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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Just Something Way Cool & Gives New Meaning to "Motherboard"-A Miniature Living Room in a PC!

You would be amazed what one can find while taking a "cyberwalk" through the many gadget oriented sites that the net has to offer. While perusing the tech/gadget blog, Gizmodo.com, I cam across a brief anecdote about a Russian "modster" (not to be confused with mobster) that modified the internal workings of his CPU in the likeness of a common living room. Of course, the original author of this story was impressed with the modification but also (jokingly-?) thought that so much detail was imparted on this project that either the PC-enthused artist was a genius or a serial killer. I think sometimes you just have to chalk it up to creativity trumping madness.....this time. Here's a closer view of this CPU living room:

And more a detailed description of the room, courtesy of Gizmodo.com:

There's a painstaking amount of detail inside the scene, including intricate housewares such as a vase, flowers, the newspaper, and a gumball machine (?!). Anyone with this much time on their hands must also spend hours thinking of the perfect way to get away with murder.

But I do love how the circuit board nearly blends in as wallpaper if you don't pay close attention. I'd like to see this turn into a trend...I think.

Oh and then there's a PC case mod with Mr. Starks in mind:

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