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Monday, April 23, 2007

It Appears that the Clowns can Snitch but You Can't!

The ever vigilent commmenter, "Sergio" brought this to my attention. The article below speaks for itself. Suffice it to say, that Cam'ron and his ilk are being disingenuous. According to the Smoking Gun site:

Rapper's Change Of Face
Beaten Cam'ron once had no problems cooperating with the fuzz
APRIL 19--So the rapper Cam'ron is appearing on "60 Minutes" this Sunday to explain why he would never help the police, even if they were investigating a serial killer who lived next door to him. The performer (real name: Cameron Giles) believes that his CD sales and popularity would sag if fans saw him aiding law enforcement. But Giles, 31, hasn't always been so down on the fuzz. In fact, New York Police Department records indicate that he cooperated with cops after he was assaulted at a Harlem playground. According to an NYPD report, Giles--who is listed as "compl," or complainant--got into a "verbal dispute" with about 15 black males "while at basketball game" in August 1999. After the perps knocked him to the ground, Giles was kicked in the head and groin. Giles was debriefed by police at Bellevue Hospital, where he was treated and released. The incident report (and an information sheet including a mug shot of Giles) was included in a 500-page rap world dossier compiled by NYPD officials. The report--excerpts of which you'll find here--includes mug shots, rap sheets, and incident reports on many of hip-hop's biggest stars, as well as members of their entourages.

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