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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Someone Should take the word "advancement" out of the NAACP acronym

Please accept my apologies for not addressing this story earlier, but many thanks to a new Afronerd reader for bringing it to my attention with a special request for my take on this matter. If you haven't been convalescing in Osama's cave as of late, the NAACP recently proclaimed the demise of the infamous "n-word" by holding a mock funeral. Does anyone remember when African-American civil rights leadership actually professed progressive precepts? At this point in our history, it has become evident that our civil rights organizations (and feckless leaders) are more concerned with contrite displays of symbolism than dealing with substantive internal issues that would actually aid the communities of color that they allegedly represent. Is it appropriate for the world to get the impression that Black progress is still impeded by a word? A word that many proclaim to have coopted back from it's European inventors? Again, why the NAACP can't (or won't) effectively deal with the following roadblocks defies imagination:

a) Individuals (yes, from the infamous lower tier faction-westsiiiide!) who have self-realized a nigger (ahem, nigga) belief system.

b) The cottage industry that profits from its usage.

c) Even more individuals that self-identify, embody and refuse to consider nigger derogatory.

It may be time for a second funeral-one for the now ineffective NAACP. And as far as the above video, I'll leave that up to interpretation. Let us know what you think. I will say this....no other racial/ethnic group appears to have this same confusion or lengthy discourse on their respective epithet-why are African-Americans still the "odd man out?"

For more on the wake in question, click on the link below:

NAACP aims to bury the 'N-word'

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