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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Somebody Please Please Please Bury the Godfather


As I span the globe...a few links of interest.

Check out a few sites, sounds and articles I came across in my many travels in cyberspace. Stanley Crouch on Herman Badillo's new book. Again Mr. Crouch rarely fails me with his insight. I also came across blackprof.com-definitely another sorely needed Black conservative site. And lastly, take a look at a highlight reel of sorts regarding the race issues of 2006. Enjoy!

Badillo is taking naysayers to school


The biggest race and pop culture trends of 2006

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's Hard playing a Broken Record....Especially when it's the same ol' Tune

I have a hard time accepting the fact that I have been beating the same drum (or playing the same record) as it relates to the dearth of Black multi-faceted imagery in the public landscape for what seems like a lifetime. I have to give many thanks to Mr. Starks (my co-host for the upcoming Afronerd Radio project) for bringing to my attention a recent NY Times piece that showcases the new blipster subculture that is allegedly all the rage. If you haven't guessed, a blipster is a portmanteau of "black" and "hipster"-how ironic. A blipster is that rare person of color that debunks the commonly held b-boy stereotype by dressing in close fitting attire and listening to rock music. What's next, discovering an articulate Black person that reads comic books? In some ways the article is insulting but it does present a dilemma-how does one highlight cultural genres without defining them? Or at the very least labeling the genre in question. I guess my main concern is how can this revelation translate into the public consciousness. I have written to Sirius radio imploring them to consider a Black alternative rock channel (conventional terrestrial radio is a joke) to no avail. We just can not escape the box that hip hop and ghetto culture has been positioned to put Black culture (in its entirety) in. And you just thought that the "black box" was for airplanes. Don't worry though.....I will not be deterred, as I will continue to fight for an expansive view for people of color-so speaks Afronerd. Check out the above interview of James Spooner, director for Afropunk (also mentioned in the Times article) a documentary about Blacks and punk culture. Also click on the links below for more on blipster culture.

NY Times-Truly Indie Fans

This Just In: NYT Discovers Black People Like Music Other Than Hip Hop

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Analyzing Mr. Prelutsky's article....

I wanted to allow a few days to appropriately digest Burt Prelutsky's (of Townhall.com) Black Racism piece. Essentially, Prelutsky posits that it's high time for Whites to dispel fear of reprisal (a.k.a. being labeled a racist) and address Black underclass pathology. He further states that in general Whites are not racist but they are caught in the Niggas vs Black people paradox that Chris Rock referred to in his infamous Bring The Pain standup routine. I suspect that Prelutsky wants the ability to speak as candidly about the Black condition as Bill Cosby or Juan Williams has done in the last few years. My problem with his article (and of course the accompanying Townhall comments) is the generalities relating to people of color that often arise out of such a diatribe.

In all fairness, I agree with some of the points that Prelutsky made, however specificity pertaining to which Blacks appears to be obfuscated. Black culture is the culprit, according Prelutsky and his readers. Last time I checked, Black culture was not a finite one-dimensional entity. Black Racism in some respects, acts as an artifice for Prelutsky to abdicate America's social and corporate complicity in defining Black culture as being synonymous with ghetto culture. No one confuses Southern "cracker" culture as being the essence of White culture-so why should Blacks carry a similar burden? Check out this excerpt from Black Racism:

There is such a thing as white prejudice. No doubt about it. But it has nothing to do with race, and everything to do with character, culture and values. What blacks refuse to acknowledge is that whites are intolerant of crime and the creeps who commit it, be they black thugs or white trash. The latter are those lowlifes who form Aryan gangs; tattoo themselves with skulls and swastikas; and produce, distribute and use methamphetamines. I don’t know a single white person who isn’t ashamed to be of the same race as these vicious cretins.

One thing I try to refrain from doing when I write, theorize or proselytize is speak in absolutes. Nothing is absolute. I also think it is important to use quantifiers such as "many," "some" or "a number." Here are examples-Many Blacks have had negative experiences with the US judicial system or Some Whites are racist. Again, speaking in generalities leads to inaccuracy. How does Prelutsky know that Blacks are not as discerning about crime as Whites? I will make one proclamatory statement, however. I do not believe society racializes Whites to any degree close to a person of color. I do not perceive a White person having to answer for another person that shares his same pigment.

