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Monday, April 30, 2007

Is this what they're teaching kids in science class now?

Boy: I Had to 'Go' in Front of Class
Eighth Grader Says Teacher Instructed Him to Urinate in Bottle in Corner of Classroom
The Associated Press

A middle school teacher instructed an eighth grader to urinate in a bottle in class instead of allowing him go to the bathroom, the boy and his mother said Friday.

Thirty-one classmates heard Michael Patterson, 14, relieve himself into an empty Gatorade bottle in a corner, they said.

"He said, 'Do what you got to do,'" the boy recalled of Tuesday's exchange. "I said, 'I've got a bottle,' and he said, 'Go in the corner.' So I just handled my business."

When he was finished, Michael said, his science teacher told him to go to the restroom to wash his hands and dispose of the bottle.

"It was really, really embarrassing," Michael said. "It's still embarrassing."

The boy's mother and the local chapter of the NAACP are demanding that the district fire the teacher at Charles M. Goethe Middle School if he does not resign. The boy is black, and Kelly Jacko, his mother, said the teacher is white.

"That man owes us an apology," said Jacko said. "I don't think he should teach. He had to know this was not appropriate behavior."

A school district spokesman said officials are interviewing the teacher and other students.

The mother disclosed the teacher's name, but district spokesman Marcus Walton would not confirm it.

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