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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What about our daughters? Perhaps it should be What about our children?

Some folks want us to believe that Black women are under attack. If we are going to declare any group as being "under attack", I believe it is our children.

Infant killed execution-style

Two men kill father and son in suspected home invasion, police say

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Two men fatally shot a 21-year-old man during a suspected home-invasion, then shot his 7-month-old son in the head as he was strapped in a car seat outside the home, police said.

Detectives believe Sean Paul Aquitania drove with his son, Sean Paul Aquitania Jr., to a home on Friday to visit friends. He left the infant in the car and went to the front door. As two men answered, two other men ran up and forced their way inside, sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. Tim Curran said Saturday.

A melee erupted, and Aquitania was shot at least twice in the upper body. The two suspects fled, stopping to shoot the infant. No one else was injured, Curran said.

The men whom Aquitania had gone to visit were questioned by detectives but not taken into custody, Curran said. They were initially cooperative, but detectives believe they know more than they are saying, he said.

“We are angered as law enforcement officers and disturbed as human beings that anyone could commit such an unconscionable act against an innocent child,” Curran said. “We also find it morally reprehensible that people who may have information that could help our detectives solve this tragic case have seemingly been less than honest.”

Authorities were searching for the suspects, Curran said.

Investigators initially believed the infant was killed accidentally by a stray bullet, but later determined he was killed execution-style.

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