When a high profile Black person is caught in a negative situation (or even a low profile person of color for that matter) trust me when I say that many Black people feel compelled to discuss it from a community perspective. Jeffrey Dahmer is not reflective of Whites and conversely neither is OJ to Blacks. Unfortunately, what has happened in recent years as the Prelutsky article (and the Family Guy vid in my prior entry)demonstrates, some Whites are becoming comfortable in commenting on Black culture as if it existed in vacuum. This is what happens when ghetto culture is marketed as Black culture without a counterbalance. If the media allowed for more Black varied imagery, then he would know that many people of color agree with Bill Cosby just as many do not agree with Reverend Sharpton's politics. The media determines Black representation not Black folk themselves. Perhaps Mr. Prelutsky needs to interact with Black people of various social strata-some of us are actually as articulate as Mr. Obama. Another suggestion-cut your television off and have a discussion like the clip above.

Should This Man Lose His Job?

Yes! I'm keeping this short. This melodrama should be called Mr. Washington Goes to Hollywood. Simply put, Washington probably makes more money in one episode than the average person makes in a year. Enough with the stereotypical Black male implosions-collect your check and sit in a corner. If you can't conduct yourself with grace and elegance? Zip it! Remain silent on nonsensical issues. Try it, Mr. Washington-millions of us do this routine daily. That's all folks!

Monday, January 22, 2007

What Do a cartoon and a Townhall Column have in Common

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First check out the above Family Guy clip (look out for the "Black man" comment towards the end) and then take a look at the Townhall.com column (below) entitled Black Racism , written by Burt Prelutsky. Now talk amongst yourselves...comments coming up.

Black Racism

Uno Dos Tres....Obama! or The I Told You So Entry

I really hate to run the Obama story into the ground especially at the genesis of the campaign season-but I detest when I am critiqued as if I am just speculating on certain topics. As you have undoubtedly noticed from the last entry, I was criticized for pointing out the Obama nomenclature fiasco. Next up, Fox News (sometimes referred to as Faux News by liberals-in this case, appropriately named) reported that Obama has a Muslim past and that this information was drudged up by Hillary Clinton's camp. Please view the above clip and make sure you wear goggles as to block out the mud that has just been thrown. Despite my conservative leanings, I still appreciate accuracy over political polarization. And trust me, this occurs on both sides of the political fence. Since the initial airing of the Fox broadcast and the smoke has cleared, we find out that:

a) Obama did briefly attend an Indonesian Madrassa during his formative years, but it was a public school and had no affiliation with any sort of fundamentalist teachings.

b) Obama is in actuality, Christian.

c) There is very little evidence to support the contention that Mrs. Clinton had knowledge or leaked this dose of misinformation, and

d) Obama's early Muslim education was self acknowledged in both his recent best sellers.

I repeat, let's all hope that the Illinois senator's star shines bright but remember this is just the beginning and already his image is par for the course. Good Luck Barry(hey that's what his High School friends called him).

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

You Know.......Most of the Time I Know What I'm Talking About

Let me state emphatically, that I wish harm to no one-especially Barack Obama. My dear friends at the Booker Rising blog, I believe misunderstood my last blurb/entry. Heck..we conservatives of color must stick together but hey sometimes thoughts get lost in the machine. No doubt, Mr. Obama has made a great first impression ever since he came into the national spotlight during the 2004 Democratic convention. He has all of the trappings of someone who could be president-polished, elegant, youthful and well-educated. And as I alluded to in my previous entry, Obama is a classic moderate-not the social progressive that liberals wish him to be.

Perhaps successfully (or unsuccessfully) conservatives made the term "liberal" a perjorative many moons ago and it would be extremely difficult to get elected under the auspices of conventional liberalism. One could make a strong argument that a liberal in today's lexicon is closer to a Barry Goldwater conservative from yesteryear-if winning an election is the objective. Hopefully the presidential exploratory committee that Obama is forming, gives him the thumbs up to seek the democratic nomination. But as the above video demonstrates-he will have problems, his name notwithstanding. There was already a televised faux pas, confusing Obama with Osama-ewww, that's gotta hurt. So..let's wait to see what ideas, policies and political perspectives Mr. Obama has in store for us. And let's hope that the American public can show that they truly are an enlightened bunch. I'm just not so sure that after the media smoke clears Americans will do what polling indicates.....perchance to dream. Obama entry part three is coming up...hey if Rocky Balboa can do it so can Afronerd.

Obama Fever Doesn't Mean America Has Political Jungle Fever (at least not in the Daytime)

I must discuss the media fascination with Senator Barack Obama's possible presidential bid. Is it more fantasy than reality? Truth be told, Obama is not the liberal that Democrats wish him to be-he is a liberal only in moderation. Stay tuned for my next entry regarding Barack Hussein Obama. And for the record, I hope fantasies do come true...but you saw what happened to the last person named Hussein-not sure, check my entry on January 10th.

