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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Necessity really IS the Mother of Invention..........

Note to self-people of color may have to take pointers from fanboys. I'm probably late at bringing this to your attention, as I often highlight the serious to the innocuous, but I wanted you guys to take a look at the above Green Hornet fan film. I've known for quite awhile that director and sometime comic writer, Kevin Smith was supposedly attached to a possible reboot of the Green Hornet franchise. Names such as George Clooney, Jet Li and Jake Gyllenhaal came up as potential candidates to star in this project. But in typical Hollywood fashion, Smith is no longer attached to the film and another studio may produce this film for 2009. Now what does this have to do with Black people? Well, as this entry is so appropriately named-necessity is the mother of invention. The fanboys wanted this film to be made and so as the above clip demonstrates-they did a credible job at creating a product by themselves. And this is a regular practice among the fanboy set. I would suggest that if people of color are dissatisfied with certain things-you may have to build it yourself. If you build it they will come. Also click on the link below to check out a legendary clip of the 60s incarnation of the Green Hornet featuring Mako (who died last year) and the indomitable, Bruce Lee.

Youtube does the Green Hornet

New Blog Alert!!......Well Okay, New To Me

I just so happened to be visiting the UnderCoverBlackMan blog (a blog incidently, I would suggest all of you visit simply for Mr. Mills' misidentified black person alert) and came across a link to yet another blog, entitled Acting White. The blogger, James Collier, is actually in the midst of writing a book analyzing how the perception of attaining greatness in the Black culture can be equated with whiteness. Obtaining educational or financial success should not (and does not) mean one is attempting to act white, which Collier is so eloquently positing. I would definitely suggest that after you read this blog, take a hop and skip over to Mr. Collier's excellent effort. One of my favorite entries is a mock conversation between Collier, Michael Eric Dyson (the good reverend, doctor wannabe rapper) and Dr. Cosby. I provided an excerpt of this conversation below as well as a link to Collier's blog. Enjoy!

Talking Points
Bill Cosby vs. Michael Eric Dyson vs. James C. Collier

Michael Eric Dyson takes Bill Cosby on head-to-head with each issue that he brings up in his now infamous NAACP speech from May 17, 2004. Here are some highlights:

Cosby: "Just forget telling your child to join the Peace Corps. It's right around the corner. (laughter) It's standing on the corner. It can't speak English. It doesn't want to learn English. I can't even talk the way these people talk."
Dyson: "Cosby's poisonous view of young folks who speak a language he can barely parse [Ebonics] simmers with hostility and resentment." And "Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Cosby's lauded '70s television cartoon series, won greater acceptance for a new cast of black identities and vernacular language styles. Cosby has made money and gained further influence from using forms of black English he now violently detests."
Collier: “I think Mr. Cosby’s point is that today’s Black kids are not bi-lingual, in the sense that Black English is unique and ubiquitous, nor are they, to a greater extent, bi-cultural, to the requirements of society. The ability to move ‘seamlessly’ between the ‘standard English’ requirements of school and work and the informal language of the street is a prerequisite both for advancement and maintaining uniqueness.”

Cosby: "People with their hat on backwards, pants down around the crack. Isn't that a sign of something, or are you waiting for Jesus to pull his pants up (laughter and clapping)."
Dyson: "Baggy clothes express identity among black youth, and not just beginning with hip-hop culture. Moreover, young black entrepreneurs like Sean 'P. Diddy' Colms and Russell Simmons have made millions from their clothing lines."
Collier: “Emulating styles is one thing; emulating prison-inspired dress is another. When style of dress implies a mindset and behavior that includes the rejection of education, and other advancing assimilations, including lawful behavior, those styles should be recognized as not mere expressions of identity, but rather as counter-productive behavior. The fact the Mister’s Combs and Simmons have made millions commercializing prison-inspired styles does not make it acceptable.

Acting White

And for the rest of the Collier, Cosby & Dyson conversation:

The Injustice Bill Cosby Won't See

I always thought Jesus was Chocolate but NOT like this......

I'm all for artistic license but not like this next story. If you have been a frequent reader of this blog, you should be very familiar with its predominant theme-bringing to the public discourse the loss of our culture. This loss encompasses all of America's artistic manifestations-ethnic art, music, photography, paintings, etc. The sculpture (pictured above) is a depiction of Jesus Christ made out of approx. 200lbs of chocolate. What makes this story controversial is that the sculpture displays Christ without a loincloth, somewhat sexualizing the religious figure. I sincerely doubt that it is coincidental that the exhibit is being displayed during the Easter season. The chocolate Jesus or the aptly named, My Sweet Lord exhibit is the creation of artist, Cosimo Cavallaro who has gained a reputation for using food to create his sculptures. What really frustrates me about this is that we have been down this road before-there will always be someone, artist or opportunist (you pick the correct nomenclature) that will push the alleged artistic envelope for the public's prurient interest. Famed "artist" Robert Mapplethorpe, went down this same road of filth more than a decade ago with crass photographs depicting men (and men of color especially) in highly questionable and sexually disturbing positions. Thankfully, local Catholic associations banded together and the chocolate Christ exhibit has been canceled. Now if only we can rally our citizenry to put a dent in the disrespectful minstrel music machine that assaults Black imagery on a daily basis-I'm sure such an effort would make Jesus proud. For more on the My Sweet Jesus controversy and Robert Mapplethorpe check the links below:

