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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is this The Sepia Version of Wizard? I'm not sure but I'm definitely buying UVC Magazine & You should too!

Please accept my apologies as it appears that yours truly is working on c.p. time once again. But the better late adage still reigns supreme as I highlight a magazine that comic book aficionados of color should make themselves aware of immediately-enter UVC (The Urban Voice of Comics) magazine. As a avid comic book (maybe I should start using the more grown up euphemism, graphic novel) collector, I not only purchase comics but also all things comic book related, hence fanzines. So along with my weekly purchase of graphic novels, I picked up a Previews catalogue. It was in Previews that I discovered UVC. I'm not sure the creator and editor (Ron King and Glyph scribe-Rich Watson, respectively) would liken their magazine to Wizard but comparisons notwithstanding-Black comic enthusiasts really do need a bimonthly journal such as this. As I purchase a two year subscription ASAP, I would implore our readers to do the same. I will also contact Mr. King to see if he would like to stop by our radio show to discuss his magazine and field some questions from our audience. For more info on UVC magazine, click on the link below:

UVC Magazine-The Urban Voice In Comics

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