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Thursday, July 12, 2007

What Do Reginald Hudlin and Curtis Jackson have in common? A lot apparently....

I will readily profess that perhaps it took a little bit of chutzpah on my part to advertise our radio show on Reginald Hudlin's message board but is this the appropriate response for a Harvard educated executive:

Reginald Hudlin
Hero Member

How about quit riding my jock, my board and my network whilst you try to build up your sh*t.

For the last couple of days, I (and a few others) have rightfully questioned Hudlin on the content that BET disseminates to the world via his cable network. It appears that you just can not question or critique these people. One could see this during Oprah's Townhall show from a few months ago or when Byron Hurt (of Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes documentary) asked BET's Stephen Hill (VP of Programming) legitimate questions concerning imagery....these folks literally run away because it is real hard to defend the indefensible. My posting the radio show topic on Hudlin's board was positioned as a discussion not an inquisition. Now the gloves are off. We still want to hear from our readers regarding your opinions of BET (yay or nay) but we will not hold our tongue on what we think is wrong with a show that intends to televise a show entitled, Hot Ghetto Mess. Tonight at 9pm-phone lines are open(646-915-9620)-Let's talk!

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