Outcry Cancels Chocolate Jesus Show

Gallery Director May Resign Over Chocolate Jesus Exhibition

Wiki on Robert Mapplethorpe

Friday, March 30, 2007

You need to Plug Tune-in'.....Plug One....Plug Two

Just a reminder that Afronerdradio is a radio project in progress. We intend to do multiple shows as time permits and it appears that we will be expanding our broadcasts to two weekly programs. Feel free to listen to our provocative interracial dating and Black Conservatism show from last night. Coming up this Sunday at 5pm, Mr. Starks and I will be discussing the State of Black Men 07', the down low phenomenon(is it a reality?) and negative African American imagery...whew! Check us out and join our conversation live at-(646)915-9620 or via instant message, afronerdradio@yahoo. Meanwhile, never let it be said that Afronerd doesn't enjoy a hip hop parody-take a gander at the above clip featuring comedian, Aries Spears imitating citizens of the rap elite.

Last Night's Afronerd Radio show-podcast a la mode

Thursday, March 29, 2007

If only there wasn't an age requirement for American Idol-Ladies & Gentlemen....Snoop Rovey Rove

What do you think American Idol's Sanjaya Malakar and Bush strategist, Karl Rove have in common? Actually they may have three things in common. First, as the above video demostrates, questionable musical talent. Second, the ability to promote mediocrity in a public forum. And lastly, exhibiting a tenacious spirit with both low approval ratings and public support, simultaneously. Although I am a conservative, I am not an apologist for a substandard performance-whether it's in the field of entertainment or government. In some respects, one should be perturbed with the nation's acceptance of mediocrity. Many folks may be mad at young Malakar for corrupting the Idol process, however the show gives the public what it asks for-style over substance. In recent years our government (and entertainment) prefers image over dealing with substantive issues. One must be honest, a Bob Dylan or James Brown would not fair well on American Idol, given today's standards and conversely having a dancing presidential advisor(and a POTUS who would be his Flavor Flav) as terrorism, weekly scandals, a downsizing economy and a WAR loom in the background is unconscionable. Perhaps I should lighten up, as the above clip is from a recent D.C. banquet but I just want to know one thing.....will the real conservatives please stand up? Please stand up.

Much to do about Nothing.....I confess

The above clip may not mean anything to anyone living outside the NY tri-state area, but it frankly scared the crap out of me when I was a kid. During the 70s and 80s, this was the intro for WPIX's Chiller Theatre, a local horror show. Just being able to see this clip not only brings back memories, but also makes you realize how crucial Youtube is for the preservation of popular culture. Yes, it is innocuous fun, but rest assured more serious subject matter is up next. Well, after I discuss the Sanjaya factor. Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Losing Landmarks in Joisey-First, The Sopranos and now Slavery

I must confess that I am no big fan of the Sopranos as they rely on heavily stereotyping Italian-Americans-thankfully, the remaining eight episodes should finally put this nightmare to rest. The highly touted show also did a fair share of lambasting folks of color during its six season run. And just as the Sopranos was a New Jersey staple, the curtain may be lowered on another Garden state institution of a historical kind-slavery. I just happened to come across a story that appears to be gaining some momentum in the local tri-state media pertaining to developers attempting to purchase property that highlights Jersey's involvement in the slave trade. Here we have yet another story, in which greed trumps the need to maintain artifacts of historical significance. I think that it is imperative to foster fiscal growth and development, however our nation's history should not be pushed to the side at every moment for economic opportunism. For specifics relating to the New Jersey Van Dyke farm story, click on the link below:

In New Jersey, Old Slave Quarters vs. New Homes

Monday, March 26, 2007

Our Next Radio Show-It's Gumbo Dammit!

Face front true believer! Okay, that was my failed attempt at channeling Marvel Comic's Stan Lee, but I did want to let you guys know that we are changing our live radio podcast schedule to 9pm Thursday evening. This Thursday we plan to do a "gumbo" show of sorts, discussing a variety of topics. On this political plate we will be serving up conversations pertaining to our take on interracial dating/marriage, Black Conservatism and Naomi Campbell. Feel free to join in on our festive dialogue by phone-646-915-9620 or instant message-afronerdradio@yahoo. Rest assured that Mr. Starks and I will bring the usual fire and humor to this broadcast. Let your voices be heard!

Afronerd Radio on Interracial dating, Black Conservatism, etc

Our leaders need a Shape Up...I mean to Shape Up!

