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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Guess What? Back 2 Back Blog Droppings, Courtesy of The Shoppe's Daryll B. & Oh Yeah...Our Latest Grindhouse Podcast!

As you check out the latest extended trailer of tonight's Almost Human remember three crucial things: 1) actor, Michael Ealy is not portraying the first Black android....does anyone know of the real life "Bina" A.I. (modeled after the real life spouse of Sirius Founder, Martine Rothblatt)?

2)Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse podcast, just aired yesterday....you can check it here:

Enter The Grindhouse, Courtesy of Afronerd Radio @6pm, Sat.

And The Comic Shoppe's Daryll B. has graced us with one of his all encompassing and comprehensive link blogs..Enjoy:

A lot on the plate for this week's link-blog so let me dive right in:

-JK Parkin shares Image Creators Brandon Montclare and Amy Reeder's experiences and tips with the Kickstarter process:


For all those that think they could just sit on their a$$ and the money will just roll in, better recognize the work/hustle that Montclare and Reeder did here...

-One last plug: Middle of Nowhere. Adam WarRock.


I been like a junkie with this album. Seriously.

-Speaking of things I have been addicted to, you all have been reading Avatar The Last Airbender's The Search right? If no, DO NOT click the following link and go out to your comic shop or local library and find the 3-parter STAT!


This should have been a movie Fellow Benders! Gawd! First The Promise, then The Search, and upcoming in March, The Rift. Hats off to Gene Luen Yang for these great, faithful followups to the animated series.

-So you wonder who was that character at the end of Thor during the credits cut scene? Well Brian Cronin gives us a brief bio...


The Collector's inclusion definitely opens the way for the Avengers and Marvel Studios to go Cosmic! Awesome!

-When Worlds Collide's Timothy Callahan takes a look at Kurt Busiek's run with Power Man and Iron Fist in the part 2 of his retrospective:


Loved this 2 week trip down memory lane and its glimpse into the inner working of the Marvel comic machine at the time...

-Brett White looks at the Marvel Movie Formula:


As I said above, Cosmic! Their success makes ALL ideas possible to be put on screen. There is a plan and even with tweaks here and there, Marvel is implementing it.

-Speaking of the Marvel Movie Formula, and to make this official, welcome aboard Elizabeth Olsen!


I got my Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch for the Avengers! *Cabbage Patching* And I put the odds of FOX handling the characters better than the Avengers at 1,000 to 1...

-For those that were still wondering about this project, Guillermo del Toro says...


Shocking thing here is that del Toro says Warner Bros. has a plan. I know HE has a plan for JLDark/Shadowpact but it has to be a little uplifting for the DC Diehard Fans to know that DC is getting their act together...right? Right?

-Interesting in-depth study of the mentality behind the art of CosPlay...


Nothing really shocking on the break downs here but I will say that the piechart about the ethnicity of people doing cosplay is definitely skewed. I see more and more people of color getting into the fun and I really want to see the breakdown of this again in about 3-5 years time.



I know it isn't mystical but damn it looks oh so sweet! 200 pounds though.... I think I will have to start weight training.....

-I'm going to keep pimping this book until everyone gets it. Congressman John Lewis hit Rachel Maddow's Show to talk about 'March'


We don't do enough to push good/great books from fellow black people I admit but this is a must read. Con. Lewis has done an amazing job of promotion along with education since the book was announced and I can't wait for part 2.

-Matt D Wilson hits my rightgeousness upside the head with this article...


I can't say he's wrong... matter of fact he hits the notes on all the right beats here. It is just unfortunate that the informed are often lumped in with the crazies when it comes to comics. On the other end, here's Corey Blake's viewpoint which is tied to Enders Game....


This is why I am torn because I loved the novel series but his (Card's) viewpoints got me torn ten ways to Sunday... Ugh....

-I got a double hitter from David Brothers to end this linkblog. First up he goes into Earl Sweatshirt's song "Pre"


Not exactly the type of song I would say I have similar type feelings to, but the way David breaks it down is akin to how I would defend listening to Wu-Tang Clan or Eminem to folks that would be shocked....

Then he gets into his "reputation" within the comics scene...


As you readers saw in the comments section, I had to respond to this and I meant every word. You may not like the opinions given to a subject being debated, however it is essential that readers get a variety of opinions/viewpoints to be properly informed. David Brothers is just one voice of many in the long run but his thoughts are well thought out and unique. Traits that are essential reading in the comics world and society.

This is dedicated to Renisha McBride and Jonathan Ferrell.

Until Next Time Readers, Keep Fantasizing.

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