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Saturday, April 28, 2012

We're 2 Timing On Our Listeners! (In A Good Way)-Check this Sun 4 The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm: Nerds vs Geeks; Personal Intros 2 Comix; HBO's "Girls"; NYC's KISS-FM No More; NFL Draft (New Slavery?) & More!

After a brief hiatus (and medical procedure for Dburt), The Comic Shoppe and Afronerd Radio return to their regularly scheduled times this Sunday at 6pm and 7pm, respectively.   For the first act in our pulp laced saga, listen to The Shoppe's Daryll B, Captain Kirk and Dburt as they shed some much need light on this week's following topics:  for our infamous Versus segment, let's just keep it simple-Nerds vs Geeks-what's the difference?  And on the notable front-who would be identifiable as nerd or a geek? Are both terms still considered pejoratives?;  the team revisits their first introductions into comic books and why the genre still resonates with them into adulthood; although hip hop artist, Q-tip once rapped, "Industry rule number 4,080, record company people are shady," industry rule 4081, undoubtedly could apply to some within the comic publishing business.  David Brother of The 4thletter blog tackles such a notion in a recent entry for the Comics Alliance site; on the animated side of things, Dburt discovers (in late fashion as usual) Ugly Americans and The Legend of Korra shows and lastly if time permits, a discussion on the proposed film reboots/sequels for The Fantastic Four, Daredevil, New Mutants and X-Men: First Class......see you all at 6pm.

And now for the pièce de résistance, Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk airs right after The Shoppe at 7pm sharp!  Call both shows live at: 646-915-9620 or feel free to leave comments in the chat room at afronerdradio.com.  The issues up for grabs on our Week in Review broadcast this time are:   Captain Kirk waxes on how he noticed that the NFL draft visuals promote the feel and look of a 21st century slave auction;  our thoughts on a recent Jezebel blog piece that centers on the lack diversity apparent in the new HBO hit series, Girls;   a married Detroit judge gets caught sexting a colleague with no apologies; a White managing editor at the Black female themed Essence magazine gets shifted to a different division at the mag because of alleged racist and right wing Facebook comments.....but were the comments more politically charged than racist? And if there's still time on the proverbial clock, scientists appear to be developing a space boat intended to sail the oceans of Saturn's moon, Titan. AGAIN...check us out this Sunday!  

And oh hell....damn time constraints, we must mention for our Blue Area segment at the top of the show....these special UK "wondertwins"-

Hey Hey Hey...We're Just a Bunch of Two Timers! Check Out The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd Radio @7pm!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Join Us Tonight @7pm 4 The Mid Week Review Show: Tupac Hologram; POC on The Titanic; Swedish Cake Controversy; Cosby on Trayvon & Nugent vs Prez!

This Wednesday feel free to pull up a chair and pour your favorite beverage while you listen to the latest episode of Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk-The Mid Week in Review Edition. Listen to Captain Kirk and Dburt (at 7pm, live call in number-646-915-9620) as they analyze and bring clarity to the following topics: the ethical, financial and technological issues concerning the recent holographic resurrection (video, above) of hip hop icon, Tupac Shakur; picking up from the last episode-highlighting the unknown historical footnote pertaining to passengers of color on the ill-fated voyage of the Titanic; Sweden's Minister of Culture, Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth in an alleged symbolic gesture, cuts a cake modeled after the caricature of an African woman-an act that many have deemed to be racially insensitive:

Legendary comedian and education activist, Dr. Bill Cosby weighs in on the Trayvon Martin tragedy and receives a critique from Syracuse University's Dr. Boyce Watkins. And lastly, famed guitarist, Ted Nugent, the "Motor City Madman" himself appears to have made a thinly veiled threat against President Obama if he gets re-elected. See you all at 7pm sharp!

Hey Hey Hey...It's The Afronerd Mid Week in review Show! Starting at 7pm sharp!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

2 Birds, One Stone! The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm-Topics? Teens Build Own BSG Viper; NYC Alamo Drafthouse; Blacks on Titanic? & More!

Ok...no dilly-dallying, join the crew of the SS Comic Shoppe this Sunday at 6pm as they discuss the following graphic novel/sci-fi/fantasy subjects: some enterprising teens are in the midst of constructing a Battlestar Galactica inspired Viper flight simulation ship with Kickstarter contributions; the legendary Texas indie film theater, Alamo Drafthouse makes its way to NYC; Ultimate Spiderman (Miles Morales) is set to meet the original (Earth 616) Spiderman in an upcoming crossover vehicle (and has a Quesada rule been broken with such a crossover?); Josh Whedon and crew film a "last minute" after credits scene for the eminent Avengers movie; Super Size Me's Morgan Spurlock has a new film entitled, Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan's Hope:

And lastly, taking into account time factors, our thoughts on the upcoming Watchmen prequel (including a digital version of the comic's fictional newspaper, The New Frontiersman). Call in for the live broadcast at: 646-915-9620.

