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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Deflections by a Hip Hop critic......Enter the Church of Michael Eric Dyson.....

Check out Dr. Dyson's (now tenuring at Georgetown University) recent interview
with the Today Show's Matt Lauer. As many of you undoubtedly know, I am no fan of the good Reverend Doctor Dyson. No one can discount his scholarship or alliterative abilities-I just wish he would stop being an apologist for the minstrel element of hip hop. We are still hearing canned answers regarding why the current coonery based hip hop dominates all other facets of music within the rap genre. We continue to hear specious arguments comparing violent fantasy films with commercial hip hop. Again, I have yet to see Sylvester Stallone use an AK-47 against the Governator once their respective films have wrapped-talk about apples and oranges.....or is that apples and blunts. Maybe I'm missing something, but I think African-Americans at this juncture, need substantive truths and not deflective sermons. Take a look at the video-let's hear your thoughts.

For more recent deflections (sans reflections) by Dyson, click on the link below:

Democracy Now Interviews Dyson, Parts 1-4

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