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Monday, November 30, 2009

Applauding Lincoln University's Efforts-Lose Weight Or Don't Graduate! Perhaps This Can Be Applied to Criminality As well......But I Digress.....

This next story is perhaps the greatest testament to why I no longer ascribe to a wholesale progressive belief system. In simple terms, sometimes drastic measures must be considered to take control of a problem if it disproportionately affects a particular community. I would liken this story to what must be done to wrestle control of many crime ridden cities from the urban terrorists that are attacking their citizenry. It appears the latest rub to garner attention on the web concerns what I consider to be an honorable initiative enacted by administrators from famed HBCU, Lincoln University. It's not exactly a secret that our nation's collective waistline is increasing along with its deficit. And Black/Brown communities have been the hardest hit if you concur with the current stats related to obesity. In an effort to gain control of this grave health issue, Lincoln has essentially developed a course requirement for students with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or above.

The course, entitled “Fitness for Life,” must be completed in order to graduate and as expected some students are reluctant because of claims of discrimination or of being "singled out" based on weight concerns. As I alluded to at the beginning of this discourse, sometimes drastic measures are necessary in order to concretely deal with a problem...especially a disproportionate one. I have thought for a long time that if the government were to intervene in addressing some of the criminality and gang warfare that afflicts communities of color, a modified State of Emergency (if not Marshall Law) should be considered. Again, a sense of urgency must be employed to truly protect the innocent residents that have historically dealt with being considered "collateral damage" during violent events. Now Lincoln U is propagating a necessary tool to address another deadly issue and those claiming victim status refuse to comply. For your further edification, check out this excerpt from Examiner.com:

Dr. James DeBoy, chairman of the school's Department of Health and Physical Education, explains that the class involves walking, aerobics, weight training and other physical activities, as well as information on nutrition, stress and sleep. It is considered an easy one unit of credit meeting three hours per week. It requires attendance and participation, but is one which addresses the obesity epidemic which plagues the U.S. presently.

Tiana Lawson, a 21 year old student who hopes to graduate this year, wrote last week in the school’s newspaper she "didn't come to Lincoln to be told that my weight is not in an acceptable range. I came here to get an education."

She told CNN that she had been putting off getting her BMI tested until this year, and recently found out she would have to take the class. While angry at first, she describes herself now as more “confused” about the requirement.

Lawson commented that she felt larger students were being singled out. "If Lincoln truly is concerned about everyone being healthy, then everyone should have to take this gym class, not just people who happen to be bigger,".

All undergraduate students must take a semester class of health, physical education and recreation (HPR) as a part of their core curriculum. The “Fitness for Life” course is added to focus upon the obese individual.

Dr. DeBoy stresses that students are not required to lose weight or lower their BMI. They must only pass the class through attendance and participation.

Obesity increases a person's risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, some cancers and other ailments. African-Americans were 1.4 times as likely to be obese as non-Hispanic whites in 2007, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. About four out of five African-American women are overweight or obese, the agency said.

And if your not convinced, as many in our community mistake acceptance of obesity as cultural entitlement (if not empowerment), take a look at the toll the human body takes when being overweight goes unanswered.

For the remainder of the Examiner piece, click on the link below:

Students ignore own obesity - may not graduate from Lincoln University

West Coast Rap Fans Protest Local Radio Station Regarding Its Playlist

While taking my daily (and reluctant) jog through various cyber "ghettos"-in this case, WorldStarHipHop.com, I came across the above clip regarding a brewing protest over LA's Power 106. It appears that some West Coast rap fans are dissatisfied with the overwhelmingly commercial (and non West Coast comprised) playlist that 106 is currently promoting. Although I'm not a complete West Coast rap fan (specifically the Gangsta rap genre), I can appreciate the sentiment centered around truncated commercial radio programming. Now the irony is.....too bad this idea can't be expanded to incorporating the need to expose the totality of Black music. As I have often lamented in Afronerd, we are just not allowed to hear alternative Black music. Whether it's West Coast rap, underground/alternative hip hop, jazz and Black Rock/Afro-Punk, the present music business machine would rather you listen to soulless pabulum than expansive musical artistry-it is what it is. But we must fight back, folks! Please take this survey by our recent Afronerd Radio guest, Rob Fields as he attempts to extrapolate who the Black Rock/Urban alternative listening audience is...help us fight the monolith!

