in the eyes of the law was as dangerous as a machine gun.

He said: "The general threshold for perforating the skin is about 330 feet a second.

"Apart from bone, skin offers the greatest resistance to penetration. If it can pass through the skin it is potentially lethal, even if the bullets are small.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

What Barack Obama Can Learn from Eminem......

Well the word is out, Senator Clinton can call herself the comeback kid or at least that is what she thinks. So what are Obama's options at this juncture? The respective governors of Florida and Michigan are lobbying to make their delegates count despite the fact that both states started their primaries early-clearly in violation of Dem party rules. And as expected, the Clintons are chiming in for those delegates although neither candidate formally campaigned in those states. We also noticed (to no one's surprise) that Hillary's kitchen sink tactics (negative ads against Obama) at the midnight (excuse me, 3am) hour appear to have worked as she did win Texas, Ohio and Rhode Island. So as a self-confessed Obamacan, it got me to thinking-how does Obama maintain his composure (and his delegate lead) without going negative and thereby going back on his protestations of old style political agendas? Perhaps he should take a page from Eminem's 8 Mile (aka Purple Rain, Par Deux).
Anyone familiar with the film (as the above clip demonstrates) knows that during Mile's climax, Rabbit (Mr. Mathers' character) bested his rivals by employing a self-effacing rap style. Can you imagine Senator Obama rapping: "Yes, my middle name is Hussein," "Yes, I bought a house with Rezco," "Yes, I am inexperienced," "F%ck NAFTA," and so forth. You never know, perhaps then it might leave his rivals speechless.

Of course, Senator Obama can take out his family photos-darkened skin and all. As if being phenotypically Black wasn't enough. Of course, all of us with a certain degree of melanin have taken photographs where one can look lighter or darker but this seems to occur with greater frequency around election time or jail time.

Just ask Harold Ford, Jr.-

And then there's Orenthal Simpson-

And why isn't anyone clearly stating that having a dark complexion does not make someone menacing? But then again, I have heard White shock jocks (Opie and Anthony) state that Obama did not possess a criminally Black complexion. Wow! This pablum should be so easy to rise above. Time for folks of color to employ elegance, excellence and competence-that seems to shut people up.

We Wuz Robbed......Again! Check out I am Legend's Alternate Ending!

Hat tip to our faithful commenter Sergio for hipping me to this jewel. Hollywood as usual dropped the ball...again. This final scene is far more riveting than the one that ended up in your local theater (or bootleg copy). What do you guys think?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More Links and info......

Ok....the above video is funny, expected and just sick! But I couldn't resist. Current exit polling shows that Senator Obama appears to be ahead in Texas and Vermont but Clinton has the lead in Rhode Island and more importantly in Ohio. What does this all mean? I'm not sure but I suspect that the Clintons are not going to concede until Monica Lewinsky sings. Now on to the links. Check out the latest Bloggers Roundtable, courtesy of NPR's News and Views:

Bloggers' Roundtable: Jackson Told to Beat It

You may want to also check out the latest faux scribe to channel Jayson Blair and James Frey-enter Margaret Seltzer. In a nutshell, Seltzer using the pen name Margaret B. Jones was recently discovered to have fabricated a gang memoir entitled, Love and Consequences: A Memoir for Hope and Survival. Oh why must they lie? Here's a snippet on this sham, thanks to the LA Times:

The author of "Love and Consequences," a critically acclaimed autobiography about growing up among gangbangers in South Los Angeles, acknowledged Monday that she made up everything in her just-published book.

"Jones" is actually Margaret Seltzer. Instead of being a half-white, half-Native American who grew up in a foster home and once sold drugs for the Bloods street gang, she is a white woman who was raised with her biological family in Sherman Oaks and graduated from Campbell Hall, an exclusive private school in the San Fernando Valley.

Her admission that she is a fake came in a tearful mea culpa to the New York Times, which last week published a profile of Seltzer using her pseudonym. It was accompanied by a photograph of the 33-year-old and her 8-year-old daughter in Eugene, Ore., where they now live.

