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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's The Difference Between Urban Fiction and Wearing Muddy Goggles? Not Much! Author Teri Woods' Guests Sue For $1B

Mr. Starks has stated on numerous occasions that mainstream American Whites have been quite adept at compartmentalizing Appalachian or "White trash" culture. In simpler terms, lower tier "cracker" mores are appropriately categorized and rarely promoted to the exclusion of centered Western humanistic pursuits. Perhaps due to the minority status of African-Americans (and people of color in general), ghetto culture has been mainstreamed as authentic Black culture. The reality is....there are gradations and aspects of the Black experience that have yet to be exposed or highlighted for popular societal consumption. The rise of urban fiction or street literature serves as an excellent example of how inner city pathology for the past two decades, superseded the promulgation of a mainstream middle class Black aesthetic. I implore our readers to pay close attention to what is being overtly promoted in many bookstore chains.

One can make the argument that the African-American literature section in these stores are preternaturally sparse, however "street lit" seems to dominate the scene in the same way that Hip Hop overshadows popular music. Now you're asking.....what does this have to do with Ms. Woods? In my estimation, the Progressive penchant for victimology and their obfuscation of inner city dysfunctionalism can muddy legitimate racial concerns. Case in point, the prospective Teri Woods' discrimination case. Woods, who is the author of such popular urban literary works as True to the Game and Alibi, is claiming that her Black guests were denied entrance to a book release party in her honor. But does her claim hold water in the backdrop of the type of literature that she writes? Check out this excerpt from the New York Daily News concerning the Woods matter:

Author Teri Woods says she was in tears after the club Greenhouse barred African-Americans she had invited to her book party. She claims white guests got in.

Author Teri Woods says she was in tears after the club Greenhouse barred African-Americans she had invited to her book party. She claims white guests got in.

It was supposed to be a big night for top urban fiction author Teri Woods, who had invited 175 people to party at a trendy SoHo nightclub to celebrate her new book.

But Woods ended up in tears when she found almost her entire guestlist being kept outside Greenhouse's notorious velvet rope.

Now a $1 billion class-action suit says the partygoers were denied entry because they were black.

"They should have just put up a sign that said, 'No Coloreds Allowed,'" fumed Kashan Robinson, 39, of the Bronx, one of the plaintiffs. "There was no reason for them to not allow us into that club, except for the color of our skin."

Club owner Barry Mullineaux declined to discuss what had happened to Woods' party beyond calling charges of racism "all pretty much bogus."

Woods has text messages she says he sent that night showing he was barring people based on appearance. "Everybody looking at me like this ur people Barry???" read a text message. "I couldn't let in 300lb girls."

Asked if he remembered sending the messages, Mullineaux said, "Not word for word."

Woods said, "I was clearly violated that night, and so were so many other people. ... All I know is it had something to do with 'your people' and 'fat.'"

A pioneer of the enormously successful urban or hip-hop fiction genre, Woods had planned a blowout on Aug. 6, complete with popular DJ Suss One, bottles of French Ciroc Vodka and gift bags with copies of her new book, "Alibi."

I lament the days when one could honestly maintain a strong righteous boot against the neck of bias and institutional racism. But the question remains-can disproportionate intraracial crime/violence and its propagandized promotion in media skew claims of discrimination? Let's see what our readers think and in the interim, click on the link below for the News piece in its entirety:

Blacks slap SoHo club Greenhouse with $1B bias suit following snub of author Teri Woods' guests

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