Okay, you may have guessed that I was making fun of Dr. Cornel West's do' but the "shape up" analogy really does apply here. I came across the above clip of West's diatribe from Tavis Smiley's State of the Black Union while haunting the halls of the Blackprof.com site. I pretty much made my thoughts clear regarding the ineffectiveness of cornbread and potato salad conventions like the Union's in prior entries. However, what I didn't expect in Blackprof (which espouses more of a leftist ideology) were their fair share of equally dissatisfied political customers. The premise of the Union/Cornel West entry entailed the cool reception Barack Obama has received thus far from the religious and civil rights guard of the Black Democratic elite-hence, the above Cornel West video.

Why these leaders are so reluctant to embrace alternatives, truly boggles the mind. Obama doesn't come from the religious house of alliteration that West or Sharpton often reside and therefore he can't be trusted-the hopes and needs of a people thirsty for fresh ideas are irrelevant. Again, I have written about this phenomenon before but when will people of color realize that Obama must be shared if he is to be elected-he will not be President of Black America (that' s Sharpton and Jesse's job). It is my belief that Obama will embrace a more moderate political view, if it is deemed that he is electable. More importantly, let's pray that he develops a backbone to stand strong against our so called leaders who put petty jealousies before African-American progress. Check out the Blackprof.com article in question below:

Black Prof.com on Obama

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Rappers are going after the minds and now the BODIES of your Children!!

Well, let's just say that it was bound to happen. It's always about the kids isn't it? If you really weren't sure that rappers could care less about the children that their music is geared towards-this next story should quell your suspicions. According to Allhiphop.com, Rappers Tony Yayo and 50 cent of G-Unit fame, allegedly accosted the 14 year old son of a rival record executive, Jimmy "Henchmen" Rosemond of Czar Entertainment. Here is more on the story from Allhiphop:

Sources close to Rosemond's Czar Entertainment told AllHipHop.com the assault occured on Tuesday (Mar. 20), as Rosemond's 14-year-old son was heading to his internship at his father's record label/management firm, located at 11 W. 25th Street.

According to sources, 50 Cent and Tony Yayo were leaving the offices of Violator Management, which is located on 36 W. 25th Street, when they saw the boy walking down the street, wearing a Czar Entertainment T-shirt.

Tony Yayo and several associates allegedly approached the teen and confronted him, not knowing he was Rosemond's son.

"As 50 was getting into his SUV, he hand signaled over to Yayo and his entourage to approach and harass the boy," a source told AllHipHop.com. "After being interrogated for several minutes as to why he was wearing a Czar Entertainment sweatshirt, Yayo pushed the boy up against the wall."

Yayo allegedly backhanded the boy and shouted several explicatives directed toward Czar Entertainment.

Unfortunately, this story is just starting to gain some notoriety and it is debatable if it will really make an impact on the public's consciousness. However, this incident should really serve as an example of how these artists are literally thugs with recording contracts. This is a far cry from the days of Miles Davis or Stevie Wonder. A boycott should be instituted against G-Unit, Jimmy Iovine's Interscope Records and any radio station or media outlet that plays music produced by these individuals. Such a boycott would be reminiscent of Bush's erstwhile statement-“If you harbor terrorists, you are a terrorist.” In simpler terms, if one supports this behavior and doggerel, then you must incur the wrath that comes with it. To be fair, these are allegations but if there is any truth to this altercation-the wheels of retribution should be placed into motion. Are our so-called feckless leaders going to get involved with a case of obvious disrespect? I think I hear a pin dropping even as we speak. For more info on this story click on the links below:

Jimmy Henchmen's Son Assaulted

Mother of Bullied Child Says......

Police: G-Unit rapper Tony Yayo slapped, punched 14-year-old boy

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sealab does Radio & So Does Afronerd!!

Looks like it's radio time again folks-stay tuned for our live weekly radio/podcast, hosted by yours truly and now my regular blog contributor/cohost, Mr. Starks aka Ironman. As promised, we will do a part 2 comic book discussion show but we will also address news that was of interest to us this week. Feel free to drop us a line this Sunday at 2pm and join our discussion at 646-915-9620 or IM our show at afronerdradio@yahoo. I assure you we will do a better job than Captain Murphy in the above "pirate radio" clip. You may want to also listen to another radio clip of Bill O'Reilly's Radio Factor show in which he loses his cool discussing the Dixie Chicks, Ludacris, The Grammys and of course, liberals....he does makes some points, but guess what?...We're better than him too. Enjoy!

Bill O'reilly Loses It On Radio Factor

Ok THIS week really is the comic book show..we promise!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Follow the Leader....

A little music news for everyone.
Since most of us here do not care about Young Jeezy, Young Joc, or any other young fool that picks up a microphone, I just wanted to let you all know that Rakim has announced that he will release his latest musical masterpiece entitled, The Seventh Seal, on 7/7/07.
Lets hope that July 7, 2007 is not only the release date of Rakims latest cd, but also the beginning of the end of the watermelon juggling, minstrel, bufoonery dominating the current HipHop scene.

