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Sunday, September 23, 2007

And Speaking of Holding Hip Hop Accountable....check out LDizza

Okay folks I want you to listen to this young man's soliloquy because it was so heartfelt and on point that I thought that I would share it with our readers. Please excuse the expletives and as you know I'm not in complete agreement with his diatribe regarding the Jena 6 demonstrations (as Mr. Starks has stated, we'll march when folks start addressing Black on Black madness, but I digress) but his passion towards the pathology in commercial hip hop cannot be ignored. And one would say that we espouse high sadity precepts here in Afronerd (and one would be correct) but I like the truth more than I like perfect diction. It would be nice if these hip hop artists would be as honest as LDizza. Again, listen to his video and share your thoughts.

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