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Monday, October 12, 2009

Back To Reality & Back To The Hate-A Georgia Restaurant Owner, Healthcare & The N-Word.....Again

I must say that I'm not shocked that we find yet another Southern racist exclaiming his hatred for the president under the guise of dissatisfaction with Obama's healthcare initiatives. And according to some of our detractors, we're just not angry enough when it comes to these matters....allegedly. Patrick Lanzo, a Georgia restaurant owner is using the "N-word" expletive on a sign outside his establishment objecting President Obama's health care plan. The sign in question reads, "Obama's plan for health care - Nigger rig it," Atlanta CBS affiliate WGCL reported. It's not that Mr. Starks and I are not perturbed about these kind of stories, it's just that they are of a bygone era. One can no longer be surprised or deterred by folks that are afflicted with the mental disorder of racism. And matters become skewed when "generation Y" will vehemently defend their right to use the n-word with reckless abandon allowing lower-tier Whites like Lanzo in the video clip a social/legal "excuse" to be vulgar.

The irony is, one can easily deduce that Lanzo had to be instructed to be angry about healthcare. Hillary Clinton and then Senator Obama debated the issue of nationalized healthcare for a year prior to the election and either candidate would have pursued this agenda during their respective presidency. As always, to keep it succinct....Mr. Lanzo, your president is African-American-get over it already! You should be honest and just remove the word "healthcare" from your sign. It's not racist to disagree with the president regarding a policy issue but when you mix political distrust with racial prejudice, your argument not only falls on deaf ears but gets lost in the muck. What say you? Are you shocked, disappointed or just tired of this foolishness?

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