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Monday, October 05, 2009

This Fall Season's Pulp Fiction Synopsis From The Comic Shoppe's Daryll B

Ah tis the end of the weekend once again Afronerd readers and that means I, Daryll B., am back with some fantasy views for you to ponder if you are so inclined.

Last week was a big week in terms of science fiction shows premiering, ending and continuing for the masses. Today, I will give you views on each as only I can with snark and a little fun. A warning though, I don't try to tell you what to watch because ultimately we are each our own person. What you like or what you dislike ultimately is your own decision. This goes with any other forms of media and entertainment also. So enjoy...

The Simpsons: Everyman was an interesting take on comic book movies and behind the scenes foolishness revolving around, what else, Homer Simpson. Comic Book Guy's property was a fun idea and actually a type of hero I also imagined to be while younger but in the end the comedy struck close to home with certain comic book movie failures that all fans know. One thing of note, Bart's torture of C.B.G in the beginning was classic and I know every comic book fan has felt that type of frustration talking to a supposed 'expert' before.

Cleveland Show: Um...next. And people though McFarlane was stretching jokes thin with American Dad? WOW

Family Guy: The Multiverse was a good episode but as with all things Family Guy, the jokes weren't consistent. The Disney, Robot Chicken, and Dogverse gags were the best of the lot. The problem I am finding with F.G nowadays is that all the characters have become unlikeable to me from one degree or another.

American Dad: Great idea for a parody of Born On The Fourth Of July but as always the jokes fell a lil flat...if torture, drug use, and cruelty to animals could be considered good joke material that is.

Heroes: I trying, I swear I trying to enjoy this but wow I am hating most of these characters right now. Those who have heard The Comic Shoppe know how much I loved this show but right now I find myself rooting for Sylar to win in the end. Although I will say the deaf woman with the Dazzler / Clarion powers will be intriguing to watch and I am wondering how low Matt will sink. Overall, I am looking at the calendar wondering when Chuck's season will begin.

Trauma: Judging on the reactions of real life EMTs, this was pure fantasy schlock. All you need to know was two attendants, getting their ambulance 'rocking' in a busy city section, as the disaster begins. My 1st candidate to be canceled early.

Flashforward: Consider me swept up in the tide of this mystery although my one qualm about this is: if the whole world blacked out for as long as they say, shouldn't there be a whole bunch more people dead? After all human beings are dumb when it comes to handling danger as we have all witnessed at one time or another. This truly does have a Lost vibe to it...

Supernatural: Amazing how the CW can get this show so right while destroying an easy property that I will get to later. People who dismissed this early as a 'Buffy' clone need to check it out again. This is Route 666 on LSD.

Dollhouse: Hmmm this Ballard / Echo / Victor dynamic will bear watching all season but as always with any Joss Wheldon project, just as I was ready to go head over heels in love for this show, the most interesting character in the show for me leaves...maybe for good. What the hell, Joss???

Warehouse 13: Double crosses, turmoil, death (maybe?) and a great cliffhanger to end the premiere season on. This fun combination of Friday The 13th the TV Series and X-Files with a touch of The Lost Room thrown in, has grown on me. The chemistry of the leads is unmistakeably clear and heck sign CCH Pounder to be Amanda Waller in the JLA Movie franchise now!!! She can whip Sam Jackson's Nick Fury from pillar to post.

Smallville: Clark's a jerk, Chloe is whiny, Lois is well lois and the mystery is not really that interesting. Amazing how far a show can stray from the road after a lead leaves but damn they need Michael Rosenbaum back. STAT! All you need to know is what I say next....Green Arrow in a fight club. Yeah I know the rule, 1st rule of fight club is we don't speak of fight club...BLAH!

Eureka: Best comedrama on TV today. I know folks love Curb, and Entourage on HBO and Weeds and Californification on Showtime but for me hands down, the wacky geniuses in this little small town are awesome. I know with a series like this folks will come and go but week in week out it'll make you think.

Book of the Week: Astro City Astra Special #1: Kurt Busiek and Brent Anderson continue to craft the best superhero universe in comics today (yep I said it) and answer the question: how does a boyfriend cope with a superhero girlfriend who has ex-boyfriends that are heroes? And that was only a small part of this issue. Can it be possible that these 2 creators are still underrated?

Next week I'll hit you with Bones and Stargate Universe premieres along with an interesting look at a couple of properties that are ready made for TV (can you say Walking Dead?) Any questions or comments? Feel free to leave it here or at my e-mail orionben666@hotmail.com. Until next week, Keep Dreaming folks!

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