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Monday, September 17, 2007

I Hear there's a New Entry in Webster's Thesaurus-O.J. Simpson: Idiot, Foolish Negro; Dumba%$

I was really reluctant to provide my editorial as it relates to OJ Simpson's alleged armed robbery affair. This trepidation was also displayed in my assertions regarding the Jena 6 fiasco but the infamous case in Lousiana has far more reaching implications than Simpson's latest calamity. I must repeat-I am in no way making allowances for the racist court system or the town that appears to have upheld retro-style discriminatory practices pertaining to the six teens currently being held in jail. But the Black townspeople at this stage in the game should be adept at dodging these tired pre-fab ACME style traps that are always layed to bear for folks of color. OJ missed this memo in 1994 but was given a reprieve when he was acquitted of murder charges more than a decade ago. Claus Von Bulow disappeared into a puff of smoke and one would be hard-pressed to determine Robert Blake or his cockatiel's whereabouts after their respective trials of century. So it seems that I have fallen prey to discussing this matter as all the major media outlets are feasting on OJ's corpse as if he killed someone(s)...recently. However the $25,000 Pyramid question still remains-will Black folk (those who still espouse tribalism) foolishly rally behind OJ once again? Let's wait and see-and you can take dat to the bank! Here's the latest on Orenthal according to MercuryNews.com:

O.J. Simpson lawyer says there's no evidence against former star
By LINDA DEUTSCH AP Special Correspondent

LOS ANGELES—O.J. Simpson's defense lawyer said Monday that prosecutors lack the evidence to prove that the former football star committed armed robbery and other felonies in a sports memorabilia dispute at a Las Vegas hotel.
"We are definitely on the attack," Yale Galanter told The Associated Press.

Galanter, a Miami attorney who flew to Las Vegas to appear on Simpson's behalf, said he would seek Simpson's release on his own recognizance. Simpson had offered to surrender to police even if he had to return from his home in Miami, but they chose to arrest him, Galanter said.

"If it was anyone but O.J. Simpson, he would have been released by now," said Galanter who maintained that witness statements will clear Simpson.

Simpson, 60, was being held at the Clark County Detention Center without bail on felony charges, including burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and robbery with use of a deadly weapon. Police said Simpson and five other men robbed memorabilia dealers at gunpoint Thursday at the Palace Station hotel-casino.

Simpson told The AP before his arrest that there was no gun involved and he was only retrieving items that had been stolen from him, including his Hall of Fame certificate and a photo of himself with former FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover.

"You can't rob something that is yours," Galanter said. "O.J. said, 'You've got stolen property. Either you return it or I call the police.'"

Galanter acknowledged that the use of a gun would change the situation but he said Simpson was not armed.

"If at some point somebody else pulls out a firearm, it's still not a robbery for the person that wants his property back," Galanter said.

Loyola University Law Professor Laurie Levenson said the legal definitions would be disputed at a trial but she said the case seems to have been overblown.

"It seems like an awful lot of charges for what happened," she said.

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