Mr. Starks

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Talk About A Mix Up, Fertility appears to be Skin Deep

This next story really bothers me and not for the reasons one may think. Today's New York Daily News denotes a harrowing tale that really was bound to happen. In a nutshell, a Long Island couple (the male is White and the female is Latin) in their quest to have a second child with the aid of a Manhattan fertility clinic, discovered that their child is of African-American heritage and therefore not related to the father. The mother is a dark hued Latina-Dominican, specifically. The parents (family photo above) are suing the clinic in question and rightfully so. But what concerns me about this matter is the wording of the lawsuit's allegations as espoused by the parents. Here are the allegations according to the News, "While we love Baby Jessica as our own, we are reminded of this terrible mistake each and every time we look at her. It is simply impossible to ignore." The parents further state, "We fear that our daughter will be the object of scorn and ridicule by other children, both in school and as she grows up."

I think that it is appropriate for the couple to seek recompense as the child's appearance coupled with several DNA tests confirmed their suspicions, but is it realistic that the child would be ridiculed? Unless my eyes are playing tricks on me, the child's complexion is minimally darker than the mother's and if the father was expecting any child to have his skin tone, that would have been a crap shoot at best-his union was with a woman of color. There could have easily been a mix-up with sperm in this case and the biological father could have been another White person-the tell-tale sign of dark skin would have been missing (and so would a lawsuit). When will Black people stand up and take back their rich and proud history so that Blackness being perceived as a defect dissipates. I'm looking at a clearly multi-racial family which is what this society is becoming and yet this child is quickly getting a lesson in racial animus.....from her parent's own insecurity. What would have been acceptable relating to this issue is simply a mistake was made...period. The skin color issue is compounded and treated like the child is diseased. Matter of fact, I suspect that if the child did have an ailment and not Black, more respect would have been granted to the toddler. When will the madness end? Click on the links below for more on this story.

Park Avenue Fertility Clinic in Hot Water

What a mess, baby

Get me Jack Bauer's cell phone number, now!

Do you really need another reason to be convinced of the seriousness of the illegal immigration issue? Well take a look at the article below.
This commentary is entitled "Declare War on MS-13" by Joseph Farah at Worldnetdaily.com. Clearly, we have a very serious issue, what could possibly be classified as a terrorist threat, coming right out of El Salvador. These individuals have declared war on our communities, and as people of color, we need to be very concerned since, in many instances, they take up residence right in our neighborhoods. Wow, combating the out of control, ghetto, lower tier b.s. is keeping us busy and now this.
Please, get me that phone number. Jack Bauer needs to take my call...

Mr. Starks

One of the major cop-outs in the illegal immigration debate is this: There are millions and millions of foreigners already here. It would be an overwhelming task to find and deport them all.

Let me suggest a good starting point – an all-out declaration of war on the organized criminal street gang MS-13, comprised mostly of illegal aliens and now threatening the lives and quality of life of nearly all Americans nationwide.

Just last week, for instance, the Washington Post reported three leaders of the Mara Salvatrucha participated in or planned four murders in the area during a span of two years, according to a federal prosecutor in a racketeering trial involving the terrorist gang.

Attorney James Trusty told the court MS-13 gang members abide by the ethos "rape, kill and control." He said they use guns, knives and machetes.

"This gang works together locally, nationally, even internationally," said Trusty.

MS-13 was a little-known band of miscreants from El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala five years ago – hardly known to the general public. But a reign of murderous terror waged across the country has made it infamous.

You want a place to start the battle against illegal aliens? MS-13 is a priority. These are not farmworkers. These are not gardeners. These are not cheap construction workers or meatpackers. These are murderers and rapists.

Instead of targeting Border Patrol officers, the U.S. Justice Department should use its resources to eradicate MS-13. Instead of meddling in the conduct of the war in Iraq, the U.S. Congress should resolve to wipe out this internal threat to our peace and security by the end of this year. Instead of pushing for "comprehensive immigration reform," President Bush should call for an all-out war on this band of thugs.

If the illegal alien problem is too big to tackle all at once, set priorities. MS-13 should be the starting point.

These monsters make it easy to identify them. They tattoo themselves with their gang insignia. The Mafia never made it so simple.

It would seem to me this would be a national mission around which we can build consensus. Oh, sure, the American Civil Liberties Union will oppose a war on MS-13. The ACLU always defends America's enemies, criminals, Nazis, Communists and other assorted terrorists. But will any responsible American not be able to get behind the cause of destroying this plague on humanity?

Personally, I'm getting sick and tired of seeing MS-13 graffiti in the nation's capital and on urban and suburban streets across the country. This scum is marking its turf. They are showing us where they are. They are brazenly identifying themselves for our hapless authorities.

It's time to hunt them down.

As WND first reported in 2005, MS-13 is believed to have met with representatives of al-Qaida and smuggled operatives across the Mexican border into the U.S.

So this is not just a matter of murder and mayhem. It is a matter of grave national security. The people who would most like to detonate a nuclear bomb or other weapon of mass destruction inside the U.S. will almost certainly rely on the expertise of the gang specializing in human smuggling operations.

