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Friday, July 06, 2007

Well...I know He's not an Afronerd fan......but.....still something for the record books!

I'm pretty sure many of you have viewed the ominous video footage I posted a few days ago of White supremacist, Tom Metzger's PSA. Well guess what true believers? (shout out to Stan Lee) Metzger sent me an email! I checked it out and it is authentic. The blog, political bent and radio program are very real for Mr. Starks and myself. We have stated on numerous occasions that the implosions that are often being exhibited by lower tier communities of color are practically orgasmic to a White supremacist. Let's stop giving them that pleasure by endorsing self-deprecation, non-victimization and empowerment. Anyway, I'm sure one with racial belief's like Metzger's can not be reasoned with, but I suspect that you guys may want to check out the email:

From: WARMETZGER@aol.com
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 09:39:40 EDT
Subject: Thanks
To: afronerdblog@yahoo.com
Thanks for running my public service announcement. Actually when that was made I had been out of the Klan 20 years. But since the Jews wanted to pay me such a big salary for making it I agreed. Actually they cut some of the best where I am waving a 44 revolver around.
For your information I had nothing to do with the killing of the Ethiopian in Portland or advocating it. I am sure you understand what a paid informant is. David Mazella was the star witness in that civil trial. He was paid a lot of money for several years by Morris Dee's of the SPLC for his perjury. If you can find any evidence of any violence that I or my family ever committed against a Black person bring it on.
I am a propagandist not a terrorist. Tom Metzger warmetzger@aol.com

Are we still going to believe that the Klan and others can't literally relax in lounge chairs and observe Black pathological behavior like one would look at a tennis match? Time to get real folks....shout out to the leftists who think otherwise. A penny for your thoughts-just make sure Jefferson Davis isn't on the coin! And for those who think Metzger isn't the real deal, click on the link for his resume:

Wiki does Metzger

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