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Monday, April 26, 2010

A Few Disheartening Tales Serving As Proof That We May Be Nearing the End Of Civilization....

In the last few weeks I have come across a number of human disinterest stories that just boggles the mind and frankly makes it difficult to elucidate in a coherent manner. First, there was the story of a Colorado businessman that lost his finger due to an errant youth hell bent on separating him from his newly purchased iPad. And then there's the tragic death of a retired Hempstead, NY (Afronerdic haunting grounds) physician, Dr. Rebecca Twine-Wright who was mowed down on her front lawn by an 18 year old Oxycodone addicted driver who shortly after the incident exclaimed that she was relieved that Dr. Wright was "old." Wright, 69, who held several degrees and was described as an accomplished person of note, was simply tending her garden when she was struck by the allegedly drug addled youth. Click here for video of the driver at her very best. And lastly, the above video shows the demise of a 31 year old homeless person who lost his life while helping a woman who was being accosted by a thug who ultimately (and fatally) stabbed the hapless Samaritan. What makes this story even more tragic and unconscionable was the 2 hour surveillance footage that showed the dying man being ignored by passerbys, One individual was even brazen enough to inspect, roll the body, take a picture with his camera phone and still not call the authorities! Wow! I will refrain from editorializing on these issues and save my verbal assault for the next Afronerd Radio broadcast.....again, wow!

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