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Friday, October 09, 2009

Can We All Get Along? Not On A San Francisco Metro, I Guess-Cougars (You Know, I'm Kidding!) Fight on Bus!

My comments in a few....suffice it to say that George Orwell's vision has come to fruition.

Okay, I'm back and this incident, in my estimation can be chalked up to three things:

1) over(t) emotionalism

2) a lack of sophistication (aka adherence to lower tier values)

3) under-education

** And perhaps an honorable mention-the collision of mixed racial signals and/or animus.

The three above mentioned frailties were exhibited by both combatants. You just can't "step" to a stranger in our current times as it might be last moment on earth. Again, you're viewing two older women that should have simply known better. The unfortunate part of this tale is that this type of aggression occurs everyday for the public's entertainment, courtesy of a camera phone and Youtube's uploading capabilities. It appears that Mr. King's simplistic statement almost two decades ago still rings true-"Can we all get along?"

And to calm things down a bit-switching gears, has anyone seen the film, 9 yet? As I've stated before this blog is an amalgam of sorts-pop culture, gaming, politics, comics, alternative music...you name it. Any opinions on Tim Burton's latest celluloid effort?

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