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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wikipedia's Definition of Black Conservatism......

What exactly is the problem that some people of color have with conservatives of color? This is a question I will pose to our readers in the upcoming radio broadcast. But I think I might bounce the question around a bit before Thursday. The premise or mantra of Afronerd is primarily to debunk commonly held stereotypes as well as to inform. It appears to Mr. Starks and I, that many folks literally have a vituperative response to the term "conservative." It also implies that Blackness and conservatism are mutually exclusive and never the twain shall meet. So let's take a look at Wiki's formal definition of Black Conservatism and why there appears to be a problem with it. A penny for your thoughts.

Wiki Does Black Conservatism (excerpts)

For many Black conservatives, in their own point of view, the key mission is to bring repair to the Black community by applying the following fundamental principles: the pursuit of educational excellence as a means of advancement within the society; policies that promote safety and security in the community beyond the typical casting of a criminal as a "victim" of societal racism; and local economic development rather than looking to the federal government for assistance.

Black conservative politicians, in this regard, are more inclined to support GOP economic policies (i.e., globalization, free-trade agreements, tax cuts), militarism, regional interventions, or other agendas that the vast majority of Blacks oppose. They are therefore sometimes viewed as being promoted to high positions in government due to their supporting views/actions.

A fundamental breaking point between the Black Liberal and the Black Conservative is focused around the balance between a perception of the impact that historical slavery and oppression has on Black people living today versus the power and consequences of personal choices that a person makes in determining his ultimate fate. The Black conservative is more inclined to advance the notion that individual choices toward success and a commitment toward changing one's individual behavior will allow the individual to advance in society with respect to the rights that Blacks have been afforded due to the Civil Rights Movement. The Black liberal counters that collective success in which the least among them are focused upon and brought up to standard is worthy of consideration. Black Conservatives find common ground with Black Nationalists to the extent that they both believe that the black masses have been duped by the politics of condescending white liberals vis a vis the maintenance of the Welfare state.

Black conservatives also tend to be culturally conservative and put a priority on maintaining strong ties to black cultural and family traditions. This would include preferences to Jazz and Gospel music over Hip-hop and so-called Urban Contemporary music. Black conservatives favor traditional nuclear family arrangements and oppose Gay Marriage. They are particularly strong critics of out of wedlock births.

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