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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ok this is just Freaky......But Afronerd Will Buy a Beyonce-bot as soon as available......A Scientist & His Robot Twin

For the record-when the Beyonce-bot becomes available (if there will ever be Black androids)- I want the intelligent version. Please do not give me the one that wishes she was a Latina. Although this is an old story, it definitely appeals to my nerdic disposition and proves my point from the previous reminder post. Here we have a scientist that made an andriod duplicate of himself and the footage garners minimal Youtube viewership and a blurb in the media. This accomplishment may end up being an Isaac Asimov novel fully realized. Just think of the implications. If you scour the internet for information pertaining to robotics, you will see that scientist are getting closer to developing sentient androids to interact with humans. You think gay marriage provides a moral dilemma-what happens when someone wants to marry a robot? And is it still a machine if it (he or she-hey I'm prepping for the future) thinks independently. Hell, some humans fail in this regard. Here is more on this story, courtesy of Engadget.com:

Hiroshi Ishiguro builds his evil android twin: Geminoid HI-1

And speaking of androids, check out this cool film short from our friends at Youtube:

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