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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

OK..Conservatives & Liberals Can Agree......This Dude is CREEPY....A Man & His Real Doll

I was determined to find the live footage of this somewhere. As many of you are probably aware, I am a big supporter of Sirius satellite radio (and internet broadcasting, which goes without saying) and listen to the plethora of programming that the outlet has to offer. This morning I was listening to Howard Stern's take on an upcoming documentary pertaining to one of his in-studio props, the real doll. The real doll....is well, exactly how it sounds...a better than average life-like mannequin undoubtedly used by men (and some women) for sexual fantasy. Whatever floats one's boat. But what really caught me off guard was that the documentary is less an infomercial but more a cinematic piece that provides a window into the lives of some truly disturbed real-life characters. The above video highlights one real doll collector that I did not initially identify as a man of color while listening to today's program. I had fully intended to discuss this weird bit of Americana, irrespective of race but it just goes to prove that African Americans can be just as brilliant and crazy as the next man. Check out a man and his real doll...and don't forget to lock your doors at night.

And hey for those hidden creeps, click on the link for the Real Doll site:

The Real Doll

Oh and for an addendum piece, here's serving you even more crazy on a

A Sermon Like No Other by Alexyss K. Tylor

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