Next on the horizon is the Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk broadcast, airing at 7pm eastern standard time. The topics du jour for this live podcast are: financial juggernaut, Goldman Sachs gets tagged for investing in a sex trafficking website; taking a cue from the pop culture/comic book fansite, 4th Letter, the crew waxes on the hackneyed n-word rant monologue device seen in countless American gangster films; our thoughts on a rant of a different sort, coming from a man of color concerning stalled African-American leadership:

Howard University students start a new campaign with the tagline, "Do I Look Suspicious? (and our answer is "yes") and lastly, after numerous documentaries and dramatic pieces pertaining to the tragic sinking of the super-ship, The Titanic, no one thought to highlight that there were folks of color as passengers on that fated voyage-we cover this fact for your edification....AGAIN...this Sunday at 7pm sharp.

Our "2 Birds, 1 Stone" Show- The Comic Shoppe at 6pm & Afronerd Radio's Week in Review Broadcast at 7pm......Finally!

Oh...and this just in-a comic has been developed that started out as joke but now has come to reality, based on the recent real life heroics of Newark Mayor, Corey Booker and actor Ryan Gosling:


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Mid Week in Review Broadcast Airs Wed @7pm-Afronerd Radio, Topics? Post Trayvon-Racial Surge?; Your Brain in Love; Santorum Quits & More!

As always, let's keep this cogent, compact and copacetic! This Wednesday at 7pm (EST) join the two grads from the "Xavier Institute for Higher Learning," Dburt and Captain Kirk, as they unravel the following current event laced issues: in the wake of the Trayvon Martin tragedy, there appears to be a rise in outward displays of racism (the hacking of a Detroit highway traffic sign, National Review columnist fired for racist op-ed, Tulsa shootings, etc); A Huffington Post piece interprets recent findings concerning the human brain when one is in love with his/her respective mate; former PA senator, Rick Santorum, suspends his presidential campaign on the Republican ticket; our thoughts on current scientific studies showing those with conservative or racist leanings having "low effort" or cognitively deficient thought processes, and lastly, for Afronerd Radio's Blue Area segment, we discuss Washington, DC's legendary Howard theatre (reminiscent of Harlem's Apollo theater accept that it predates it by 20 years), which reopens after a $29 million renovation.

AGAIN...join us at 7pm and call the hosts live at: 646-915-9620.

Hey Hey Hey...It's The Afronerd Mid Week in review Show! Starting at 7pm sharp!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

4 Your Easter, Double Your Pleasure Sundays-The Comic Shoppe @6pm & Afronerd @7pm! New Animation; AVX; Trayvon Update; Gil Noble Passes & More!

Happy Holidays to our ever loyal citizenry! Yes, we are broadcasting (or is that podcasting?) tonight, starting at 6pm. Join Dburt, Daryll B. and Captain Kirk on The Comic Shoppe as they discuss the following comic book/sci-fi/fantasy topics: our thoughts on the new animated shows and returning series-Ultimate Spiderman, The Avengers: EMH, Ben 10: Ultimate Alien's conclusion (and what to expect from the next iteration-Omniverse) and Thundercats; AVX aka Avengers versus X-men, Marvel's big crossover event limited series starts off without a hitch; FX's POWERS show is powerless-the cast has been let out of their contracts...but does the show still go on; and lastly, our meanderings concerning DC's upcoming He-Man comic adaptation.

Next up, the boys are back in town! Afronerd featuring Captain Kirk airs after the Shoppe at 7pm eastern standard time. The issues to be pondered are: yet even more information has come up relating back to the Trayvon Martin tragedy (i.e. the firing of an NBC producer for speculative splicing and Neo-Nazis patrol Sanford, FL); and news that is "tangentially related," Dburt is fumed over an exchange between Fox's Bill O'reilly and progressive professor, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill:

A discussion on the passing of iconic journalist and documentarian/broadcaster, Gil Noble of Like It Is fame:

And if time permits, as science and technology delve deeper into the world of AI and robotics, a Huffington Post article denotes growing human unease with machines that exhibit humanoid characteristics. Call in "live" at: 646-915-9620. AGAIN....remember to start your engines at 6pm.

Our "2 for 1" Show- The Comic Shoppe at 6pm & Afronerd Radio's Week in Review Broadcast at 7pm......Finally!

Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Wed is Our Mid Week in Review Show! Afronerd Radio Begins @7pm: Revisiting Racist Films; UFOs; POC on Mad Men; An Elliptical Bike? & More!

Time appears to be chugging along at a fast pace as we get closer to The Avengers premiere-and I couldn't be more elated! But while you wait for what will undoubtedly be a legendary cinematic summer, stop by for Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review 7pm broadcast to get your educational/entertainment oriented filler in the interim. Allow Dburt and Captain Kirk to extrapolate the following current event topics for your aural experience: Dburt laments on the reluctance of Disney (and other like minded movie studios) to release classic films (i.e. Song of the South, above) that might be viewed as racially insensitive to today's audience; scientists posit how humans would react if an extraterrestrial encounter were to become a reality; Black folks (en masse) finally make an appearance on AMC-TV's popular 60s period series, Mad Men; for the fitness enthusiast, our thoughts on the ElliptiGO bike:

And lastly, time constraints notwithstanding, the Afronerd crew will "unpack" their thoughts on the latest MDK (murder, death, kill) tragedy that occurred at an Oakland, CA university. And concerning the Oakland mass murder...a word of advice-be careful poking fun at an immigrant's poor command of the English language. Call us live at 646-915-9620.

Afronerd Radio's Mid Week in Review Broadcast at 7pm......Finally!