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Monday, April 09, 2007

Hey Barkeep! Apologies are on the House!

I would like to formally apologize to our readers for a delay with my true thoughts on the Imus debacle. On rare occasions, it may take a few days and several entries for me to focus on a given issue. If Imus has to apologize then so can I. Yes, this is my third (and perhaps final entry) on this subject but for whatever reason, it took some time for me to give a cogent analysis on what is really going on here. Almost by the hour, the War on Imus machine is gaining momentum, resulting in a two week suspension against the shock jock. After hearing countless so-called news reports and pundits pontificate on this matter, I have come to one conclusion-someone should apologize to Imus. Ok, I'm being vaguely facetious. Vaguely.

Once again, due to the oh great and powerful White man, factions within the African-American community are angry, motivated and ready to march in order to oust Imus from his radio gig. I ask today, what I have continued to inquire about since this blog's inception-where are these self-same folks when many in the minstrel end of the hip hop spectrum commit similar acts against Black women? I was listening to the Michael Baisden show this afternoon and as much as I like Baisden's program, he said something that actually became the lynch pin for my current position on this topic. Baisden wondered why did it take two full days for Imus to apologize. Conversely, we are closing in on two decades and the hip hop community has yet to apologize to women of color for years of degrading imagery. Matter of fact, we're not even asking for an apology or a boycott. And here's the kicker-many young women (and women of color) will continue to dance in clubs around the country to the very music that disrespects them. I holla!

So, I'm not going to be vague anymore....Imus is owed an apology. If we're not going to hold radio stations, record companies and artists to the same standard as Imus, then we're being disingenuous and Mr. Imus should continue working with our sincerest apologies for his inconvenience. Maybe this will get Black folk to wake up in addressing the debauchery. I got your back Imus.

For those who are interested:

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