BoldAsLove.us-Give me 5 minutes! Take the black rock audience survey

Weighing In On the Tiger Woods Matter..........

Unfortunately, it looks like I'm getting sucked into the Tiger Woods spectacle just like other media outlets, but at least I'd like to think that I can have measured discernment to appropriately view this matter in the proper context. It really is a strange thing when something as inane (and mundane) as a simple family dispute (stemming from alleged marital improprieties, if you believe the National Enquirer) has "celebrity salt" thrown on top of it and then it takes on a life of its own. I'm not going to speculate on whether Elin Nordegren attacked Mr. Woods or if his car accident was the result of foul play. I do know this type of situation occurs frequently amongst lesser known families (aka regular folks or the rest of the non-mutant population) and it's shrugged off and treated as a private occurrence. I'm inclined to agree with recent remarks made by actor/director, Clint Eastwood in which he exclaimed that our nation is becoming more "juvenile." I could could go on and on about the media's quest for the next OJ (with White blonde racial subtexts) or the Black community's hesitancy to truly embrace Tiger because of his usage of the term Cablinasian but I'll leave that for the next Afronerd Radio segment. Meanwhile, let's hear from our readers...what's your consensus on this?

Monday, November 23, 2009

We Didn't Have An Afronerd Radio Broadcast This Sun But There's Always the Comic Shoppe! Tues at 7pm ET

More on the JSA, courtesy of Midtown Comics' Podcast:

Midtown Comics Monday Podcast: Was Superman A Spy?, JSA Smallville

As always, let's keep it tight and simple for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday! Join Daryll, Max and yours truly, tomorrow at 7pm eastern to discuss the following topics: Twilight: New Moon's 140 million dollar take down this past weekend and is the public experiencing vampire sensory overload? ; and speaking of vampires overloading the senses, what about the vamps of the future-The Daybreakers; our favorite iconic comic book panels; thoughts about the new Star Trek reboot DVD release and how it relates to Star Trek: TOS canon and lastly our favorite graphic novel reads from last week. Feel free to give us a call during this "live" broadcast at 646-200-0104 or via emial/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com. And remember....live long and prosper!

The Comic Shoppe's Week in Review

Friday, November 20, 2009

You Don't Have To Wait For Comic Shoppe Tuesdays! Check Out The Latest in Pulp News, Courtesy of Daryll B!

Hi once again Afronerd readers, it is Daryll B. writing to you once again about things sci-fi and fantasy in nature. I am typing from a theater in New York prepping to see an early showing of Ninja Assassin. I'm stoked for this even though I am in a "gore dislike" mode recently. What turned me to actually want to go out and see this? It is penned by J. Michael Straczynski and I found out the one of the major stars in it is Korean action films star Rain, who stole every scene he was in during that so-so Speed Racer remake. Yeah I am that easily swayed.

-The Weekly Crisis comic review website did an in-depth analysis of Marvel's digital distribution plan across different platforms that I encourage you all to check out. Nothing will ever replace the feel of an actual comic book in my hands, but it seems that Marvel is serious about going to the next step with their digital library. http://www.weeklycrisis.com/2009/11/digital-comics-done-right.html

-At Comic Book Reources, writer Paul Jenkins has an article called "Flogging a Dead Horse." This week he posted an amusing tale about him, his son and a couple of soldiers going to a comic book convention. Very funny and it does show that within the business there is still heart. http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=23771

-Wow. Crazy excitement over New Moon. Who would have guessed? Still not gonna watch this in theaters for fear of being trampled by old ladies and teenage girls. However Newsarama has an interesting article lining up Twilight Universe dynamic vs a certain comicbook school filled with amazing students.

-Holy Cash Grab Superman! Did we really need to include Superbaby Prime in this Blackest Night thing???? As if I wasn't pissed with you enough DC. What bearing does this have on the big picture? Although I will say the Jerry Ordway art is always a treat to look at.

