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Sunday, September 02, 2007

As promised......the latest info on Res

I mentioned alternative artist Res (pronounced "Reese") during our last broadcast with a promise that I would also provide an update regarding her status. Well there is a higher order-she is still recording music with an album in the works. I would hate to see yet another alternative r & b artist pushed to the side because of corporate apathy and ignorance. I purchased her album, How I Do a few years ago with the hope that she would break through but alas that appears to not be the case, especially in today's current music scene. And despite her willingness to make a comeback (if that's the right terminology) I'm just not sure what she would be coming back to. My next entry will deal with the tragedy of the Debarge clan based on a recent Vibe expose which entails a similar dilemma-there literally is no music industry to house a talented act anymore. I will explain further in the next post-just think of a desert wasteland filled with CDs. For more info on Res, click on the link to her check to her myspace page below:

Res Does Myspace

And in homage to the DeBarge family, let's go back...way back-circa the early 90's as El DeBarge performs "Real Love" on Arsenio:

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