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Saturday, September 08, 2007

A Little Taste of Post Labor Day Funk......

It's not exactly a secret that my favorite musician is the one and only Prince Rogers Nelson, so imagine my surprise when I found this gem. Check out this MTV special that aired way back in 1986 as the opening party for his Under the Cherry Moon film. First, what elixir is this man taking-he looks essentially the same 21 years later-if you don't believe me check out a more recent appearance below. It must be the diet folks-the diet! Maybe there is something to being a vegan and wealthy. Anyway, enjoy the clips and stay tuned for our Sunday Afronerd Radio broadcast-9pm eastern!

Hit Me...3 times....Check out this 3rd snippet from Bryant Gumbel's farewell show 10 years ago. Damn time is flying. Mr. Starks should get a kick out of this-Prince's homage to Bryant looks like he could be from your tribe bruh! Inside joke folks. Again folks, enjoy.

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