That's my prescription for where to start the roundups and deportations. That's my idea about who to target first among the millions of illegal aliens already in this country. And let me go a step further.

This operation needs to be designed with military precision. These people need to be taken dead or alive. If they are deported, they will return. So the choice is really between incarceration or death. Lethal force will be necessary to subdue this menace – to cure this cancer.

Does America have the national will for such a mission?

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Can a Brother Be from Krypton and not Compton?

I was just perusing the Racialicious blog and happened to come across an article that originated from the Toronto Star. The piece centered on the current state of Black and minority representation in the comic book industry. In a nutshell, the more things change the more things stay the same. As expected, we are seeing more heroes of color but not without controversy. The article seemed to focus on what I have dubbed the replacement hero effect as it relates to minority super-heroism. This replacement effect essentially entails a Black or minority character taking on the identity of a hero that was already established and formerly White. Examples of this form of characterization would be (Black) Goliath, Mr. Terrific, Firestorm, Blue Beetle, The Atom and Nick Fury(Ultimate Universe version). In many respects this is a form of laziness on the part of the writer and perhaps a form of liberal racism. Instead of creating a new hero and having his/her race be an incidental factor, putting a Black face in an old costume is simply patronizing in the guise of diversity. Just as in any other industry, only will the development of stand alone minority based companies insure that we get the representation and fairness that people of color desire. Don't expect a fictional(or real) otherworldly White hero to save your imagery-create your own. For more on the state of Black characters in comics check below.

Hero deficit: Comic books in decline

Will the real "Magic Negro" please stand up!

LA Times Take on Obama

I find it quite interesting and somewhat comical that folks outside our community are so comfortable with telling us what we think, who our leaders are, and now.....drum roll please.....who's really Black and who isn't.
Check out the link above to see for yourself...the madness continues.

Mr. Starks

From My Mouth to God's Ears...or Was it CNN who was listening?

I just wanted to dovetail off of Mr. Stark's prior commentary with something that was truly unique in the annals of televison media. I actually found a program that finally reported something that this blog has been propogating since its inception-African-American "dirty laundry" is an open secret. No more than two days has gone by since my call to the Week in Review program, and my entire argument was the premise of tonight's Out in the Open show, hosted by CNN's Paula Zahn. Zahn's show examined the high murder rate among Black males and why it does not seem to garner analysis or at the very least, condemnation from African-American so-called leadership. Just a reminder, this was CNN not Fox. When I posited this contention on Review, it was tantamount to treason.

One can become disheartened, if not delusional when so many folks just do not appear to agree that there is a problem with Black on Black criminality. And further, these self-same naysayers will focus their attention on a White bogeyman to the exclusion of internal Black pathologies that are killing people of color with equal verve. Tonight's program also put forth an interesting statistic-93% of the murders committed by Blacks were also against Blacks. One of the show's commenters even went as far as stating that the preponderance of Black murders is inadvertantly doing the bidding of the KKK-another remark I have heard in private now being made public.

So I will once again, make a call to the Review show, this time making reference to Zahn's piece. That mirage in the desert looks a lot more real all of the sudden. Check out the links below that will surely put more salt on that festering wound. There's even a piece on a Klansman teaching at Kent State and possessing an anti-Black website. I guess he didn't get the text message that minstrel hip hop coupled with the previous murder stats are far more effective.

Klansman teaching History at Kent State

Ghetto mentality no longer color-coded-Stanley Crouch article

Side Note- I just found the transcript of the Zahn piece I alluded to in the above entry. Take a look at an excerpt:

ZAHN: "Out in the Open" tonight, the shocking amount of black- on-black violent crime in the U.S. It is something we rarely hear about. Back to our "Out in the Open" panel now. Amy Holmes, Republican political strategist. CNN contributor Roland Martin. And Air America radio host Rachel Maddow.

As a black man when you hear that 93 percent of black murder victims are killed by other blacks, do you think that blacks are their own worst victims? MARTIN: Yes. and they are doing the work of the Klan. That's exactly what's going on here. And let me deal with this -- with Reverend Sharpton's comment for a second. So let me take the CNN contributor hat off for a moment. I've been the editor of three black newspapers, the editor of a black Web site, commentator for a black cable network, and I've also been the editor of a black magazine.

And I have not covered a single rally where 50,000 African- Americans were protesting on black-on-black crime. See, when you talk about protesting against police brutality, that's an easy one, that's an institutional system there where you have white officers, black victim, let's protest.

African-Americans must stand up and be accountable and on my radio show on WVON, every time somebody black gets killed, we talk about it and I say when is enough enough? They are doing the work of the Klan. And they might as well own up to it. This is worse than what happened with lynching.

ZAHN: Why are you upset with what Sharpton had to say?

MARTIN: Well, because you're shifting the blame. Again, I want to see...

ZAHN: And that is when he placed the focus on police brutality.