Seltzer was unmasked when her sister Cyndi Hoffman, 47, saw the newspaper's profile and notified the memoir's publisher, Riverhead Books, that Seltzer's story was untrue.

Riverhead announced Monday that it had withdrawn "Love and Consequences" and canceled a book tour that was supposed to have started yesterday in Eugene.

Seltzer could not be reached at her home for comment late Monday.

In a brief telephone interview, Seltzer's mother said her daughter was very upset and contrite about the fabrication, but had been advised by her editor not to speak further about it for the moment.

"I think she got caught up in the facts of the story she was trying to write," Gay Seltzer said. "She's always been an activist and she tried to draw on the immediacy of the situation and became caught up in the persona of the narrator. She's very sorry and very upset."

For the (LA) Times article in its entirety, click below:

Author admits gang-life 'memoir' was all fiction

As a heads up, stay tuned for a special interview segment of Afronerd Radio tentatively scheduled for late April in which Dr. John McWhorter (of Losing the Race, Authentically Black and Winning the Race notoriety) will be stopping by to talk about his latest literary tour de force, All about the Beat: Why Hip-Hop Can't Save Black America. Of course, I will keep you guys abreast as that interview nears. Meanwhile, check out a recent Youtube clip of Dr. McWhorter in action:

And you may want to also take a gander at the infamous Charles Murray (of the Bell Curve) appearance at the
same speaking engagement. Am I hallucinating or was Murray 's diatribe different than his quasi-eugenic arguments from days old?

Ok...Iron Man Kicks Spiderman (The Movie) A$$.......

I'm not sure if any of you have seen the updated trailer for John Favreau's Iron Man but it really looks like the superhero/fantasy film to beat for this spring. And while we're on graphic novel fare, check out the latest from the guys from Pulp Secret:

Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Shocker.......Tyra Banks channels Ricki Lake! And it's tired!

Please accept my deepest apologies for this entry but Afronerd's purpose is not only to inform but also to allow this writer to rail against the absurd. Enter The Tyra Banks show. Ironically, I came across the above State of the Union:Black Women clip while searching for Tavis Smiley's Black Union broadcast. My first question-where do they find the audience members for these talkfests? Will we ever have a talk show that facilitates cogent arguments without the adherence to tired stereotypes. It's always the same-audience members with opening statements such as: "As a strong Black woman" or "Black men think this" or "White women are taking our men." Is it too much to ask for a more sophisticated discourse? The topics and reactions are consistently meant to evoke an emotional response from the audience regarding subjects that we have all heard before: interracial dating, aberrant Black males and women of color espousing victimization precepts. Oftentimes when a glimmer of truth is spoken in this format it is quickly shot down by the selfsame audience-the appropriate fleshing out is always obfuscated. The aforementioned victimization/emotion model equals high ratings. What do our readers think? Is it a lost cause to expect elucidation and entertainment? Or is the Ricki Lake School of televised conversation forever in our midst? What say you? Click on the links below for the remainder of Tyra's Black Union:

Tyra's Union: Black Women, Part 2

Tyra's Union: Black Women, Part 3

Tyra's Union: Black Women, Part 4

Tyra's Union: Black Women, Part 5

Saturday, March 01, 2008

No Afronerd radio this Sunday but stay tuned for the Comic Shoppe-Mon. at 7pm eastern


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Afronerd Radio will return this Thursday but in the interim check out our regularly scheduled Comic Shoppe broadcast this Monday at 7pm eastern. We are going to discuss a number of interesting issues coming from the very corners of the comic universe-the future of "digital" comics online, how can the graphic novel audience expand without children and of course we will be chopping it up pertaining to last week's comic reads. Max, Daryll and yours truly will also sneak in some cool comic/fantasy related news (Downey and Sam Jackson in an Avengers flick? JLA movie makers are you listening?). So stop by and join in on the fun-the call in number is 646-200-0104 or reach us via IM/email-thecomicshoppe@yahoo. And don't forget-make yours The Comic Shoppe!

The Comic Shoppe