-Speaking of Cash Grabs, raise your hands if a) you went to a fast food place to grab a movie tie in b) picked up a comic just to get a Blackest Night ring or c) picked up a comic just because a certain wise cracking Merc For Hire was going to make a 2 page appearance within it? (Max I looking at you man!) LOL

-2012 was decent for what it was...shallow dialogue but great special effects. I only hope that when this situation actually happens, humans are smarter than their movie counterparts.

Book of the Week:I picked the 4th treasury of Pearls Before Swine Pearls Sells Out and let me tell you, no other comic strip visualizes my sarcasm at the world quite like Rat does here. Kids will love the "cuteness" of the characters, adults will talk about the greater meaning of the text.

Enjoy Your Week Readers!

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Comic Shoppe Show, Mon at 7pm ET! Discussing the "Kick Ass" & JLA Animated Trailers, Punisher Continuity, Ninja Assassin & More!

As always....time to keep matters succinct! Join the Comic Shoppe crew tomorrow at 7pm eastern as we bring our pulp analytical skills to shed light on the following topics: our impressions of the Kick Ass and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths trailers; the latest Punisher vs Kingpin vehicle and just how old is Frank Castle anyway; expectations for the Wachowski's Ninja Assassin film; just how good is Dick Grayson's Batman impression? and lastly our favorite graphic novel reads from last week. You know what to do! Call us "live" at 646-200-0104 or leave comments/questions via email or IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com. And remember, Be There, Be Square and Be Aware....it might just save your life!

The Comic Shoppe's Week in Review

And while we're on Ninja Assassin...here's a clip:

Leave It To Glenn Beck To Host A Forum For Black Conservatives.....I Like, I Like!

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised to find out that this past weekend Glenn Beck hosted a forum for Black Conservatives entitled, Friday The 13th Nightmare for Liberals: Black Conservatives. And I was even more surprised that my colleague in the struggle, Robin Martin aka Conservative Black Woman also made an appearance. I have mentioned on occasion that I am no fan of Glenn Beck. And yes, this alternate community conversation took place at the infamous Fox studios. But believe it or not, I do not agree with all conservatives-you can chalk that up to being a free thinker and not simply a conservative ideologue.

But it was quite refreshing to hear a different discourse among folks of color that debunks the perception that the entire Black community is invested in a grievance honed political agenda. However, I must point out one misstep. I cringed (as I often do) when a person of color laments about being teased for speaking "White." Perhaps the more appropriate phraseology should be speaking "standard English." The last time I checked, Whites do not have a stranglehold on employing proper diction. The "speaking White" dilemma is also reminiscent of the almost knee jerk colloquialism that some Blacks employ when describing a White woman as a "lady."

Describing someone who heretofore is unknown, ascribes an indirect value judgment to a person who may be unworthy. Or maybe we need to have the same instant decorum with minority women....ahem, ladies-but I digress. And lastly, I must also give my kudos to fellow blogger, Field Negro who albeit stands on the progressive side of the aisle, called for greater respect to be given to Black Conservatives by affirming that diverging views should be expressed without using "tom" pejoratives. Now if we can have a more permanent media outlet to speak truth to power.....now that would be something....

For more of this special Beck broadcast, click on the links below...the fourth one has the Conservative Black Woman appearance:

Glenn Beck Special On Black Conservatives- Part 2

Glenn Beck Special On Black Conservatives- Part 3

Glenn Beck Special On Black Conservatives- Part 4

Oh and check out this addendum clip (thanks to our resident supporter Fred for hipping us to another unshackled Black person) of Mr. Alfonzo Rachel. Oh and he kicks it HARD!!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Tonight's The Night! Stop By Afronerd Radio at 7pm-Black Rock Musicianship, Politics, Pop Culture & Race Issues

Find more videos like this on Afro-punk

Apologies go out to our readers, radio listeners and general supporters for our taking a reprieve from blogging for the past few days but sometimes a break is required in order to rejuvenate (no not like Mr. Sosa!!) the senses. So again, we're back and ready to "chop and mix it up" on the airwaves this evening at 7pm eastern. We have a scheduled interview with alternative/Rock artist, Tamar-Kali(Brown) but I received word from her publicist that she is in the midst of traveling and performing this weekend so, we'll have to play it by ear as to her making the appearance. If she's not able to make it, we're assured that we can always reschedule.