MARTIN: Yes. Now he is correct that there are community leaders out there on a small scale who are doing what they're doing. But again, I want to know where are they in terms of calling for those marches, calling for mass mobilization to cut the crime in black neighborhoods.

Stop saying, well, the media doesn't cover it, no, most of them don't do it. If you have 50,000 black folks marching against black- on-black crime, trust me, the media will be there.

ZAHN: Well, why aren't they? Is it the embarrassment, the humiliation?

HOLMES: I think it's a number of factors. And first, I want to tell you, it's so good to hear you talking about this "Out in the Open." And I think there has been a conspiracy of silence around it. There's fear obviously of sort of airing the dirty laundry, Remember when Bill Cosby, you know, gave a very candid speech and he was jumped all over by black leaders saying that you shouldn't be telling white America what's going on in our communities.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It's like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder how I keep from goin' under...

I don't think Melle Mel was describing the scene in this clip when he uttered those words from the HipHop classic "The Message". For those that don't know about this story, a high school basketball game took place over the weekend at Madison Square Garden in NYC. Apparantly some students, if we can call them that, in the stands engaged in a massive brawl that spilled out into the streets and resulted in gunfire. Ironically, the same police force which many folks condemn had to come and clean up this mess.
Where's Al Sharpton and company now? Doesn't this kind of behavior from our young people deserve the same kind of outcry from these so called leaders?
Once again, your kids have shown the world that chaos is the order of the day in our communities, schools and homes.
Wake up people, Bill Cosby doesn't look so crazy and out of touch now, does he?

Mr. Starks

Monday, March 19, 2007

Slavery still exists.....in our minds

Remind me to think twice before calling in to NY's 98.7 The Week in Review program. I called in for the late broadcast (which is an addendum to 98.7's Sunday morning Openline show) and quickly found myself in a verbal battle with one of the cohosts, Peter Noel. For those who may be unfamiliar with Noel and local NY media, he was a reporter for the liberal and noteworthy newspaper, The Village Voice. Incidently, Noel left the Voice over reporting differences relating to the covering of Rev. Al Sharpton-the paper (allegedly) wanted to cover fluff pieces as it pertained to the African American community(i.e. Puffy Combs). Anyway, I was compelled to call, as they were discussing the Sean Bell police brutality case-which to date has resulted in the indictment of 3 out of the five officers involved in this tragic incident.

If anyone has read my prior entry or listened to Afronerdradio last week, my feelings on this case are not exactly lock step with many on the progressive/liberal end of the African-American political spectrum. Just the whisper of young Black males conforming to certain thug stereotypes that may raise the suspicion of the police, caused Noel to go into a rage preventing me from initially voicing my opinion. I felt like Kunta Kinte in the above clip. If I didn't hold the same views that are expected of a man of color, Noel was going to verbally whip me into submission. Toby be damned! He even accused me of working in collusion with NYPD. Note to self-If you are a person of color, you can't have an independent spirit among many Black folk who possess a liberal uni-mind ideology.

If we are going to stop young Black and Brown men from getting killed by police (and other street phenomena), some degree of self-affacement is required. We must be fair-if the police are expected to change their procedures, conversely some men of color should also make changes to disavow their adherence to criminal fashion and mannerisms. I eventually was allowed to make my points on the show, but never let it be said that Black radio is a democracy-the dearth of alternate viewpoints and music proves my point. Check out the link below for my prior entry on the Sean Bell shooting:

Afronerd's take on NYC Police Shooting

Next up, stay tuned for a commentary by my Afronerdradio cohost and now blog contributor, Mr. Starks. Be afraid....Be very afraid.

Friday, March 16, 2007

In the Immortal Words of Biz Markie.....This is Something for the Radio

Just giving a heads up to the class-check out our weekly live radio show/podcast this Sunday at 2pm. The usual suspects in white collar crime will be in attendance- Mr. Starks and yours truly, so drop us a line (ph#646-915-9620) if you would like to join our conversation. You can also send us an instant message at afronerdradio@yahoo. I believe Sunday's show will be a riff session including part 2 of the Brothers and comics show as well as last week's newsworthy stories. Trust me when I say that it will be a fiery session. FIRE!!

Finally! Time to Talk About Comic Books- "Brothers" and Comics Do They Mix? (Part 2)

I really do read this comic for the story..at least that's what I keep telling myself

I've been meaning to talk about Mario Gully's graphic novel creation, Ant for quite some time. I also wanted to lighten the next couple of entries as I have had socio-political blinders on for the last couple of weeks. I have to admit that I have been collecting Ant for two reasons:

1) The protagonist is a woman of color and,

2) I often fall victim for GGA (Good Girl Art).

Ant essentially is the tale of a young woman endowed with a bug-like exo-skeleton that gives her vast powers, yet she has a sketchy past as well as a loss of memory. Gully's effort is under the Image imprint and appears to be gaining in popularity which definitely discounts the notion that comics with a Black character can not compete in the marketplace. Unfortunately, the writing is not in the same vein as Garth Ennis' Boys or Straczynski's Squadron Supreme but it is definitely a worthy read. Check out Wikipedia's synopsis of Ant's character analysis:

The original Arcana mini-series followed 8-year-old Hannah Washington, a lonely young girl continually tormented and bullied at school. Her father is a suspect in an armed robbery and is taken into custody. To escape the harsh realities of her life, she writes in her diary stories of an alter-ego: an adult version of herself who is a superhero known as Ant.

