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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Forget about the presidential election....What about a Black Presidential Election?

I must thank our commenter and blog supporter Sergio for bringing this insightful article to my attention. The article, written by Morris W. O'Kelly of EurWeb.com posits a faux (or perhaps literal) election for new Black leadership. Something to think about. Here is an excerpt.

African-Americans desire and deserve leadership that can discern “right” from “righteous.”

With that in mind I took painstaking steps to retrace just how and where exactly both of you gentlemen came to hold the office of “Black Leaders” in 2007.

I don’t think I missed any general election, but you are free to correct me if I’m wrong. Also, while doing my research, I didn’t happen across any CNN exposé, USA Today editorial or even a Gallup or ESPN.com poll which quantified or qualified how either of you ascended to the throne of “Black Leader.” I even asked everyone, both young and old at my AME church and nobody could offer a clear and concise answer that satisfied my curiosity as to how we came to this point. So, I ask you the question, was it by election, appointment, military coup or executive decision? With all due respect to your respective civil rights résumés, past exploits don’t answer the question.

Nevertheless, most of the media says you are “Black Leaders,” so then it must be true, right?

That said; if you two gentlemen are “our” leaders, then ipso facto, I as an African-American am a member of your “constituency.” And if you collectively admonish African-Americans to hold their political leaders accountable, then you too must be called on to the carpet.

Although I’m a member of your “constituency,” I did not vote for either of you (read: there wasn’t a vote at all). I wasn’t consulted during the development of your platform(s) and was never apprised of any talking points you’d be using in the media.

Check out the remainder of Mr. O'Kelly's piece below:

THE MO'KELLY REPORT: An Open Letter to Revs. Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton

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