Nevertheless, we implore our NY-tri state area readers to support her November 21st show entitled, Cabaret Chocolat: An Autumn Night’s Soiree. Please check out the previous entry for information pertaining to Ms. Kali-Brown's upcoming performance. But much like any other cabaret show, our Afronerd Radio broadcast must go on!

So feel free to drop by during the live broadcast with your questions and comments by calling 646-915-9620 as we discuss the following: racism rears its ugly head.....again, regarding Chinese "netizens" foisting racial epitaphs at young Blasian perfomer, Lou Jing; Can President Obama lend some support to Jing during his trip to Asia?; more fallout over last weekend's limited release of Precious; additional fallout from baseball great, Sammy Sosa's complexion turnaround; and lastly former Hootie, Darius Rucker wins best new artist at this year's Country Music Award (the 2nd African-American to do so). Now for our overture before the broadcast, check out this clip of China's Lou Jing:

Afronerd Radio Interviews Afropunk Songstress, Tamar-Kali!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Afronerd Radio Preview-AfroPunk Songstress, Tamar-kali Pays A Visit To Afronerd Radio, Sun at 7pm ET

Hold on to your wigs, folks! The great Tamar-kali has a scheduled tete a tete with Afronerd Radio to discuss her latest musical endeavor, Cabaret Chocolat: An Autumn Night’s Soiree. Ms. Kali's Chocolat opens November 21st, and is being presented by way of Columbia University's Center for Jazz Studies. Here's an excerpt from Harlem One Stop describing Ms. Kali's upcoming performance:

Tamar-Kali and her all-female Psychochamber Ensemble are joined by special guests, including The Main Attraction, Monstah Black, Keibpoli, Master of Ceremony “Marco the Magician,” and a rare solo performance by chanteuse-accordioniste Marni Rice. The evening begins with an open bar mixer, followed by a theatrical night of serenades, burlesque, and illusion.

So set your calendars for this Sunday at 7pm as we "chop it up" with Ms. Kali delving into her show, new cd and history with the Afropunk scene. And on an unrelated note, check out Mr. Sergio Mims waxing on the new Precious film on Bloomberg TV:

Sergio Mims discussing Precious on Bloomberg TV

Monday, November 09, 2009

Bringing This Clip Out of the Comment Section & Into the Main Foyer-Stanley Crouch's Words of Wisdom

Although I think Mr. Crouch missed a step with his adulation of the Precious film, he was dead on target regarding hip hop artist 50 cent and his ilk. I do think that Crouch should take a look at this clip because one could easily superimpose Precious for Mr. Curtis Jackson-I'm just sayin'.

And check out more from Mr. Crouch unplugged. Notice how he begins this discourse by highlighting the variants within the Black experience. We have to fight the monolith, folks! Enjoy!

Ok...It's Back To Comics Tuesday! Check For Comic Shoppe radio at 7pm ET & The Latest in Pop Cultue News, Courtesy of Daryll B.!

We unfortunately did not air last week's Comic Shoppe show but let's try to make up for lost time with tomorrow's episode. Join Daryll, Max and yours truly as we bring our special brand of pulp analysis to the following topics: a discussion centered on our most memorable graphic novel story lines-i.e. death of Gwen Stacy, the marriage of Lois Lane and Clark Kent, etc; thoughts about the upcoming release of Twilight: New Moon and the female comic-con fandom attached to it; J.J. Abrams has been picked to direct a Micronauts film; comparisons between Smallville and The Vampire Diaries; an academic is pushing for comics in the classroom and lastly, our favorite graphic novel reads from last week. So stop by with your questions/comments and reach us live at-646-200-0104 or via email/IM-thecomicshoppe@yahoo.com. And as always....Imperius Rex, ladies and gentlemen!

