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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Ok..We're Finally Putting UP A Current Post! Check Out Our New Grindhouse Broadcast Airing this Sat. @6pm & Also Daryll B. Latest Pulp Musings!

Bonjour, people! It's Saturday, it's hot and it's The Grindhouse! Stop by today at 6pm and check out the latest in our "double feature" programming. First up, there's The Comic Shoppe featuring your hosts Dburt, Captain Kirk and the Indestructible Daryll B. The pulp infused (or is that enthused) issues up or grabs this week are: the revelations and expectations coming out from this year's San Diego Comic Con..thus far; our thoughts on the new straight to DVD release of DC's Flash centric Flashpoint Paradox story line; Dburt admits to being corrected regarding minority representation while in the midst of reading Marvel's Young Avengers; discussing how video game consoles and Netflix have changed the "game" (pardon the pun) relating to alternative programming (i.e. Heroes, Game of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Hemlock Grove); Beware the Batman makes its debut and Dburt vents his frustration pertaining to the lack of minority characters in video games (dlc's included!!). Call the hosts live at: 646-915-9620.

Batting clean up, we have Afronerd Radio starting at 7pm sharp. Join Captain Kirk and Dburt as they unpack the following current event laden issues: the crew discuss some important films worth viewing (and some not so much)..i.e. Fruitvale Station, 12 Years A Slave, The Butler and more; President Obama weighs in on the Zimmerman verdict; a heroic honorable mention for our Blue Area segment; notables Bill Cosby, Larry Elder and Charles Barkley catch some heat over the Martin tragedy and lastly, picking up from last week-can the new Knewton educational software change how (and how much) the user learns?

Grindhouse Saturdays Start @6pm-2 Shows Double The Fun!

And then we have The Shoppe's Daryll B. with his latest blog musings. Excelsior!

Before I begin this latest blog experiment, I am actually going to kick this off with my links:

-Hugh Jackman is smarter than most movie houses:


Ok even Jackman realizes the movie making opportunity here. Now can FOX & Sony realize this and put their egos in check?

-Interesting parody of Identity Crisis by Dan Slott highlighted in his latest Meta Messages:


Count me as one that was on board with Identity Crisis until halfway in. This, as some of the commenters noted, actually tainted some of my early beloved DC memories with its revelations. Captain Kirk always wondered where my "hate" for DC began; look no further than here. The one positive was it finally showed in print how much of a bada$$ Deathstroke could be when facing the top tier heroes.... Something I had tried to convince friends for years.

-well I hope Legendary is as committed to a Pacific Rim sequel as they say they are:


I mean Despicable Me 2 is a monster but to get beaten out by Grown Ups 2 also? Ouch!

-Welcome to my world


Robotech/Voltron crossover? In addition, they have announced that Dynamite Entertainment is also doing a "Heroes" comic by Cullen Bunn. *Sigh* just take all my money already!

-OK DC Fans, pay attention to this one...


So Sandman right on top? These mainstream fans can't grasp subtext where you have dumbed down 3 universes to form your Nu52 line and they are going to understand Sandman and its metaphors? HAHAHAHAHAHA

-Just got my hands on Justice League Flashpoint and will have a review for the show (along with Beware The Batman) Saturday but until then DC Animation has more news...


Ok so Flashpoint essentially created the Nu52 (and "erased Wally West, Donna Troy, and the history I loved) line for DC. Is this going to herald the new "post Bruce Timm/Paul Dini" direction for their animation as well? *UPDATE* I have watched 30 minutes of Flashpoint and the best thing I can say is they have streamlined this story a bit.... and BOY WAS I WRONG about them using the Young Justice animation team.. Ugh..... This isn't good people....41 mins to go.....

OK now onto my bit with a little backstory. Back in High school, 2 friends and I had an idea for a comic book that essentially covered the rise of a criminal empire underneath a corporate philanthropic veneer. Being kids, we essentially had these operations being run out of Harlem, Baltimore, East St. Louis, and Compton... You know; the cool places of the time. We came up with a Kingpin/Nino Brown type to run it and came up with at least 30 characters that were associates, rivals, and background. We had a premise that had (to that point of time) not been seen in our comics of a mostly ethnic cast using the air of stereotypes to slowly gain a foothold/power in the country. We had passion, we had drive. We got crushed when I presented the idea to a creator at a comic show and he told me it was rubbish. I lost track of my friends over the years and wonder if in some or fashion are they still trying to make strides within the business/genre like I am here. I hope their passion has fueled their success.

So why bring this somewhat disappointing memory up? Well on Saturday, I sat and listened to the Trayvon Martiin decision becoming quite angry. That this kid didn't get the chance to realize his dreams. Then on Tuesday night, I watched Yankees Closer Mariano Rivera get honored by both All Star teams and a raucous Citi-Field crowd for years of great service. His interviews with his family beside him were just the image of what i think i needed at the time. Lots of love!

A dream deferred along with a dream fulfilled; talk about a 180 degree shift in the spectrum! I cant waste time being down or angry because time is too precious and oh so brief. Folks I say this in another plea to get readers, haters, and passers-by to try and realize their potential. You got a talent...USE IT. You got a voice....USE IT! Don't let it go to waste... PLEASE

I promise to you, faithful readers that I won't stop trying to be better. You all do the same. Until next time Fantasy Fans, Keep Fantasizing!

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