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Saturday, October 19, 2013

We're Back...Honestly! Check out The Latest Grindhouse Episode & Daryll B.'s NY Comic Con Musings!

Time to keep matters tight, terse and time sensitive! Check out this Saturday's Grindhouse edition of Afronerd Radio at 6pm eastern. For the first act, we have The Comic Shoppe with your hosts Dburt, Daryll B. and Captain Kirk. Call the show live at 646-915-9620. The topics under the microscope this week are: the crew's thoughts relating to this year's NY Comic Con; Man of Steel 2 starts filming this weekend; the PBS documentary, Superheroes: A Never-Ending Battle premieres; Is it safe to say that the Carrie reboot is off to a great start when its spoof viral campaign has garnered 41 million hits?; animation and live action pros, Bruce Timm and Zack Snyder combine forces to produce an excellent film short to commemorate Superman's 75th anniversary and lastly, if time permits, our thoughts about CW's Arrow as it enters its second season.

And for Afronerd Radio (airing afterward at 7pm), Dburt and Captain Kirk will elucidate on the following issues: a new HuffPost piece, ponders why many perceive Blacks to suffer less pain than Whites; the folks at Shadow and Act debate the existence of a modern audience for serious slavery films and the "Podcast Avengers" will attempt to get to the remaining topics from Wednesday's show (a McDonalds worker gets arrested for confronting the CEO and our thoughts regarding a recent 8Asian.com blog piece entitled, Where White means Mediocre: High-Skilled Asian Immigrant Enclaves). Excelsior!

NY Comic Con Talk...Mostly! The Grindhouse Starts Sat @6pm!

And as promised, check out the latest blog musings, by The Shoppe's Daryll B.:

Hiya AfroNerd Readers and Facebook Followers. I really didn't know how I was going to do this blog about New York Comic Con and my experiences. I thought I would at first talk about the cosplayers and the awesome outfits I saw, but every major site has that covered. Then, I thought I would talk about the survey and questions I put towards loads of attendees about comics/science fiction/fantasy in the mainstream. My thanks to everyone who bothered to answer the questions of this weird black nerd in a JLA/Wolverine/Gunslinger Anime Polo Shirt (depending on the morning I caught you), but I think I'll leave my results for the upcoming ComicShoppe Show on Saturday. I found my inspiration from the newscasts around TV/Cable covering the 4 day event on Sunday Night/Monday Morning.

Let's face it: newscasters and reporters by and large are folks that we rely on for the facts and sometimes the truth. You are going to go to an event such as this, you would think that people would do a little homework. Or at least find an entertainment reporter that has a little experience with the subject matter. To say I felt like nerd/geekdom was being talked down to in most of these segments is a MAJOR understatement. You know what people of TV? By and large most of y'all were the beautiful people... the ones who were popular; the cheerleaders; the BMOCs; the fame seekers and party animals....

But guess what? You are now in the environment of the mostly shunned; the outcasts; the ones that were made fun of and you just CAN'T STAND the major steps forward that we have made in the mainstream. That the prophecies professed in Revenge of the Nerds have now been realized and now your everyday lives can't do without us in some form. Think I'm lying? Is that a smartphone in your pocket? Or a bluetooth in your ear? You take our innovations in one hand and push our culture away with the other. Time to wake up. We're here! We're driven! We're dressed up waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Halloween in costumes and losing our minds meeting A,B,&C rated stars of print, web. tv, and film. Get used to it "in crowd" because you'll be seeing a lot more of us walking your city streets and on your multimedia platforms.

Quick Hits About The Con:

-Remember that whole controversy about Harley Quinn's new look in the Nu52? Forget that now because there were scores of them on my days there....

-NYCC has become crazy popular and I met people from about 12 different countries this year. I heard that 120,000 people attended.

-Over the 4 days I met a couple of stars and industry names... and of course I locked up out of my personal geekdom. Best encounter: I met Sgt. Slaughter just seconds after I picked up G.I. Joe The Movie on DVD for 4 bucks. Encounter I needed to man up for better: Met Brian Cronin and the Comic Book Resources crew at a bar and simply didn't know how to approach this group that I have talked to online for years. Yeah... still working on that face-to-face confidence for these interviews.

-Regret missing out on David Walker and Ken Lashley because I really wanted to pick their brains about the convention and the business.

-Regret my phone settings that had me running out of battery power before taking photos at the wrong times...regretted that especially during the Poison Ivy and X-Men cosplayers group photos...

-Damn there were a lot of various Deadpools and Lokis.... and I think the black cosplayer soup de jour this year was Cyclops. I must have bumped into at least 10 different black people as Cyclops (8 men and 2 women)....

-Not many panels for me this year and boy are my legs letting me feel it in the week that has followed...

-Big as San Diego but without the "Hollywood" aftertaste.... savor it now my fellow science fiction lovers because if other planners have their way, we going to be three times as commercial next year.....*ugh!*

-However, I will suggest that for next year (Oct. 9-12th), everyone experience the early morning CosPlay walk from Penn Station down to Jacob Javitz along 34th Street. It isn't an official thing, but the look on New Yorkers' faces as they see all these costumed characters...PRICELESS.

No links for me this week, as I took a vacation from geek news but count on Saturday at 6pm, The ComicShoppe will be all over this and other events. Until Then Loyal Readers, Keep Fantasizing!

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