The Comic Shoppe's Week in Review

And next up, submitted for your reading pleasure, the latest in pulp/fantasy news by way of the Comic Shoppe's own Daryll B:

So where do I go from here?

There are times in a comic book fan's life when he looks at his collection and wonders: "Am I collecting this because I love the book or because I am just completing my set?"

That moment has come for me with several books folks. X-Men, Teen Titans, Avengers, Batman, etc. your titles are on notice for this is one comic reader that is tired of shelling out big bucks for little return. And people wonder why more people don't read these things. Whether it is inconsistent art to incomprehensible plots to creators that don't give two bits (you know I could have said something else there!) about loyal fanbases who purchase their stories. Cut the crap comic companies and go back to consistently producing quality!

Quick Hits

While I liked Astro Boy in the theaters, I can see where major changes were made to the concept. The fact that major audiences in Japan walked out of Astro Boy showings out of disgust makes twice now that a major animated movie import from there was walked out on by core fans. If I am handling the Akira, Avatar The Last Airbender and Voltron live adaptations, I would pay close attention to this trend.

I am not a fan of Twilight as you know, but the marketing of New Moon is being done right. Play up the action scenes to lure back the supernatural fans that were alienated before. Will this work? Time will only tell but kudos to them for the effort.

Interesting tweaks to the new V series. They got me hooked for a few more episodes and got to love the veteran science fiction actors / actresses sprinkled all through the show. I know someone has already got a drinking game made up for this.

Underrated by my coverage, but week in week out Supernatural continues to be the quality that all other sci-fi shows on TV needs to be measured to. If you told me that a show on the CW would be the best in its genre 5 years ago and it wasn't Smallville, I would have called you a liar. But here I am now saying it.

The Road vs The Book of Eli; we have another Armageddon vs Deep Impact fight on our hands folks.

Heroes this week, with Hero and Charlie, reminded me about why I fell in love with the show at the beginning and unfortunately it also reminded me that these quality episodes for the series are the exception now, instead of the rule.

Recommendation For The Week

On the verge of Veterans Day here in America, I just have to say reflect on the sacrifices our soldiers have made for the country they serve. You might not agree with their actions all the time or reasons they are in conflict. But most serve the country with pride and the Fort Hood tragedy / disgrace brought the point home for me once again. I have a lot of former brothers and sisters at arms who are tied to Fort Hood in one way or another and my thoughts are with them.

To that end, my recommendation is DC's The New Frontier Absolute Edition or the original dual paperbacks. The heroism shown by the soldiers throughout the prose should be a beacon of hope and pride to all who read it.

That's it for me this week folks as I begin to watch my Yankees prepare for their parade down the Canyon of Heroes. Until next week sci-fi fans, Keep Fantasizing!

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sorry For The Preemption-Afronerd Radio Returns Next Sun.....For Now A Few Observations & Oh Yeah A Centenarian Buys a Camaro!

Usually I'm not one for absolute speculation, but has anyone taken a look at retired baseball great, Sammy Sosa lately? The latest (and lighter) photo was taken at a recent Latin Grammys ceremony and all I can say is.....Didn't he get the memo from Mr. Jackson's demise this summer? Wow. Allegedly Sosa stated that the bright lights and his recent skin rejuvenation treatments caused this change in his complexion. I guess 300 plus years of Western indoctrination (and colonization) really is sticking with some us in this new millennium. And on that note, I guess Chris Rock's Good Hair should be doing well at the box office.

And just when I was thinking I should move on from a diatribe centered on alleged African-American racial/cultural insecurity, I'm reminded that Lee Daniels' epic, Precious was released this weekend. Afronerd reader and film critic, Sergio Mims forwarded an email to our attention a few days ago, linking an alternate review (from critic Armond White) that encapsulated my thoughts to the "t" regarding this film. I've stated my thoughts about this film on Afronerd Radio as well as the blog but I must confess, that I am gratified that someone else also noticed that this film, despite the growing Oscar buzz, may be deleterious to African American imagery. Here's a few words from White's piece, courtesy of the NY Press:

Not since The Birth of a Nation has a mainstream movie demeaned the idea of black American life as much as Precious. Full of brazenly racist clich├ęs (Precious steals and eats an entire bucket of fried chicken), it is a sociological horror show. Offering racist hysteria masquerading as social sensitivity, it’s been acclaimed on the international festival circuit that usually disdains movies about black Americans as somehow inartistic and unworthy.