And here is the present incarnation of the Ant character under the Image

An adult Hannah Washington wakes up in a mental institution, where she's been told all her memories are the result of a coping mechanism described as a "juvenile power fantasy." But, little by little, her fantasies of her life as Ant become more and more real.

And as a side note, I nominate Leila Arcieri (former paramour of Jamie Foxx and co star of Howard Stern's Son of the Beach) to play the title character if there ever is a movie/television adaptation. For more info on Ant click on the links below:

Wiki's Ant synopsis

Ant Forum-Image Comics

Thursday, March 15, 2007

And Now Introducing.........Ms. Amy Winehouse

It seems like I'm always frackin' (shout out to Battlestar fans-I'm just discovering that show as well) late to the party when it comes to new cultural pleasures. Case in point, Ms. Amy Winehouse. I heard her haunting, Shirley Basseyesque voice on the radio here and there, but she has just started to pierce my consciousness as of late. I think she has a refreshing and different voice, but two things quickly come to mind. One, she is yet another White singer doing music that was once commonplace for African-American artists during the bygone 60s soul music era. And two, she proves yet again, that the Brits have excellent taste in music. Sometimes I fall into the trap of making everything about race but that is really not the case. I appreciate and look forward to everyone to produce fullfilling and thought provoking music-I just wish I saw more of it coming from people of color. I'm tired of relying on my old Stevie, Miles and Prince records to satiate my musical hunger. Okay...I never really get tired of "She's Always in My Hair" or "Higher Ground," I just long for newer artistry to blow my mind. Anyway, take a look at Winehouse's video above-perhaps the times they are a-changin.' Or maybe not.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In the Left vs. Right War People of Color are the Losers......

I just so happened to be haunting around the corridors of the Huffington Post when I found the above clip. The entry, entitled Fox Attacks on Black America promulgates the supposition (through clever editing) that Fox News targets the African-American community by pursuing stories that showcase folks of color in a negative light. Despite my conservative leanings, I am not going to be an apologist for some of the things that come out of the Fox news desk. However, the left have their version of employing Black misrepresentation tactics by not being objective or honest about the pathologies that are affecting people of color nationwide. By ascribing a constant victimization stamp on Black people, media on the left are not doing African-Americans any favors. And to be honest, I think in between some of the sound bites that the clip (originally provided by Foxattacks.com) shows, some degree of truth is still being spoken. The more important question that should be asked-when will an equally biting piece named BET Attacks on Black America be produced? I would hold breath in time for it's production but I do want to live to make another entry.

Huffington Post-Fox News Attacks on Black America

Fox Attacks

Putting a Bowtie on Sh%$#t!

It's amazing how Youtube has engendered the ability to make certain things viral. Thanks to my cohost/co-contributor, Mr. Starks for bringing this clip (pardon the expletives) to my attention. It is an interpolation of Dr. Dre's diss record to his one time colleague (and subsequent adversary) Easy E, entitled Bitches Aint Sh#$t. My first honest reaction was.....this is actually creative. But as always I had to dissect the matter. My second reaction (or question) was.....does putting a bowtie on excrement make it a tuxedo? This performance was done by Berkeley students who want you to perceive them as clever. If you remember Byron Hurt's Beyond Hip Hop special, it was noted that the White rap consumer base purchase the music (the commercial minstrel end of it, specifically) to get a sense of what it's like to live a Black life. Or to live vicariously as a person of color. Unfortunately, attempting to convey the fact that there are a number of Black lives and that the exaggerated ghetto lifestyle is not the accurate or authentic end all or be all of Blackness, oftentimes gets lost in translation (or is that transaction). Take a look at the clip and let's hear your thoughts. And besides, we've seen this before-check below:

Kenneth Eng Hates You (and You and You and Maybe Even You)

I'm not really going to pontificate on the above gentleman's skewed racist ideology. The young man in question, Kenneth Eng was recently fired from AsianWeek for an article he wrote entitled, "Why I Hate Blacks." In all fairness, Eng was also the scribe of previous noteworthy literary works such as Why I Hate Whites and Why I Hate Asians. I assume you get the pattern here. What makes this situation even more disturbing is the fact that my Afronerdradio cohost (and future contributor to Afronerd.com) Mr. Starks actually met Eng during a book signing a few months ago.

Eng was promoting his book, Dragons: Lexicon Triumvirate, and Mr. Starks was the lone person that ironically approached him when no one else did. They actually exchanged information and there was no indication of him hating other minority folk. Upon Starks' encounter with Eng I even purchased the Dragons hardcover-now much to my chagrin. Perhaps we will get an interview with this young man, meanwhile take a look at his recent appearance on the Big Story on Fox (above). Eng is definitely delusional and his statements are disjointed but let's see if he spews this wisdom on our show. Perhaps the appropriate response can be best summed up by actress, Kristina Wong's clip below.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Something must be done.....

