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Saturday, July 28, 2007

What you will not SEE or HEAR on Afronerd Radio.....

How apropos that the above clip should be a BET production. It appears that I have received some degree of criticism relating to Thursday's interview with Gina McCauley of the What About Our Daughters? blog. Just as the above clip demonstrates, my interest in interviewing the young lady was to highlight her campaign against BET and not to foment a Black on Black verbal altercation. Do we agree on everything? Certainly not. But I allowed her the courtesy to tell her story. And as the clip shows, the only thing that comes from such an altercation (whether verbal or physical) is blood and nothingness. However, we did give an opportunity to the blogger of Assault on Black Sanity to voice his opinion regarding McCauley's assertions that he doctored charges against her character. He may/may not participate for this Sunday's show-8pm (eastern). Nevertheless, we do have another broadcast scheduled to discuss this past week's events, including a part 2 of the Collector's Show-Comics, Sneakers and other Hobbies. Drop by to add your two cents to our live broadcast at 646-915-9620 or IM/email(afronerdradio@yahoo). Don't forget our chat room feature at afronerdradio dot com.

And to dovetail off of Mr. Stark's "Chocolate Rain" post to maintain the light nature theme, check out Tay Zonday's spiritual cousin, Plankton (I think their voices sound similar):

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