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Monday, November 16, 2009

Leave It To Glenn Beck To Host A Forum For Black Conservatives.....I Like, I Like!

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this past weekend Glenn Beck hosted a forum for Black Conservatives entitled, Friday The 13th Nightmare for Liberals: Black Conservatives. And I was even more surprised that my colleague in the struggle, Robin Martin aka Conservative Black Woman also made an appearance. I have mentioned on occasion that I am no fan of Glenn Beck. And yes, this alternate community conversation took place at the infamous Fox studios. But believe it or not, I do not agree with all conservatives-you can chalk that up to being a free thinker and not simply a conservative ideologue.

But it was quite refreshing to hear a different discourse among folks of color that debunks the perception that the entire Black community is invested in a grievance honed political agenda. However, I must point out one misstep. I cringed (as I often do) when a person of color laments about being teased for speaking "White." Perhaps the more appropriate phraseology should be speaking "standard English." The last time I checked, Whites do not have a stranglehold on employing proper diction. The "speaking White" dilemma is also reminiscent of the almost knee jerk colloquialism that some Blacks employ when describing a White woman as a "lady."

Describing someone who heretofore is unknown, ascribes an indirect value judgment to a person who may be unworthy. Or maybe we need to have the same instant decorum with minority women....ahem, ladies-but I digress. And lastly, I must also give my kudos to fellow blogger, Field Negro who albeit stands on the progressive side of the aisle, called for greater respect to be given to Black Conservatives by affirming that diverging views should be expressed without using "tom" pejoratives. Now if we can have a more permanent media outlet to speak truth to power.....now that would be something....

For more of this special Beck broadcast, click on the links below...the fourth one has the Conservative Black Woman appearance:

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Oh and check out this addendum clip (thanks to our resident supporter Fred for hipping us to another unshackled Black person) of Mr. Alfonzo Rachel. Oh and he kicks it HARD!!!!

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