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Monday, July 16, 2007

In The Immortal Words of Chuck D...Can't Truss It!

I just so happened to mention this story briefly during last night's Afronerd Radio broadcast. And I just can't truss it. This story has been brewing for quite some time stemming from an interview that Sheffield gave in the June issue of GQ magazine. He essentially stated that the dearth of African Americans entering into major league baseball is tied to matters of control. More specifically, it is Sheffield's contention that the current dominance of Latinos playing baseball is due to them allegedly being more amenable or easier to control in the eyes of baseball management. This is a highly debatable assertion. It is more likely due to matters of marketing. Hip Hop and basketball appear to be the hot tickets of interest and financial gain for African-Americans more so than baseball. And after hearing Sheffield attempt to be specific regarding his charges of racism against Joe Torre and baseball's hierarchy, it is evident that he is just not that articulate. His vocal abilities notwithstanding, I am also suspect of his problems with Derek Jeter, Barry Bonds and Ken Griffey, Jr. as he also threw them under the proverbial bus. But, I will leave it up to our readers to discern this issue after Sheffield's HBO Real Sports interview airs tomorrow. Meanwhile, check out EurWeb.com's take on the Sheffield controversy:

GARY SHEFFIELD RANTS ABOUT YANKEE RACISM: Detroit slugger stands by comments made on tomorrow’s ‘Real Sports.’
(July 16, 2007)Email to a friend | Print Friendly *On an episode of HBO’s “Real Sports” scheduled to air tomorrow (July 17), Detroit Tigers star Gary Sheffield levels claims of racism against his former New York Yankees manager, Joe Torre.

Sheffield said black players would be “called out” in the clubhouse by Torre, while white players would be called into his office to discuss matters. Sheffield also claims that Torre said the Yankees should have acquired Vladimir Guerrero instead of him.

In the “Real Sports” interview, Sheffield also denied taking steroids, but admitted that he took "clear" and the "cream" — two designer steroids created by BALCO. Sheffield said he had no idea they were steroids.

The athlete also said that he trusted and felt himself being controlled by Bonds. But, Sheffield claimed: "If I took what Barry Bonds took, why don't I look like him?"

Sheffield told reporters Friday that he and Bonds don’t speak.

"We don't have no communication," Sheffield said. "I love and respect Barry to this day. I had a problem with him at that time, but I moved on and forgave."

And least we forget, let's take a look at Public Enemy performing Can't Truss It live on SNL, circa 1991:

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