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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When ABC Family Does a Better Job than BET-Examining Lincoln Heights

As usual I had a conversation with a friend/colleague at the office regarding my weekly film and tv watching habits. We really are budding cinefiles as we have had lengthy conversations spewing our knowledge about movies. The discussions range from our anticipation at seeing Russell Crowe and Christian Bale's performances in the western remake 3:10 to Yuma to whether the talk of a Justice League film being animated is a possibility. Heck, we even pontificate on the true meaning of certain Akira Kurosawa films. But my colleague was taken aback this morning when I told him my recent obsession with the ABC family network-specifically, Lincoln Heights. I actually like a few of the network's shows-Kyle XY, Greek and of course, Heights. The million dollar question however, is why couldn't BET have produced this show? BET which is notorious for its adherence to promoting low budget programming that caters to Black stereotypes, professes to be making changes and yet nothing in their lineup comes close to Lincoln Heights.

For those unfamiliar with this drama (a successful Black tv drama to boot), it essentially follows the trials and tribulations of the Sutton clan whose police officer patriarch decides to move the family back to the hood. No one's sensibilities are being insulted and there's no doling out of stereotypes a la 106 & Park. So what boggles the mind is why aren't we seeing more shows like this? We're told that Black respectful and artistic music doesn't sell yet Common's album goes to number one it's first week of release. People of color being seen in dramatic pieces also shouldn't work but Lincoln Heights is entering it's second season. It's time we start to demand respect relating to our imagery people and that time is NOW. We have some plans of our own true believers but we need your help. More information to follow, meanwhile check out full past episodes of Heights (just a week behind new airings) here:

Lincoln Heights Videos

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