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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Freakonomics, Affirmative Action & New York's Bravest make an interesting stew!

Almost by mistake I happened to find out that Stephen Dubner, the co-author of one of my favorite reads, Freakonomics was scheduled to appear on Good Morning America today. Thankfully, I taped the program. For those who are not familiar with Dubner's book, it showcases economic theories in non-traditional suppositions-i.e. the true economic realities of dope peddlers/drug dealers or the socioeconomic patterns of parents relating to the names they ascribe to their children. I actually wrote an entry on Freakonomics sometime last year. But this time, after viewing Mr. Dubner's Good Morning appearance, one of his statements stands out-people on occasion should break from the herd. Dubner used pretty compelling examples as to how many folks' decision making is sorely rooted in a mob mentality paradigm. Hence, one of the reasons why I am a conservative man of color.

This herd principle also led me to pontificate on a recent issue involving a 2 year investigation resulting in New York's Justice Department pursuing a suit against the FDNY for discrimination in its hiring practices. Perhaps this is a necessity, but one of the main complaints pertained to the written tests required for becoming a NYC fireman. When I hear of tests that have to be altered to allow people of color to compete, I start to get nauseous. The question should be what can be done for Blacks and Latinos to take a test and pass without standards being lowered. This is the root of the problem I have with affirmative action, it puts forth the notion that people of color require a different standard and therefore can not compete. This is different than a qualified person of color that is rejected for a prejudicial reason. What do you guys think about this issue? Click on the link below for more information regarding the FDNY discrimination dilemma:

FDNY Sued For Discrimination, Again

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