The hype for Precious indicates a culture-wide willingness to accept particular ethnic stereotypes as a way of maintaining status quo film values. Excellent recent films with black themes—Next Day Air, Cadillac Records, Meet Dave, Norbit, Little Man, Akeelah and the Bee, First Sunday, The Ladykillers, Marci X, Palindromes, Mr. 3000, even back to the great Beloved (also produced by Oprah)—have been ignored by the mainstream media and serious film culture while this carnival of black degradation gets celebrated. It’s a strange combination of liberal guilt and condescension.

Birth of a Nation glorified the rise of the Ku Klux Klan as a panicky subculture’s solution to social change. Precious hyperbolizes the class misery of our nation’s left-behinds—not the post- Rapture reprobates of Christianity’s last-days theories, but the Obama-era unreachables—including Precious’ Benetton-esque assortment of remedial school classmates. One explanation is that Precious permits a cultural version of that 1960s political controversy “benign neglect”—its agreed-upon selection of the most pathetic racial images and social catastrophes helps to normalize the circumstances of poverty and abandon that will never change or be resolved.You can think: Precious is just how those people are (although Cops and the Jerry Springer and Maury Povich shows offer enough evidence that white folks live low, too).

My sentiments exactly, Mr. White. I've had my fill of Black ghetto pathos on the silver screen-there are other stories to tell. Which reminds me.....I finally got the chance to see what all the hoopla was about pertaining to the vampire themed film, Twilight. Never let it be said that Twilight is the new Dracula or that lead actor, Robert Pattinson is a young Bela Lugosi, but it does remind the viewer (of color, specifically) that there is a severe dearth of diverse minority characterization in current cinema. Can you imagine a romantic (and expensive) horror flick with a majority Black/Brown cast that wouldn't be played for laughs? Or as I once posited, A Black Harry Potter-esque film, with its own unique mythos? Perchance to dream....anyway, feel free to check out the remainder of the White article by clicking on the link below:

Pride & Precious

And lastly, I thought that this next clip solidly proves that age really is just a number. While some seniors who may actually be 30 years this gentleman's junior complain about the difficulties and challenges of being advanced in age, others are buying brand new camaros:

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

CNN Posits.....Is The Obama Effect Trickling Down To The General Image of Men of Color?

Somehow how I missed Don Lemon's CNN Special, Black Men in the Age of President Obama however, thanks to cyberspace, I'm never completely out of the fold. Although I have great appeal for CNN's coverage of current events, at times the famed news outlet has missed the mark on certain permutations within the African-American community. Nevertheless, I thought Lemon's piece was quite profound but short on enlightenment.

Perhaps the breakout voices during this broadcast were educator, Steve Perry and entrepreneur, Farrah Gray. The voice that was unnecessary? DJ Drama. His appearance/fashion sense reminds me of a question I asked our recent Afronerd Radio guest, Michaela Angela Davis-when does Hip Hop class up its act? Although Jazz music is highly revered today, we must remember that it's origins date back to the brothels of New Orleans, yesterday. Lemon's panelists were visually polished and therefore could be taken seriously....not so much for the hip hop representative. And as I have stated on countless occasions, I am a supporter and purchaser of hip hop music, I would just like to see some betterment. Let's hear your thoughts on this special? Click on the link below, for the remaining segments of the broadcast:

Black Men in the Age of President Obama

Monday, November 02, 2009

And Now A Pop Culture Week in Review Moment From The Comic Shoppe's Daryll B!

