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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Keeping It Light this time Around......Discussing Recent Events, Hobbies and the Sheffield Interview Next on Afronerd Radio!

We have done quite a few heavy topic shows on Afronerd Radio, so this time around it will be lighter fare. Well at least "light" by our standards. Mr. Starks and I are collectors at heart.....whether it's comic books, magazines or sneakers-it's fun, interesting, insane and sometimes lucrative. So join us this Thursday at 9pm to discuss current stories, your hobbies and ours. You know what to do-call us with your experiences "live" at 646-915-9620, IM/email (afronerdradio@yahoo.com) or via our chatroom feature at afronerdradio.com. And as always we'll try to introduce you to some music that more than likely will not get any attention anywhere else except.....well...Afronerd Radio. Nuff said!

Oh...just a tad bit more on the sneakerhead issue, check out a snippet from Bobbito Garcia's It's the Shoes show:

Time To talk Hobbies-What do YOU Collect? Comics, Antiques, Sneakers? On Afronerd Radio

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