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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Aren't You Tired of Seeing this Same Brown Face?......

The "gentleman" above allegedly raped and tortured a young female Columbia University student a few days ago, and of course, his face was plastered on the front page of Friday's edition of the New York Daily News. I have to be honest, the media's constant barrage of Black criminality affects me. Fortunately, I know that there are plenty of law abiding and conscious Black people, but it doesn't stop me from having my frustrations with the lower tier criminal element that prey on those that share their ethnicity. There appears to be a no vacancy sign posted on African-American pride as these cretins do not have a clue as to how this decimates the Black image. I have written previous entries in which people of color are often racialized to the extent that criminality is perceived as an endemic trait. If a White person commits a crime, his/her race doesn't appear to be a factor as our culture has normalized whiteness. But when a Black or Brown face is caught up in an anarchic incident, the person's ethnicity becomes the common denominator. This perception must be attacked from many different angles:

1) People of color must start to become self-effacing regarding the disproportionate statistics that are affecting our communities. Denial is a river in Egypt and it also runs deep in Black and Brown neighborhoods.

2) Everyone must confront the media on their distorted reporting and portrayals as it relates to minority folk. Time to do to these media conglomerates what was expeditiously done against Don Imus for his remarks-hit their pockets.

3) Communities of color should start snitching (which will be discussed today on our radio show) and stop tacitly condoning criminal activities that are literally destroying us from the inside out. Case in point-after the Afronerd Radio segment, check out the 60 minutes interview with rapper, Cam'ron scheduled for 7pm. Allegedly he talks about the virtues of not cooperating with authorities and goes as far as stating (hypothetically) that if he knew a serial killer was living next door to him, he would remain silent and probably move. Thank You, Cam'ron for your support and leaving the killer to continue his community works.

Perhaps I will submit more suggestions, but you don't hear me though....more on the above person's alleged handiwork below:

New York Student Raped, Burned

Police ID Suspect In Rape, Torture Of Columbia Student

Sicko suspect tore down wanted posters

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