Hiya Afronerd readers, once again I am back with some fantasy / sci-fi observations:

I told you folks about Trauma. Bye bye! The good news is that Chuck's new season episode tally has been increased by 6 or 7 episodes. (newsarama)

This Smallville season has really split its fanbase more than any other season. So much so that one of its producers put up a twitter poll in conjunction with a EW.com one to ask the fans directly what they want. In brighter news, Michael Shanks did a great interview with the Huffington Post talking about wearing the wings and carrying a mace. So yes sci-fi fans, we are getting Hawkman in look as well as spirit...um spirits....you know what I mean. (newsarama)

If you haven't been watching Venture Bros. folks, start. Omigosh my eyes are still watery from last night's episode which was a total ripoff from a Treehouse of Horror, Heavy Metal and The Shining .

If I see anymore scenes from 2012 on TV and on trailers I think I will have seen the whole movie. So far I am not impressed.

Sigh, I can't believe I am saying this but I got a chance to catch up on Star Wars: The Clone Wars
of the weekend and it's good. Those who have heard me, have heard my rants against the show before, but these bounty hunters and the action sequences are quite entertaining.

Comic Book Resources has a very interesting interview with Tyrese Gibson about comics and the digital market involving his book Mayhem. While I don't like the book personally, I can't lie, Gibson makes some valid points of the state of the industry. I give him credit, I thought he was in it for the money only. He has given this idea a lot of thought.

Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin in the Thor movie? Sign me up for that!

V debuts on Tuesday and while I still have misgivings about the project, I will be tuning in.

3 words: Transformers. Ongoing. Comic. It is about time IDW. Thank You.

Marc Gugghenheim off of FlashForward already? David Goyer is going to run the show solo? I'd feel better about this if I didn't know that Goyer's last show solo was Spike's version of Blade. The show crumbled under the weight of melodrama before the last 2 episodes saved it. That is before Spike said screw it to renewing it. I'm praying for FlashForward in other words.

Saw The Vampire's Assistant and while it isn't Twilight, it has its own moments to make someone facepalm themselves. At least I get Selma Hayek as a supernatural creature again. However how appropriate is it really that in a theater with a LOT of little kids around, when she was on the screen I could only think of From Dusk Til Dawn ? Yeah you folks know the scene.....

Thanks for reading folks and until next week: Keep Fantasizing!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Reminder & An Acknowledgement In Memoriam-The McLendons

Boldaslove.us Presents: Fire In The Dark

Don't forget to set your dials....ahem, I mean your browsers/bookmarks for another special Afronerd Radio broadcast, when we interview Mr. Rob Fields of The Huffington Post and BoldAsLove.us, starting this evening at 7pm (eastern). And for your further edification and entertainment, click on the above link to get a free download of Fields' latest Black Rock music compilation appropriately entitled, Boldaslove.us Presents: Fire in The Dark. We will discuss the music industry in general and Black Rock musicianship, in the specific as well as playing some choice tunes from the aforementioned mp3 album. So don't be shy! Call in with your comments, questions or disagreements at 646-915-9620 or contact us via IM/email at afronerdradio@yahoo.com.

Afronerd Radio Interviews Black Rock Evangelist, Rob Fields

For the second half, we will have a regularly scheduled Week in Review segment, as we discuss yet another Chicago tragedy involving a friend to the show, Garrard McClendon. Our readers might remember Mr. McClendon, as we were fortunate enough to interview the esteemed educator and media correspondent earlier this year regarding his book, Ax or Ask? The African American Guide to Better English. You can check out the interview by clicking on the link below:

Afronerd Interviews Educator & Author, Garrard McClendon

Well, here at Afronerd, we send our heartfelt prayers and condolences to Mr. McClendon and his family due to the loss of his parents, Milton and Ruby McClendon who were killed in a indescribable act of violence. No one should ever have to go through something this horrific. Out of respect to the McClendons, I will keep my protestations to a minimum. But to our detractors that insist that we should refrain from discussing similar criminal acts, we will not let up because the decent folks of color are being seen as collateral damage and this cycle of violence must end now! Again, in an effort to refrain from too much editorializing (and sensationalizing), click here for more about the McClendon tragedy. We may speak in a more compendious tone relating to this tragedy for Afronerd Radio's second half. And if time permits, we will address President Obama honoring Senator Ed Brooke as well as NPR's recent coverage on Black/Latino identity versus the scholastic achievement gap conundrum. See you guys at 7pm!