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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Yea..Yea....I know It's Beating a Dead Horse....but Here's More words of wisdom from a Media Executive...

The above video I believe shows one side of Hudlin's character that I actually respect-his involvement in the comic industry. You will notice that in this snippet, he is on target regarding the need for positive and cogent Black images in the comic world. So I ask....why isn't a similar mantra being applied to his network? I'm not going to dwell on this beyond this entry but I leave it up to the reader to determine what is going on here. Here's more words of wisdom from Hudlin aimed at yours truly:

Reginald Hudlin
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Re: Live radio show-Dissecting BET, Good or Bad-Call in with your thoughts
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I already told this guy to get off my jock and here he is again. Obviously his site and radio show can't get any traffic on his own so he has to go to my board to build up some kind of audience for a show attacking my workplace.

Since he's never done anything of note other than talk about what other people are doing, he can't talk about his own work.

We get it man, you hate modern black culture. Then leave it alone. Stop obsessing over it.

Again, folks...is this the same guy in the above video? I am not the only person of note (or according to him, lack thereof) that has leveled legitimate criticisms against BET's adherence to promoting stereotypes and providing a segmented ghettocentric entertainment landscape.

Check this out from Warrington Hudlin's site, DV Republic:

But it is Viacom, BET and even Lee that have been savaged in debates raging on blogs, podcasts and even the Web site's own forums. Leading the charge is What About Our Daughters?, a little-known blog and audio podcast addressing depictions of black women in popular culture. In recent weeks, the site targeted advertisers that appeared on a BET.com Web page advertising "Mess," including AT&T Corp., DaimlerChrysler and Target. Two advertisers, State Farm and Home Depot, released statements acknowledging that they withdrew both TV and online spots as a result of the boycott threat.

I must commend What About Our Daughters for leading the campaign against minstrelsy. Funny, Daughters was another blog that never did anything of note either. And get this, I would surmise that both Afronerd and Daughters actually love modern Black culture...we just want to see all of it. Nuff said!

**Also as an aside, I would implore those who have an interest in seeing multi-faceted depictions of Black life, check out Hudlin's elder sibling's work (albeit from a leftist perspective but what the hey) at:

DV Republic

And for more of DV Republic's reporting of the current BET/Hot Ghetto Mess controversy, click on the link below:

DV Republic: Hot Ghetto Mess Generates BET Controversy

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