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Thursday, July 19, 2007

I Guess Things Really Are THAT Bad.....Read a Book N#@ga!

I received this video from one of our readers a few days ago and really didn't know what to think about it. Perhaps this has something to do with what Barack Obama alluded to as the "coarsening" of our culture. I had also fully intended to reserve judgment until Mr. Curtis Jackson made some recent statements. And don't be shocked-it definitely wasn't as profound as Obama's words. The value of his words really are worth about 50 cents (or am I being a bit generous?). According to RollingStone.com:

Tough day for literature. In the new issue of XXL, 50 Cent was asked if he thinks a majority of rappers are intelligent and responded, “You have people that are extremely book smart that lack common sense so they don’t know what’s going to affect their audience. They have more information than me based on reading. For instance, Nas is a really smart guy. He reads books constantly. We were around him on the Nastradamus tour. He was almost weirder than me ’cause we would go to breakfast and he’d be there reading a book. Conceptually, I think that’s what made him drift away from what his initial audience enjoys from him and why he’s not hot right now.”

Interesting analysis … especially from a guy who wrote a book and has launched his own publishing company, G-Unit Books, which releases titles like Death Before Dishonor and The Ski Mask Way.

I think I'm done overstating the obvious. Let us know what you think. But don't worry about a backlash from the Afronerd set-we expect you to read a book here.

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