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Monday, July 23, 2007

Be Very Afraid.......Afronerd Radio Takes on Hot Ghetto Mess..This Thurs. at 9pm...

Stay tuned for our next live broadcast when we take our analytical scalpels to BET's Hot Ghetto Mess. Our show just so happens to air 24 hours after the Mess broadcast, so the subject should be ripe for the picking. I have reached out to the young barrister that runs the What About Our Daughters' blog who has become synonymous with the campaign against Ghetto Mess and if her schedule permits we may be able to discuss her opinion of the show. BET's track record in disseminating lower tier stereotypes on one hand and then trying to contextualize those same precepts on the other rings of bad faith and bad television. You guys know the drill by now-join us live this Thursday at 9pm. We would love to hear your views, reach us at 646-915-9620 or IM/email (afronerdradio@yahoo). And don't forget our chat feature at afronerdradio.com.....and as always Be there and Be square.

And least I forget...again, check out what a blogger is capable of at What About Our Daughters?....here at Afronerd we appreciate her efforts and TRUST ME we will pursue a similar campaign against the music...the disrespect and DEFLECTION ends now. Take a look at the heading of this blog because we mean it-"putting the Black Bourgeosie on top" Uncle Rollo at the cookout must be silenced.

Also check out this young man's take on ghettocentric media representation and it's origins from a Caribbean perspective:

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