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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Next On Afronerd Radio-Do Blacks & Whites still play the Parent-Child shuffle? And the VH-1 Boycott-Should there be two?

Ok Folks, we plan to have a full show on our plate this Thursday at 9pm eastern. Let's see if we can get through everything without having to do a part 2 broadcast. Since the Vh-1/Interracial Love boycott and brewing controversy appears to be a hot topic on our blog, let's flesh it out! And should there be another boycott against VH-1 with the upcoming Hip Hop Honors award show? Pay close attention to the line up and you'll notice a lot of classic artists (one would think honoring those artists would be the crux of the show-not!) are not participating. Snoop Dog and Missy Elliot are being honored but no Sha-Rock, or Jimmy Spicer? Andre Harrell gets honored for New Jack Swing but not for being a member of the seminal hip hop group, Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde? So let's talk and analyze. I also want all the folks that commented in the last post (including MTV/Vh-1 employees) to call us with their thoughts at: 646-915-9620 or IM/email our show via afronerdradio@yahoo. We will also try to fit in the alleged parent/child social and cultural relationship that exists between Whites and Blacks-we'll give it a shot! Be there and Be Square!

Boycotting VH-1? Do Blacks and Whites possess a parent/child relationship?

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