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Monday, September 10, 2007

Star & BucWild Returning to the Airwaves? A Combatant Against Lower Tier Mentality Forgot Which Side He was on!

Well this story may resonate more for those residing in the NY Tri-state region (and some syndicated affiliates) and who perceived Star Troi Torain to be the sepia toned successor to Howard Stern. Instead he turned out to be a promise deferred. For those unfamiliar with Torain's Star & Bucwild radio show, it was a no holds barred talkfest that appeared to address the substandard talent and thuggish aesthetic that presently has a stranglehold on the hip hop industry. Star's off-color remarks and ascerbic wit catapulted his show to the number one ratings spot sometimes coming head to head against the Stern ratings juggernaut in NYC terrestrial radio. Unfortunately due to unconscionable sexual and threatening comments made towards the innocent child of another radio rival, Star was appropriately ousted from the airwaves. But he might be making a return. For someone who was so steadfast in his criticism of the ghettocentric excess and gangsterism in commercial hip hop, it seems ironic that those selfsame precepts ultimately led to his dismissal. Let's see if he can salvage his career and stay on message-which may prove doubtful as he has raised his ire to yet another local DJ, Miss Jones. Check out this excerpt, courtesy of Black Voices:

The BV Newswire has learned exclusively that Troi "Star" Torain is readying a kiss-and-tell-all memoir about his former sidekick turned nemesis Miss Jones.
The disgraced disc jockey -- who was terminated by broadcast giant Clear Channel Communications after causing a public uproar with remarks about a radio rival's under-aged daughter -- is shopping a book project, titled 'Yes, I've Met Miss Jones.'
Torain, who independently released his biography 'Objective Hate,' is currently embroiled in a rumored $50 million legal battle with Clear Channel. Before his abrupt departure from the network's flagship New York City hip-hop station last year, he ruled supreme as a ratings champ with his no-holds-barred morning show.
With new industry buzz of him joining Howard Stern's old stomping grounds -- New York City's K-Rock -- the sharp-witted media personality has been spending his down time at his Poconos summer home "smoking three Zino cigars daily, riding my John Deer lawn mower, nurturing my twelve fruit trees and scanning the internet for women with double D breast."
"Yes, I've Met..." was inspired, he said, after learning that Jones (legally known as Tarsha Nicole Jones) devoted thirty pages to him in her much -buzzed about tome, 'Have You Met Miss Jones: The Life & Loves of Radio's Most Controversial Diva,' which was released by One World/Random House earlier this summer.
"Please note that I'm not a vindictive person, nor do I need closure on the inner thoughts of Tarsha Jones, but ... I felt the need to give further perspective on my incomparable journey," he explained.

For the article in its entirety, click on the link below:

TROI "STAR" TORAIN: Coming for Miss Jones!!!

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