Obama takes first big step in two-year race for the White House

Is Obama the Front-runner?

Obama Starts '08 Bid, Reshaping Democratic Field

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Day the Earth Stood Still......or When America Stops Caring About What Celebrities Think

Check out this latest shocker....Jamie Foxx, Mr. Ray himself recently made some disturbing remarks regarding his right to being a nigga. Ok..maybe not so shocking but it's time for America to start the decelebfrication process. This essentially entails the need for our citizens to wean themselves from giving notables like Foxx any platforms signifying political, social or cultural importance. According to today's Daily News gossip section, Jamie (the artist formerly known as Eric Bishop) while performing his stand-up act in Atlantic City Sunday night stated, "I'm an Oscar winner, but I'm a nigga, too." Foxx wants you to know that Whites should not be allowed to use this word and that Blacks own it's usage and nigga (sans the "er") is absolutely necessary to his existence. And least you forget, this exchange occurred on the eve of the Dr. King holiday.

Again...as I have repeated incessantly in this blog, it is crucial for cogent and diverse voices amongst people of color to be heard so that the world doesn't think that Mr. Foxx carries the pulse of a community. He should and does speak for himself...solely. But to be fair, I'm sure there are quite a few folks that share Foxx's belief system. The problem with being part of a minority group is that a high profile person with a voice and a platform and access to the media oftentimes ends up being a representative of sorts. Whites in my estimation (discounting White ethnics) are not racialized like this, as there is no sole White representative that identifiably (no..not even the KKK) speaks for the Whites. Conversely, it's time for Black folk to have this option. According to the media, one would have difficulty quantifying a Black conservative movement-but trust me there is one. One would also believe that many Blacks are poor and uneducated despite an ever growing middle class. And don't let me discuss hip hop since we ALL love the gangsta....really. Perhaps I'm repeating myself with my proselytizing but the truth must be told....maybe Jamie will get that memo one day. I might even hold my breath on this one. For more on the Jamie Foxx story click the link below:

Foxx: Ugly insult's only for 'N' crowd

Monday, January 15, 2007

Now about Oprah's Gift......

To be honest, I do not know what to think about Oprah's generosity regarding her newly minted Leadership Academy for Girls located in South Africa. There are a myriad of opinions pertaining to her gift-most are positive but none without criticism. For the record, anyone who decides to put their money where their mouth is, as it relates to education should surely be applauded. And I have been a supporter of Ms. Winfrey (not that she needs my help, but you never know) of late regarding certain factions from the hip hop community (as the above video can attest to) who feel that she doesn't rep the ghetto or refuses to show love for minstrel music-who is she to have a problem with half-naked, gyrating women in videos?.....go figure.

My only qualm with Oprah is not her gift but the statement(s) she made regarding her decision to bestow the gift to South African children as opposed to kids in the U.S. To paraphrase Winfrey, she felt that kids in America valued ipods over education and that not only are South African girls in greater need but they would also be more grateful. No doubt that there is a kernel of truth to Oprah's sentiments but there is the adage of "charity begins at home." And I'm sure that there are some inner city youths that would be appreciative of a similar endowment that Winfrey may not be aware of. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Gates do not seem to have this same problem as they have recently committed their considerable resources to improving education in the States.

But on the other side of the equation-if African-Americans did not have such a disconnect from the continent of their origin, perhaps this matter would be moot. Another angle to note, is the fact that this academy ignores little Black boys that are equally in need of educational resources however I do hear that a co-ed school is forthcoming. All in all, I must commend Oprah for her efforts-let's see if Fitty builds a school....I just won't hold my breath. Check out the links below for more criticism pertaining to Oprah's South African gift and info on Oprah's academy:

Freedom Rider: Oprah and Bad Samaritans

Oprah Winfrey's Leadership Academy

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tomorrow Never Dies......unless you're sick (or the last week of the year)

Happy Belated New Year Folks.....due to time constraints and a small bout with the flu I have missed some key entry points...tomorrow I will commence the thrashing. Next up will be an analysis of Oprah's humanitarian effort regarding her South African school-as a teaser, check out the above clip. Enjoy!

And for the one or two people who failed to check out Saddam's execution, see it below for confirmation. What a way to end the year-the deaths of James Brown, Gerald Ford (perhaps the last of the great moderate conservatives) and Saddam Hussein (unfortunately not the last of a line monstrous world dictators). Again more commentary is forthcoming.