The above clip has been circulating the net for the last few days and is just one example as to why I changed political affiliations. This occurred a few days ago in the Jamaica Estates section of Queens, NY. The perpetrator, described as an African-American male who pummeled the 101 year old woman in this video has been connected to another attack on an elderly person in the same area. Click on the video (if you dare) and go directly to the Youtube video site where the clip originates-racists are making comments like it's no tomorrow. This is the type of scene that Dr. Cosby is talking about-owning up to the fact that a disproportionate amount of crime is being committed by young Black males. This is not to label all Black males (yours truly included) but it is incumbent of the law abiding and honorable men of color to speak up and take control of our communities. It is also imperative for us to stop making excuses regarding racism as the sole problem afflicting Black folk. We have enemies amongst us that share our complection as well. Take another look at the clip if you're not sure-if it's an elderly White female today, it could be your Black or Brown mother tomorrow. I guess aberrant criminal behavior just doesn't fit in Reverends Sharpton and Jackson's schedule. This madness has to stop.....

Four Links and a Podcast(or the sequal minus Steve Guttenberg)

I just wanted to give you guys some info relating to a few articles that I just happened to come across within the last few days. Due to time constraints...yada yada yada. Please accept my apologies and new entries will be coming up tomorrow-meanwhile, checkout recent stories about Dr. Cosby in Philly, Stanley Crouch and my special Black comic book fan podcast(Part two is slated for next Sunday at 2pm). Enjoy!

He tries to N-d it all in city

For blacks, complacency is a killer

The link below is from a recent televised Crouch appearance on Cspan. Scroll to the link entitled Camille Paglia & Stanley Crouch-fast forward past Paglia's speech(although those familiar with Paglia may enjoy her insights as well) and check out Crouch's take on present day African-American culture.

American Perspectives-Stanley Crouch

More tough-love talk from Cosby

Finally! Time to Talk About Comic Books- "Brothers" and Comics Do They Mix?

Monday, March 05, 2007

Another Special Podcast with Live Caller Function(think GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grip)

Stay tuned for yet another live podcast show this Wed at 7pm from yours truly (and my cohost/partner in white collar crime-Mr. Starks aka Ironman). We want to bring some fire to this show as we will be discussing our gripes with Black Crime Vs. White Crime, Black misrepresentation/stereotyping and ghetto bull%$*t. Stop by with your voice and opinions. All callers are welcome.

Afronerd Radio-Black Crime vs White Crime

Sunday, March 04, 2007

If You Weren't Sure of Armageddon......

This news report (next to the Dateline's weekly molestation series) is probably one of the most disturbing stories of the year. If you check out the above clip, it highlights two toddlers smoking blunts at the behest of an uncle and family friend. I'm speechless. This is what happens when you have rampant dysfunctionalism occurring in our culture and communities with out redress. Imagine the news that doesn't get reported. Perhaps Armageddon is coming....where's Bruce Willis when you need him. Speechless.

Next up, today we have our regular Sunday radio/podcast coming up at 2pm-The Hip Hop Analysis show, Part 2. All are welcome and feel free to call in and and join the discussion.

Afronerd Radio-Does Hip Hop Have a Negative Influence, Part 2

Thursday, March 01, 2007

You Know......Maybe Reverend Al is On to Something

Scipio Africanus Jones

If you haven't been living under a rock within the last few days, I'm sure you heard that genealogists using Ancestry.com discovered that Reverend Al Sharpton's great-grandfather Coleman Sharpton was a slave owned by Julia Thurmond, a distant relative of the notorious Dixiecrat and segregationist Strom Thurmond. This shocking revelation has led Sharpton to dig deeper to determine if there is a genetic link between himself and the Thurmond family. Isn't it ironic that both men who have gained notoriety from divisive racial politics (albeit on opposite sides of the political spectrum) might share not only a slave lineage but also a genetic one? Time, DNA testing and further research will tell. I have always had a curiosity, not unlike many African-Americans, as to what (or who) would fall out if my family tree was shaken.

Suffice it say, Reverend Al's experience has spurned yours truly to look into my own lineage. I just started asking a few questions (as well as perusing Ancestry.com) and discovered that I am a distant relative of the gentlemen above. It appears that Scipio Jones was a famed attorney from Arkansas, who was best known for his skillful defense of the Elaine 12-twelve African-American sharecroppers sentenced to death for participation in the Elaine Race Riot in 1919. He was also an astute businessman and republican (you know I really appreciated that bit of trivia). Of course, in all fairness, many Black folk belonged to the Republican party during this time period. I have a lot more research to do in this matter but do yourself a favor and shake your family tree....you might be surprised as to what you might discover. For more on Scipio Jones click on the link below:

Scipio Africanus Jones